Railway Station Rd, Banbhoolpura, Haldwani, Uttarakhand 263139, India
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The gate way of Kumaon.This is situated eastern side of nearest bus station Uttarakhand Road ways & KMOULtd Haldwani. Very neat and clean spot.Nearest shop of furniture sleeping mattress also attractive.Industrial shops also affordable expensive.

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Station from the inside is clean but because of garbage piled up outside, the whole atmosphere is full of foul smell.Flies will keep bothering you while you sit on platform.

Review №3

Nice curve just before station gives excellent view

Review №4

Haldwani is a beautiful city situated in the roots of himalaya. Mere 10 km from haldwani bus station you see mountains. Bus station and railway stations are adjacent to each other. This place is generally the center to connect kumaun region with plain area.Good city to take halt before moving to hilly areas.Nainital is nearly at 1.5hr from here.

Review №5

Get way of Kumaon hills,

Review №6

We waited in the station waiting room for 6 hours. Clean,neat, and very well maintained.Staff very helpful and courteous.

Review №7

Clean and beautiful railway station in Uttarakhand. This is a small station and is the second last station here. Basis facilitates like drinking water, toilets and ATM are available here. Parking is sufficient and free for all vehicles. You will easily get autos and cabs going local or towards hills.

Review №8

Clean and beautiful NER railway station, to the foothills of Kumaon.

Review №9

One of the best places that I have ever visited 😃🌧️🌄🎹🏔️💖🎉❣️😍🤳... Visit at least once go to brahmdev temple and explore the beauty of hills... Nainital taal is just 1:30 hrs away from here , buses are available.

Review №10

Leave train or railway experience the guy who makes the ticket is so rude. There were more than 50 passengers waiting for their tickets and despite having 5 windows they have only opened 1 in which also there was no organisation or discipline .I guess this is one of the first reason Indian railways is going is loss and nobody could save it.

Review №11

One of the most beautiful stations Ive seen the natural beauty was amazing and we stayed here for a while. The station was clean and was very tidy. Its a small but very effective station. The surroundings were very good and the views are very photogenic. You can spend a little taking some pics here.

Review №12

Excellent railway station change here to take bus for Nainital and other places

Review №13

Beautiful nature

Review №14

Nice..but not good ..when we talk about facility its is good u can easily pick up taxi here..😜😜

Review №15

It is the major station connecting nainital. One has to stop either at haldwani or kathgodam station both are nearby. Buses are frequent from haldwani. Station premises is clean and hygenic also. But the outside of this station is in pathetic condition. There is lot of slum area nearby and condition is really worse. Also, security is a concern for girls at night. One should be careful outside station.

Review №16

Beautiful place..You can see the beauty of nature from here...

Review №17

Gateway of kumaun and big market for kumaun hills. All material towards hills is moving from here. Multiple malls, hotels and shopping mall.

Review №18

Amaging place

Review №19

Haldwani Railway station is a small station in hills... very neat and clean. No complaint at all.

Review №20

Small but very clean and maintained. Not usually any other station of India. Well equipped with LED display and correct and clear communication of arrival and departure of trains scheduled.

Review №21

The hill station situated in the foot hills is one of the cleanest railway station in India.

Review №22

Its good with mountains around and scenic view but still need more maintenance

Review №23

Hometown railway station. Though surrounding is worst but the charm of the hills cant be ignored.Not a very busy place but yes its growing and will in the race very soon.

Review №24

It was great experience for me

Review №25

Perfect example of nature and transport

Review №26

Positive - Haldwani is one of the best, beautiful & clean city i visited, Peoples are nice & well behaved, You can find store of every brand here & also pizzahut, Mc-D, CCD are also here. Location of city is also good just like dreams (City in the middle of Mountains where clouds talk to mountains). Best time to visit is Rainy season.Negative - Although auto service & local cabs available here but their is no OLA/UBER here & this is the thing i missed here !

Review №27

Really nice station environment is good and clean

Review №28

Awesome station with mind boggling view and aura

Review №29

Good and helpful but need too much work need to improve and need Much more facilities.

