SR Complex, No-2526, TTP Mill Main Rd, Nataraja Layout, Velampalayam, Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu 641652, India
Review №1

Thanks to the Do hard fitness studio for the goodwill gesture and for creating a fun workout environment. Instructors are very professional and friendly keeps us enthusiastic till the end of the session. Also they provide a diet chart that helps you to intake food accordingly. Very good result and worth money!

Review №2

Have been coming to DO HARD FITNESS STUDIO and having an amazing experience! I have been able to show significant progress in my fitness and the best part of it is that it is being done in a healthier way. I have lost almost 2kgs and also inch loss in a month. The environment is very pleasant and comfortable and on top of it, I luv to do workout without any hesitation. The trainers pradeep master and shiny akka is a very friendly and approachable person and provides training with much patience and care with prompt attendance to any issues faced during workout. A well-guided workout session with proper easily accessible diet plan . Results are sure to follow which I have personally experienced. Definitely a very good place for having a fitter and healthier lifestyle. A good and safe place for weight loss especially for girls!!!....... I do recommend people to join here.

Review №3

This place was absolutely fantastic, in which we can maintain our physique and health. My trainer Shiny sister was a real motivator. This place really helps me a lot and Am forever greatful for them. And definitely Master is beyond words.Great place to maintain our body..!! :)

Review №4

If motivation, flexibility and a personal approach is what you are looking for then DO HARD FITNESS STUDIO is waiting for you. My trainer shiny akka is very friendly and helped me to achieve my goals n boosts my confidence. Personal training is professional outfit I can highly recommend. CLEAN SPACE, UPDATED EQUIPMENTEQUIPMENT, EASY PARKING, LOCKER ROOM are available.

Review №5

Good place for maintaining health. My trainer shiny guides me very well. She is very understanding and hears out all our needs. Group classes and Zumba are fun filled. I feel very comfortable and enthusiastic working out there. I would definitely recommend do hard to begin your fitness journey.

Review №6

I really like this place where we can maintain our mental and physical health,Master and shiny akka always push us to do things so only we can do and they really motivate us to do ,Thank u master and shiny akka

Review №7

This is the place for good results... the environment there is very awsm.. my trainer is shiny akka , she is a very down to earth person .. she clearly explains are silly question... a awsm place place out there ... I would thank everyone out there for making us comfortable

Review №8

Do hard fitness is one of the best gym in tirupur. Gym is super clean and have well equipped machines.Workout they provide here are different like HIIT and aerobics and its super fun and exciting. Trainers Shiny and Pradeep sir are excellent fitness trainer. Shiny mam provide curated workout plan to stay fit according to individuals.Pradeep sir in addition to fitness, he also share nutrition diet plan for having good health. Its a great place for workout 🏋🚴💪

Review №9

Best fitness centre - 🧗 DO HARD. Reasonable price & worth it.the way of care trainer-shiny sis awesome. Great location 👍, best workout timing 💪, well equipped machines 🏋️, excellent coaching... I am very happy to join this gym 🤗

Review №10

I have joined few weeks back and completely satisfied with the place of workout and all the training methods!!The trainers are extremely helpful !!For girls ,its completely safe and sound with our exclusive female trainer Shiny Akka,she seems to train us rigourously with all possible ways and also the encouragement and support given by master is lit.I really feel a remarkable change within and out feeling light !!Sure having a spirit to see more obvious visible changes!!They provide separate workouts each day for different parts like legs,glutes,abs and even fun activities like Zumba included every week which never make us feel losing a session !!I would strongly recommend my friends and people to join Do hard fitness studio!!

Review №11

Great environment, super clean and most comfortable from beginners to professionals.I would definitely be recommending , most of all shiny ka was my trainer , she made it very easy and comfortable, I used to look forward everyday to go to gym. Everyone were taken equal care🤩

Review №12

Good environment for workout.If you are a beginner its the perfect place to start with. Very good relationship with trainer and client. Love the way shyni mam and Pradeep master motivate to workout. Experienced drastic change in a month..

Review №13

One of the best gym I have ever seen. Even the place I love the most is one of the main reasons for that is the coach Shyny sister and Pradeep master.. they are not only the trainer. she was close to my heart and one of the best trainer ..thanks God for the giving me the wonderful place... ,,,,

Review №14

The training provided was good and the environment of the gym is also nice and hygiene. The trainers Shiny Akka and Pradeep master hear your concern and help targeting in specific concerns. The diet planning was also provided accordingly. Overall a great choice.

