ACT Fibernet
32-2-5, 1st Floor, Rata Building, Anjamma Street, Moghalrajpuram, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 520010, India
Review №1

Act fibernet is just causing so much of lag in life.Lag in youtube live is tolerated in life. Whenever you get important meetings or preparing for exams this is one of the worst service which doesnt give promised uptime ever.Poor maintenance and chalthaa hai behaviorIt acts more like a pan wala shop rather than a corporate company which is trying to solve the problem. I am using it just because I have no other choice to make use ofNote :- I have been a act user since 4 years almostAnd

Review №2

The response is very quick and more over while power cuts battary backup is good...

Review №3

Poor Service.Every Month once a day we are facing No Internet issue from 4 MonthsThis month is second Time we are no internet facing issue.Compliant No SR10557931232312.In near my home 4 connections are connected to One Hub.But every time me only facing this issue.Customer care people says port issue every time.But they are not changing with new one.

Review №4

Worst service network if you are going to install plz read all reviews once. it is worst customer service they will demand you in the name package 6months,3months payment at a time only after purchase of their plans if you face any internet connectivity issues they will disappear and wont respond. The minimum waiting time is 2days or more than that to resolve your issue so, dont waste your money on Act network.go for another alternative broadband in your locality

Review №5

Worst service experience ever. Will never respond of there is a problem or issues with connectivity.The above mentioned are the problems that Ive been faced.Would never suggest to go for act again.Think twice if you want to choose this

Review №6

Sales persons are cheating customers, They are manipulation bills, I bought this service 3+1 monthsOffer is if we paid for 3 months 1 month is free(total 4 months)Now 3 months completed, Not given additional 1 month & asking me to pay bill.No sales person responding, Customer service not answering this question & suggesting me to contact sales person.

Review №7

We have been facing issues with ACT’s internet connection almost every week for last 2-3 months. Customer service is very slow in responding and it takes them almost a day or 2 to fix the issues. Since we are still WFH, it’s been very difficult, planning to switch service provider.

Review №8

Worst team in Vijayawada ACT Fibernet, and also customer care support, I want give halfstar for the service for ACT Customer care and Technical Agent....They are not answering my Questions,scenario: technician has came to my home for internet not working issue, i asked for re routeing{i have raised ticket for Re-routing also}, he said not possible for re-routing your connection wire, i asked do any other method/ any other solution i asked, he said no option, then i asked dont close your tickets now, i need permanent solution for this issue, technician left my home, and he broken my cable again, i requested to customer care to note This Scenario, they are not responding, i tried again and again to customer care, they are playing game with me[ they are lifting and holding, again they are lifting and holding], after this scenario, no buddy dont waste your valuable time with worst Broadband, i feel this is worst network, i have seen in Vijayawada city..

Review №9

Very bad service, repetitive problem but never they come-up with permanent solution, lethargic technicians and clue less call center people. Dont even have a proper escalation process to take the issue to next level. Lucky ACT, as Google doesnt have ZERO stars otherwise reviews would have overwhelmed with it.

Review №10

4th of May i raised one complaint regarding power discount. Still now there no action on my complaint. Tomorrow is the last date of payment. Still now your team was not given me the power discount. With out discount i never pay the bill if in case my connection was stopped i will consult the consumer court and complaint on your broadband. I have the call records of your team. I never seen these type of worst Service ever. Worst broadband ever ever. I never seen these type of worst and irregular and BAD BAD broadband.

Review №11

Slow service better opt for jio or airtel broadband

Review №12

Worst network Ive ever seen. These guys dnt even respond to the complainants I suggest everyone who are thinking to opt this network better avoid this fibernet its waste of time and money. I had reached customer service nearly 14times regarding my issues everytime they are just saying we are raising tickets but no one ever reach and resolved my issue even they are not refunding my money after deactivation. Worst network.

Review №13

If you take thier service , you will be very busy in calling and talking to their customer service which will no way close to resolve the issue out of 30 days in a month they will provide the internet for 15 days , rest of the days you will have to manage with the your mobile hotspots , that was the quality of the service these guys will manage.

