M.G.B Theatre
Sarangadu 1st Street Pudur Road, Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu 641604, India
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Good sound. Maintainanence is required. Affordable ticket and parking.

Review №2

A Cinema Hall is a lively spot throughout the day. It is the centre of many activities. Cinema is the most popular source of entertainment for young and old alike, though the majority that goes to see the films belongs to the younger generation.sound quality of this cinema is very good.The big hoardings and posters outside the Cinema Hall attract the attention of the movie­goers. They inform about the current movie running at the hall as well as the forthcoming attractions.The rush at the ticket counter covers the window out of sight. There are long queues. Some people who are in the back of the line try to get tickets earlier by requesting those who are near the counter.A few get lucky while others are turned down or ignored completely. These disheartened ones again join at the end of the queue.Apart from the people in the queue are their companions. They eagerly wait at the entrance. Some stroll a few paces keeping an eye at their representative and smile to themselves when the tickets are waved in air by the hand they recognise.There are a few who, after purchasing the tickets, wait for more to join them for that show. The food stalls nearby are ready suppliers of refreshments. A few mischief mongers can also be seen. They sit idly staring at people and comment mischievously at girls only to get their varied response.Mostly the groups of college and school students are seen. They are the most active laughing at their own jokes, running after each other, teasing or talking about their funny experiences. Only one or two families are seen.How so ever happy they may be at the thought of seeing a movie together, somehow they have a serious look about them. May be because the children are well under guard of the parents.Finally, at the end of waiting, people begin to move inside the Hall. The ticket checker tears the section of the ticket and keeps count of the number of persons moving in. Outside, the tickets are all sold out.Some of those who couldn’t get them rush to the advance booking counter. Some begin to return with sad looks. Some others try to spot someone who might have changed his mind to see the movie, and want to sell his ticket.Only the late comers are in great hurry. Some try to find a parking place. Some others try to bribe the parking man to get the tickets. A few just curse their luck and try to relax a while at the refreshment stalls.And some few plan to pass their time somehow or the other till the next show. These must be the stubborn ones who decided to see the movie that very day. There are all sorts of people, no doubt!A Cinema Hall is a little world by itself. It is a fancy world that has its own boundaries of entertainment, not only by the movie it screens but also by what it makes people go through to see the movie

Review №3

Worst theatre service ever. Dont go to this thetre. This full sofa theatre with both sides cup holders. But ppl who come here have spitten pan masala on the cup holders and seats and these dumb ppl havent cleaned it.and full smell of pan masala in total hall.also they are working inside the theatre for lights when the movie is running which is really disturbing and annoying while watching. Totally disappointed with their service kindly dont come to this theatre if you want to enjoy a movie.

Review №4

Good sound quality. support this type of theatre. A/c is good and bathroom is neet.

Review №5

Sound quality awesome bro yesterday sultan movie I watched in your theater is most enjoy the experience

Review №6

My properly work place

Review №7

Very worst was not work fan kuda ila power off lam akuthu 🤢😖😖 packing facitily ila worstuu

Review №8

My good looking place Tirupur and Tirupati

Review №9

The Theater with Good Seating and Good On Pricing.The Best theater for Movie Lovers to view on this theater in Affordable Price of Ticket.

Review №10

I have been visited this theatre many timessound quality is superb and very big screen theatre also very nice theatre nice cleaning work they maintain hygiene if anyone visited in you would like collect the picture quality and sound seat also compared to other is better everyone loved it.

Review №11

Waste theatre...seats biten by rats no ac working and no parking proper protection and hygiene in pls dont go

Review №12

Good music, A/c and cinema inner decision fantastic.

Review №13

After opening a new its amazing theater to watch but now its become old the seats are tarred but sound quality is too good and tickets price also good

Review №14

Single screen theatre to melt screen theatre upgrade prosser on going on

Review №15

No proper A/C as before.... Worst maintenance..... Canteen staffs are worst

Review №16

Theatre sound effect was rocking new look totaly suberb

Review №17

Good for 3d films

Review №18

With new transformation gives good experience of movies with good sound.....Fulfilled movie experience

Review №19

MGB THEATRE - NOTE please reduce screen brightness on screen ...if we see normally around text big whiteness occurred... Headache comes...

