Kapila Kathi Kebab
Shop No. 173, Lalin Chamber, Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj Rd, Sangamvadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411001, India
Kapila Kathi Kebab
Review β„–1

Kapila Kathi KebabIf you are fond of street food , this 20++ yrs old joint is famous for kathi kebabs. Originally started as a little stall, serving freshly made rolls open in the evening. Buzzing with night life, Bund Garden soon got a presence. People returning home from office, hospital visits and returning from Bund Garden park would come here to grab a bite. Those days Kapila used to be very crowded, two wheelers and four wheelers parked all around.It slowly expanded and finally purchased its own property from where it is operating now.Back to present - I placed my order, a few customers and swiggy guys around. Kapila guys are pretty quick in service. The egg paratha was diligently wrapped with masala chicken, mint chutney & onions. Ready in 10 minutes served hot.Not much of an ambience, one can eat at the tables or opt for takeaway parcel - personally or delivery apps.How was the Kathi Roll - The chicken was a bit pinkish. The roll had chicken pieces which were a bit under cooked. I would have liked it cooked longer. You can say it needed 5 mins more on tawa. The minty chutney was spicy 🌢, the onions thinly sliced and fresh. They didnot give extra chutney and onions with the parcel.It wasn’t the best experience however will not completely write them off, too many memories with this joint. Perhaps a bad day.

Review β„–2

This place serves the yummiest kathi rolls that I have eaten in Pune. The chicken pieces are very juicy and has a proper amount of marination. To top it off their pudina chutney is epic too.

Review β„–3

Consistent tasteLimited menuDont miss it.I visited after 8 years its still the same !

Review β„–4

A good experience. They give good service and we all have become fan of their kapilaKathi kebab rolls. Suggest one must visit to raise your taste buds,Dear friends. Regards

Review β„–5

I visit this place once a week .... slight over pricedBut love the taste and quality hasnt changed in the last 12 yrs

Review β„–6

One the best and tasty Kathi kebab one can have in Pune.

Review β„–7

I have been visiting this place since almost 7 years for chicken kathi rolls. They are very consistent in taste. You wont find there rolls too spicy or chatpata types, They are quite neutral in taste. Not much of the variety, but you will surely love what they have. They do serve veg rolls but dont have separate tawa for same. So if you are hard core vegetarian, the place isnt for you. Two single filling rolls can be one meal or one double filling roll can also serve one time meal for an average adult. Cost of a single filling roll is 120. Place is hygienic, wont give you stomach ache πŸ˜€. There is sufficient space for two wheeler parking in area around but finding a spot for four wheeler can be time consuming sometime. They have got tables in front of counter to have rolls standing. Some benches are also available to sit.

Review β„–8

Just love this place and been a regular customer since years now from my college days. Must try their chicken kathi kabab rolls for their unique taste and quick bite on the move. They too have egg and veg options.

Review β„–9

Kinda okkayish taste, well not a great fan of Egg involved dishes. Chicken also was slightly uncooked from inside.

Review β„–10

The best place to have chicken kathi roll.Going here since 15 years their taste is still the same a classic place to be.

Review β„–11

Have been visiting this place since early 2000s, and till date it serves the tastiest chicken tikka kathi kebab rolls with the exact same taste. A bit far from where i stay though, but its always worth travelling the extra mile and have a roll at Kapila !

Review β„–12

Taste was good but thrs hardly any difference between the double and single filing quantities.

Review β„–13

The place is worth it. Authentic bengali flavour.. but its a bit tight on the pocket

Review β„–14

Was quite dissapointed with their Rolls post COVID. The taste and texture is nothing like what it used to be. I hope they get back to their old quality soon...

Review β„–15

Visited after almost 6 to 7 years same taste which was 20 years back....

Review β„–16

This used to be my favourite goto place for Kathi Roll since many years however now they have increased the prices very high and the items dont feel like value for money. I strongly they should cut down on their overheads and make their kathi rolls cheaper.

Review β„–17

They have the best Chicken Kathi Rolls. My dad has been a fan of them since 1999.

Review β„–18

Best in kathi roll.. Try Single/Double filling chicken kathi roll here .. It cost around single for around 130 and double for around 170

Review β„–19

If you want to know if the food here tastes good, the answer is a NO. Though I did give them a considerable rating just for a simple fact that I havent tasted everything there. Rather, I never want to , considering how bad my first experience with the rolls they provide went. I ordered an egg roll and it indeed was distasteful. There was nothing inside the roll except egg and chutney. It had no taste whatsoever. So, if you ever want to taste food here, taste at your own risk.

Review β„–20

As usual awesome taste ..Best place to have quick bite.

Review β„–21

If you are fond of chicken roll, you should visit Kapila Kathi kebab once. Chicken was soft and well cooked. Roll is served with spicy green chutney. Prices are not much high. Single filling kebab roll costs 110β‚Ή and double filing costs 150β‚Ή.Veg rolls tastes very average.

