Korum Mall, 2nd, Eastern Express Hwy, Samata Nagar, Thane, Maharashtra 400606, India
Review №1

Amazing experience, Great offers this is the place for killing time. One stop option for all age groups.

Review №2

Good value for money.The Virtual Reality games are really good.And I got to play SMAASH against the best bowlers of the world! Upto 120 kmphpace is available!

Review №3

SMAAAAASH was by far the most exciting gamezone that weve been to. The games are very very cool. One witnesses the best of gaming technology at this place. Be it Virtual Reality games or bowling or cricket and football. The ambience of this place itself gets you jumping to explore all the games. We started off by having lunch first. We had the classic Virgin mojito and Orange it. Then, delicious and cheesy Veg Naachos and the most juicy chicken popcorn with some green chutney. The brownie with ice cream put a perfect end to this meal. Then the fun began. We played Air Hockey, Jurrasic World and many VR games. The dance off was a really fun experience. Would definitely, definitely visit this place again ️

Review №4

Current favourite place.Visited the place for n weekdays so we got enough time to spend on each activity.They have games for each age group.Perfect place to spend time with your close ones and enjoy.Coming to food the service was quite slow but they provide good food.Love the part that they provide virtual reality that provides real effect for each theme. Thumbs up for the place.We had,MoctailsPomegranate smallVirgin mojito, my all time favouriteFoodChicken nuggetsCheese chicken tandooriDessertVanilla ice cream with brownie

Review №5

Awesome Experience!! Must Try Bowling and Virtual games️

Review №6

Good place to hang out with friends to enjoy and become a kid for sometime in a busy life full of workload. Just enjoyed the games available. Experience the virtual reality. Make fun

Review №7

Very good place to hangout when bored. It is slight overpriced but you can have good time with family or friends.Good activity - vr, turf, bowling and other games.You can also go for corporate team building activities or just to get your kids out of mobile and get playing for real

Review №8

This place is well known for its games and its adventurous experience. People from all categories of age limits will surely enjoy here. Games right from collecting toys and chocolates from the vending machine, virtual reality experience , strength showcasing games catch everyones attention.Apart from the games the food here is scrumptious..When visiting here one should surely try paneer tikka pizza ,paneer chilly milly and non vegetarian platter...In mocktails epiphany is the best.In milkshakes hazelnut brownie and Black forest brownie is a must try.The ambience is excellent and the staff is very cooperative..Kudos to the team!

Review №9

Entertainment has no bounds and this place will make you feel this statement to the fullest.Smaaash has always been the place to chill out and enjoy various gaming experience starting from the vr games, arcade games, vending games to outdoor kind of games.You name it and youre going to find your favourite experiences inside that will definitely amaze you in every step.Ive been to their Korum branch and we had a perfect time well spent over some best games they had.We started off with their jurassic escape being a vr game and the experience was awesome, you will definitely feel like youre in real experiencing whats happening inside.Also finger coaster was another one that gave us same kind of exepericne as well.Then we marched ahead towards some muscle games where we played King of the hammer and boxing.Also ice hockey was awesome and we were really excited about these experiences once we started playing the player inside gets activated and your friend becomes your competitor in such games.Also we played some arcade games like Batman, tight rope and many more that dragged out the real player in us.Real hype was cricket and football and the most was bowling we have had such a great time over these three games and Ive had my first bowling experience which was quite smooth and enthusiastic as well.Cricket and soccer was awesome too, we have had faced some great legends and played kind of good cricket.Well i must say the experience was such overwhelming and amazing and we loved how much time we spent at this venue.Thumbs up and get your countable experience here at least once.

Review №10

If youre a cricket buff and dont mind the price, you can definitely visit to face an array of international bowlers at varied speeds. The Brunswick bowling alley is great and they have neon lights and it gives a cool look. You can also relive your childhood by playing arcade games, VR role play games, penalty shootout etc.

Review №11

Smaaash...It just like name smash everything.If you ask for setup its awesome and perfect. You can enjoy adventure games virtually and some popular games in reality. It most enjoyable place with kids as well as with friends. Some part needs to be improve like service and support.But overall everyone must visit at least once.It is in Korum mall so no need to ask for parking/food/washroom/lift etc.

