St. Thomas Mount National Shrine
Near, Pedastrian Route, Kathipara Grade Flyover, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600016, India
Review №1

St. Thomas mount shrine is very Devine and calm place. You can come here anytime sit here and pray. This place is very peaceful and calm.the view from mount will be breath taking..!! from one side you can see the metro rail and from the other side you can see airport which will be cool to watch. Sunset will be beautiful to watch here. The color from sunset will be spread all over the sky and it will be a bliss to watch sunset.There are two ways you could reach to the top: 1. by road, you can take your vehicle till parking space. 2. By Steps, you need to claim up by staircase to reach the mount shrine.Other than shrine you can see one shop which see snacks, ice creams and beverages. there is one book stall near the shrine where you can get holy bible and other spiritual stuffs from there.There is paid parking for vehicles. Restrooms are available for male and female (Separately).

Review №2

The travel to St.Thomas mount shrine came as a surprise to me. Its near Guindy and behind the army quarters. Since the army is there, the roads get cleaner as you travel. The directions are clearly placed and you cannot miss it. The road to the top of the shrine involves two or three bends and is very neatly maintained. You will have to park your vehicle and walk up a little distance to reach the Temple. The parking fees (or donation as the ticket printout mentions) is Rs.10 for Two wheelers and Rs.50 for cars. The Temple itself is very well maintained. There were lot of sight-seeing visitors like me who went straight to check out the awesome views. I heard from my friend that this temple gets crowded on Sundays and recommended to stay away if you are just going there to check out the views. Overall a Hidden gem in Chennai and you definitely need to visit here if you havent already.

Review №3

Serenity is overwhelming. On a clear day the sea and port is visible from here. Sunset is a lovely time to visit the Church.Parking available.

Review №4

Beautiful place. Ample car parking. U will like this place.

Review №5

St. Thomas Mount National Shrine is located at St.Thomas mount, nearby Guindy Kathipara flyover. The altar of this shrine was built on the spot where St. Thomas death traditionally believed to have been occurred. Apart from Shrine, many people come and visit this place for seeing the beautiful sight of the city and one can view the airport also, the aeroplanes taking off and landing down. Many people spend their weekend with their family here. Its a cool and pleasant place. There is a huge parking for two wheeler and four wheeler. Definitely a good place to visit.

Review №6

This is the place I go to whenever I feel down..Trust me, the peace and warmth this place can give you is immense. I love being here alone. Best place to meditate and spend time with yourself. Besides, this place is beautiful, well maintained and you can see the best of Chennai from here. I would love to be here day in and day out.

Review №7

Good experience & nice to see like this hills view in between Chennai City... They have regular mass at evening...

Review №8

Holy place. Watch the beauty of chennai from the hill and also watch flights landing and take off.

Review №9

The church gives a good spiritual feel. The views also very good, we can see the flight take off and landing at chennai airport. The best thing I like is pope statue.

Review №10

I loved it.. very good place for family outings... So peaceful... Nice view...lil bit crowded... Must visit...

Review №11

Good mount place in chennai near guindy....English mass and malayalam mass..And also tamil masss will on Sundays ......

Review №12

The ancient Syrian Christian community of India trace the origin of their church to St. Thomas the Apostle. From the 17th century, this part of Chennai was populated predominantly by Anglo-Indians. The St. Thomas Garrison Church is at the foot of St Thomas Mount.

Review №13

Its a the most popular church in Chennai which is eventually placed on top of the hill. A quiet religious placeFrom the top of this hill you can see whole of Chennai , its suitable for photo shoots and bird watching just go there and mind your own god damn business and every thing will go fineOne thing to remember its a safe place to carry a DSLR and children and the parking is free , if you take a DSLR camera to take photos there will be a guy who charges for that like he owns the property . He just charges 10-20 ruppee. Just be aware of that !

Review №14

Its a nice place to will give you a new vibe..going to the striving day I suggest you visit Shrine surrounded by trees 🍃 and a holy place it will be a new whole beginning 💜 you can feel the freshness in the shade.

