Chettiar Kadai
Kannipiran Colony, Binny Compound, Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu 641601, India
Chettiar Kadai
Review №1

Believe taste is not only in the form of spice. Here, only i can feel spice dishes instead of taste. When i checked with the owner he is saying, we gave only spice dish here and many people came here for spice feel. Biryani the most worse(felt like tomato rice). If you need to sustain the market you must provide good taste to people instead spicy, which kills the taste. For money nothing in plate. Worst experience.

Review №2

Must try this.. Traditional taste for more than 25 years.. Hot pepper chicken must try.. Also Andhra Chicken.. Atlast a curd rice too..

Review №3

We went for lunch and food was very worst , food quality was very bad for the price they are charging. And after ordering food , they told that cash is the only payment method and make us roam for 30 mins in search of arms. Please dont waste your money here. Biryani is 230 and not at all worth for 150.

Review №4

Quite good place to hangout , this place suits one who craves to eat spice 😋 😀 dishes seems to be same but it has different taste like , kerela chicken, Andhra chicken, chicken Dynamite (hottiee) , chicken chetinaad , varutha kari ghee parotta etc .No credit card acceptedNo google pay or paytmOnly cashIf servents are free they will serve you in car(only if they are free)

Review №5

Bad service. Over rated. Less quantity. They are charging 200rs for chicken biriyani. Its actually tomato rice with a small chicken piece. Mutton biriyani for 230rs. Quantity is really less. And no digital payment options like gpay, phonepe. They made us walk for 2 kms to withdraw the cash. Still i am wondering how people gave 4 rating. Could be a bot.

Review №6

Ive ever taste this kind of worst taste in my lyf, Its not a hygiene hotel very worst plate suppy(with dust), and the supplier carrying the food items with his finger inside the food... Very very v v v v v....worst taste nd worst hygiene.. Pls dont waste ur money nd Time.... Idiot suppliers, waste hotel.... Thufuuuuuu!!!

Review №7

My friend who took me there said that the food has lost its originality. The waiter who was always late said that the restaurant wanted to satisfy every customer.Im quiet sensitive to spice but i was looking forward to the butt burning dragon chicken. I hardly was sweating.The waiter l, a little dark and short big man served an extra dish by mistake and billed us for it.Four monkeys is a better choice Id say.

Review №8

Take away only. Superb tasty & healthy food. Love it. Little bit cost high.

Review №9

Not worth for money.....too much costly

Review №10

Good and delecious food but over cost

Review №11

❤️❤️❤️Its enough because no words to describe that much tasty foods were.

Review №12

Best tasty food.must try

Review №13

One of the best places to eat in Tirupur.The flavors and spices were amazing.Dynamite chicken and chintamani chicken was exceptional.

Review №14

Taste was good 😋 but where strikes is the price 😤 I dont know Fully its my first experience

Review №15

Taste wise not bad but cost is too much and poor service

Review №16

DinnerDynamite chicken - moderately spicy. It was prepared with varamilagaai. The chicken pieces were very soft. The portion size was large.Malli Dosai - had raw pieces of malli which was good.Kalaki - Overcooked.All the food items came in paakku plate. On top of paaku plate, banana leaf was placed and food was served in that which is waste of resources. Either paaku plate or banana leaf is fine.LunchWent for lunch on the next day around 12:45. There was no customer. Ordered mutton Briyani and Kerala chicken.Mutton Briyani - Disappointing. Rice was overcooked. It didnt have the texture of briyani. The portion was less.Kerala chicken - Delicious. The aroma, taste, look everything was good. It was prepared with cocunut chunks and onions.It was hard to finish briyani and the chicken. Recommended to order a chicken plate for two persons.Recommended: Malli Dosai, Dynamite Chicken, Kerala ChickenCons:Water will not be served.Card will not be accepted.Chutney and gravy were watery.Updated: Took parcel of Parotta and dynamite chicken. Dynamite chicken was very spicy. And it was not dry. It was semi dry. Felt it was bad with chilly sause. Didnt like it. Only ate half.

Review №17

Visit only for the taste.. bought chicken 65 today...was less spicy and blunt.. not so great.. although I have heard few other specific dishes are good.. should try soon..

Review №18

I personally liked the taste. Please dont go by the reviews and buy dynamite chicken. Its too hot(karam). You dont want to make your stomach feel all the pain. Hot pepper chicken and chicken frice best combo. If not hot pepper try Kerala chicken.

Review №19

Not worth for money. The server charged ₹120 for elumbu kolambu which is complete cheating. Very rude and arrogant server. Not worth for the money/place/taste.

Review №20

Taste was very goodEspecially the hot pepper chicken 🤤🤤

Review №21

Foods taste are ok but price too high

Review №22

Takes too much time for table delivery but taste is worth the wait

Review №23

Simply waste !! Please dont visit the place after seeing all the reviews. Its a hype that people give on YouTube. Too much of money spent for awful dishes. I regret visiting this place.