Review №12

I visited Smaaash Live yesterday and I felt like a kid. I was overjoyed as I entered. The ambiance is lit with arcade games, cricket, bowling, virtual reality, dance off, etc.I enjoyed playing the various arcade games and one of my most favorite arcade game was Batman. I loved playing the car race with a joker theme.And the most played game by me was the Virtual Reality Rollercoaster Ride. You can build your own rollercoaster track and then experience it through virtual reality. I went all crazy while drawing the track and loved riding it through virtual reality.The staff was very friendly and the equipment was well maintained. Overall I had super fun at Smaaash.

Review №13

Smaaash is a gaming Parlour located at Korum mall. They have a completion with a gaming Parlour just above them but they standout coz of their extra features. They have VR enables games, Cricket and Football games. They have two types of virtual reality.Finger coaster:You get to draw your roller coaster using your finger on a board and then you get to ride it. Its worth it and gives you an actual feel of a roller coaster.Jurassic Park:VR enables. You begin with your seating in a Jeep and your journey begins. You see dinasaurs and other vibrations you get you a real feel of the Jurassic Park.Super keeper:You shoot a goal and you win a mocktails at pub exchange. Its not easy to shoot a goal though.Basketball:You need to shoot basketball at the given time limit.Big one:You get to pick your teddy Cricket:You can choose your turf and then your bowler. You get to bat for 3 overs with the choice of spin or fast bowler. You can also choose the complexity of the bowling.Bowling: I loved this above all.

Review №14

Smaaash having four outlets in Mumbai till now, we visited the one at Korum Mall, Thane. Smaaash, India’s acclaimed gaming & entertainment centre brings in together sports, virtual reality, music & dining together which is perfect for “kids” of all age groups...Games - Right from bowling to cricket, it implores the child in you, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The virtual games like finger coaster has an option of making your own path whereas walk the plank legit gave the thrill. Other than these, the dance-off & other smart arcade games like air hockey, boxing, hammer challenge etc. made us all competitive...Smaaash here is affiliated w thane pub exchange, after hours of playing the hangry us tried -• starters - dahi ke kebab, honey chilli potatoes & tandoori cheese lollipop• beverages - peach iced tea, bull ride & oreo shake• desserts - chocolate brownie w ice cream..To our surprise, we liked the veg appetisers more, both the dahi kebabs & honey chilli potatoes were a blast of flavours. In the beverages, we liked the bull ride more, it was refreshing. Ended our meal w the walnut brownie, it was decent...The staff was too helpful & made sure we had a wonderful experience, much appreciated. The food took a bit more time than expected. Also, the sports arena is well maintained & hygienic. The avg cost for two people would be around ₹1300 approx...Food, fun & games @smaaash_live

Review №15

Fun, Entertainment & much more under one roof ..!Smaaash Is hyped for its perfection & service in games and adventure and trust me they are absolutely hyped well..From bowling, Visual reality games to all small games; Smaash did not disappoint us.Bowling section has neon lights which makes it so so good.Cricket is also amazing ... the best part was the visual reality where you actually feel u r in roller coaster and also the Jurassic park.. oh god crazy reality ..This place is a must try, you can’t miss on the fun which is worth all the penny ..!

Review №16

Smaaashhh!The premium gaming arena. Smaaash has multiple outlets in Mumbai , and it’s definitely not the ordinary. There are various kind of games including cricket bowling , vending and redemption games, virtual reality , etc.they also have an in-house restaurant and lounge to relax and fuel up at.We ordered:Hummus & pitaClassic nachosBasil lemon blushChocolate brownie with ice cream

Review №17

Smaash is a happy place. It has games for all the age groups. Kids as well as the elders can have fun here. The main attraction is bowling. They’ve four tracks for bowling. Then comes the Cricket court. They’ve various levels to choose from and you can choose the bowler as well as per your preference. Also, all the cricket gear is available. Overall, a place where you can spend 2-3 hrs and have a great time. Am already planning for my next visit.

Review №18

Good place for leisure and entertainmentA bit expensive though value for moneyThe main attractions bowling , cricket and football are fun to the fullest.Restaurant is also located here.Drinking water facility available.Clean WashroomsGood for children and also senior citizens.Parking space is easily available inside the mall.This Smaaash outlet has very attractive prizes as compared to other outlets.It is better than other outlets.I visit this very frequently.

