Amaravathi Crocodile Farm
Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu 642102, India
Amaravathi Crocodile Farm
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Crocodile farm is open all 7 days .Now childrens park and garden is opened inside this will enjoy well.Restrooms available inside.

Review №2

Wonderful experience ! Never ever seen like this before. Everyone must visit place while visiting Amaravati dam. Free to visit this place. Not a much crowded place. Inside the forest area. Only crocodiles are there. Types of crocodiles are seperated in different places.

Review №3

Rate over the gate is bit too high still if they are visiting here for the first time would never be disappointing. Nice

Review №4

This place makes you so calm while Youre looking at this immovable creatures.. just joking.. nice place to watch crocodiles and dont blink your eyes else youll miss them in action

Review №5

Nothing so fancy unless you adore crocodiles so much. But the dam nearby this location is amazing. Only over here I have seen so many crocodiles that too different breeds in place. You have to admit that part.

Review №6

See crocodiles in a closer look.Different varieties of crocodiles are there.

Review №7

Good to see😍 Wit lot of Crocodiles but have small collections only.

Review №8

The crocodiles here are in poor state and are put to direct sunlight. Found a small hatchling dead in the hot sand. At least for these hot summer they should be transferred elsewhere. Otherwise its a good place to sit and relax without disturbing troops of monkeys around.

Review №9

A very thrilling experience to see such a big reptile crawling near to fence. Still management need to learn a lot many improvements can be done like adding guide on different crocodile 🐊 present all over the world. They can import more verity of crocodile 🐊 to there farm. We need to support such farms for the preservation of these reptiles earlier there were 7 species were resided in India which has shrunk to very disaster of 3 primary species. We need to take care of these magnificent reptiles.

Review №10

One of the good places for people in Tirupur, Coimbatore, Erode, Dindigul districts and in Munnar for planning a one day picnic trip with family.Kids will love this place to see the Crocodile farm where Indian magar crocodiles are maintained in a well maintained conservation centre. This farm has breeding capacities and hence kids can see Crocodile eggs and little baby crocodiles.The facility is well maintained with high levels of cleanliness. There is a small shopping unit to buy souvenirs to remember the trip for long time.Enjoy you trip here. Combine it with visiting Amaravathi dam & park and also Thirumurthy waterfalls..

Review №11

Nice place to visit in udumalpet , variety of crocodiles

Review №12

The best place to visit if you want to experience crocodiles within a meter from you. The best place to feel your fear near you.

Review №13

Well maintained, access is from Udumapettai a small town, Amaravatii Reservoir

Review №14

Beautifully maintained Crocodile park, hygiene maintainence of reptiles. Various species and various age of crocodiles are present.Typically one can spend 30 - 45 mins with family.

Review №15

The crocodile farm with many varieties of species and well maintained place..

Review №16

Different age crocodiles are here.Generally all are in fairy good condition, some seems injured. Can see crocodiles very closely.

Review №17

Different varieties of crocodiles are there, but none of them are labelled properly. Parking fees is bit high.

Review №18

Ok place. If you are so interested to see Crocodiles then yes you can pay visit here.

Review №19

Best of its kind...If u want to see crocks then just go n see...

Review №20

Park is in under maintenance and construction. Hope it will be good place once construction is over. Peaceful place.

Review №21

Place to be visited. Which has more crocodiles also saw few 50 plus years crocodiles. Nice place must be visited

Review №22

Good maintenance and many species of crocodile

Review №23

Good place to see lot of crocodiles.

Review №24

Not very big , but located at a nice place and has a pretty decent amount of crocodiles

Review №25

Awesome place, maintenance of crocodile is worst to many crocodile are injured, finally paying bills are not too much for normal peoples

Review №26

They have lots of breed of crocodiles and they are from various regions also. We think that the crocodiles are not real as they are not moving at all.

Review №27

One of the best crocodile park in southern part country

Review №28

It is not such a good place to spend time. It has only reptiles and we cant expect any adventures there. Kids can be very excited to see reptiles but for mens and womens it is not a good place. All the reptiles are in the same place and they are not even moving.