Review №15

Having a fantastic experience here!! Trainer Shiny mam and pradeep master are superb, friendly, motivating and giving proper training which caters our needs.. Take an interest in you no matter what fitness level you’re at. I would say that group workouts are challenging and fun!!!I’ve been going for a little bit and am already seeing a big change in my energy levels and body. It’s great! I feel younger😄

Review №16

DO HARD has been awesome to me. Their trainers are exceptional, specially shinny kaa is very friendly and comfortable for me .The overall vibe is great and I have had nothing but good experiences.

Review №17

Where do I start, this gym is what I think about when I think of the perfect gym. The location of the gymis very commutable and easily accessible.It quickly moved to the awesome energy and knowledge that you get from the trainers here, they are eager to help and will to take time with you. I must mention the lady personal trainer here(shiny) who will be there throughout your workout and makes sure you are doing the workouts correctly!Also they understand what you are striving for and they WILL get you there and further, while having fun. It has never been a burden coming to this gym😁The classes are intense for few levels, and you will love the diverse workout combinations. I will definitely recommend this gym to anyone who wants to attain their perfect body and toned body!

Review №18

Good training and friendly staffs.. at affordable cost..Must try nd get trained here..

Review №19

Do hard fitness gym gives a great platform for everyone providing a efficient training and good environment for the everyone and helps gaining the fitness. Initially before joining I chose walking to maintain my fitness and reduce the weight but I was not able to maintain that. So after that I joined Do Hard fitness gym , within a short span of 3 months I was able to reduce 6 kgs , which is big thing for me. All the credits of my fitness goes to the trainers shyny and pradeep master ,providing a quality training, taking care of everyone individually and equal training is given to each and everyone without partiality.

Review №20

Do Hard Fitness Studio is one of the best in Tirupur.Ive been going to this gym over a year now ,and I honestly think it satisfies all my needs. There is every piece of equipment, the coaches like shiny and Pradeep master.They train so well👌. It’s a great friendly ecosystem for you to start your workout. I wouldnt say this is the best gym in Tirupur, but its the greatest gym👌.

Review №21

Do hard fitness is one of the best gym in tirupur.The way of coaching is excellent.. master and shiny akka is very friendly.. professional training is given to all.. gym atmosphere is so good and hygienic..

Review №22

A great fitness center with well equipped and spacious workout place. Affordable price and easily accessible. A perfect environment with professional trainers. Shiny akka and Pradeep anna make us feel at ease with their friendly approach and guide & support us in our journey to be fit.Overall a perfect place to be fit.

Review №23

Good Ambient place for workout.Pradeeps sir training & professionalism is really his motivation,engaging us to workout with user friendly. Shiny very tallent in good training and coordination is good.She is also motivated for other activities nd engaged all related to workout.Worth for it!!

Review №24

A comfort zone to weight loss nd a perfect surrounding for healthy communication ....the safest place for womens ...shiny akka nd pradeep master were great supporting pillars and they guide us wid their efforts through every difficulties be honest the dream of losing weight will be succeed here 💯....great platform for every begginers....luv yu shiny akka when I am going down u motivating me that I can do...tons of thanks to shiny ka nd pradeep master...

Review №25

Do Hard Fitness Studio is one of the best in Tirupur.I have been to the gym for 2 months and have lost almost 8 kgs and more inch loss were there.The best thing was the equipments and the facilites.It was very good.Best environment.The gym was maintained so good and much disciplined.Im so happy with gym,and the staffs who helped me out(Shiny akka) were so nice and friendly.They were much dedicated and friendly.They give the workouts and diet planning according to the age and the body type.I did get very good results.And I never thought the gym would be this much fun. It was so nice coming to your gym.Keep doing!

Review №26

Nice place, good work out, cant say enough shiny mam and Pratheep sir are both great trainers, motivated, great relationship with Clients. Diet plans very comfortable for all. Very short period we have more results, thank you so much both mam and sir....

Review №27

The way of coaching is excellent.. master is very friendly.. professional training is given to all.. gym atmosphere is so good and hygienic.. can join the gym especially for the master..