Review №19

Good place to enjoy with your friends. The service is also a good. They many new games to play.

Review №20

The one at Ghatkopar is better

Review №21

Dont go there alone. Its purely a place to hang out with friends and family. Awesome ambience. Arcade games are fun and the bowling alley is superb although it couldve been larger. 5 stars!

Review №22

The perfect place for you to hang out with friends by playing arcade games and having great food!Games:There are plenty of games that you can play with your friends. The arena is well maintained and the staffs here are always ready to help you out if you have any issues. Some of the games that I had played with my friend:Bowling:Visit to smaaash is incomplete without visiting the bowling alley. Double fun when competing with friends.King of the hammer:Every addicting when you are competing with your friends. All gym goers behold, can look forward for a high score.Shooting:Light gun shooting arcade machines are all around and you can play in teams or even compete with each other.Air hockey:Different types of air hockey machines are there. Should have your hands over all of them.Walk the plank (Vertigo):Thrilling experience. I loved it. You are supposed to walk a plank and save a kitten, take it to safety and tackle intruders; all of which happens way above from the ground. Check whether you have acrophobia. Also fun to watch your friends walk the plank.Super Keeper:Dare you to shoot the football into the net!Jurassic escape:Must try! Very much fun and thrilling. Cant describe the experience in any more detail. Experience yourself!Cricket:Face 3 bowlers of your choice and have fun playing with them. You have 3 overs. A batting experience is simulated! You are also provided with the batting kit!Food:Pub Exchange by Smaaash is in immediate vicinity of the gaming arena. You can get there to have food and some great drinks with your friends.Restaurant Ambience:Perfect dim lighting creating a cosy feeling. Beautiful decorations. Powerful music. Unique arrangement of tables. Furniture gives a good comfortable posture for eating purposes. Great staff at the restaurant. They are very kind and polite, especially Hemant whom I had as the waiter.Orangeade Small:A sharp sour flavour of orange. Very refreshing.Watermelon and Hibiscus Blast Mocktail:Loved it. Very refreshing. The best mocktail I have ever had! Must try!Tandoori Cheese Lollipop:Spicy chicken lollipop made in a tandoori and garnished with salad and a plethroa of cheese. A salivating dish.Smaaashing Chicken Pizza:Spicy flavored pizza with a thin crust coated with cheese and garnished with olives. Loved it.Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream:Hot brownie with ice cream and chocolate syrup garnished with mint. A great dessert to end your meal.

Review №23

SMAASHWe all love games, dont we?SMAASH is a place which get the child out which is hidden in every adult Recently visited the SMAASH at Korum Mall and was so happy so satisfied because my day couldnt be much better.There are amazing games such as Bowling, Cricket, vending games, Basketball also not to forget some surreal experienced VR.We played lots of games but bad luck as Zomato dont let us upload videos.I have removed some pictures which i would love to share because who doesnt love games️So head over to SMAAH to get stress free and be a kid again cause it surely wonrt disappoint you

Review №24

This place is greatly known for the gaming activity with gaming activity you can also order food . So we were playing bowling so wanted some food to have so order Veg Nachos coming to the taste it was very creamy and taste also serves with salsa sauce.

Review №25

Nice gaming zone were we can enjoy verious Veraity of games with friends & family...great spot for child & adult...they have so many diffrent kinds of games....really amazing entertaining place..

Review №26

Nice place to spend your time with friends n family.1) Bowling area is good n fun.2) Super Keeper (football game) is super tough to score and has gr8 prizes to be won.3) Cricket game has 2 pitches Oval and Lords and has different levels depending on your experience.

Review №27

A good entertaining place to take your younger cousins or siblings along with people your own age. Love the bowling alley. They have 4. ₹250 per person as of now for bowling. They have indoor penalty football, cricket, dance, basketball and so much more.