Review №29

Nice place to enjoy near nilagiri hills

Review №30

Fun to be with kids. Good place to relax your weekends..

Review №31

An early morning visit to the crocodile park. An entry fee of 20 rupees and a mandatory parking fee, forgot the amount. Even if you park on road side they will charge.Entry is from 9, it might be 9.15 too. The pictures displayed there will show many varieties of crocs. But all we could see is maximum 4 to 5. We can see the crocodiles very close only separated by a metal gauge.Crocodiles are very lazy replies so requires immense patience to actually enjoy the visit. Otherwise they may appear real statues

Review №32

Cool place

Review №33

Amazing place to visit on weekend gateway along with family and kids.

Review №34

Good.... Nice place

Review №35

Entry fees are too high, additional parking charges even 2 for wheeler, but its neat and clean

Review №36

You can view crocodiles very near you.. they have entry fee for camera as well.

Review №37

Nice place for kids.. For a day out

Review №38

Not maintained properly very small area

Review №39

Can see crocodile from age 1 to 50

Review №40

Its kind off old age home for crocs, most of them seem to be defective but yet a large variant of crocodile they have got here...

Review №41

Best place to relax

Review №42

Good place to see crocodiles with childrens

Review №43

Lots of crocodiles and the all verities this same place...

Review №44

Super place bat very unclean and very sumal

Review №45

Nice place to see crocodile closer

Review №46

Entry fees 5 per head. safe for children. will entertain family audience. coffee/tea available. and wild life equipments are available. good maintanence. water facility available. toilet facility available. separate token for camera should be bought.

Review №47

Large number of crocodile can see here

Review №48

Good maintenance and care.

Review №49

Nice place to spend time with family and kids

Review №50

Not as good as guindy crocodile park. Just around 40-50 corcs

Review №51

Very rare species of crocodiles are there from small one to aged ones.very carefull at there. Dont feed them

Review №52

Wonderful To See This In My district

Review №53

A good place with not much of Crocodiles. But it would be a new experience for people who have never seen Crocs in their life

Review №54

The crocs could have been kept in a better enclosure. During the feeding time, the animals were not fed appropriately.

Review №55

It is most beautiful placeIt has many number of crocodiles.It has different species of crocodiles.Crocodiles are larger in size.It has taken from many places.The history of crocodiles are drawn in the compound walls of that farm.It has small ponds for bathing of crocodiles.Some of them were put behind the bars.It is located just nearer to the dam which is just 1km away.It has parking facilities also.

Review №56

Outstanding location for crocodile sightseeing. FD maintain it very well. Need anyone guide for tourist during sighting.The information chart of all specimen of crocodile is very good. Dept can print it and provide as handbook type.Good experience for new visitors.

Review №57

Plenty of crocodiles and nominal entry fee.

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Review №59

Nice location. Infrastructure could have been improved. Farm is surrounded by thick vegetation. Must visit if you are close by Coimbatore

Review №60

Just amazing & thrilled moments

Review №61

It is a very nice place to visit over the weekend along with the Amaravati Dam nearby. Many varieties of crocodiles are shown here. We can see crocodiles in their natural habitat. We can see from younger ones to older ones. If we go there at certain times, we can see the feeding of crocodiles. Do visit there.

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Review №63

Not much to see

Review №64

The place is good to visit. But do take care in bringing small kids as the crocodiles are too near the cage it may concern them. Its located just one kilometre from Amaravati dam. There is not much to see inside it. But you can rest under tree shades there. But collecting a parking fees of 50 rupees for Light Motor Vehicles is a bit harsh as there is no proper place and have to park near road

Review №65

Crocodile were nearly 60 years old and nice place to see some variety of crocodile. From 2.5meter to 4 meter . Havent seen such big crocodile in life for real other than TV channels . Hope you will like it .

Review №66

There are only few species of crocodile.... American crocodiles are missing... And also none of them are labelled and we cant identify the difference between different species... Needs improvement... Also car parking charge is higher which is Rs 50...ticket entry to one person is Rs 10

Review №67

Vry nice experience

Review №68

Okay level place 👍

Review №69

Nice place...😊But tickets are being charged even silly things....