Review №15

Its the most peaceful place to visit in Chennai and feel blessed.

Review №16

The Hill on which Jesus Disciple Thomas was killedThe iconic location for Christians near Chennai AirportA place of great importance, given that one of Jesus 12 disciples came to spread the GospelThere is a chapel with a prayer room.The chapel contains relics of all 12 disciples and of all the saintsThe Hill overlooks the city with a marvelous view of the Chennai airport.We can view the runway clearly, which is an attraction for flight enthusiasts.The St.Thomas mount also houses the Indian army centre, with the army training ceter and army school.

Review №17

The most blessed place one can visit in their lifetime.

Review №18

This place holds special religious significance for Christians in India. St.Thomas was the first Christian Evangelist to have visited a predominantly Hindu India in the first century AD.Thomas being one among the original 12 Apostles of Christ means that this is of special significance for Indian Christians considering the fact that this place holds a direct connection to the person of Christ. Pope John Paul-II came to this place on his Indian visit. But somehow, I found the place not being given its due importance unlike a place like Velankanni, for instance. The surroundings are serene and holds great viewing experience. It is a hilltop destination with a relative calm around. This is a place of Pilgrimage. A general visitor can experience a couple of hours calm & great viewing atop the hill. Plenty of parking available at the base.

Review №19

The place where sun shines bright and beautiful. The city view point for Chennai. The morning wind gushing through and the peace all around. Aeroplane flying so close over head. And the sun rising over slowly. Do you need a better morning? The view just captures you.The sunrise is pacifying. Go when its dark and the light will shine upon you.

Review №20

Peaceful place.... Where you can find view of whole chennai.... View of chennai Airport

Review №21

A Holy place with lot of scenic around.About the Church:1. Placed on a hill top, makes sure your meditation is undisturbed2. Children would love to spend time in these kinda places, especially the scenics3. You have a separate meditation chamber - nicely done and maintained4. Can be accessed via steps and vehicles as well5. After a heavy day, A visit to such places would bring you down to earth in fraction of seconds6. You also get to enjoy a much closed flight landing and takeoff in a matter of few hundred metres away

Review №22

Nice place to visit, in rainy and winter days and morning and evening.

Review №23

St. Thomas Mount National Shrine, CHENNAI, INDIA. Heading to this place I only use public transportation bus. Because I was not careful in counting the stops, I had to walk more than four kilometers to get to the gate of the shrine. This tiring trip paid off with a nice view from the top of the hill. Again, in the main church I found so much relics of the saints, especially the relics of Saint Thomas finger ever put in the scar of Jesus.

Review №24

From there we willcover 50% of aerial view of Chennai

Review №25

Must see place if you are new to Chennai. First time I have visited this mount during the year 1999. We have travelled and claimed this mount by our bike itself. Nowadays there are so many changes and can go via car. View from the mount is good and we can see the flights coming down and taking off from the airport. The church here is built during 15th century and they are keeping some parts of the body of saint Thomas who is one of the disciples of Jesus Christ.

Review №26

Peaceful location in the outskirts of city

Review №27

It is a beautiful church at the hill top. We can either use the stairs or the road that goes up the top, but I prefer the stairs. The view from the top is mind-blowing. The main attraction is the takeoff and landing of flights in Chennai international airport. Even an atheist could enjoy the ambiance of the church and its surroundings...

Review №28

Wonderful place. Good one to be relaxed and be spiritual one.English mass takes place at 12.00p.m on Sunday.Tamil, Telugu mass also takes place on Sundays. I am not so aware of timings.

Review №29

Lovely place to visit. Wind and view is awesome ❤️. There is church as well as to pray. U can view airport take off and landing as well. The lights is superb experience. Another view point is back of the church . A place for calm mind and relax. Yahh from parking to the view point or the church it is bit difficult to walk as it is very slope . especially for elders it is difficult.