Review №28 really heaven on earth. The best place for total fun and ultimate gaming experience. They have numerous things starting from video games , bowling , cricket, football and Virtual Reality [VR] games. They also have smaash pub exchange where we can have lips smacking food and drinks....First lets talk about the games :Best part was the bowling. We had so fun playing it and enjoyed alot over there.Then we played cricket. And it was really a great feeling. The setup is so professional like you would feel like playing in a stadium. I am big fan of the professionalism they provide .And the next best part is Virtual Reality [VR] games.They are so so realistic. High quality graphics and all the services provided by smaash are the best. They have really put forward lot of efforts in minute detailing to have the best time and enjoy to the fullest!!!!!!All the games over here like hammer, basketball and video games were very amazing and we enjoyed alot.Then we had very tasty and mouthwatering dishes in Smaash pub exchange. They have very great ambience and the staff was very courteous. They gave proper suggestions for the food.What we had :Mocktails-1. Watermelon cooler2. Sweet limeStarters-1. Chicken Afghani tikka- which was very juicy and had a perfect taste.2. Chilli milli chicken- which was also very delicious.DESERT-1. Brownie with ice cream- it was the best brownie I ever had!!!Totally loved the experience over here and I would highly recommend all of you to visit this place once in your lifetime!!!!!!!!!!This has become my personal favourite place now

Review №29

One of the bestest place I have ever been too. It is located at 2nd floor of Korum Mall Thane. Smaaash has plenty of virtual, arcade, outdoor and many more. Each games over here will amaze you and will give you amazing experience with the fullest enjoyment. The staff is very good, they literally help and guide us with every games over their. My personal favourite was bowling, dance off, VR Jurassic Park ride and Finger Rollercoaster Ride, and Football. It is indeed an amazing place to chill and hangout with friends and family with amazing games, fun, enjoyment, happiness, experience and memories. Must visit it for sure. Highly recommend place for having blots of fun and refreshments too (P.s for food they have Thane Pub Exchange an amazing place indeed which have delicious food and refreshing drinks, after playing from Smaaash people go their to eat so must visit it too).

Review №30

Is it open or it is still closed due to [email protected]

Review №31

A place full of fun activities and specially bowling

Review №32

Nice place to spend time to Family & Friends

Review №33

It is a bit small, but I mostly come here for bowling! Amazing experience. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Review №34

Fantastic place to spend quality time with kids, infact its a family place where everyone gets to play.

Review №35

Its amazing experience go out and smaaah on smash floor

Review №36

Good place for kids to play woh leaves at Thane and love video games. Bowling valley is also nice, also has cricket and many more games

Review №37

Reviewed by: Mary L. Gavin, MDPrintLots of kids love video games. In fact, they like them so much that they might hear something like this from mom or dad: Enough! Unplug that thing and find something else to do!It can be good advice, even if you were just about to crash through to the next level. Why? Too much of anything is just too much. Its true that some studies have shown certain video games can improve hand–eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and the minds ability to process information. But too much video game playing may lead to health problems.Its hard to get enough active play and exercise if youre always inside playing video games. And without enough exercise, kids can become overweight.Really overdoing video games also could affect other important stuff, like friendships and how well a kid does in school. And kids who play violent video games might act more aggressively.But heres the good news: Playing video ga

Review №38

Smaaash and cricket bowling is open now.I always visit Worli Smash and play cricket over there which is my must visit place.Smaaash owner, of course, naam hi kaafi hai.This chain is going to open more outlets all over the India and at international level too.To play cricket over here, you have to pay and you get fixed number of balls, delivered by a machine under the net. Here I faced few glitches and I have explained it to the manager who was helpful.Other games and area is always full of adrenaline and you can see teenagers and small children excited and thinking of what to play next.It is more colourful than Worli Smaaash.Yellow lights which start from Pizzeria attracts people.Service is nice.Ambience is beautiful and keeps you high.

Review №39

I would like to recommend this place for great gaming experience. Box cricket and bowling what I liked the most. Even, their music and cool ambience gives cheerful and positive. vibes.Recommended.

Review №40

Smaaash is a great place to unwind with your friends and family alike. Be it a play date or just a day out with your friends, Smaaash wont ever let you down! It has opened up in korum and is therefore quite accessible to most of the people! They have a huge variety of games, which include:1. Cricket2. Bowling3. Football (only ball kicking)4. Strikers5. VR rollercoaster6. VR shooting games7. Arcade racing games8. Drone flying9. Shooting games10. Other arcade gamesSome games even give you tickets which you can exchange for cute goodies at the counter! The rates for playing are quite reasonable. The day we went, they had bowling at just Rs 75! The employees are also very helpful! Had a great time! Thanks! Would surely visit again soon!