Review №30

Beautiful station between hills

Review №31

This station have Largest parking area very beautiful hill views from the platform it is the gateway to hill station Nainital (35km) from here you can take taxi or share taxi or bus to reach Nainital , platform area and waiting rooms are clean and well maintained outside area also clean , bus stand is nearby 10 minutes walking distance, two food stall is available at platform no 1, there is a SBI ATM the entrance gate.

Review №32

Station for taking train at Haldwani.Haldwani railway station is a main railway station located in Haldwani in Nainital districtof Uttarakhand State of India.The station code is HDW and is 99 km from the headquarter of the Izzatnagar railway division of North Eastern Railway Zone of Indian Railways. There are three platforms. The single Broad Gauge railway line uses the Diesel Engines.It is located at 443m above Mean Sea Level. The nearest airport is Pantnagar Airport at a distance of 28 km.Haldwani is the second biggest township after Dehradun and the biggest city of Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. Haldwani is also referred to as Gateway of Kumaon that means it is a major city which connects almost all regions of Kumaon. So, being one of the biggest city of Uttarakhand, Haldwani Railway Station (Station Code: KGM) plays vital role for tourists as well as locals to connect them with the city and with the whole Kumaon region. .

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Small station but good ..neat and clean also you can see mountains from there ..

Review №34

Very nyc place Really amazing place

Review №35

Good all facilities are available like ATM , autorickshaw just out of station nice view but smells little due to slum area nearby parking is also available

Review №36

Haldwani railway station is a main railway station located in Haldwani in Nainital district of Uttarakhand State of India.The station code is HDW and is 99 km from the headquarter of the Izzatnagar railway division of North Eastern Railway Zone of Indian Railways. There are three platforms. The single Broad Gauge railway line uses the Diesel Engines.It is located at 443m above Mean Sea Level. The nearest airport is Pantnagar Airport at a distance of 28 km.

Review №37

A awesome city gateway to the kumaon

Review №38

Nice station nearby Nainital.... Only two platform... Delhi shatabdi departs here from 15:52 and reach new Delhi at restroom with infant feeding separate chamber available... Friendly Railway staff here ....very nice market with reasonable price with in 1km range.... Some pics added

Review №39

Great place to see the view point from Haldwani Railway Station

Review №40

Decent place ✌️

Review №41

GreatNeat and clean

Review №42

Haldwani city is a gateway of kumau reason. You can go so many places to explore like Nanital 32 km, Almora 100km, ranikhet 90km,bhemtal 25km

Review №43

Good ambience awesome view

Review №44

Small station at edge of himalaya in kumaun division. Maintained and well connected to nation.

Review №45

This Railway station has improved a lot. It is clean and has good seating facility for all class travelers. You can see mountains from this station and it is one of the key railway station in the city.

Review №46

Clean and beautiful railway station near haldwani bus station. Small railway station with lots of facilities.

Review №47

Better but fooding system is not good

Review №48

Natures own place. Mountains and trees. AwesomeCan go to Nainital from here.

Review №49

Small station in the state of Uttrakhand. Cleanliness is just above average. Very few trains runs on this route. Also a tourist place for the people who like mountains...

Review №50

Haldwani station is neat and clean but surrounding area is dirty and congested

Review №51

Haldwani station is very good, there is facility of ATM and WiFi.

Review №52

Its in developing process need some time for making proper environment

Review №53

Serene view at the station in the morning

Review №54

Nice cleaned railway station, quite small.

Review №55

Awesome place. UK gov. Great management. Very nice ...

Review №56

Nice always

Review №57

Small But Clean place.Close to market area and Roadways bus station.Second Railway Station in haldwani city other than Kathgodam.

Review №58

Small station important for tourists going to Kathgodam. City has good places to eat and stay.

Review №59

Excellent Railway Station, clean and green. Has a small waiting/resting (not technically, its a sleeping room kind) room but enough for its capacity. Also the station is open from 3 sides and so there is always cool breeze blowing through.

Review №60

Small but good railway station, second last station of kumaon region , very near to haldwani roadways station , you will find easily taxi for almost every hill station.

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Good location nearest station to nainital with connectivity of roadways station as well as taxi station, easy access to auto rickshaws and various mid range hotels for overnight stayThe only shortcoming of this railway station is that it is durty and dusty, it should be maintained properly,Other than this the place is awsum and very well surrounded.

