641601, Sirupooluvapatti, Khaderpet, Rayapuram, Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu, India
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Tirupur railways station is one of clean and neat station that I have seen . It has only two platform 1 towards Coimbatore/ Kerala and 2 towards Chennai/ Bangalore. The boards about the coach position doesn’t work but they give a announcement about the coach position which is helpful. This station also has two entrance one for each platform.

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Cleanest cityPublic transport is best and cheapPublic transport not crowdedPublic never urinate in open spaceCitizens are co operativeShopping malls crowded on SundayCheap and best quality foods availableFilter cofee you must tryHub for hosiery products

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Tirupur is the seventh largest city in Tamil Nadu and is one of the fastest developing cities in the state. Popularly referred to as Dollar City or Small Japan or Banian City it excels in knitted ready-made garments. Yet, at first glance, nothing about Tirupur can make one believe that this town earns and annual $1200 million plus in foreign exchange.Simply the best place for investment.

Review №4

Railway station updates :not much parking available inside gate per day / 150rs. further photos attaches plz go through.. moderate living cost nearby. will update much more later✌️

Review №5

It is the best place as no natural disasters and more small scale companies born from here.

Review №6

Small station having 2 platforms. One of the important railway station for transportation of Garments.

Review №7

Pretty good staion....Neat n clean.. Needs more infrastructure. Platforms can be more widened and the overall development should be more concentrated.The shopkeepers are not that good with the customers.

Review №8

Its ok

Review №9

Best place to buy clothes especially for kids

Review №10

Cleanliness is not at all thereDisplay boards are not at all there 📺I usually visiting this railway station, No improvement at all ⬇⬇⬇Railway management are not taking care of anything 😐Lot of beggars are disturbing the common people here , Railway management should take care of thisPaid toilet are there , but inside there is no neatness , fully dirty and this is not a standard 🚽Need to take care of such big station necessity is needed , Hoping for good days in this station to get cleaned in all ways 🙌

Review №11

Nice place, buisness area, so much of business offers

Review №12

Very good neat and clean station with all amenities. Lovely WiFi system. Happy experience.

Review №13

All smartwatch available in poorvika mobile

Review №14

Worst . Cleanliness. But In reservation counter there is no proper response and they are getting extra amount of 10Rs per ticket. If we inform this to station master he also not taking proper action.

Review №15

One of the worst managed railway stations which is crowded most of the time, but this is unable to handle it. No announcement till last moment, whatever they announce is hardly making any sense, no proper waiting room maintenance. This place has just 2 platforms despite all trains between coimbatore and Salem has to take this route. Infrastructure has to be improved a lot given the crowd and industrial district. This seems to be a forgotten place for authorities.

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Railway station where all the trains which go further down to Coimbatore make a halt.This city is home to Indias largesst Knitwear industry.Many business people frequently travel from this station.

Review №17

Good service good driver cap neatness ok

Review №18

Waiting hall was well maintained ... Worth for 25rs... Neat and tidy

Review №19

Good railway station

Review №20

Small station. Neat and clean.My train stopped for 2 min only.Did not find tap for drinking water.Food stall were also not visible. Maybe my coach was towards the end of plateform.Was impressed with cleanliness however as soon as plateform finished one can find waste plastic cups and other non bio degradable items everywhere in the railway property.For almost 3 km people are living very close to railway track. Every house had there personal neem tree giving a perfect look.Do you know, if a diabetic patient apply neem leaves on pancreas correspondence on palm (acupressure) diabetes can be controlled

Review №21

Its not so well maintained.. all Coimbatore cross train will be stopped at this station.. there are two entrances people always confused while taking exit..

Review №22

Bluetooth best price

Review №23

Its a nice railway station...but it was too poor the condition of the ticket office

Review №24

Ok.Traffic.,roads to be improved

Review №25

Railway Station is Kept Clean And Has Only 2 Platforms - Lengthy Platforms, So Not A lot Of Confusion For The Passengers ...Auto, Taxi Services Are Available In Plenty Right in Front Of Station, Even Bus Stop is Nearby If You Are Going Somewhere, Not too Many Shops Are There, Only Like 2 On Each Platform, Kotak ATM is Available Right Next to Entrance, No Free Wifi , But Still a Well Maintained Station ...

