Sree Saran Medical Centre
Bus Stop, PN Rd, Raja Nagar, Poyampalayam, Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu 641602, India
Review №1

Everything is very excellent. Very nice. Doctors and nurses caring well. Hygeinic. My wife admitted for breast surgery. Very satisfied. Hassle free cashless service.

Review №2

Everything is good.I am very very satisfied. I hadsinus surgery in last week , recovered soon and I am fine. Nurses care is well and good.Whole hospital very clean and smart good.Thank you

Review №3

The hospital is rush during busy hours. I registered for covid vaccination here, It was quick. A separate nurse allocated for that and the process was just few mins.

Review №4

Very good experience for my 2nd delivery. Neat and clean faculty.manimegalai mam and team are very good. They gave safe environment at this corona situation.

Review №5

My wife admitted for ear surgery. Dr.palanisamy sir explained very clear. Fully satisfied. Nurses care is very excellent. Good team. Keep it up

Review №6

The insurance agent camp conducted at Saran hospital was excellent. Dr. Palanisamy sir speech was excellent. The place of camp was neat and hospitality was good. Good doctors team.

Review №7

Good care . Safe delivery for covid time. Best hospital in tirupur.

Review №8

Thanks for treatment given by Dr Manimegalai and team.We are happy that my wife has become pregnant after getting treatment from saran hospital.

Review №9

Very good, had issues in pregnancy and got pregnant after getting treatment, ambiance is good and well satisfied with treatment

Review №10

Excellent service of doctors and nurses .one of the best hospital in tirippur. I was admitted in this hospital for my second delivery .we are really satisfied and impressed by their service s especially Manimegalai doctor and Shamila doctor both take care us very well and she gives best treatment from my starting stage of delivery to discharging stage we are really gratitude to the doctor for their king and good services.especially Nursing services from my admission all Nurses take care us very hygienically . Ruby Nurse.- very good hearted and very good service from my admission period to discharge period . Prathiksha sister she take care us very well and shakunthala devi sister she take care us very well and she gives good service and the trainne sister Sneha she is very young but she take care us very welll we fully statsfised their service and support

Review №11

The Best one in Tirupur. We came here multiple times for major surgeries and consultations. Dr. Manimehalai was a wonderful surgeon, did a great job in the open surgery for my mom, and the staff was always helpful and kind. They ensured I had a smooth prep, surgery, and follow-up. I am so glad I chose Sree Saran and would highly recommend to anyone.

Review №12

We came for fertility treatment in saran hospital. Dr.manimehalai mam and team is very good. Approach is excellent. Hospital is very clean. Definitely I will refer my friends here. Very satisfied.

Review №13

The camp for Insurance agent was excellent and good atmosphere for camp activities. The team was excellent

Review №14

Iam feeling very good .Doctors and nurses are very excellent.lam getting a best treament.very nice.

Review №15

My husband was admitted for stone surgery. Doctors and nurses caring well. Hospital is very clean and hygienic. Hassle free services from insurance department. Very satisfied. Thank u all

Review №16

Came for hdfc insurance medical check up. Lab staff approach is good. Clean and hygiene. Guidance was very excellent. Very good team. Good support to us. I definitely recommend my friends and relatives. Thanks

Review №17

Lic medical camb excellent service

Review №18

Im so happy! So grateful to doctor Manimekalai mam! After six months of my marriage! Met doctor for baby! Within two months! They made a satisfied treatment! With motherly touch! I got pregnant!Thank u so much dr. Manimekali

Review №19

Manimegalai mam and nurse both of caring good.

Review №20

My dad got his first jab here. Would say their vaccination process is quite sloppy and their vaccine facilities are average.- Our registration time was 12:00, but we ended up having our shot at 1:30. Heard many of the folks there mentioning their wait time was around 2 hours.- Their token management system is absurd. After payment, youre on your own to figure out the process.- First you need to hand over your registration form to the vaccine desk.- They keep it in order in the bunch of forms they have at their desk.- You need to wait for your turn which would be typically more than an hour to hear them calling out your name. They dont even have a token monitor to know the progress.- They have closely packed payment counters and closed waiting room where you cant maintain social distancing. We were waiting in one of their sheds outside to avoid the closed room.- Their vaccine desk processing is quite slow and its the major bottleneck in the entire process. We could see the nurses waiting for quite a time for people to get in for their shots.- Only couple of positive aspects I would say are, they have an isolated block for this covid vaccine program, average open space to wait outside for vaccine and car parking facility.