Review №41

Best place to enjoy with kids.. Games are awesome.. No harmful effects or games.. Kids can enjoy..Make sure your child wear socks or else u will end up paying ₹ 50/- for them..

Review №42

Best place for arcade games and bowling

Review №43

This place is quite happening you can have fun with your friends they have many games which you can play. I had a great experience!

Review №44

Nice and happening place but rates are pretty high... Should give better discount to corporates

Review №45

Fun place for any age...️

Review №46

This place has nice arcade games... And its popular cricket and football game and twilight bowling... Nice place to hangout with friends and its fun for kids too...

Review №47

Fun place for Bowling, Cricket you can also order booze and food while playing

Review №48

Nice management & vibeProvides good quality rubber shoesin BowlingPrice is quite highThey give offers to student (id required)

Review №49

This super happening place located inside Korum mall!! They have various games to choose from. You may have to wait for Cricket and Bowling, However its worth it!!It was superb and fun day out there.

Review №50

Super good experience. The gaming arcade is really great for both kids and elders.

Review №51

This Smaash has got a decent range of games.. Of course not the best in town cricket experience but good enough for those die hard cricket fans who want to try out some good bowling and test their batting skills... Mostly crowded during weekends..

Review №52

Everyone loves bowling. And thats the reason I love this place. The atmosphere here is so good..

Review №53

Quite a bad experience with service.may be short of staff member is one of the reason.didnt enjoyed my time with games due to poor quality of equipments.very disappointed

Review №54

Nice one. you can try your luck batting against some world class bowlers.

Review №55

One of the best game zone in mumbai. Mostly people love to play bowling over here.On my recent visit to smaaash found the bowling section too boring has there no entertainment while playing bowling. Has many bowling arena has. The screen just shows the score nd nothing else. While put strike or you do spare the screen shows that or guides you.Game zone is big and has lots of games to play.Hope you improve your bowling section soon.

Review №56

Had been here for the first timeAwesome time well spent

Review №57

Good place for timepass.But kids enjoyed most.Reality games not good. . Repeatedly same video games.

Review №58

One of the best experience... Gaming zone was clean and well maintained... Wide range of games were available... All games were operational... Specially cricket, bowling, super keeper, vr games are must try... Arcade games in wide range... Staff were polite and helpful... Highly recommended...

Review №59

Good arcade games , good bowling surface ....

Review №60

Awesome place for all age group....

Review №61

Amazing ambience. 100 times better than timezone at korum. Staff is helpful

Review №62

Nice ambiance, good food, bigger group will add more joy in your evening, aslo the pub exchange is on same floor , so you can hang out there and have a blast of beer.

Review №63

Smash is a gaming center which is mostly famous for its bowling and cricket court its a nice place to chill out with friends on weekends also great for family and lot of different games are also their especially for childrens

Review №64

Again SMAAASH won my heart. Great service and great entertainment. Money worth spending at this place

Review №65

Good maintenance.... Awesome games ... nice place to hangout with friends

Review №66

Game station for kids and elders. Variety of games including VR based 3D rides, cricket, football etc.Kids can also enjoy lot of virtual games.

Review №67

Aahh worth the money paid! Sound quality and the environment created over there is amazing!

Review №68

Love this place. Too many fun activities

Review №69

Its amazing for playing bowling with friends just you need some money in your pocket

Review №70

A real good place to hangout with friends and kill time as well. If you have nothing to do on a weekend or on a holiday and dont know how to spend your time well this is a real good option to select. They have real good games to play for all the age groups right from toddlers to the grouwn up as well.They have different sections like arcade, electronic games, board games and outdoor games as well.They do have crickets turfs & bowling for the grown ups and virtual games for little ones.They do have connected food outlet with them i.e thane pub exchange which is very next to the smaaash you can spend time over there after having some action at smaaash they do serve some great food and some awesome drinks as well.Overall if your are looking out for a place to have a good time with your friends and your loved ones then this is the place you must visit.