Review №26

For such a industrially developed city the Railway station should also be developed in all terms. No space for walking, the station is completely filled of things to load the goods vehicle. Even though they have enough chairs available In the station for the people to sit, we dont have proper maintenance inside the station to sit because of foul smell. They have paid AC waiting area and ordinary waiting hall which better than sitting outside. Pay and use toilets available inside station which is worst in maintenance. No digital sign boards available in station you need to be keen on the written boards available in the station to find the coach position. The manual train announcement is worst where you cant even understand the announcement for coach position. This announcement should be improved to automated voice for better accuracy. They have lift facility and over bridge available in the station which is beneficial for elderly and physically challenged people to cross the platforms safely. Ticket counter is too small for such a big industrialized city with lot of moving in and out of the city. Needs lot of improvement. I hope southern railway will look into it in the coming days.

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Tirupur railway station is located at the centre of the city.This railway station is not junction but always crowded and actively.This railway station has only two platforms but all majour express train halt in this station.Tirupur railway station is one of the top revenue earners in salem divison via more passengers and more cargo handling.Just out side the station, freedom fighter Tirupur Kumaran memorial buliding and garment bazzar of the city also situated.

Review №28

Best clothes with cheap rate

Review №29

One Of Busiest Railway junction .

Review №30

Nice Tiruppur Train station

Review №31

One of Memorable Stations for me bcz of some Personal Reasons

Review №32

Very important Railway Station for garment industry..

Review №33

Nice station very clean and lighting place

Review №34

One of the better stations in Tamilnadu

Review №35

Nice experience. Better service competitively other station

Review №36

Good and clean station. Having AC waiting hall at ₹17/Hr. No negative points to say

Review №37

Small station but well maintained...

Review №38

One of the busiest railway station in tamil NaduDaily 160 trains comes hereNeat railway stationTwo platform

Review №39

Busy city and so is the station. Well maintained and has all amenities

Review №40

A small station belongs to the Salem division of Southern Railway zone. Station code is TUP.

Review №41

Nice station. Neat and all basic facility are available.Sported UDAI at this station. Interesting.

Review №42

Good people very tasty food & tasty mirchi soda

Review №43

Its clean, seating capacity is good

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Review №45

Tiruppur also known as Tex city because major centre for the textile business in Asia.

Review №46

City of clothsKathar pet market best for purchase

Review №47

Textile hub and what more literally serves the Textile to whole of country and exports to many countries

Review №48

Truly Business Orientation town

Review №49

Overall good. Much improvement need in parking facilities. Comparing to other stations most of the trains here stop only for very few seconds. No drinking water facility and taps are simply useless. SBI ATM available but no money available for withdrawal. Improvement must need..

Review №50

A well managed and clean railway station

Review №51

Need more improve

Review №52

Tiruppur or Tirupur ([t̪ɪɾɨppuːr] Tirupur.ogg (help·info)) is a city located in the Kongunadu region, Indian state of Tamil Nadu.[6] Tiruppur is the administrative headquarters of Tiruppur district and the fifth largest urban agglomeration in Tamil Nadu. Located on the banks of Noyyal River, it has been ruled at different times, by the Early Pandyas, Medieval Cholas, Later Cholas, Mysore Kingdom and the British. It is situated at the centre of the South Indian Peninsula, about 450 kilometres (280 mi) southwest of the state capital Chennai about 50 kilometres (31 mi) east of Coimbatore and 50 kilometres (31 mi) south of Erode.

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Love ,nice

Review №54

Clean (savach bharat)

Review №55

Worst Railway Station. No identity for coach position. They orally announcing some numbers for coach position, but the numbers what they mention is like treasure hunt in railway station. Worst to the core Tiruppur Railway Station.

Review №56

Less chance of getting robbed due to the frequent check of police...police are present in large numbers....

Review №57

Very bad

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Review №59

Tiruppur railway station, its situated between Erode and Coimbatore centrally. Lots commuters from Erode and Coimbatore are using this station for job coming purpose. Loads of parcel are loaded from here to Kerala and to northern parts of India. The parcels are just dumbed in plat form which is a big hassels to passenger.

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Good and family friendly

Review №61

Nice peoples to live with them

Review №62

Good and want to maintain car and bikeparking facilities more.

Review №63

Best experience for passengers and Good information center

Review №64

Worse railway station ever. No basic facilities ...