Review №28

If it werent a gym i dont know how all those days wud have passed. Do hard gym has defintely helped me get all my stamina and motivation back that i lacked in the last few months. Workout out here are full of fun mixed hard core ones, and our trainer (shiny mam) have helped us train better everyday.... thank you to shiny mam for helping me out ❤️ And being so friendly and clearing all my doubts ...

Review №29

Best fitness centre for everyone. Best trainers 💪🏻. Good weight loss program. Nice place to get trained. Best one for the beginners. Spacious and comfortable environment to get trained. Trainers are friendly and the best

Review №30

My fav gym studio ever😍 with kind persons. Shyny and Pradeep master guided me and took care of me in all workouts. I can see the difference very well in a month. They molded me with motivational words👍. I LOVE TO BE A PART OF DO HARD FITNESS STUDIO❤️

Review №31

Great place to workout, well equipped machine, professional’s been almost 4 months since i joined here, I have drastically improved my fitness and physique.special thanks to my coaches @Pratheep and @Shiney.

Review №32

Excellent gym for beginners to start with . Best trainers to support and motivate you to put that one extra effort when you are on the verge.Clean and safe environment .never thought workout can turnout to be such fun-filled one ! So happy for joining and thankyou shiny mam and pratheep sir for your motivation and making sure that we never give up through the process.

Review №33

Being place to start off building ur own self to a beast wid!!!....the passionate professionals make u keep giving ur best....and never can persuade urself in taking a break!!!!grt results in a short span of tym coz of immense motivation!!!!! A best place to suggest to anybody who wants to transform!!thank u shiny akka on always holding us from behind every tym we fell!!!❤

Review №34

Ah comfort zone to weight loss nd a perfect surrounding for healthy communication ....thee safest place for womens ....the trainers were great supporting pillars and they shape us wid their efforts through every difficulties ....we can feel the difference within a week be honest the dream of losing weight will be succeed here 💯💯....the enthu platform for every begginers and most wanted fitness centre that every one should visit....luv yu shiny akka to figuring me and cutting my tons ..

Review №35

Gym is very spacious and location is easily accessible. Reasonable fee. Best place to lose your weight.

Review №36

Vara mari vara mari🔥🔥 really i like this gym very much

Review №37

Excellent place to lose weight. They give healthy diet plan and proper exercise. Good results in one month.

Review №38

The best fitness centre you can ever dream of.. this is the only fitness centre where I have seen coaches taking extra care for people .. they are really friendly and well equipped with right knowledge in the field of fitness!! I had a really good body before getting into an IT job then I lost my body shape as well as the confidence to look good that’s when I joined this place .. it’s been a month already and I have drastically improved physically and it boosted my confidence.. thanks to the coaches @Shiney and @Pratheep ❤️ and thanks to Do Hard Fitnesses Studio 🔥

Review №39

Im glad to workout in do hard and then master encourage to work hard and best supporting in workouts time it is my best place for my workout 💪☺️

Review №40

NICE AND EXCELLENT COacHing,The Way Care Of Master is very GooD , Good CaRing And Monitering💪MiND ON A MISSION BODY UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Review №41

When i entered into the gym i was in 87kgs bt now iam 15 kgs in three months and the most thing is the way of communicating with clients is amazing and treating the client. from the bottom of the heart iam sincer thanks to pradeep master and also bala suresh master,shiny akka, bala anna .

Review №42

I just been to this gym for a month and I had seen an immense change in my stamina And energy level . Also they customize the workout plan as per your goal requirement. Your age is 20 or 60, you still can rock it . Trainers give important each member and train as per the age. I have been to many other gyms, but this is unique. Trainers are amazing and they are doing a great job . Good luck 👍

Review №43

You have everything one could want in a GYM As well as a great location . .

Review №44

Do hard fitness is doing d best and giving d best..... There are separate trainer for men and women ..... coaching s also good ..... Separate timings for men and women ....... Expecting more coaching from you sir mam ...... You both are good and we became has a family ......

Review №45

Do hard fitness is doing d best and giving d best.....Trainers give important each member and train as per the age. They concentrate each individual and understand their requirements and delivers according to that.

Review №46

Joined on 14th June 2019, lost 8 kilos in 2 months not that all the care taken was equivalent to that of personal trainer. Now feeling more energetic and agile. Excellent workout technique to suit my need. Thanks, will seem to be no match a word to express my gratitude but no better word in my vocabulary.