Review №30

Its a church situated on the hill top.. good view from church of the runway. Also would recommend to go to this place early morning or after sun is slightly fine to leave home. Overall well maintained structure and theres parking fee for two n four wheeler.. not sure if you get ola/uber on this kind of hilly area..

Review №31

Beautiful Christ Church , that too within Chennai city..calm atmosphere, Devine location. Beautiful Chennai view and airlines take off/landing view

Review №32

Terrific and well maintained shrine to St. Thomas. Chennai being one of only 3 places in the world where an Apostle of Christ is buried. this should be celebrated more. The view from the top is also really nice with the Airport serving as backdrop for plane spotting

Review №33

Cool cloudy place where you could see clear view of the majestic Chennai city, airport is very near u can also watch planes takeoff from the airport.good place. Nice Church is over there on top of the hill..prayers are being done regularly.very quiet place.but get bored after sometime.overall a good place to relax in Chennai.

Review №34

This place is beyond religion. The view you get from this place is phenomenal. Visit this place in the early morning or in the evening time to get the best experience.

Review №35

Awesome! Holy Place

Review №36

Beautiful place In Chennai a neet tourist place too

Review №37

Great place to spend few hours with friends and family.. very calm and you can meditate and do your prayers. If you love walking, you can climb the hill and enjoy the evenings..

Review №38

A beautiful place to watch sunset and flight take off and landing...Must visit place in Chennai to experience the beauty of flight running and entire city view by stepping few steps to reach destination.....

Review №39

Apostle Thomas, Disciple of Jesus Christ was Martyred here. This place has historical significance and is patronized around the world. Great place to relax, meditate and unwind. The scenic top view of the city is worth the trip!

Review №40

Memory of the St thomas plagues and pain... Feel blessed

Review №41

Lovely place to visit.. And also dont forget to see the cave inside with the footprints of St Thomas inside.

Review №42

Yes its nice place in the hill.We heard lot of this name but not visited even more then 15 years i am in Chennai. Now this Christmas made the record to visit St.Thomas Mount. Its stories started from 15th Century .Good view for Airport from here.CBSE &Metric School Available in this Hill.Before reached Kathi Para Junction we cam take left again left then we made 3 Rights after 1 or 1.5 KM Will reach you the entrance of 15th Century. MUST VISIT.

Review №43

A place of worship and history, also has a stunning view of chennai city and the airport

Review №44

*A beautiful holy spiritual mountain and good green nature with Chennai Airport view that attracts devotees, kids, families.*2 Coffee and snacks center are available here.*Birds also kept for people visit.*Clean Bathrooms are available.*Everyone can enjoy the Chennai half view from top of the mountain.* Trees/Plants are well maintained* Parking charges for bike is 10rs.

Review №45

Very nice church

Review №46

In this place St. Thomas the Apostle of Jesus, lived here. This holy mount has many congregation houses. Here, a cross made by the hands of St. Thomas and St. Lukes Painting of Mother Mary with Infant Jesus. And many saints relics above 160. Its a nice place to visit and too receive grace.

Review №47

Its a beautiful place. Its near to the madras cemetry. If you want to visit.. den visit during morning hours. It feels awesome. Evening hours its a bit crowded.

Review №48

One of the peaceful places in Chennai that gives you the perfect ambiance for personal prayer. Church is located on a small hill. It is supposed to be 500+ years old

Review №49

It is a beautiful place to visit.this place and is a good placeto see the sunset. Better place to photography .

Review №50

Jesus Christ is Lord

Review №51

Very peaceful for prayer to god.most beautiful place in Chennai

Review №52

Had been there in my schooling days...the chu8and surrounding places are well maintained ...loved the place

Review №53

It was a long time back I stepped on mount. It was a nice and serene place. It was totally different from rest of the city. I really enjoyed it.