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Review №66

Neat and clean

Review №67

Great city for cotton clothes and garments. Worlds leading exporter for cotton items. One can buy cheap and very good cotton items from here. Though city is still not up to standards it is still improving.

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Review №69

The people are not wearing any safety measures like mask.

Review №70

Connected with all area in tirupur. Both north & south,of railway track

Review №71

TIRUPUR is the one of most important railway station in south india.

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Review №73

Only 2 platforms in tiruppur

Review №74

Tirupur is an industrial city.Lot of trains stops here.Clean City and station.Temperature is little bit high but bearable.People are helpful.

Review №75

Super city in Tamilnadu Kongu Tamil

Review №76

High sunrise

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Review №78

Nice place. Those who travel through bus to reach this place from other parts of the Tamilnadu know that this stopping is named as PUSHPA THEATRE bus stop. Although many passenger board and depart from this station But there are only two platforms in this junction.There are trains available to most of the destinations. There are waiting hall and food court available here.

Review №79

Use friendly update announcement from Station speaker

Review №80

Nice stationAverage maintenance2 platforms only....

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Review №82

This area is famous for T-Shirts. So we can find the vendors selling textiles and ready-mades. You will be cheated if you do not care the real price and quality. The product might be the the auctioned either from damaged or returned sections. The people who are found buying may also be their own people, please do not go with the decision of other passengers.

Review №83

Its n nice place to visit

Review №84

Tiruppur railway station is a railway station severing the city of Tiruppur, or the textile city of India.The station belongs to the Salem railway division and is a major transit point of the Southern Railway Zone, one of the 17 Railway Zones of the Indian Railways. It is also known by its official code:TUP.Tiruppurதிருப்பூர்Regional rail, Light rail and Commuter rail stationLocationRailway Station Road, Tiruppur, Tiruppur district, Tamil NaduIndiaCoordinates11.1086°N 77.3397°EElevation305 metres (1,001 ft)Owned byIndian RailwaysOperated bySouthern Railway zoneLine(s)Jolarpettai–Shoranur linePlatforms2Tracks3ConnectionsAuto rickshaw stand, Taxi standConstructionStructure typeStandard (on ground station)ParkingYesOther informationStatusFunctioningStation codeTUPZone(s)Southern Railway zoneDivision(s)SalemElectrifiedYes

Review №85

This area is famous for T-Shirts. So we can find the vendors selling textiles and ready-mades. You will be cheated if you do not care the real price and quality. The product might be the the auctioned either from damaged or returned sections. The people who are found buying may also be their own people, please do not go with the decision of other passengers.

Review №86

But Some lift not working... Dogs are Surrounding in platforms both sides.. Parking facility ok but parking charges its too much..

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Review №88

My favorite

Review №89

My hometown, city with lot of opportunities for business.

Review №90

A small station for a big dollar city. All trains have a stop here. This can be improved a lot

Review №91

World...famous....PUBLIC General common...BANIYAN Industrywidesharp...and tight on work

Review №92

Good Place , stayed for 1 day at tirupur. Purchased good quality t shirts for kids with reasonable price . Railway station is clean and neat . Ac wait room for Rs 17/hr is good with restroom .

Review №93

One of the busiest and crowded railway station. Lots of trains coming and going out. This station is handling thousands of passangers everyday...You get trains to all over like Chennai, Banglore, Trichy, coimbatore, all over Kerala and North india as well.You can get bus/auto/taxi to Main towns like bus stand and shopping areas. Frequent transport facilities.Lot of food stalls in the station. You can get snacks and foods. Now a days they are selling in reasonable price bcoz of gov rule.Restrooms are paid one. Not that much clean. But ok manageable.Outside of the station you can park bike and cars by paying some charge.

Review №94

Nice l have so many happy in the trip

Review №95

Only two platforms here... Placr is well maintained n clean... Always crowdy bit

Review №96

Nice Place

Review №97

Overall a decent railway station. Both exit places has vehicle facilities and autorickshaw, ticket counter. Have room for infant feeding cabin. Could be little more clean. Mosquito bites are usual..

Review №98

Theres an AC waiting room at 15 rs per hour, which is pretty clean and quiet. Otherwise the station is small but properly maintained

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Loving Place

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  • Address:641601, Sirupooluvapatti, Khaderpet, Rayapuram, Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Train station
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
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