Review №20

Good theatre but very un known place..This theater would have been very popular if it had been on Main Road...

Review №21

Nice theatre good maintained parking and cinima screen..

Review №22

Good theatre no bad condition

Review №23

I visited this theatre more than 4 times, but none of the time they displayed the movie on time, always there is an hour of delay. That is a worst case. And nowadays theatre seat is more and more damaged. One good thing about this theatre is, sound system.

Review №24

Coffee shop bad

Review №25

Small theater . Superb sound effect

Review №26

Good sound effects from that theatre

Review №27

Nice screen n sounds... Recently they renovated the interiors... Only problem is getting into the small streets Nd finding this ace is pretty challenging for first time when u cant make it in time

Review №28

Dont Go.. Mokka Theater😑

Review №29

Perfect works..

Review №30

Sophisticated theater. The seats are nice and comfortable and the food items are excellent and clean

Review №31

Awsome & entertainment

Review №32

Extraordinary Theatre... Well Renovated.. Awesome sound and visual.. Visit at least once.. You wont go to any other theatres.. Sema Royal seating and comfort.. Respecting the Audience and cinema lovers..

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Review №34

Seating arrangement are ok. Need identification lights or marking for seat takes time to find seats. And seat are super like individual sofa. Sound quality is normal. Paid parking.

Review №35

Theater is good. Can enjoy movies in this theater. Sound is good and theater is clean and good for family audience. Little far from city, but cost effective.

Review №36

Moderate and sounds good

Review №37

Now they fixed silver screen its too good and the sound effect is also good.No Espace chair.

Review №38

Nice theatre. May be the elevation is not that good but well maintained. Seats are really comfortable and worth for money. Snacks are sold in affordable price. Clean toilets.

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Review №40

Only inside the cinema looks good otherwise the outside area need to improve.But Sound Quality Awesome Experience.Slightly Disappointed because of Outlook

Review №41

Seats placed in top rows are very comfortable.

Review №42

Good theatre but not too good.. if you cant get ticket from other theatre means u can go here.. always u can get open tickets

Review №43

Nice place

Review №44

Worst sound system. Not value for money. Seatings are quite good

Review №45

Its simply Cool !chillness s awesome ! But the Screen s worst ! We can able to watch 2D movies with Good surrounding system! But 3D screening s tooo bad ! Dont watch 3Dmovies here! Other than that Cool Cinemas!

Review №46

Theatre Sound effects Very Very

Review №47

It is good. Ac was also good. It should only be cleaned after each show.

Review №48

Superr love it. Sound good

Review №49

Sound effect is good. Some short of line appears in screen it disturb a lot. Have to enhance customer service.

Review №50

Its nice its not like old like smoking in theatre its developed a/c they reduced chair no mosquito bite they replaced chair they are showing light for hero entry I recommend this theatre Thanks

Review №51

Nice theatre.. Such a wonderful interior after alterations.. Sound quality also improved

Review №52

Soundsl surrounding systems are very good & best. But worst theater in Tirupur. Very very very bad, worst & dirty screen. Some people splitz inside tha theater. No maintenance interior, bathroom, canteen also. No quality food. Very very bad impression theater forever

Review №53

Decent atmosphere inside theater after renovation(AC+seat +Interior decoration) still there are bugs inside cinema hall which is really annoying. Ticket price is very affordable 100,80,50. Worth for the price you pay!

Review №54


Review №55

Seats and Audio are really good. Screen is terrible, theyve got to improve that. Driving here with Google Maps was a pain. Otherwise Ill recommend the place.

Review №56

MGB theater totally changed...nice look and i they maintain some hygiene towards toilets and theater surroundings its better

Review №57

Sound good

Review №58

-10☆. Worst Theatre in Tirupur. Always shows starting late(if you book 10 o clk show, u should not reach at 10. U can reach at 10.30).And you can not find the theatre with google map.Good interior but worst maintenance.No Ac. No fan.Asked the staff to switchon the fan atleast but No response.Floor totally wiped with pan masala. So dont leev ur slippers while watching movie.Worst Toilet and there are paan paraak splits and smells bad. They are allowing drunken people inside. They are smoking and drinking and vomiting between the show inside theatre.Only 2 staffs available. They giving movie tickets, parking tickets, canteen sales.Main thing is Not for family.Only good thing is sofa set. But thats too not fitted well. Sofas can be moved anywhere inside the theatre as our wish.Management should think about all those things.