Review №71

Awesome place to hangout with and family. Play eat, fun , masti

Review №72

Smaaash in Korum is best place for gaming, here you will have great gaming experience. The ambience is very nice which gives the perfect look as a game club. We had awesome experience playing here, had enjoyed lot and had a great time, they had a variety and exciting games which I would say you to play and explore it. We played from Cricket to Bowling to VR games like vertigo, VR safaris and VR roller coasters and the most favorite game of all that is football, it was fun to play it. Must visit this place and enjoy.

Review №73

I have visited Smaaash for the very first time few days back and I have totally loved the Gaming experience it offers.They have plenty of games for People to play. Each game can be enjoyed in their unique ways.We started of with the Bowling. The place had a dark theme with other colours shining. We did a nice play between the for of us.The VR roller coaster was great.. I mean you would literally feel the drgaon & dinosaurs coming in front of you such amazing is their rides.We even played cricket and got to select what bowlers we want us to bowl and what speed it should throw the ball. Loved the cricket experience too..Also we tried few other games and I am pretty much happy with everyone, just loved the gaming experience here.. would love to visit other outlets soon.

Review №74

The Smaaash is located in Korum mall at its 2nd floor. the experience was just fabulous. We extremely enjoyed all games over there. Not only the video games but also the sets of out door games such as cricket, basketball and football were arranged very well. Also there was a mini dance floor where we have to mimic the actions on the screen and will score points which I enjoyed alot. Then there was a set up game called vertigo. In which we will be probably given a task which we have to complete in a specific time given with the provided costume. This was also very interesting. Also I enjoyed bowling as this was my favorite game and was eagerly waiting to do it. All other games were also very interesting and enthusiastic. They all made us nostalgic as we use to play those games in our childhood, we recalled our childhood memories and had super fun. After finishing all the games we went to have our lunch . The fish and chips were excellent. Fish was cooked to perfection and had crispy french fries as chips. Tasted more beautiful when I squeezed lemon on top . The Oreo shake was sinfully thick ! A must try

Review №75

Loved the experience, bowling bowl so fun, i only had concern about staff not clearing the table from time to time. Otherwise It is awesome.

Review №76

SMAASH located in thane in the korum mall is absolutely a must visiting place if you are looking for some fun zone. we spent oyr whole day today in smaash and rrust ne guys it was jsut an amazing time for us. The momebt we entered we observed the VR games if Zurrasic park and roller coaster where you need to design your choice of track approximately of 900m and then after this is done wgen you take a ride, you will go through the same path which you have designed your self. Absolutely thrilling experience it was. There were virtual reality games like Finger coaster, Juraasic escape, vertigo - walk the plan ( the best one i felt, it gives a real effect )The another bang on was their Flagship games where you will find a huge rush.Cricket and Bowling. ( A huge young crowd is visiting everyday to enjoy the games)After all this , they are having Pub exchange where we were ordered some complimentary food and drinks.We asked for Redbull mocktails and Watermelon hibiscus.Both thr drinks were refreshing and good in terms of taste.for starters :1) Paneer chilli mili - inspite this been a very common dish, we asked them to get this for us because last timr also we had tried this one and we have liked it. The paneer was nicely tossed in fresh veggies. ( Highly recommended)3) Pizza pockets - This one us another a must try here. Absolutely delicious and nicely made, nicely deep fried.We could bot stop ourselves to finish this off once ut came on our table.we ended our beautiful day having the chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream which was again their inhouse made by the chef.Thankyou for hosting us.we will surely visit here again.Thanks again