Review №21

Hospital service is very excellent. Doctors are very polite. Explain our treatment clarification very nice. Thank you saran hospital team. All the best.

Review №22

I am so very happy so grateful to Dr manimagali mam marriage 11 months they made satisfaction in pregnant thanks for Dr manimagali mam ♥️

Review №23

That was a wonderful experience bin sree saran hospitals.. good patient service made by nurses and staffs there...good hospitality.. will refer and recommend to others.

Review №24

Doctors and staffs care me very well during pregnancy time and delivery time.... Baby caring also very well manner. Due to covid circumstance they all care in good

Review №25

Myself and my mother were coming for covid vaccine in saran hospital. Infrastructure is very good. Staffs are handling us very polite and patience. Keep it up. Thank you

Review №26

Excellent care with hygiene by all the nurses, doctors, receptionists, insurance staffs assistant, ANMs, securities, hygiene homemade food at canteen, well equipped facilities with expertise. My wife gave birth to our little princess.Thank you Dr.Manimegalai mam, Dr.Sangeetha mam, Dr Samila mam for your personal caring advises on right time.

Review №27

Hospital facility is very excellent Im in third delivery in operations Mani megalai mam is carrying person and friendly speech and treatment thank you so much mam I am very happy

Review №28

Hospital area clean and neat.patient care well. Thanks for Dr.Manimehalai mam and hospital in tirupur.

Review №29

Hospitalisation is very good,doctors are golden arms,nursing section is good especially nurse josvin is very supportive to patients

Review №30

I m very happy.. Sree saran i m 2 month pragnancy treatment, 3 rd month confirm.... Thank u so much madam... Very best hospital..good treatment, good responsibility... Thank u

Review №31

I was vaccinated which is totally safe here and It was not painful .staff guidance was really caring and supportive. Its totally hygiene and be vaccinated guys. Refer your family and buddies to take vaccine here.

Review №32

Came for covishield vaccination in Saran hospital. Here ambience is very nice. Care and guidance is very helpful to us. Satisfied. Thank you all

Review №33

Good care ,good doctor Dr.Manimehalai mam.our speech very kind. Nurses care very well .best hospital in tirupur.

Review №34

We reached here since my wife got pregnant till the delivery. Mrs. Manimehalai mam and Miss. Sangeeta mam both are very friendly and took good care of my wife. They provide hassle free service and hospital environment is very hygenic. Rooms are neatly maintained and noise free. Charges are very reasonable and special thanks to all the nurses who are very friendly and responsible. I believe its the best hospital in Tirupur. Happy with their treatment 👍 Thank you so much Mam🙏

Review №35

Hi-tech operation theatre with dedicated doctors team which works around the clock 24x7.... Good job done.

Review №36

Very good service. Hospital is very clean and hygiene. Good service from vaccine coordinator priya. Keep it up.

Review №37

Hospital is very clean and hygiene. Doctor and nurses caring is very excellent. Good service.

Review №38

Vaccination center is very clean. Staffs are very kind and good service. Useful tips are given by nurse. Thank you

Review №39

Admitted my sister for her delivery. Received good treatment and hospitality both by doctors and nurse. Hospital was well maintained with neat and clean beds and surroundings. Anyone can visit for any kind of medical emergencies even in this pandemic situation. Best hospital in tirupur surrounding especially for Gynecology.

Review №40

Sree saran fertility is a dream for CHILDLESS couples . This hospital has got unique identity in and around tirupur I .its only becoz of their hardwork and dedication which makes sree saran fertility the best fertility hospital @ tirupur .All the best to drs . Thanks Dr.Manimehalai mam and team members.

Review №41

Environment is very hygienic ..,frinedly nurse doctors very carring soft handling.

Review №42

One month treatment yeduthen.. intha month convince iruken I am so happy

Review №43

The ambience and staffs behaviour was simply superb. And they take care their patients well . Thank you SREE Saran medical center

Review №44

Hospital is clean and neat. Doctors and nurses care is extraordinary. All facilities available in one roof.