Review №62

My home town lovely place

Review №63

Cool place

Review №64

Nice place in uttrakhand

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Review №66

Its well known places in Uttarakhand, bus and railway both stations are there.. Different types of hotels are available here, many food hotels are there.. You can travel to Delhi from here, also you can go to any part of UP from here.. Hospital is there, also you can find lots of Doctors here..

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Change day by day (Devalope)🙂😊

Review №68

Haldwani railway station is a small station with two platforms

Review №69

Great place to live

Review №70

Superb good

Review №71

The station is clean and well maintained but that doesnt mean its swanky clean. Its cleaner comparatively. The exit is not so well designed and well thought out as there is no way you can drag out your luggage till rickshaw stand. The waiting rooms are again comparatively cleaner and more comfortable. Lot of parking space available on site.

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The area close to this railway station is very congested

Review №73

Its clean, safe and has a decent ambiance. So if you check in here u wont be in any trouble pkus finding a ride to your place is also easy from here with so many auto rickshaws waiting for u outside the gate.

Review №74

The Hill Station covered by Natural Beauty.

Review №75

It is clean and well managed. The location is even perfect and out of hustle and bustle of city life. The only issue we faces here is parking lot. The parking is not well maintained here anyone park according to there convenience whether its proper or not.

Review №76

Maintainance is good but the roof is very limited as compared to the length of platforms. The outside area of railway station requires a bit more attention. However, In terms of cleanliness it is good as compared to other railway stations. Parking area outside station is quite big which is a plus point for it. I hope to see it more developed in the upcoming year.

Review №77

5 star station

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Review №79

Excellent....very co-operative... helping...and full of kindness station master and other persons👌👌👌

Review №80

Small railway station. Clean and neat. Generally trains stops here only for 2 to 5 min.

Review №81

Small but clean station

Review №82

I personally like it as this is my place and you get autos as soon as you get out, to anywhere. The bus stop is nearby but you have to take auto for that too. More seat and shed should be there at station i feel

Review №83

Beautiful small railway station of Haldwani. Starting of Mountains and the breathtaking view of the new constructed International Rajiv Gandhi stadium..There are 2 Platform and 1 FOB for passengers..Parking space is nice and good.. Nearby roadways bus station..Few shops are also there in main platform for tea, chips, cake. Newspaper novels and magazine are also available in shops..

Review №84

It’s not so far from main road and Haldwani roadways bus stand. You can via foot too cause auto drivers takes a high price to drop u at roadways bus stand or highway. There is waiting room with all facilities and clean washrooms (they have geyser too don’t know they are working or not). The parking space is sufficiently large.

Review №85

Awesome place 👍

Review №86

Not so large area but good enough according to place n public sooo

Review №87

Most beautiful places

Review №88

This station is awesomeBut dont take cab from outside station they are very expensive

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Review №90

Station is sooo Clean

Review №91

Very pleasant place. You enjoy nature view from this station.

Review №92

Smaĺl and clean station

Review №93

Nice station located in the bank of Dhaula River. Awesome view. Well maintained but having less facilities.

Review №94

Gulab Sweets, established in 1912 is the oldest sweet shop available in Haldwani.Its variety and quality of Sweets is just unbeatable, thats why it still exist, besides many odds.Moreover, its located in central place in Railway Road Market.Indeed its splendid.....

Review №95

Accessible to every place long or short route trains available in every half and hour..

Review №96

Dont discribe more than the word.very good and fantastic experience in city.

Review №97

Heavy croud, undisciplined !!

Review №98

Clean and neat for #loo And beware of your belongings. You need to walk 800 metres, to reach bus station. Only few auto-rickshaw available..

Review №99

Small railway station on the foothills of Kumaon, neat and clean. There is also a computerize train tickets reservation system with few windows for that.Vast area outside of the Haldwani Railway Station for parking of vehicles of passengers and also for taxis, auto rickshaws, paddle rickshaws and two wheelers.

Review №100

Very beautiful

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  • Address:Railway Station Rd, Banbhoolpura, Haldwani, Uttarakhand 263139, India
  • Train station
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
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