Review №1

Atmosphere is super. Food is fine. Ive tried some tuna salad, pumkin soup, vege n fruit salad, shrimp rolls and a piece of carrot cake. Id recommend carrot cake as a dessert. Unfortunately the terrace opens after 6pm so I couldnt go there.

Review №2

Super delicious food, cozy atmosphere. One of the best places in stp. Highly recommend

Review №3

Very nice crew, serving exellent food. Bang for the bucks! Quiet sorroundings. Atlitsna.

Review №4

Excellent food!! Friendly staff! We have been here a couple of times and we will be back again.

Review №5

Absolutely my favourite spot!The staff is always attentive, positive, polite and well mannered.I always get good wine and cocktail recommendations from waiters.You may choose to sit inside the jungle glass ceiling room and enjoy the light and green or just at the bar watching sushi making.It my N.1 place for good sushi and cocktail.If you have a chat with waiters ( rarely they have a free minute though) and understand they absolutely love their job and work in good atmosphere.

Review №6

Enjoined my breakfast in this little jungle in the heart of the city. Service s very good and friendly. Pooch was welcome too.

Review №7

I had my best cheesecake here !

Review №8

Honestly everything we had was perfect. A total recommendation

Review №9

Terrible service for tourists, only offer one tiny table for three people with food ordered, while there are lots of empty tables.

Review №10

Delicious apple pie with ice cream

Review №11

Tasty and such a beautiful place! Recommended :)

Review №12

Cosy and pleasant place with good music, friendly staff and tasty food. I would definitely recommend it either for the late breakfast or early dinner :)

Review №13

Cozy and tasty food.Definitely recommend.

Review №14

Food and beers are in first class

Review №15

Ive visited Jungle several times and every time I had a great experience. The food is awesome! I tried their breakfasts, lunch offers and positions from the menu - all looks and tastes magnificent, with the best value for money.

Review №16

The best dim sum with shrimps ever

Review №17

The shrimps. Id come to St Petersburg purely for them alone! Great little spot to share a few glasses, coffees, teas or delish dishes.

Review №18

Acceptable prices for exceptional service & amazing atmosphere, highly recommend to everyone!

Review №19

5 starr food and service and the place

Review №20

The place and atmosphere are great. Food is fantastic. It is a bit hard to find but since it is quite full, it doesnt stop people. Probably, protects from tourists. The only minus is that service in Russia is still quite poor. It looks like waitresses dont want to sell you anything and are not able to have any small talk at all in a friendly manner (I do speak russian, so it should not be a problem). They will never come to you and ask if you want more coffee , etc.

Review №21

Tasty breakfasts, big choice and a nice ambience. Great for a Sunday meeting with friends.

Review №22

Very nice place for sushi and Asian food in general!! Definitely value for money!! We simply loved it!!

Review №23

Really cool place, independently from the weather as you have a glass ceiling. I had a very tasty ramen and my boyfriend rice with veggies (nothing spectacular but come on, its just rice with veggies) :-) prices for the location close to sightseeing places were pretty good. I recommend this place.

Review №24

Great place! Very tasty asian food, beautiful interior, polite waiters. Recommend to visit this place!

Review №25

Fabulous cafe this. We were lucky to have breakfast here thrice during our stay at WYNWOOD. The quality of breakfast is excellent with very good choices. We had a choice of breakfast options and tried various. The best were the tvorug(cottage cheese) dishes . The eggs/omelettes are superb too. And the coffee is excellent. The atmosphere especially in the conservatory area is very refreshing with the plants etc. The service has to be commended and was excellent each time. Keep up the good work guys

Review №26

Perfect design and cozy, good coffee but food is below and average...

Review №27

Hip place where you can try quality pan Asian food with nice staffs. Visit if you want to see where St. Petersburgs hipsters hangout.

Review №28

Great food. Good beer. Hotel fantastic. 10/10

Review №29

Great location hidden in backyard

Review №30

Delicious sushi! Amazing atmosphere!

Review №31

Very tasty, cosy and priced in a good range

Review №32

Amazing atmosphere!