Review №24

Price was too high. Service delayed. Parked vehicles are not safe.

Review №25

Best place for chicken varieties in tirupur.

Review №26

Look for tasty Kerala chicken, spicy dynamite chicken, starter hot pepper chicken..

Review №27

Good taste but parking facilities is not available

Review №28

Kerala Chicken side dish is just above the words

Review №29

This is my weekend place. We live in Coimbatore, so it takes us like half and hour to 45mins to reach Tirupur and yet we make sure to go here every single weekend possible. My favourite dishes here are dynamite baby corn and hot pepper baby corn. I’m a vegetarian and yet I love this place because they try to replicate the non veg dishes with veg. So it’s really worth the try if you are a spice lover.

Review №30

We use to go to this place long back before 10 years but recent visit to this place has disappointed us with the taste !

Review №31

Pricing to high for the food which provideI wonder how people are giving 5starsand chicken tomato rice is 200₹Awful experience

Review №32

Newly upgraded with wooden chairs nd table

Review №33

Over rated shop with over price...If youre high enough in alcohol then go there and eat dry items which wont even worth while comparing to road side dish.If you want just go there and order barotta and that chicken korma.I bet that third chicken korma will be better than road side shops...If you dont believe my comments go and try yourself and waste your money.

Review №34

Worst shop I have ever visited...over rated shop.plz dont visit and waste yur money

Review №35

Biriyani was Too good. Highly recommended

Review №36

Had mutton biryani. It was too spicy and not up to the mark. Chicken dynamite was awesome

Review №37

This place is paradise for spice lovers. Really taste buds mouth-watering foods.

Review №38

1 is the least star rating I could provide (I prefer not to give 1 star even). Highly disappointed with both taste and quality. Chicken gravy is one epic example. I found only coconut pieces and not even a piece of chicken🤣🤣 and the taste was no where near an ordinary chicken gravy I could prepare myself

Review №39

A must try joint in Thiruppur especially for spice lovers. Chicken dynamite in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andra style is one finger licking dish they serve. Seating area could be improved.

Review №40

Great food .Must visit .

Review №41

Very badNo use. Avoid the shop

Review №42

Taste of food is too good. Quantity of food served is too good for price. But when people are more they deliver the food lately.

Review №43

Best Taste in Food, Quantity is moderate, But the taste of the food is totally different here.. The place totally congested here. If you peoples come earlier as possible. You can eat and dine with happily. No need of any reservations booking here.. Must visit this place in tirupur and it is a top rated restaurants in tirupur.

Review №44

Awesome hot and spicy food servedWorth all your money

Review №45

I rated 1 because i couldn’t rate 0 or negative. Such a worst hotel. The curry was spoiled and the chicken fry is dipped n chilli powder. If someone want to waste the money, its an absolutely lovely place. Because u can happily pay for the food you can’t eat accompanied by the medical checkup u need to go.

Review №46

Good taste and fulfilling quantity, but the rate is slightly higher. Since the shop was at the end of the street and wine shop is at the street entrance, ladies may feel uneasy to go to this restaurant. Other than that, worth restaurant to try.

Review №47

Initially when first time you visit here all dishes tastes too spicy. The very next time we will starting loving that spiciness. Non veg lovers should visit at least once. Chicken dynamite is popular dish here. Sometimes orders get delayed because of crowd. Thats the only problem

Review №48

Not worthy .worst taste too

Review №49

Nice food...Awesome to have dinner

Review №50

Best in one restaurants in Tirupur. Very old and best. Their special is always fresh chicken. No stock in fridge. At that time they cut and use.

Review №51

I love all the spicy chicken, Except chettinadu gravy. Make sure to go at 7 pm. Then only you can enjoy all food.

Review №52

Starters were a mixed bag. Some of the dishes work only because of spiciness and some dishes were rubbery. Service was very slow. Hand written slip for bill, we have ask the waiter for each item as the writing was like doctors prescription and there were some conflict in nearby table and they were very rude in answering. They charged 50rs for AC, didnt have decent amenities for the price they charge for food. It looked like a place that was made famous by the wine shop nearby.All the hype, only to return disappointed.

Review №53

Taste is good but the price too costly...

Review №54

The dishes gives us a real Chettinad feel and it would be the perfect place for spicy lovers😋and quite expensive but worth for taste

Review №55

Very spicy, Quantity is minimum ,no hygienic

Review №56

Nice food and super taste.. I ate dynamite chicken and parotta..Price was little over.. but worth for money

Review №57

Poor service due to insufficient staff.. taste is ok.. just ok

Review №58

You will have to ask them each item in the bill as the bill which they provide is handwritten and scribbled.Chicken dishes are similar in taste.Nothing spectacular for the price you pay!

Review №59

Better place for family and friends treat

Review №60

Very very disappointed. Price is heavy for the quality /quantity of the food they provide. The chicken gravy thickness for parotta was like rasam. And guess what? Why the hell would you charge 20 rs for AC at the end, when you dont provide non-AC seats?