Review №54

Excellent place ND clean ambience.Must come once to see the great church ND its structure

Review №55

Peace Of Mind want to visit again & again we can really feel 2000 years before History on this place

Review №56

When I visited here I feeling very golry in God.Good place know about st.thoms and apostles .Remembering apostles is good to help to know Bible.Good invornmemtMas times-6.00am and 6.00pmAllowed up to 8pm only..Good place to see whole Chennai city.Good traveling facilities.Drinking water and food available..Vehicles can go up to top of the Mount.Hotels available low cost near Mount

Review №57

Very good place and beautiful location and we can find airport view from the mount

Review №58

Nice church which I can recommend to see.

Review №59

A very peaceful place for those who look to get out of the city coupled with ample parking space for cars, bikes and even buses. An amazing view of the city can also be witnessed.

Review №60

Lovely place in chennai, especially in the evening when there is a breeze.One of the oldest but smaller church in Chennai. Relics of St Thomas is kept in the church.From the mount you can see flight landing and take off from chennai airport. Children will love the spot. Localites use the road to mount for jogging and walking.

Review №61

Very nice place to visit... We can see the airport and city from the top of it.

Review №62

St. Thomas Mount National Shrine is named after the one amoung the twelve disciple of Jesus Christ who came to India to share the good news gospel to the people of India. There are steps to climb the mount. A fantastic view of the city can be seen from the top of the mount.It is a beautiful Roman Catholic church located at the top of the small hillock St. Thomas Mount, near the neighborhood of Guindy. A shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Expectation (Mother Mary) was built in 1523 on top of the mount. The altar of this shrine was built on the spot where St. Thomas death traditionally believed to have been occurred. A beautiful prayer hall was available and a separate room for doing meditation.Also, we got to see the elevated view over the city of Chennai. Offered our prayers and had wonderful blissful evening at St.Thomas Mount National Shrine.This is a historical place. The church is very well maintained and the place is kept clean. There is also a painting of Mother Mary which was painted by St.Luke. The painting was bought to India by St,Thomas. Really love going here.The bleeding cross of St.Thomas is also preserved and the Altar is built on that spot. Feels blessed each and every time I go there. St.Thomas Mount Church is truly a divine place to visit.This place in Chennai is located very close to Guindy. Its a very serene and tranquil place. St. Thomas is said to have been assassinated at this place. There is a beautiful chruch atop the hill. Quality time can be spent here doing nothing, just enjoying the serene and tranquil atmosphere.

Review №63

Pleasant place located @ top of the hillGood and calm place with cool breezeIts like an tourist attraction where all religions used to comeThose who cant climb through steps can come through backside road routeParking is good enoughSmall refreshment shops availableIts a no network area so plan accordinglyDown the church u have good refreshment shops & hotels available

Review №64

Holy place

Review №65

Most divine place ever.

Review №66

Place where you find peace , fresh air! Entire city view & airport view. Obviously its the place where Saint Thomas (apostle) who was with Lord Jesus christ preached here and martyred here..

Review №67

It was on good friday this year, felt being there at the crucifixion procession, amazing experience being there.

Review №68

Good place to have a peacefull atmosphere.. Well maintained..

Review №69

A peaceful place with quite a good view.. gives you a short trekking experience while climbing the hill with steps.. reaching the top you get the view of airplanes parked like cars (if u are lucky you can see them land &take off).. on the other side you see the busy chennai roads with metro trains passing by with few tall buildings and sea line at a very distant view.. pleasant way to attain a spiritual and peaceful outing❤️

Review №70

Not just the sprituality, This place is located at one of the hot spots of chennai but still gives a remote hilly ambience.Great place to head when you need a short break.

Review №71

A cool place to visit during Christmas.

Review №72

Nice place to relax your mind ,body and soul.

Review №73


Review №74

Owners should Make this place more interactive.

Review №75

One of the best n Peaceful place in chennai,U ll have a breathtaking View of city from top, Beautiful Church,Famous For New Year Prayers , n finally Landing n takeoff of Flights ll eat ur time 😜

Review №76

Calm Peaceful & a Holy place.. One of the Jesus Christs Apostle lived here... People of all religious beliefs visit This Shrine.. Get to see beautiful view of Chennai City and a Airport runway.