Review №14

Worse. We face issues with internet atleast twice in a week. Issues will be resolved atleast after 48hours from the day we complain. Its impossible to get in touch with technitians. They will make us pay for 3 months they wont even provide proper service when we try to cancel the connection, we will not receive refund. I suggest not to use this internet. Local broadbands are far more better than this.

Review №15

Worst service provider takes money and doesnt give internet continously and doesnt give money back as well worst service provider

Review №16

I keep thinking it cant get worse but it keeps getting worse. Terrible service. Lost connection three days back. No response from anyone till date. Today someone came in and said two more days. Customer service says they keep escalating but nothing happens. I am switching to Airtel or Reliance as soon as I get a chance. STAY AWAY!!

Review №17

Worst support in Vijayawada. I am regularly getting interruption in internet. Everytime they take more than 36 hrs time to rectify it. We are losing 2 days time. In Hyderabad we were getting prompt response and issue gets resolved within in hrs.

Review №18

Worst and waste of time to choose this broadband, they dont even care a customer call, wait for 48hrs, the call center guys only know this word 48hrs--so many mails has sent from my side no use, so many calls to customer care every time they sayAns:48hrsWhat is this yarr, are you in a compitative world or you guys are thinking this a gov job,

Review №19

So yeah, this is regarding my ACT digital (TV) connection, so basically theres no service at all, and when you end up calling to customer care, they just mention saying they will transfer the call to TV department which never existed, ACT is the worst ever to have a TV connection, Now that i decided not to pay anymore, lets see if they call!

Review №20

One of the worst network in town Better to move other ISP. I have 2 account in Vijayawada none of them are as per the mark Ive raised complaint through app and called customer care directly its been 7 days non of the technical staff visited my home. Ive asked to deactivate even after raising req for deactivation non of the team members called or enquired about it the customer service associate are totally unworthy, coming to customer service associate they dnt even bother about our issue they simply say we are raising tickets and hanging up no one else called. Worst network please avoid this ISP.

Review №21

Dont connect this wifi use another network .. u will lose your time and money on this wifi ..very bad

Review №22

Very cooperative and cordial staff to resolve any queries or issues

Review №23

High speed net No fluctuations in speed no upto speed feel the advantage 👌👌👌 value of money

Review №24

Hello Everyone....Please never choose this ACT Broadband and dont waste your time. They are No.1 cheaters and No.1 worsts brand and No.1 Fake Service. Completely Fraud. Service is not at all good fully fake.Please dont waste your time by choosing this ACT Broadband connect

Review №25

Such an unqualified technician dont even try to understand the problem and rudely shouting that this is how ACT is... shamelessly squeezing money and giving worst services... shameless organization. Paid for 150mbps speed providing 20mbs internet. Shameless irresponsible idiot

Review №26

Worst internet service!Packets drop often and technician will not show up for 3-4 days. I opened 6 service tickets in 20 days. You can understand how reliable their internet is with that. Do not go for this provider if you want to use Internet for Work from Home purpose. Mobile data is far better

Review №27

Insane behaviour N . NIKHIL ( customer care agent) ,Worst , idiotic , and irresponsible customer support

Review №28

I had the internet service for couple of months now and it’s such a terrible service. The internet connection goes off with every small rain or some times reasons you don’t know. And at times it takes days for restoration. You don’t know when it’s going to come back up to plan properly coz you can’t speak to a customer service person. You get an automated machine. I’m staying only coz I don’t have any options for now. Once some thing like reliance JIO is available, I plan on switching to that.

Review №29

Hellow everyone,Please dont go to act cabel, very worst service weekly twice it will be disconnected, we have to call customer care service they will tell that with in 24 hours the problem will be solved after solving the problem with in two days again the same problem will come.Some times technician also will not give proper response.We are not having other option so we are kept act cable. Then act site cabel best, they are giving best service but price variation is different.This is not only my personal experience. Who chooses act cabel in my street all are facing the same proble.All the technician are very irresponsible.Simpley they will tell that wait untill we do other wise you can go for another network.

Review №30

Worste service ever seen. They never work on problems. Never take a proper feedback. When its a digital work for working..they just let you die starving and help lossing your job in no time. This is the worst of all service I ever saw.