Review β„–22

Nice but roll was not heated properly

Review β„–23

Legendary! One of the best Kathi Kabab rolls in Pune. Limited menu viz Single / Double filling Chicken rolls, Paneer / Potato rolls for vegetarians. Chicken can be slightly spicy for some. Have been visiting this place for years and they have been consistently good. Reasonably priced at β‚Ή110 per chicken roll(single filling). Getting parking space can be a challenge. Highly recommended for nonveg foodies!

Review β„–24

No 1 placw for kathi roll in Pune

Review β„–25

Nice taste and food. Must try

Review β„–26

The best taste when it comes to wrap/roll. I have tried their veg too and loved it equally. Been visitin this for about 15-18 years now, the location has moved by a bit but the taste hasnt. Above is my personal review which suits my taste. Try it out once especially if you eat chicken πŸ”

Review β„–27

Same taste as always. Best Kathi rolls ever.

Review β„–28

Its not a kabab its kabbbbbbbbaaaaabbbb ,πŸ™πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

Review β„–29

Now this place is a winner. Everyone who has been in Pune for last 20 years knows Kapila kebabs very well. The original place to have chicken kathi kebab roll. And yes this is the highest selling item in their menu. Menu contains just 7 items and all are winner.Come here and you will never be disappointed with the taste, price and portion size.Chicken kathi kebab roll is one of the best you can have in Pune. Plain and simple, not much fuss around their products.Worth a visit over and over again.#pune #kebab #yummy #food #kathi #roll

Review β„–30

A must visit place in Pune...A humble place with open air tables and less than 10 types of rolls to offer in its menu. But what a taste, you simply cannot forget. The best rolls I had in Pune.Be a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian you must visit this place once.There are 3 things that make the rolls so awesome, 1 the base cannot be any more perfect 😘2. The awesome preparation of chicken and the generous amount in rolls3. The simplicity, nothing fancy, no cheese, no mayonnaise but the taste ... Better you try and be the judge.

Review β„–31

Simple quick service. Limited menu of favorites. Good clean place for lete night eating.

Review β„–32

The taste of Kathi roll is nice and the quantity is really good, a single Kathi roll is enough for one person.

Review β„–33

A1 Quality no one can beat it

Review β„–34

Ordering seamless, costs not too high considering everybodys had to increase rates after lockdown. Short wait times. A bit crowded at times because the food is so good, so I usually take a parcel and eat it later.

Review β„–35

Youll get the best roll here. The worker are hygienic and the foods are fresh and fresh as well as affordable ....must try

Review β„–36

They stared as a small shack, now they have a shop of their own. Its famous with the college crowd as well the grown ups. The price have hardly increase. Very economical tasty Kathi rolls. They serve both veg and non veg options. They also have cold drinks available there.

Review β„–37

Tasty delicious as alwaysOne star reduced as too oily for me to handle

Review β„–38

You have the have the awesome roll and experience an explosion of flavors and textures in your mouth. Excellent experience. The taste hasnt changed in all these years. Veg options also available

Review β„–39

Delicious Chicken Rolls...

Review β„–40

The place is exactly opposite to Kapila Business Hotel. Awesome food.

Review β„–41

One of the best Kathi Rolls Joint you can find around in Pune. The non veg rolls are just too delicious and definitely a must try if you want to have something different from the traditional Faasos and Eatsome wraps.

Review β„–42

Rolls are tasty with affordable price

Review β„–43

Nice place clean hygienic and friendly staff the options in the menu is the same as Olympia rolls shop on East Street, but the taste is better in Olympia rolls If you are around this location then this is fine to try

Review β„–44

Eating here since 2005.. The taste that you keep craving for...

Review β„–45

Roll bole toh KapilaA typical bengal styled rollsMy fav double egg single filling with extra chutneyPlace is hygienic and was following all covid precautions

Review β„–46

Somehow did not enjoy it as much as earlier.. the taste was okayish.. not very great.. but it was my favourite Kathi kebab in town.. now will have to hunt for another..

Review β„–47

The price of rolls was very reasonable but quality and taste was mediocre.

Review β„–48

Good tasty chicken rolls. Quick service as well.

Review β„–49

Very much popular place for kathi kabab. But starts at 12.30pm. Single and double types are available.

Review β„–50

Always delicious, have been eating from this place for more than 10-12 years and the taste has not changed. It is still the same no nonsense chicken roll with green chutney by side and same old awesome flavour.

Review β„–51

Best rolls in pune. Really famous and must visit. Service is quick and helpful staff. A bit oily I found, but definitely must visit

Review β„–52

Good one... little bit less oil can be used...