Review №33

Место выглядит очень интересно, можно просто сидеть и любоваться антуражем. Еда вкусная, вроде есть веганские позиции (отмечены как вегетерианские), цены средние, порции добротные.Брал рис с креветками и тайский чизкейк с кокосом и манго + пивоЧизкейк очень понравился)Пиво простое, но есть в меню ещё и сидр

Review №34

Food to taste by 4, in terms of price-performance ratio by 3. It was one of the worst pokés I have eaten. A handful of rice and a couple of slices of salmon, will come off only as a snack, and the price is almost 600 rubles. There is no variety of ingredients that are usually put in the pokie, no. Lemonades are also about nothing - for 300r ice with syrups. The service was good, fast. Tables were free only at the exit, although walking through the hall, I saw a lot of empty tables. The cafe is small. The terrace is pretty nice, but its not worth going just for the sake of it.

Review №35

The rolls are falling apart. Delicious lemonades. The summer veranda is overpriced. There is a feeling that the demand for vacant seats is being artificially created. Perhaps because of those who like to go to a cafe to take a picture and leave without making an order. Some say that there are no places, sit down at the bar, at the bar they say that three tables are free, you can change seats, although there is a sign with a reserve. The view is felt to the eye differently from the photographs. Graffiti, air conditioners, barbed wire and scrap metal :) In clear weather, the summer veranda is stuffy. The ground floor is much more comfortable.

Review №36

A beautiful cafe with an original idea and good execution, no complaints about the interior, you can sit in a cozy hall, in a cute greenhouse, and on the roof in the city center! A good place for a photo against a backdrop of greenery or a nice view from above.However, the prices for the dishes are overpriced, and on the one hand it is tasty, but on the other - is it worth it?The dishes have a beautiful presentation and good taste, the choice is quite large, but it is difficult to make it - it is more convenient to learn everything from the waiter, fortunately, they understand the menu.The place is more atmospheric, suitable for a meeting with girlfriends, a nice date than for a simple lunch or dinner.Upset the attitude towards booking tables - booking only for two hours, while, arriving without a reservation, you must wait for vacancies on the roof or in the greenhouse, while other guests can be allowed there without reservation. Why is it asked?Overall, thanks for the pleasant experience)

Review №37

I dont want to write about this place, because it literally hides in the courtyards. What if they find out about him?But its delicious here.And beautiful.Better to book.

Review №38

Cool breakfast spot. I took captive porridge, toast with avocado and coffee. The porridge was delicious, with pumpkin and pear, a little too sweet, but not critical. Toast too, with poached egg and fish, but I expected it to be warm, but it was cold at all. Inside there is a very cool atmosphere, there is a room with plants, very bright and pleasant (be careful - it is cool in the room). The waitress girls are friendly. At the prices of norms (as in Moscow time), but probably a little too much for Peter. Opens from 8.

Review №39

Очень вкусный тартар - уплетал за обе щеки. Поке с овощами тоже обалденный, хотя казалось бы, ничего особенного. Соус зарешал. Пиво (не помню название, первое в меню) были свежим и вкусным Помещение, аля теплица, с видом на граффити от Покрас Лампаса - как бонус к вкусным блюдам. Персонал вежливый и внимательный.

Review №40

The cafe initially interested in its design: the presence of such a number of plants is not in vain compared to a greenhouse. I wanted to come. Secondly, here you can see the mural of Pokras Lampas Dualism 2018.For those who cannot understand🤓: in Russian it is written “We are creating a new visual culture. We are the future. And at the very bottom - Get inspired. In English, respectively: “We are creators of the new visual culture. We are the future .Well, food, drinks. Summer veranda on the 5th floor from 13. Tables on the ground floor are booked from two. Breakfast is served from 8 am and the menu is reduced.

Review №41

Cool place! Delicious Asian cuisine with an open cooking area, a glass ceiling in the second hall and you can admire the works of Pokras Lampas! Phobo is awesome, not very greasy. Green, but dull, but thats the whole point)

Review №42

The place is absolutely wonderful - from the surroundings and service to the kitchen itself. And not very expensive!Thank you very much for a pleasant evening. Recommend!