Review №77

Best place to go in the city its a very peaceful place in the city and its a place where you can get a over all view of the city and the meenambakam airport is near by so that you can see the take off of the aircrafts

Review №78

St. Thomas mount shrine. Place where it is believed that st Thomas who came to India was killed on this very place . It is situated on a hill , near OTA Chennai, The place is very peaceful and divine. People visit in Great numbers , believed to very powerful and prayers are often fulfilled .One must visit and ask the blessings from st. Thomas . During the feast day one can encounter a huge crowd , recommended to visit in normal days .

Review №79

Blessed Place

Review №80


Review №81

Nice church at the top of the hill with breathtaking view of the city. Clean and well looked after and you can spend quite time away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Review №82

Lovely little church atop a mountain. So much history to this place. Rosary, prayers, and Eucharistic celebration throughout the day.Sadly, the maintenance is below average, especially for this national heritage center. Poor roads up the mountain, stray dogs chasing people around, gravel filled parking lot, and the road leading to the mountains is a nightmare to navigate.

Review №83

Its a good place to visit whenever you are in Chennai.

Review №84

Good friday mass held

Review №85

Love, Peaceful, Grace everything you can get here

Review №86

Cool hill to spend an evening gazing flights landing and take off

Review №87

Calm and peaceful place. I dont know about its history and stuff but on thing for sure if your a person who loves to see and click pics of Aeroplane taking off and landing at the chennai airport this is the place to be💙Ps: they charge 20rs for zoom lens :P and 10rs for two wheelers.

Review №88

Great view. Peaceful place.

Review №89

A place to remember the sacrifice of Jesuss disciple for the sake of Gospel. The location has its own charm. You can feel peace and sanctity of this Shrine and also get a great view of Chennai.

Review №90

The scenic beauty of chennai is visible from this mount

Review №91

A small beautiful church on top of a hill and you could see Chennai city at its best from there.

Review №92

A beautiful place to visit, a holy place near airport, there are two ways to get there one is by using ladders(steps) and another one is by bike and autos, we can see the whole view of chennai airport and nearby areas from the top mountain and is amazing. Coffee and tea stall is there, area is very clean, plants are well maintained.

Review №93

I always love visiting the Shrine. The beauty and serenity of this shrine is enhanced by the elegent statues. I just hope that the sanctity of the place is maintained forever and no expansion is carried on.

Review №94

Vwry beautiful place . Must visit.

Review №95

I dont believe in God! But watching the city from such a vantage point gives you a different level of peace. I should say that the place is well maintained.. Try visiting once and Im sure youll be back again someother time.

Review №96

Its one of the best places if you want to spend your evening. On one side it has a nice view of the city from top of the mountain, with the high rising buildings that include the IT Parks, hotels, metro stations etc and the busy traffic moving on the road. And on other side you can enjoy the landscape of the airport, with those flashing colorful lights on the runway and flights taking off and landing gives you an awesome experience.

Review №97

Peaceful and mind relaxing.god dwelling place

Review №98

If anyone want to visit flight landing and take off on live mode, kindly reach st Thomas mount. Its one of the side scene places in Chennai. We can spend our time good time in this church and we can able to see the whole Chennai city from this mountain.

Review №99

A historic church that tells how ancient Christianity is to India. Be there after everyone leaves to sit in silence and adore the Lord and His passion in the stone carved cross.

Review №100

With awe for St Thomos I went to this place. One of the disciples of Jesus is Thomas. I felt overwhelmed when I came to know that St Thomas prayed here. History to see and PRAISE GOD for blessing India through His disciple.

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  • Address:Near, Pedastrian Route, Kathipara Grade Flyover, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600016, India
  • Site:
  • Tourist attraction
  • Catholic church
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
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