Review №47

Get transformed with your own target time. Very good training . Well equipped machine . Professional trainers . Proper dieting plans . Regular cardio and manual workouts. Get fit with Do Hard .

Review №48

Hi Everyone, I did not know how people get trained here before joining in this gym but after joining I thought that I have made a right choice and thank god coz this gym located near to my house, very convenient. Coaches are friendly, caring and they know which activity suits each person and you can feel the personal attention towards every individual. If u wanna shape your body and desire to have well built physique then its time to visit Do Hard Fitness Studio. Its almost one month here and I can feel the difference, now its time to follow the diet plan which was advised for me. I LOVE to hit this DO HARD gym EVEYDAY with a positive mindset. STRONG PEOPLE DONT PUT OTHERS DOWN... THEY LIFT THEM UP... Motivate yourself everyday and hit this gym to see the change you desire... 👍😃💪💪 Dont miss the day - Keep in mind NO PAIN NO GAIN.

Review №49

Very nice teaching all facility available neat and clean

Review №50

Just joined recently and already got so much of hope in losing weight as their workouts are ultimate and very effective.It would be the best place for a person who is dreaming of losing weight all their lifetime....

Review №51

Excellent coaching...i am very happy to join this gym ..who want to lose your weight can come hard fitness is the best

Review №52

My spouse Mrs. Gomathy is attending the fitness classes. Doing better. Losing kgs . Gaining confidence. Well equipped gym. Trainers are doing great job. Hopefully better to Best.

Review №53

Individual training given by them understanding our body language is appreciable over all it is a good decision to join this gym

Review №54

Superb guidance and well support leads to my weight loss in just fifteen days... Unbelievable work by do hard fitness group.

Review №55

Im went to this gym for 3 months and now I have reduced 20kgs in just two and half months I have reduced this much weight...... nice gym and experienced trainers to train the gymers........really a super gym......master thanks for making me as a nice looking man u master.....😁😁😁

Review №56

If u join in do hard life will be totally change due to surrounding and the care of trainer I t gave me a life changing point . I am reduced 20 kg in 50 days

Review №57

We are doing past 6 months i feel better changes my muscles and body also The Master and trainer both are coaching good performance ,I will share My ptos very soon ,That Atmosphere Very Good .

Review №58

Do Hard is a very welcoming place to every single person who wants to shred or gain. They give you meal plans and also do a follow up every single to keep you on track. Shiny Akka and Pradeep Master are very dedicated to their clients. Shiny Akka is very friendly but when it comes to workout and following our schedule, she’s very strict. She makes sure she gives you the result you’ve been working hard for. No excuses can save you when you train with her. Every client is taken care as they are under personal training. They make sure you do the exercise with the right posture. Master always explains the importance of inch loss. The workout intensity differs from one person to another..! When they know that you’re ready for intense workouts, they bring the best out of you. I’m glad I found this place and happy to be a part of this team.

Review №59

I joined in gym in July month..They have well equipped machines..Good trainers especially shiny lady trainer she is so friendly and motivative ... Understands each ones body type and trains accordingly..

Review №60

I am very happy to be part in the do hard family the total environment is very good i reduced 15 kg in 12 week my total life style changed becuase of master

Review №61

Nice coaching. The way of care by masters are very good no cards no partial in gym always good caring and monitering

Review №62

Very good gym and trainers . Best for weight loss and muscle gain

Review №63

This gym has unique individuality its not like other gym I have been workout Tirupur topmost famous gym. But this gym approach exercise in different ways I am sure that you get sweat every day

Review №64

Too much worth for the fee and lady Trainer shiny is really good ; highly professional and give equal attention to every client of them.They even customise both the diet and workout regime based on the requirements of every individual.Pratheep Anna is One of the best Trainers I have known .He sure knows how to push everyone and get results.

Review №65

Great place to work out...friendly and enthusiastic instructors....tailored workout plans...result oriented...reasonable rates

Review №66

Ive joined a couple of months ago, Ive found the best functional fitness studio in tiruppur, the greatest trainers and a very happy positive vibe! ....