Review №45

I came for covid vaccine. Good service by the hospital and i very much satisfied with the way they take care us. The staffs are very pollite and took good care of us

Review №46

Came for covid vaccination. Quick and simplified methods are using. Its help to reduce our waiting time. Thank you

Review №47

Undoubtedly the best fertility center in tirupur. The best part about sree saran fertility is, they identified my problem in the very first visit and gave me the proper suggestion and the right treatment and today am a mother today only becoz of Dr.Manimehalai mam and team members.Thank to all.

Review №48

Sree saran fertility is a dream for childless couples. This hospital has got unique identity in and around tiruppur. Itd only bocoz of their hard work and dedication which makes sree saran fertility the best fertility hospital @tiruppur .All the best to drs and I pray to make their dreams to come true for all the childless couples stepping in to sree saran fertility.

Review №49

Good care .best hospital in tirupur.thanks for Dr.Manimehalai mam and teams.

Review №50

Best Fertility hospital in tirupur. Dr. Manimegalai mam is very polite and listen to patient troubles and cares the patience a lot.

Review №51

Hospitality is very good, and services is good... Doctor more carrying to all patients...

Review №52

Vaccination place is very hygiene. Staff approach is good. Quick service

Review №53

Hospital is very clean and hygiene. Doctors and staff caring is very good. Very satisfied.

Review №54

Hospital infrastructure is very good. Hygiene. Lab maintenance is very nice friendly approach.

Review №55

Service good. Hospital clean. Maintenance good. Came for vaccination. Everything good.

Review №56

Time Managing not satisfied. No proper response in #Scanning centre .But Doctor Treatment Well Satisfied.

Review №57

I am Kokila, We have been planning for 2nd baby for 3 years and consulted in many hospitals. Finally came to Sree Saran Medical Centre and tried IUI and got succeeded in first time itself. Thanks to Manimekalai & Sangeetha Madam.

Review №58

My wife conceived after treatment at sree Sarah hospital. We are very happy to share our happy moments .so it may useful for others suffering from infertility. Team of doctors here doing excellent job.doctors care is extremely good..we advice sree saran hospital for pregnancy and delivery.

Review №59

Hassel free vaccination and polite staff. Clean and neat hospital environment

Review №60

Nice hospital environment and good staff attitude. Hassel free vaccinations

Review №61

Very good care. Well experienced doctors. Maintenance is good.

Review №62

Very good service. Satisfied. Vaccination certificate immediately received.

Review №63

Vaccine service is good. Nurse caring well. Quick service.

Review №64

The hospital atmosphere was safe and there is a separate block for vaccination,which is good. Vaccinated in 5mins after entering the hospital.

Review №65

Undoubtedly the best fertility center in tirupur. The best part about sree saran hospital in they identified my problem in the very first visit and gave me the proper suggestion and the right treatment and Today. Am a mother Today only because of Dr.Manimegalai mam and Dr.Sangeetha mam and team.Thanks to all.

Review №66

One of my relative recommended Dr. Manehalai madam.sree saran fertility center in Tiruppur. Earlier I got treatment from one of the repeated hospital for pcos problem and I never got the best and right treatment. When I approached sree saran hospital , doctors ,gave best care . And I started coming for regular follow-ups .I got pregnant after few months of treatment .inspite of high hormonal levels. I conceived because of getting the beat treatment. I suggested many my friends to come here for infertility treatment. We are very very happy to share our journey to others couples like us ya Finally Dreams comes true

Review №67

Covid vaccination place is very neat and hygiene. Staff approach is very nice.everthing is good.

Review №68

Doctors and Nurses Good Response, prepare carrying and good guiding , happy handling

Review №69

Good environment with Hassel free vaccination. Hospital is clean and neat

Review №70

Very happy with their service and treatment... I suffered with pcos for about last 2 years... After visiting this hospital within 3 months I got pregnant... Really happy to share this experience...

Review №71

Good facilities in hospital after corona time good all time good facilities

Review №72

It was good about vaccination drive. Well organised. Safe.