Review №59

Theater sound is good. Need to concentrate in maintenance.

Review №60

Best sound effect and single shoba nice super

Review №61

Except location balance all are okay. Nice interior, sofa seating & 7.1 DTS surround sound

Review №62

Normal theater all middle class person are come this place not rich are moderate they were no rulez in the place but they maintain in cleaness but it located in center of tirupur to koduvai it have more person ticket price is also in normal so enjoy in good manner but they show one or two famous movie

Review №63

7.1 dolby sound quality and good picture clean and well maintained place

Review №64

Tv service centre

Review №65

Its changed a lot to look good and clean

Review №66

It Gives Worth For 💰 Money and Good Structure After Construction

Review №67

It is very nice theatre...Now only the new theatre is build.. It is also very comfortable......

Review №68

Not bad worth for the money nice sound effect

Review №69

Very nice feeling to watching this theatre for movie and superb updating for making this new construction theatre.

Review №70

Its a very good theater for sound effect after renovation they put Dolby 9.1 ddds and bone chill ac nice place to watch movie in cheap and best theater owner is too friendly and they provide free phone booking cafteria prices or too low I think is my suggestion plz change the screen bro

Review №71

Nice moive in pattas

Review №72

Its ok and all I liked it sounds and screen bt the theatre were small

Review №73

It is an budget friendly theatre and the ac, sound system is also good

Review №74

Sound quality is very good 👌👌👌👌Seat is sofa very nice👏👏👏👏👏Screen is not good qualityWant to update 4k screen 👎👎👎

Review №75

Sheets are good but sounds effect not 7.1

Review №76

Really good theatre with excellent sound effects n air-conditioning....strict about liquor/smoke n kutkas which will bring in family

Review №77

Very.. Good place very high quality sound effect and the seat comfortable with different arrangement as look shofa... Good customers support and help.. Thanku.. MGB. And MD anna

Review №78

Compare to other theatres price is low cost but at the same time there quality is low

Review №79

Its a newly furnished Theatre located in Puthur Pirivu, Tirupur.

Review №80

Good sound effectAt budget price

Review №81

Parking: 3/5Screen size : 4/5Ac : 4/5Sound effects : 4/5Cleaning : 3/5Overall : 7/10

Review №82

Worst food, show time 1:30pm but play time 2:00pm, its too delay...

Review №83

Cool place to hangout chairs must be improvise its like sitting in a rock

Review №84

Theatre now alternative new look and sound effects good , ticket rate worthy

Review №85

Very clean theater . Nice seat Quality .

Review №86

Fantastic place

Review №87

Ac not working very hot inside theatre even in evening time

Review №88

Theater is ok but needs to be increase the sound quality

Review №89

Rest room not maintains. And high sound

Review №90

Good Surrounding Effects. Low Ticket price. AC.

Review №91

VERYGOOD NEAT&CLEAN theatre sound & light thaaruumaaru

Review №92

Super sound system s and good experience enjoy the feelings good

Review №93

No. A/c very hot

Review №94

Sounds system is super and MGB THEATRE IS good.

Review №95

Very powerful bass abolsolutely better than Sri sakthi sofa seated ddds sound system its cost only 100 or 80 mgb grand cinemas you can enjoy every beat

Review №96

Good sound

Review №97

Nice sounds

Review №98

Good seating, good ac, every thing is good. Dont expect much its only good

Review №99

Sounds great to see you then

Review №100

Very worst.. cleanness is very poor, staff behaviour like original rowdies, dont select this type of theatre.

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3.8 Rating
  • Address:Sarangadu 1st Street Pudur Road, Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu 641604, India
  • Site:
  • Phone:+91 98420 29970
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:No
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:No
  • Good for kids:Yes
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