Review №77

Want to spend your weekends or off-days on a high note? You’re at the right place as you can get the best of both worlds. This Gaming and Sports Bar serves food and alcohol with an array of Arcade, VR games and Sports. You can choose from various Arcade games like Punch the bag, Air hockey, Batman, Basketball and Racing games or you can choose from a variety of redemption games where you can grab prizes. Virtual Reality games are a must-try as it provides a realistic and an exciting experience. There are only 3 VR games at this outlet. Bowling is a no-brainer when it comes to gaming pubs. Smaash brings to you the best of bowling experience. Speaking of best experience, you can play Cricket at the nets. That’s what Smaash is famous for and is promoted by it’s brand Ambassador, Sachin Tendulkar. You can choose from a variety of International bowlers and difficulty levels. For County and International level, they make you sign a declaration form regarding safety at your own risk. It provides 95% accurate on-field experience. Worth a try! You can also try Football as you have to take a penalty shootout against a dummy keeper. They give you motivational prizes as 1 pint of beer for every six you hit OR A Harley Davidson for 5/5 goals in the shootout. Prizes are reasonable and worth every penny you pay. Staff is helpful and friendly. Their bar is located beside smaash in the Thane Pub Exchange. This bar is similar to The Bar Stock Exchange. We ordered a classic LIIT and a Long Horn Iced Tea alongwith Chicken Chilli and Tandoori Chicken Wings. Cocktails were flawless. Food wasn’t of the top quality but decent. For desserts, we ordered Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice-Cream. Must say, the dessert took a while to arrive but was worth the wait.For a great experience, please visit during weekdays as Cricket, Bowling and Football are subject to availability or else you gotta wait for your turn on peak days.

Review №78

Good place to hang out with friends & family

Review №79

The best thing about SMAAASH in korum is thier BOWLING arena. Its a nice way to spend time with friend doing bowling. The bowling arena is better than timezones.

Review №80

It was fun need more games of tickets.... Bowling was specially fantastic tired 1st time bt had awful moment....

Review №81

I like to visit this place.... When I get boredOffer is on Tuesday.... Buy 1 get one freeCricket is too costly there... I suggest not to play better play with the friends...Bowling is awesome.....Shooting game is also good.....

Review №82

Hey guys today I visited Smaash outlet in Kouram mall. The Hotel has big ambiance with proper Lightings and Good table setup inside the outlet.The ambiance was very clean.Also restaurant has One Big Bar counter at Front of The Outlet.Bevrages :-#_ Classic Long island feel tea ( Cocktail )Cocktail we ordered there. The taste is mind-blowing. Also with good presentation in Long glass of drink. Inside some lemon slices.#_ orangeade Small ( Mocktails )This Mocktails has a Orange base and tasteServed in small Jug glass. With small piece orange.Food:-#_ Chicken Lollypop :-The spicy schezwan Deep with Crispy lollypop best combination I got there With good presentation and Garnished with Carrot Cucumber.#_Chicken chili :-This is Chainese starter we order here.The small piece of Chicken marinated in Soya Sause and Served with Capcisum onion.#_ Brownie with I cream :-The taste of brownie is mind-blowing yrrIts to yummmmyyy..Softeness of cake and chillingness of IcecreamThe best combination I order here as a dessert

Review №83

SMAAASH is an amazing place specially for virtual gaming experience. It was Sunday and we went to korum mall to visit this amazing game spot, and have some fun. They have different categories to play around, Like you have arcade games for kids bowling, cricket, soccer for adult. And manay amazing sports and games. Firstly we entered bowling place, it was very amazing neon themes and you can stop playing it, that crazy. Cricket was very professional, you feel same international players bowling style in deliveries from pishing machine. Robot keeper is very tough, and he is very Rigid that he doesnt allows you to goal. Still I made one. There is one of the amazing and my favourite game called as finger coaster. In that you make your own track for max 950m and you access VR gear and have a realistic fun. A specially recommended game from me is Vertigo very real in VR Gear and it will make you scared. You also have many vending machine games, air hockey, n lot more for kids. Hammer hit, punching bag is where you can test your strength. It was a very great experience, would surely recommend you to experience atleast once to visit SMAAASH and explore the happiness and fun they serve. After that we went to thane pub exchange to try out some tasty food. They served us mango was very refreshing made of redbull n other juices. Pizza pocket was very unique. Pizza in a cubical kachori. Loaded nachos and a tasty brownie dessert. Smaaash literally made my Sunday it was worth travelling till thane and visiting it. Never miss a chance to visit SMAAASH. Visit craveyard_harshad on Instagram for detail pictures and videos

Review №84

Had great fun..wud go again

Review №85

This place is located within korum mall on second floor and have very nice games especially cricket and twilight bowling just enjoyed alot