Review №61

Have a very good dinner with our child.. she enjoyed thier Hot pepper chicken especially with very low spice.. she had it happily.

Review №62

Food is fair..but expect delay in getting your food as well as billing..all of this is because kitchen is far from dinning area..

Review №63

Most favourite food destination to all the Tirupurians.

Review №64

Excellent Spot for Food Lovers with High cost of the Food

Review №65

Went to this place with more advertisements from friends and reviews. To my surprise, the food was not that tasty and good . The way i heard of this hotel and what they served was too different..Sathiyama athu biriyani eh ila and special curd rice is not even a curd rice by name..if you are here for some drinks and food, this hotel is ok..but taste wise, i would never recommend

Review №66

Too costlier. Worst briyani I had tasted . Dry items normal taste not bad

Review №67

Drive in hotel type... We can eat from our car itself... Go when u have leisure time. U not get items immediately. Non veg special. Good for groups . But not having Credit card / Google pay u have to carry CASH only for this issue only 3😡star

Review №68

Awesome boneless chicken. Dynamite, Hot pepper and andhra chicken must try. Other are normal

Review №69

No quantity No quality🤮🤮🤮Dont go blindly based on reviews. If you check the review properly there are lot of negative review. I hope this doesnt match the hipe as for created.

Review №70

Everything was good except the parottas

Review №71

Worst service and . Worst taste

Review №72

One of the most well known restaurant in tiruppur.. must try to feel signature taste of #ChickenDynamite #Hotpepperchicken #Sivakasichicken and lots more you have . menu items prices are costly.. besides you will mesmerize into taste once u start having the food..Give a try and feel wonderful taste ..Note: they should have menu card to see the available items.. one person is handling billing and same person responsible for listing down the items which couldnt remember easily ..

Review №73

Nice place to eat dinner with families,friends and collogue.All food items are very delicious and tasty.

Review №74

Visited Referring Vlogs But Not that Much Expected.

Review №75

The service here is pretty messed up. They dont care about what you want and try to force things on you. They take an eternity to deliver your order too. Pretty average food except for the starters. Not recommended.

Review №76

Nice tasty good

Review №77

Amazing place for spicy food

Review №78

Based on reviews and recommendations, ordered food parcel (mix of veg and non veg)..But definitely not the worth for the paid price..

Review №79

Chettinadu Gravy tasted like Chettinad Salt gravy. Too much hype

Review №80

Guys please taste dynamite 🍗Then reply here

Review №81

Every one must try Dynamite chicken.

Review №82

Over priced and taste is not good

Review №83

Dynamic and Kerala chicken is nice . Parrota was not upto the expected level.

Review №84

Simple menu and Great taste

Review №85

Doesnt think worth the price that they offer. The quantity is not sufficient as well. Even the taste is not so good as seen in reviews. Need to get gravy for parota seperateIy where i have ordered Chettinad chicken gravy where there i could found only coconut would think twice to go there again.

Review №86

Best food at cheaper cost.In veg I will prefer mushroom dynamite.Its awesome.

Review №87

Not that great by seeing the reviews, Biriyani is good but parotha and dosa not good.. kuruma, chattnry and all too worst...

Review №88

Food is very good. Need to improve ambience.

Review №89

Too costly, not worth the price.

Review №90

I think the taste is a little bit compromised. The shop was used to be at the best but now even the prices are gone high and the taste is also compromised. For this budget I would rather prefer a fancy restaurant.

Review №91

Not so good, simply spicy.Tried dynamite chicken and parotta. Was not satisfied.Served cold.

Review №92

Good one and best types of chicken so for had, but it was hyped a little in the worlds of mouth

Review №93

The cost is too high... So please dont go... And the quality of food is unfair.... I completely disappointed....

Review №94

Good place for groups. Non veg are only special here. Vegetarian wont get anything special. Its drive inn. U will get foods to eat it to ur car itself. No Card payment only Cash . U have to wait for long time after u ordered

Review №95

I thought to give zero rating for this hotel. There is significant difference between the quantity and the price. Price is too much. Doesnt worth the price for which they offer food.

Review №96

Good Restaurant for spicy lovers. A bit delay in serving food is the only problem.

Review №97

Good place for Non-vegetarian foods.

Review №98

Vechile parking little bit a trouble

Review №99

Taste is good but too much of cost and the infrastructure for that cost is poor

Review №100

Over all good but costly

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3.3 Rating
  • Address:Kannipiran Colony, Binny Compound, Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu 641601, India
  • Phone:+91 80569 53562
  • Biryani restaurant
  • Non vegetarian restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:6:30–11:45PM
  • Tuesday:6:30–11:45PM
  • Wednesday:Open 24 hours
  • Thursday:8AM–11:30PM
  • Friday:6:30–11:45PM
  • Saturday:6:30–11:45PM
  • Sunday:6:30–11:45PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:No
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:No
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Cash-only:Yes
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