Review №43

Чтобы попасть в кафе нужно преодолеть арку. Веранда находится на 5ом этаже и имеет отдельное меню (без горячих блюд). Поке очень вкусный, роллы, которые нужно есть руками - незабываемо)

Review №44

Great place for early risers.Good, but not too varied, breakfasts. The staff are very friendly. Location with lots of greenery and pleasant interior. They say there is a roof, but they are allowed on it only from 13:00. In general, the buzz.

Review №45

An ideal place for breakfast, the cafe is open from 8 am, located in the very center. In the morning there are many parking spaces on the Griboyedov Canal. Here you can really feel a little bit in the jungle, it is so nice to enter the veranda, which is located at the end of the first hall, it is impressive! In my presence, the guests came in with the words how beautiful and I share their delight. I almost forgot that the review is still about the cafe, and I shouldnt forget about the food either. I ordered toast with avocado, salmon and poached egg, served with herbs, broccoli, on thin grain bread - very good, in most cases I do not eat bread, but this is what came in handy. I recommend going if you want to pleasantly surprise someone :)

Review №46

We had lunch in the afternoon (about 2). half of the tables were booked at 16 and were not allowed to sit down. But they put us in one. The portions are small, the prices are not small. But the view is beautiful, prepared quickly, the waiters are polite.On Instagram they saw an action with a postcard from their institution. They themselves did not offer a postcard, she asked herself, even when they started talking about the action, the waiter was distracted and simply forgot about me in mid-sentence.

Review №47

Great breakfast spot. Delicious Spanish cider. Service level. A calm place to which you want to return.

Review №48

Nice place, we really liked it. Such a quiet green oasis in the very center. The food is excellent, especially the prawns in batter. Upstairs a cool rooftop with a terrace, but only drinks. +100 Karma for reusable chopsticks.

Review №49

Delicious pad thai and cheesecake. Atmospheric and beautiful)

Review №50

Кухня не очень понравилась но в целом все нормально

Review №51

Great cafe in the city center! The prices are reasonable, the food is a gastronomic delight! The interior is a greenhouse, very cool! Recommend!

Review №52

The most successful, in my opinion, are the tables in the greenhouse. The roof is not very good: smells from all the surrounding hoods are drawn here, so the aromas are so good ...I really liked the poke and the authors cheesecake, the waiters are friendly, the food is brought quickly.In general, I can recommend, but I would not note any wow effect.

Review №53

We decided to sit on the roof with our friends, have dinner, chat and enjoy the sunset. The Roof menu does not have a very large selection of dishes. The price tag is quite high. There is not too much space, which cannot be said about those who want to dine in the fresh air. I downloaded the menu a week before the gatherings, in a week the price tag for many items increased. We took a roll with shrimp, mango, wasabi sauce and spicy cashews. We all liked it, it was tasty, but not enough. Some not very satisfying rolls turned out to be. I had to get it with dessert (authors cheesecake, check if you are counting on the classic version) :) We wanted to take homemade lemonade with basil, but there was only mango-passion fruit to choose from (quote from the waiter) :)) Prosecco is popular and good, you can watch it was on almost every table. In general, we did not sit badly. But the menu could be expanded. Good luck.

Review №54

Оригинальный интерьер,полностью оправдывает своё название)своеобразное меню конечно,мясных блюд минимум,а так в целом отлично🙂

Review №55

I went here to the veranda - to admire the Kazan. But in the photo, the view seems to be better, in fact Kazan is blocked by pipes, roofs and wires. To make a good shot you need to try very hard. The menu is good, for a solid 4. But many positions are not served on the veranda, so the plans are sure to go to the lounge area. The veranda itself is very tiny.

Review №56

Cozy, noisy, crowded. Great music. Nice staff. Small toilet

Review №57

Tasty. Nice terrace with greenery (warm), Kazan is a little visible. friendly staff. The price tag is slightly overpriced. Delicious cheesecake.

Review №58

Nice cafe, everything is delicious, polite staff and they bring everything very quickly.I recommend to visit 👌

Review №59

Its very hot inside. It was 29 degrees outside, inside the air conditioner was turned on at 30. I asked to do it lower, they answered that it didn’t work. These are, of course, jokes. And mosquitoes fly in the evening.About food: I ordered a bibimbap. In principle, it would be better not to come here. A very strange preparation. A very small portion that even I, a person who eats little, didn’t have enough. Not tasty :( Even the broth is not served as it should. Competitors today make it much tastier and more serving for such a price tag.I will not return here again and will dissuade all my acquaintances.