Review №73

Quick vaccination at work place and nice team and all doubts about vaccination is cleared by Doctor

Review №74

Very happy to get conceived after 4years of marriage. Happened due to treatment from saran fertility center. Thanks to Dr.Manimehalai mam and team members.

Review №75

Dr. Palanisamy sir is one of the best doctor in tirupur city.

Review №76

All nurses and doctors staffs are very carring and very caring....... 🥰🥰🥰

Review №77

Clean and greeny hospital environment and Dr. Palanisamy sir is very polite towards patience care and he always helps the poor people to get rid of their illness

Review №78

My wife admitted for delivery.mother baby delivery for covid time.thanks lots for Dr.Manimehalai mam and team members.nursing care well. Best hospital in tirupur.

Review №79

Clean and green hospital wit Hassel free vaccination and olite staff

Review №80

Very good service. We ll get much hope.

Review №81

Good environment with hassel free vaccination and good staff

Review №82

Nice and clean environment and Hassel free vaccination without delayExcellent staff with quick vaccination and natural environment

Review №83

Roomba thanks for Dr .Manimehalai mam .mother ,baby nalam. Best hospital in tirupur .nurses care good

Review №84

Admitted my mother who was having viral fever. The hospital staff were so understanding and helpful. Nurses were so soft spoken and supportive. Doctors explained every parameter in detail regarding the course of treatment. Insurance department was so prompt and quick with the cashless claim. I was so very satisfied with the overall experience. Thank you team sree saran.

Review №85

Id done Sinus operation over this hospital under vidal insurance, Service was awesome they made me understand about the surgery and after surgery care. Now Im feel good with their service. As they said I paid some amount on discharge. Best care provided by nursing team.

Review №86

Came for vaccination today. Hospital is very hygiene. Quick service.

Review №87

Hi tech operation theatre with dedicated staff and highly trained Doctors

Review №88

My wife admitted for Hysterectomy surgery. Dr. Manimehalai mam well experienced. Heartful thanks for Dr. MP mam.nursing care well. Best hospital in tryout.

Review №89

I came for vaccine. Service very good. Hospital is very hygiene.

Review №90

Clean and green hospital with dedicated work force and Doctors panel

Review №91

Clean and greeny hospital environment and good staffs and quick vaccination

Review №92

Good hospital environment and efficient staff and hassel free vaccination

Review №93

Nice staff and hassle free vaccination and vaccination done convienently at work place

Review №94

Clean and neat hospital with Hassel free vaccination and no time delay for vaccination

Review №95

Quick vaccination at work place, efficient staff and pleasant hospital staffs

Review №96

My wife admitted in delivery. Safe and comfortable delivery. Well Experienced Dr. Manimehalai madam. Patient care very Well. Best hospital in tirupur. Kindly approach in all details.

Review №97

I lost my hope of having a child for 2 1/2 yrs. Then heard of sree saran medical centre and hospital by gods grace they helped me to , hope again. By the help of Dr. Manimehalai mam. Its a success for doing OI conception positive and I m really thank full to all those, who helped me.

Review №98

We are happy to have good news for sree saran fertility center.tested positive for pregnancy after treatment from here.wishing them good luck to continue this journey.

Review №99

Good service by the hospital and I am very much satisfied with the way they took care of us .The hospital premises are very neat ,clean and hygiene.The doctors are very kind and polite and took good care of us. The only thing I am not satisfied is with the food in the canteen and I highly recommend to fix the issue.Nurses are also very kind. Except the food ,the hospital is very good.

Review №100

My mom and grandmother admitted in this hospital due to Covid. I was in home quarantine. My mom and grandma taken care by the staff in very well manner. Nurses were very friendly and supportive. Rooms are very clean. Everyday I use to get updation about their health over the phone in detailed manner. Especially Dr. Sangeetha and Dr. Kumaresan spoke to the patients in a positive manner and they were very calm while answering all the questions which is been raised by my mom 62 yr old and grandmaa 82 year old.. After speaking to the doctor mom and grandma didnt have any negative taught or fear about the covid. I really thankful and salute to entire hospital team for their support and handling this pandemic situation in a good manner. Once again thank to nurse, doctors and entire team for friendly environment to patients and their hospitality.

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