Review №31

High speed net no fluctuations in speed no uptoSpeed fell the advantage 👌👌👌

Review №32

Useless service provider. Doesnt know how to speak with customers, speaks very rudely . Vijayawada Act service provider is worthless. Dont trust Act services will collect money for the month and doesnt provide connectivity and doesnt respond properly.

Review №33

Paid three months amount in advance for new connection….it’s been 5 days yet they haven’t done the installation….if I call the customer care they’ll tell “sir we are really sorry for the inconvenience today it’ll be installed “ and then they cut the call…..big cheaters

Review №34

Hello Everyone....Please never choose this ACT Broadband and dont waste your time. They are No.1 cheaters and No.1 worrest broand and No.1 Fake Service. Completely Fraud. Service is not at all good fully fake.Please dont waste your time by choosing this ACT Broadband connection 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏.

Review №35

Very very irresponsible members.they are not telling a clear details.its a waste of money not getting good signals.

Review №36

Most horrible internet provider. The broadband doesn’t wok at least 4 to 5 times a month but we have to pay for that too. Customer service is awful.

Review №37

One star is waste because there is no option to give zero star rating , we are facing net issue for every week and resolving time is more than 24 hours and no proper response from personWorst service in network

Review №38

In their website silver package is 574 rs, but after installation they are charging 777 rs. Better to go with Airtel or jio.

Review №39

When it comes to internet connection interruption, the original face of ACT shows up and they never respond quickly and the same happening for years till this year which is so pathetic. ACT failed in service aspect in Vijayawada city.Contacting them and getting in touch with a representative is like hell.

Review №40

One star for service and zero star for customer support, it takes minimum 20 mins to connect call. When ever you call and what ever question you ask customer support team has one single answer service team is working on the issue, it might take 24 hrs to resolve. Very bad service

Review №41

Opposite Nice Bar and Restaurant. Its good.. Act also good quality fibernet. and responsible service too...

Review №42

It was one of the good internet service in Eluru city but there Field areas team was very bad in the service

Review №43

Wt a amazing services by cable operater executives no rply for calls

Review №44

Such a cheap product.. every week twice network get disconnect. No one will come back to us to resolve. Worst customer care service I ever had. Everytime only one answer,we can listen either the fiber got cut or junction box problem. Technicians also got irritated by our calls when we try to contact them. I believe they know that they are having these type of cheap broadband, so only these people will ask us to deposit for minimum of 6 months. Waste of money and waste of time to wait for them. Better to go for local network because they are more responsible and far better than these irresponsible, arrogant guys. I am totally exhausted while raising the request and waiting for them each and every week.

Review №45

Worst service ever! They dont even respond at all

Review №46

Cheating company act bad customer care centre

Review №47

Very very worst sevice , they cheat us after the payment is done, they told 3plus 1 month free if we have a router so i have done payment but in the middle of the 3rd month they told if we are not doing payment for 3 months they will discontinue very very worst

Review №48

Dont even think that they can provide good customer service. Absolutely horrendous service !

Review №49

Dont go with Act in vijayawada. I dont know whats wrong with those people. We went to some shop to trace some criminal activity their cctv is not working due to wifi issue, that shop people requested for act service no response even police people called also no response then how those people will respond for normal people. I was used in hyderabad it was good but in vijayawada it is not good... Rating 1 also waste..

Review №50

I am having connection from 2016. I faced many problems. The technicians are least bothered to response and to get feed back. Worst technical team. Please disconnect it

Review №51

Wrong commitments from sales personals, and when we call him, no response / feeds the costumers cell no. and avoid calls nor a call back from him, very bad

Review №52

Every month will face network issue morethan 5 times , so we need to raise 5 service request and each request resolution will take morethan one day. So finally monthly average 8 days dont have network. Worse network in Vijayawada. My suggestion dont go for ACT, go for local network .they can resolve issue immediately.

Review №53

Its disgusting no one responded properly.