Review №60

Delicious! Pho bo is simply divine 😍

Review №61

Finally I got to Jungle Café, but I delayed the recall, apparently because of this oversight I did not manage to get in again due to full armor)))) so I will try the rest next time.In the meantime, I enjoyed cheesecakes and coffee, as well as greens in the middle of winter)Many thanks!

Review №62

Hot syrniki with coconut chips and cream, mango sauce and warm croissant - a magical breakfast! We will definitely come back 😊

Review №63

1. The name Jungle poderumavaet wild vegetation, which is a lot. But alas, here are the flowers around the perimeter. Greenhouse can not be called exactly.2. Price and portions: portions are small at all, with a sufficiently high price tag. For Asian cuisine, small portions are absolutely nowhere, it is better to get greasy than to mash noodles on a plate.3. Food quality: tasty, but huge BUT - meat that began to rot in beef noodles, that meat in Tom Kha is rotten meatThe place is overvalued !!!

Review №64

Good and interesting. Excellent and balanced pad thai. Pho bo is freshish. Feeling as if he was Europeanized. The beef tar tar didnt impress (maybe Im just not a big fan). Excellent lemonades.There isnt much to see from the veranda other than the rooftops.

Review №65

Good service. Quality cuisine. Pleasant atmosphere.

Review №66

Great atmospheric cafe. The breakfasts are delicious. The staff are polite and friendly. Recommend!

Review №67

Вкусная еда, большой выбор. Официанты предупредительны, вежливы. Помогли с выбором блюд и десерта.

Review №68

I’m often in the Jungle, I want to come back here, because it’s delicious! Always perfect: fresh vegetables, friendly friendly staff, pleasant music, comfortable interior, very fast return of dishes, even in full planting, a large selection, there is a choice of dishes without meat, which is very important for me. The favorite dishes are poke with tuna spicy, spring rolls, rice with tofu. From drinks - absolutely all soft drinks in the new menu (I really miss the grape).And I would also like to separately thank you for the chocolate dessert with ice cream - this is love at first sight and forever. I embrace the chef and the whole Jungle team! :) I bring friends here and I want your cafe to flourish☀️

Review №69

Very nice place, delicious food, average price tag

Review №70

Very trendy. All dishes on the menu have a flavor and are presented in an unusual light. Despite the unclassical nature, everything is incredibly tasty. The terrace is magnificent, the design and the many plants are fascinating.

Review №71

It is a little difficult for visitors to find this place, there is little advertising. The food is very tasty. Service is good.

Review №72

Was here 3 years ago, it was much better. the coffee was sour and cold, toast with salmon and avocado on awful soggy bread. with the existing price tag - bad.

Review №73

A pleasant place with a wonderful interior, interesting Asian cuisine and friendly staff. Glass ceiling, garlands, light bulbs, a large number of living plants, make the room really look like an evergreen jungle in the city center. I liked all the dishes very much, the waiter helped navigate the menu and make a choice. It is better to book a table in advance. In honor of the birthday, a nice bonus is provided - any dessert as a gift :)

Review №74

Fashionable pan-Asian institution, which smells like fish, unhurried waiters, loud music.In poker, tuna and avocados are no longer avocados, but cucumbers. Avocado itself immature.The ramen is not the most delicious noodles, and there are no complaints about the broth and the rest of the meridian. Nothing outstanding.After we were given the menu, the waiters for 10-15 minutes completely ignored our presence.Then it turned out that not 1 waiter works in the hall, as we thought, but 4 people.Sushist uses a walkie-talkie without taking off his gloves.So work and work with the staff.