Review №86

Smaaash- Khopat, Thane WestSmaaash_ like wow_Its one of the coolest place i have been visited_It is located in Thane_ West at Korum mall on second floor of the mall_If you are really a game lover as well food lover thn you shud definitely visit here once at least_They have lots of games_ like virtual games_ arcade games_ as well outdoor games_Bowling_ Hammering_ Shooting_ Air Hockey_ etc etc_Talking about ambiance than it is very very killing attractive_ totally games themed_With cozy vibes & awesome music_Polite staff and the service was very comfortable_Food and Drinks we had was also great_We ordered lots of things like_Drinks_#orangeade small#long island ice teaFood_#chicken lollipops#chilli milli chickenDesserts_#chocolate brownie with ice creamHad an awesome time as well experience_& Suggest all to step in here to have more beautiful experience than me_Smaaash- Khopat, Thane WestService :- 5/5Food :- 5/5Ambiance :- 5/5Presentation :- 5/5

Review №87

Lot of games to enjoy but it isnt as big as Smaash branches of lower Patel and etc.Still a great place for entertainment!

Review №88

Bowling football cricket.. Once a visit if u like sports

Review №89

Great place to hang out. You will have a guaranteed quality time enjoying with your friend circle.

Review №90

Smaaash presents an unmatched range of games that offer a superlative virtual-reality experience, and combines the best of sports, music, and dining into a highly immersive, interactive, innovative and involved entertainment experience. Pioneering the field of sports simulation technology, Smaaash is home to highly immersive and interactive simulators making their global debut, where one gets the opportunity to test their skills by playing against the most formidable opponents giving an experience that is truly incomparable.Right from arcade games to VR augmented rides, from air hockey and foosball to 10 lanes of bowling, from virtual cricket to facing their SuperKeeper Goalie, Smaaash offers a plethora of entertainment options to their patrons.The VR-enabled rides included a Rollercoaster as well as Jurassic Park, giving you the experience of riding both. The SuperKeeper Goalie is an AI-powered game which tracks the player’s movements to block them from scoring a goal. Absolute fun activities that anyone can indulge in.SMAAASH is ideal for family, friends and children alike. It implores the child in you to joyously revel in an unmatched range of activities ranging from highly interactive sports simulators to multiple recreational attractions. Had an amazing time here. Will be visiting super soon

Review №91

Good place to hang around with friends and family I really enjoy coming here to play cricket, pool

Review №92

The place has a good ambience and the bowling area is good . Must visit!

Review №93

Everything else is great... were missing football here

Review №94

Place is good, food has to be ordered from outside but its great fun.

Review №95

Best place for games ️

Review №96

-I wanted to go to Smaash and experience the gaming, atlast i visited this place with my cousins yesterday.-This place is a huge place with all types of gaming options and VR options available-They provide us a card which can be recharged anytime and use for whatever game we want to play.-They have many VR mode and Arcade games, also many games in which we can score and earn tickets.-These tickets are redeemable.-My favourite was Cricket and Bowling, i had a very good experience here.-Then we visited Thane pub Exchange for having some food.-The ambience is pretty cool with all the dim lights, especially for the drinkers.-The quality of the food was brilliant.-The quantity was well and good as per the pricing.The staffs were good and helped us throughout our dinning.-The things we enjoyed having here were:Beverages:-Virgin Mojito-Oreo ShakeStarters:-Cheese Chicken Tandoori Lollipop-Chicken Tikka PizzaDessert:-Brownie with icecream

Review №97

Food is ok. But good games. Crowded on weekends.

Review №98

Good place to visit.I enjoyed alot with my friends.

Review №99

Looks like a good place. I did not have a good experience over here. Crowd was not that good even on a sunday. I tried doing bowling over here and that too was functioning not well. After so many complaints they were not ready for refund. I faced many issues while playing.

Review №100

The lights there was amazingIt changes the colour of our clothes

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4.6 Rating
  • Address:Korum Mall, 2nd, Eastern Express Hwy, Samata Nagar, Thane, Maharashtra 400606, India
  • Site:
  • Phone:+91 91520 26660
  • Amusement center
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–10PM
  • Thursday:11AM–10PM
  • Friday:11AM–10PM
  • Saturday:11AM–10PM
  • Sunday:11AM–10PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
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