Review №54

Wrost service no one responded my problem is not solve

Review №55

No one present in the building due to covid lockdown

Review №56

Help line people are dont have atleast minimum knowledge, but they have attitude and worst response even you visit the office they are taking too much of time to sortout your problem

Review №57

Internet is not working atleast twice a month. I have raise a ticket reg Internet issue but its not been resolved already it is 2 days since the issue but still it is pending. While i contact with ACT customer care there is no proper response from their end. WHEN EVER I CONTACT ACT CUSTOMER CARE THEY ONLY SAY WE ARE LOOKING INTO IT but Still its pending. the issue never been solve at their promised time. ❌

Review №58

1) The plan they offer doesnt reflect in the app for payment.2)multiple calls need to be done for installation.3) They dont receive the calls. Pathetic response after payment. Make sure you get all things done before payment.4) Technician doesnt know the basics of router configuration. He insisted that router is faulty. Where as I configured myself easily.5) Technician doesnt even know what username to be used for activation and network access.6) finally I have completed installation 3 days after payment.It used to be great but now it is worst.

Review №59

Act fibernet best network. They give good service to their customers.

Review №60

Such a pathetic network. There is a problem every week. And customer care n service is poor Please dont opt for it. It has been 2 weeks Im facing internet issue. you people dont deserve 1 star also.

Review №61

Cust 105461579665.I raised a complaint on 16-6-2021.Even after 48 hours not restored.Worst customer service.

Review №62

They might be a very big ISP company, but when it comes to local service they are the worst. They dont even see the affected customers when are switching off a control box. Later they make us wait for 2-3 days to get the connection restored. It happens very rarely but when it happens they give you the worst headache ever.

Review №63

Deserves proper customer care.. call center number rarely connects..even if it connects, cc executive s... dont understand the issue.. pathetic service

Review №64

Disgusting customer care service. Making fraud offers and increasing bill rate and then waiving off the additional amount in the bill. Here comes new crime drama they doesnot update the bill for like nearly bill due date occurs now they are suspending connections for the fault of theirs. Such a wonderful scam!

Review №65

Worst I have been using this internet since 3 to 4 years.1) problem with customer service2) doesnt respond quickly3)internet is very slow4) cant even play games5) net access only to 1 floor6) wifi connected but without internet connection even after paying the bill time to time

Review №66

I have taken connection in the month of March and recently we have moved different location in same area, so I have raised ticket (May 16th)7 days before changing the home but till now Act Technical Team not contacted me and Im doing work from home these ACT Technical team playing with me & my Job , keeping Im calling to Customer care and they used to tell we have escalated your query within 24hours it will get resolve but as of now nobody called me or responded to my query..... Worst Poor services ACT is providing in Vijayawada ..... If - rating is there for Technicians i could give -10 rating for them..... If I want new connection if I apply with different number immediately Im getting call from Local Service Provider why these much variation you are showing for new and old connections.....

Review №67

In a month minimum 3 days it won’t workIf we raise service request it will take 1day timeAnd some times more than thatSome times they will close request without resolving we have to open the request once againThen the engineer will call and say please call to my number if there’s a problem don’t reopen the requestPathetic serviceDon’t prefer itI want to close my connection but they made me paid for 6 months as they knew if they paid for a month customers will stop the connection0 stars for act Vijayawada

Review №68

I paid money but didn’t get internet. They just told that it is my device problem. It provides worst service ever. They respond after two days of complaint. We wanted to increase from 50mbps to 100mbps, they want us to pay money for 6months more

Review №69

As long as no problem, it is good. If there is a problem then response is not that good.

Review №70

There will be no customer contact number for telling the issue,no one will talk,no will be answered

Review №71

Really do you have service team? We raised ticket and we got call from a person saying we will come tomorrow to your location and we will fix the issue and for now we are closing your ticket. We thought they will come and fix. Its been 15 days no one came and fix. When we contacted them their response is not at all good and not respectful. There is no service team. Worst service I have ever seen. Dont opt this stupid one.

Review №72

I paid amount for 6 Months but suspended my account after 3 months asking to pay for 3 more months. The worst service and no proper response from customer care. The worst customer support i have never seen in my life.