Review №67

Gym is very spacious and location is very easy to accessible . trainers are very good and kind especially ladies trainer is very good

Review №68

Do hard is the place am searching for amazing workouts friendly trainers each and every one monitored by the trainers carefully the workouts they provide is unique trainers does a good job👏👏people. Who willing to reduce ur weight or tone ur body do join in Do hard am feeling so happy energetic being a part n Do hard 😍as the name as the workout gives u beautiful results pradeep bro and shiny carries everything in a friendly manner. Keep going dudes all the best👍👍

Review №69

Very good training and gym

Review №70

BEST GYM IN TIRUPPUR!Best part in this gym is there are no PT..All cilents are treated well..

Review №71

One of the bet gyms in Tirupur! The trainers are extremely professional and provide quality coaching that cannot be found elsewhere. The gym is well fitted with best equipments and the training programmes are well tailored and customised.

Review №72

A Gym which provides you cardio exercise more than muscular one can find a drastic change by myself . Friendly coach and neat clean gym where you can find a perfect ambiance to loose your weight.Myself lost 5kgs in 2 months highly recommend.Thanks a lot for pradeep and Bala master.

Review №73

Gym is really spacious and comfortable.....they take care individually and hlps u n all aspects.....friendly environment..truly happy in joining 👌

Review №74

Trainer is awesome . Especially cardio activities is superb

Review №75

The best in Tiruppur I would say. good training and equipment at an affordable price. shiny Akka and master take personal care of all the people coming to do hard. they motivate and guide us to lose weight and inch in a healthy way. shiny Akka is doing a great job teaching zumba. she motivates us to do any dance move. she has made me more confident in trying zumba moves I would say. it is definitely a healthy environment for both the gender to build a healthier version of them.

Review №76

Well equipped , flawless and comfortable gym for everyone right from beginners to professionals

Review №77

This is the place where i belong to be and the only man made my life better with great health is my Pradheep the name DO HARD made me SO HARD.......just lost 35 KG 105 TO 70

Review №78

Best place to get weight loss....faster....

Review №79

Do Hard is the meaning to Do hard for what you want to be transform like Weight loss, Fitness, Bodybuilder..We train all clients as the same and also there is no PT clients in this gym, Every individual client is PT client for us, Visit Do Hard Fitness Studio and get what you want to be...

Review №80

The training is very good and well planned . The equipments are very good . The gym has separate trainers for men and women. Worth coming !

Review №81

I stated my gym journey with many other gym but nothing had changed and I just stared my workout with DO HARD under PRADEEP Annas training now I just love gym and workout with plesent change and care like persnol training even there is no personal training...😊😊😊100% can change

Review №82

Good trainers and good results. Friendly environment!

Review №83

Very fast and happy service

Review №84

Good training for a fitness body...

Review №85

Workouts involving lots of physical excercise are given which is not very common.. good training 👍

Review №86

Very very Excellent.

Review №87

As name as trainer and Master...

Review №88

Really good

Review №89


Review №90

My Gym

Review №91


Review №92


Review №93

I never thought my life journey would change in a second. Decision taken in a moment. Do hard fitness studio that journey that will turn several thousand million life seconds into seconds to live happily. I entered the gym as a sport and every day my master gave me exercises that I had been doing in the gym day by day. Along with this Diet Chad gives good eating habits what to eat and what to drink on time. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. “Change is the only thing that doesn’t change” as well as took my life journey in a different direction. The journey continues for the first two years since I realized the importance of the body during the day. Now he has turned me into a body builder. Being a good friend to everyone makes everyone happy and teaches everyone exercises in a good way and Masters wife Zumba Teacher is taking exercises in a good way Zumba is a good exercise to lose weight. Women are told to exercise alone. I will support the master that I will exercise as long as I have the breath of life to benefit everyone. I hereby affirm, Long live Do hard fitness studio with long live resource.

Review №94

Innga vanthingana kandipaa cheat panna muddiyathu like naama pay pannathuku correct use panniruvom proper guidance best gym trainers surrukama solla ponna tharama errukum

Review №95

Super akka

Review №96

Inga ellamay pusutha iruku machine sollala..workout ah solranga.stamina la rommpa increase vanthu 2 month aachu nallah transformation iruku ... 🏋️

Review №97

Vera level .... semmaiyaa train panranga ... 1month la 10 kg weight increase pannirukka..masters lam kudave irunthu paathukuranga ... vaalkaila naa pannirukkura ore urupadiyana visiyam nu naa feel panrathu intha gym (do hard) ku vanthathu🥳 .. romba nalla care panranga ... romba nalla motivate panranga..verethum thevai illai do hard gym mattum pothum😍

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