Review №70

Not clean in outside of the crocodile park ,big crocodiles nearly 20 for oneside,other sides small crocodile nearly 50,and chick crocodile around 15 living in dirty water.just half only total area visit. Inside of crocodile park Toilet free and well maintenance. Drinking water pure natural and very taste not purified.entrance fee ten rupees(adult) per person and child(under twelve) five rupees,camera and video camera charges extra around fifty rupees.overall nice place........

Review №71

The Amaravathi Sagar Crocodile Farm, established in 1976, the largest crocodile nursery in India, is 1 kilometre before the Amaravathy dam site. Many crocodiles of all sizes can be seen basking in the sun and suddenly making a stride or piled up on one another. There are now 98 crocodiles (25 male + 73 female) maintained in captivity here. Three Forest Department personnel manage and maintain the centre.. Nice one to visit during holidays....

Review №72

Well maintained.

Review №73

Good spot. But less engaging one. Cleanliness should be taken care.

Review №74

Nice place for animal lovers

Review №75

Beautiful and superb place

Review №76

I would call it a zoo for the crocodiles.. a large number of crocodile in restricted areas..The feeding time is 2 pm...You can enjoy a walk on the near by Dam in the evening.

Review №77

Good place to visit, bring childrens very good place.

Review №78

Though the ticket cost is very high ( they are charging for camera mobiles also) this place is a nice place to see different breads of Indian and other nation crocodiles. Do not miss this place of you are passing through Amaravati Dam

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Review №80

This is a breeding centre for Mugger! No other species here! But worth a visit if you are fond of animals! Good info about various crocodiles on display too.

Review №81

Great location.lovable place.but I feel further maintenance care has to taken to attract people

Review №82

Nice place to visit and there you can see various crocodiles

Review №83

Good experience nd there were only few crocodiles nd it smelled fisheye

Review №84

Not much of maintenance here. But kids loves to see those crocodiles. Most of the crocodiles hurt each other. Need public and govt support to maintain this speciality. Only need 30 minutes to walk around here

Review №85

Well maintained

Review №86

You can see different varieties of crocodiles. I guess the breeding and offsprings are not shown to public. But its a different scene from zoo. You can see different breeds of crocodile from different parts of the world. You may visit Amaravathy dam and spend some time walking through the Earth dam road on top and explore the scenic beauty of catchment area of the dam.

Review №87

Parking price is 50 rupees. For four wheeler....only we can spend 20min....also if you coming by amaravathi dam again you need to pay four wheeler charge 25 rupees plus entry fee 5 per person.

Review №88

Good spot with lots of crocodiles. Maintenence is OK,and the entry fee is Rs. 10 per person

Review №89

Large crocodile s..Fish fry is good

Review №90

Take Care Of U Because Crocodile Surrounds U

Review №91

Different species of crocodiles are there. But there are few cages which are empty. You will not get proper food nearby farm. You have to go prepared for it or buy food items few KMS before the farm. No proper washroom facility available for ladies inside the crocodile farm. One extra point which excites me is, you can travel to Palani temple from that farm location, via shortcut, which is inside the forest.. Which is just an hour travel and that saves lot of kms, if you take direct route...

Review №92

Nice place to entertain you can see tha crocodile various types of weekend place

Review №93

Good place to see the crocodiles from born to end. Maintenance also good.

Review №94

Very interesting place and very informative

Review №95

Good to see the Crocodile farm. Very useful for kids.

Review №96

Its a beautiful place .. we can see lots of sizes of crocodiles there.. small .. big etc. It is situated in the side of forest and we can see near by a big dam .. the name of that dam is amaravathi dam.

Review №97

Only old crocodiles are ther, nothing much to see. Just a 20 minutes of your time is neede for the entire visit

Review №98

First place i ever Scared Like this. where lots of Crocodiles huge in size.Scared by fight between Crocodiles. Such an Awesome place.

Review №99

Variety of crocodiles!! Lovely and fear to watch

Review №100

In North West amazing crocodile 🐊 form more than 50 no.... If you like reptiles must to see it

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