Review №73

Zero concern over customers. I literally paid 2000 with no response received.The worst ever service Ive received with ACT and this is the second time consecutively. Ive requested for new connection on Sunday and have also made the payment. From then, Ive not received any response from the team to place the connection and its been two days. I understand that the situations are not so good outside, but ignoring the calls and the technicians are least bothered about this which doesnt make sense. Whats there in responding to the call and informing the time by which it could be resolved? Have tried calling nearly 50 to 60 times and still no response. If we were atleast informed by when it could be resolved, we could either arrange an alternate method to work. Other than that, simply ignoring the calls and not even bothered. Have some concern before doing such things. I really need this connection established at the earliest

Review №74

Technical support is very poor, frequently internet down , worst service , no body care when u make compliant.. very bad service

Review №75

Warast services act fiber net

Review №76

They representatives are not loyal to reveal the plans to the new customersThey wish to grab money by making the customers that they are required to take minimum 6 months of plan if they want a new connection. However the website clearly states that there are monthly plans available.This clearly shows thay the representatives dont havy any ethics while dealing with a new customer.

Review №77

Not respond TL s to costumers.

Review №78

Very poor service to customers.. Vittal rao..

Review №79

Very good service

Review №80

Worst service, dont go for it

Review №81

HorribleNo one can respondDont go for this fiber network

Review №82

It’s the worst internet service provider. The signals drops very often. Sometimes the internet doesn’t work for days together. As the kids have online classes now it’s such a pain to bear this internet. Hope they follow all the reviews and try their best to perform better.

Review №83

Pathetic service, no professionalism, customer care always busy, representatives never lift callls,. I took 6 months plan, really regretting now. Today I called almost 50 times to customer care & one local representative. Their way behaviour is really annoying, .. I request ,if anyone planing to act fibernet, be away to ACT. I have very very bad experience with these Guys.

Review №84

Highly irresponsible service never attends to calls and the computerized recorded messages do no favor to the customers. Highly absurd

Review №85

Worst net very slow speed dont recomend at all

Review №86

Service is good. Resolving issues quickly.

Review №87

The worst internet service, internet is not working from 2 days and no one responds and the guys who come to setup the internet are very rude. I hope the business heads look at the reviews and take care of the business

Review №88

If any issues raised with connection the Act team will not respond properly .

Review №89

Critical: Professionalism, ResponsivenessI have paid online 5 days ago. No installation till date. Sales representative vl not pick the cal and never respond to the messages. Technical team same response. Customer care ask for 24 hr time but no reponse. they stopped responding to calls and messages.One of the worst network in Vijayawada.

Review №90

Worst service provider in VijayawadaI appeal not to choose ACT, every week I use to face a problem and the resolution time is more than 12 hrs.... resulting in loosing my day, the management doesnt care about customersI would give a rating of -5(negative) iff possible

Review №91

Worst service I have ever seen. They are not responsible and not responding to the customer.Such a dirty management....

Review №92

A good dth service

Review №93

A simple CPE box removal request is taking months time and yet not removed. If we allow to fix box, the technician will be at premises at the next minute. For removal no one cares at all.Update: Its been 4months Ive raised a complaint and nobody cares.

Review №94

Worst service. Paid for 3 months and its been more than 1 week.. Nobody care to fix the connection. Everytime they give different number to call and every person say that tomorrow it will be done.. Not sure when tomorrow will come?

Review №95

I just want to give 0 as review but there is no option.very careless and not responsive at all.Paid all the internet amount before the connection happened 2 days before still they didnt provide the internet connection. Worst customer care services and app functionality also not working properly.i highly recommend to other people dont go for act broadband connection particularly in Vijayawada center.

Review №96

Had no proper internet connection from the past one week and noone is responding but they want us to recharge on time and if we dont they say theyll cut their services and after recharging this is the case . No response and no proper internet. Waste of money.

Review №97

I shifted the house i am called to custmor care he told 24hours we are shifted your connection but not shifted again i called after 24hours again he ore she told today is conformed before 1 week onwads act custmors same words 24Hours careless cable tv custmors worst ones

Review №98

Worst service connection problem facing 5 time their agents or worst

Review №99

Worst service, they dont even give the proper response to our calls and also while paying the subscription they are cheering subscribers

Review №100

Worst service and no response from customer support for queries asked or problem raised. They shows too much attitude in the call.

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