Review №75

It was delicious for us. Atmospheric and very cozy

Review №76

With friends, I chose to visit another unfamiliar place, where to go for a birthday .. And they were right) sat on the roof, you need to book in advance, this is not a problem. I liked everything very much, the cafe is cozy, fresh, generally for good emotions) I warn you, the menu on the roof is less than in the cafe itself, so read info on the site. But it didn’t hurt to have a great time and a tasty nap;) uh (and they also allowed me to bring a cake with me, that’s a plus)

Review №77

Didnt like the cafe, the menu is meager, most of the dishes from the menu were missing. Most surprised by the girl-waiter in a torn, dirty sweater 🙈

Review №78

Just a disaster with these hipster places. Everyone thinks that if you make an interesting interior, then everything: success and profit 102%The second disappointment is Jungle.Lets start with a pleasant:1. Location.Very close to the metro station Nevsky Prospect, literally 5 minutes.True, the entrance under the arch, it is not very clear how to get there, because signage is not. But (Easter eggs to Kostya Kroytsas Apartment) quests are the same uuuh, cool, interesting. In the meantime, the feeling Lord, how to get there will increase, most likely, you will already find this place.2. InteriorThe interior is interesting (there are plants on the perimeter), a panoramic roof, in general a comfortable place.3. Food (it is both good and strange)From the lucky one is that the portions are not small. Tasty, but very spicy (even if asked to do softer).We ordered a soft cheesecake for dessert - they brought simply cheese cheese (mascarpone type) and top cookies. We asked the type - aa, is this cheesecake? We were told - more curd mousse.And in the menu this could not be specified?BUT3. MaintenanceIts just a disaster.The waiters all walk as if you have not already passed the face control, but you somehow missed inside.Its enough to communicate with waiters and ask questions on the menu items.That you understood - the menu is simple (the name of a position is the price). WITHOUT Grams, WITHOUT BZHU (OK, here Im picking on), WITHOUT photos ... that is - did not understand what you would eat? Well, bro, what did you want?Clarifications about - and how much is there volume? You will be answered:- Uh, well, I do not know, well, thats how they usually serve, so much about(this quote)/P.S. Yes, so that I worked so. When I worked in Paulaner we were trained so that we knew the menu, all the positions and ingredients in all the languages ​​of the world, including dead /4. Extra bonuses that are not the fact that you will get.We came to Jungle, tk. our friend had a birthday. At the entrance she asked - are there any sweet bonuses to the birthday people? To which the waitress-girl answered her No. At the end of the evening, at the exit, we clarified again Why do not you have any bonuses for those who have birthday? what did our waiter say to us, How is it? We give apple birthday cheesecake to the birthday people, but we were about to leave and asked a logical question - Why does your waiter misinform?. The young man said, they say, I do not know, but I will clarify. Then he was clearly extinguished, but we again asked him. He said oh, and that waitress is gone somewhere.And (are you exactly a producer), does she exactly work here?Then, to us the girl (the administrator or who she is there) said that such a gift is an unofficial action, so there was different information.So you really decide, do you give gifts, or not?In short, the interior did not smooth an unpleasant impression.

Review №79

Delicious cuisine. From what we ate: sushi, wok. Initially, we went to the terrace, as it turned out there was nothing to eat, and the view is boring - the view of the courtyard of the house.In general, cozy and tasty, helpful staff.

Review №80

Very nice jungle style interior. The food is delicious. Now this place is in my top 🔥

Review №81

An atmospheric place, everything is thought out from the entrance. The only thing I would like to recommend is to put softer crumbs in Thai cheesecake. The crumb was rude in relation to the most tender and saturated cheesecake.

Review №82

Delicious food, high price tag. But in general, the place was not hooked. It was crowded.

Review №83

One of the most instagram places in the city is distinguished by a well-thought-out beautiful interior, a delightful panoramic view from the rooftop and delicious food.Especially memorable is the cheesecake dessert, ordered in the kitchen on the roof - you will lick your fingers Recommend

Review №84

Excellent setting, only you need to make an appointment in advance in a beautiful hall, otherwise you will sit in a bar, where it is dark and there are no views. The food is decent.

Review №85

A great place for a popular and small network. The average price tag, a huge selection of wines and drinks. The food menu is small, but each item is excellent.There is a highlight here, both for the meat-eater and for the vegan, which will catch its unusualness among the served dishes of Asian cuisine throughout the city.The interior is wonderful, the second room with a panoramic roof and fashionable decorative plaster. The whole establishment is saturated with the aesthetics of the tropical jungle, a lot of greenery, which, most likely, is looked after by a specially trained person. Everything is concise and without excesses.The service is at the best level! During high-busy hours, languid students try to get here and are very upset when they find out that they don’t have to sip a glass of merlot under the shade of flowers creeping along the walls on such a nice evening. They get angry and leave.Book tables for evenings and weekends, as in any other decent establishment!

Review №86

We were invited to this institution, promised: delight, positive emotions, delicious food and pleasant impressions. When all this begins, I did not understand until the end of the evening (((. Mediocrity and no more ((.

Review №87

Today we got to Jungle Cafe and were very satisfied! My Burgerman was satisfied.) I ordered the tuna tartar and cheese cakes and it was delicious! I can’t put a solid “5” because the terrace disappoints: the hedge / fence creates the feeling of a corral - pressures, to be honest. But our table was in a room full of happy people!) Good luck, Jungle! Ill be back.)

Review №88

Griboedov Canal Embankment, 18/20 (in the courtyards) -cafe Jungle. Pleasant, quiet place, two rooms. One of which is a mini-greenhouse, with living plants, arranged in a remote well-yard with a glass roof.The cafe focuses on breakfast. They can be ordered from 09:00 to 18:00. The menu contains six types of dishes made from eggs and porridge with berries, as well as cheesecakes and croissants. There are more hearty soups and hotter, as well as something unusual, including a Danish hamsa sandwich 👍 The prices are affordable. The portions are not very large. Go for breakfast or lunch, or maybe dine at Jungle🌿

Review №89

Was for the first time, I read that it is better to book a table in advance. And really better) all the tables were occupied, which is not surprising, because It was delicious! And very fast and friendly service.

Review №90

An interesting place in good weather, the roof is just perfect. The room on the lower floor is also very good in the interior. The only negative in my opinion is the limited menu on the roof, but at the same time all that was served was a special place occupied by sushi with beef)

Review №91

The guys dont know that beer should be cold, like white wine.However, their cocktails will turn out to be just wonderful, like the kitchen.The service is prompt and correct, I cant say anything about it.The terrace, both top and inner, is very cool.

Review №92

I give four only for the lack of the promised view of the cathedral. Nowhere is it indicated that this is not always, but only a summer veranda. The menu is pleasant, the breakfast is good. The place itself is very atmospheric.

Review №93

The roof will look nothing in the evening, its too hot during the day.Upset that moment that on a hot day they brought warm beer ((The portions are small, although tasty.

Review №94

Cozy and home-like. We took pumpkin soup, roll and salad, we liked everything, hearty and tasty)We got it right the third time, so its better to call them to book in advance.

Review №95

A beautiful cafe, the roof disappointed, you cant see anything from it, the menu used to be much larger, now there is a very meager list of positions. Although it may be due to quarantine, small portions have become overpriced, but the food is delicious.

Review №96

Beautiful place, had breakfast in the greenhouse, everything looks amazing!Delicious cheese cakes, croissant, porridge, English breakfast. Pleasant serviceWe definitely recommend

Review №97

Atmospheric place. I liked the cuisine very much, always ready to come here again. The only thing is that it is always crowded, so book a table especially on weekends or on Friday. Of the minuses - the tip is included in the check, I found out about it only on the third trip, and before that I left it additionally ... otherwise everything is very good, I definitely recommend it

Review №98

A very cozy place, many points can be called a photo zone. Rolls, pokés and salads are great. Service too.

Review №99

Perfect place! The food is delicious. The atmosphere is cozy.

Review №100

Booked a table on the open veranda with a view. The place was not given to choose, and you can even sit for a maximum of 2 hours. But we didnt even spend 30 minutes there. Food is not worth the money from the word at all! The dishes are called beautifully, but in fact tasteless and taste for one tooth. The portions are small. In the photo you can appreciate the salmon in chips, its just ridiculous, the cost is 420 rubles))) The alcoholic cocktail that was brought to us, without alcohol at all, the waiter explained: maybe its good that you dont feel alcohol. All in all - one disappointment ...

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4.5 Rating
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