Review β„–53

Best kabab you should try

Review β„–54

Well I would say a good place. Hygiene is very good during these times, Quantity is good and taste is ok.

Review β„–55

A place where any roll lover in Pune would definitely enjoy ... Best Chicken rolls and equally good Aaloo / Paneer ones....Since 15+ years !!

Review β„–56

Too much good

Review β„–57

Eating Kathi Kebab for the last 2 decades, still the same taste .. Must try

Review β„–58

No comparison for Chicken Kathi Kabab

Review β„–59

Popular but not tasty at all. Guys make rolls at home. This is not worth it. Unreasonable rate. Pathetic taste. No flavor.

Review β„–60

Absolutely amazing Kathi rolls! Worth a try!

Review β„–61

Hygienic & good quality chicken / veg rolls available.At present they are following social distancing norms.Suggest you to keep few hand sanitizers for customers.

Review β„–62

Best kathi kebabs in Pune city

Review β„–63

A place to fullfill your thirst for chicken.

Review β„–64

Taste all time best and service too. Taking all precautionary measures

Review β„–65

The best kathi kebabs in town.

Review β„–66

Have been eating chicken rolls from here since childhood best place for me!! Love it always😊

Review β„–67

Used to be my favorite roll place in pune back in the day. Not the same quality any more. The chicken feels like soya bean with no fibres in it..quite strange.

Review β„–68

The rolls are good and filling, the chicken Tikka kebabs are good too..a sufficient quantity for one adult and a child

Review β„–69

Its delicious. Tender Juicy Chicken.

Review β„–70


Review β„–71

Always good..the chicken kathi rolls ate value for money..

Review β„–72

Delicious rolls and wraps..!This place serves delicious rolls. The unique wrap base and perfectly spiced veggies or chicken makes it mouth watering. Unlike other rolls loaded of lot of mayo and ketchup the unique spiced filling is making these rolls special.Menu choices are limited but what ever there on menu is enough to decide the roll.They are charging very reasonable costs between 60 to 150 rs and one roll is enough for the meal.It would not be most healthy option to eat but rest assure it would be light enough to replace a mean on SOMEDAY. I kept one star with me as they can give a try to healthy replacements like wheat base and less oily cooking.Most surprisingly they just accept cash.. This is really unprofessional. Though this place worth to withdraw money from ATM nearby but it is very disappointing now a days even small tea vendor also accepts e-payments.Must try for a change or quick byte but remember to take cash with you.

Review β„–73

I have been eating at this place since my college days, it used to taste better then. Now sometimes the role is very dry, sometimes its very spicy, sometimes theres no salt and much more. Would have been happy if they could standard the flavor with growing market.

Review β„–74

Lovely kababs nd quick service

Review β„–75

Famous for chicken rolls

Review β„–76

Good hygiene nicely made fresh in taste love my bite

Review β„–77

Legendary rolls

Review β„–78

Best Kathi Kebab in town!!!You won’t get a Kathi kebab like this anywhere in Pune.The chicken is just so succulent that you will leave this place wanting for more.The price of this roll is definitely worth the amazing taste.The double chicken Kathi roll is the Best Buy here. Pair that with a cold drink and you’ll feel like this is bliss.

Review β„–79

Most tender chicken I have ever had.

Review β„–80

One Chicken Roll is sufficient to satisfy the hunger. They put eggs in roti and then they add chicken which is nicely marinated and cooked along with chopped onions and Green chutney which gives the entire role a very fresh taste. The cost per roll is 110 rupees for single filling and for double filling its 130 Rs approx

Review β„–81

I know this place since last 12 years.Good taste.

Review β„–82

Good hygienic place, kebab roll quality was also good at a decent price.

Review β„–83

Best in town Kathi rolls..its hard to have just one

Review β„–84

Kapila Kathi Kebab.Nothing great.Rating misguides its taste and quality. So many reviews cant go wrong. But Ill look for something better.

Review β„–85

They serve a very delicious rolls veg and non veg. Only thing to tell while ordering to customize the rolls as per your wish or like spice medium spicy.. overall loving it. Very good place for having quick bites.

Review β„–86

The chicken wasn’t cooked too well had a strange smell too.

Review β„–87

Greatest Kathi kababs Ive ever had!! Smoldering hot kebab rolls and ice cold drinks. Its a must-go place near boat club road.

Review β„–88

Good Chicken at a reasonable rate. The taste and quality is good as well. Can improve on seating arrangement.

Review β„–89

Chicken kathi roll was too good..

Review β„–90

One of the best rolls i have had in a long time. hygenic, cooked in front of the customer. very courteous staff. all sorts of combinations provided. my favourite is double egg and single chicken roll. very generous with the chicken portioning. reasonably priced. both options of haveit or takeaway available. amply stocked with cold drinks to go with the rolls, my favourite combo being with a thumbs up.

Review β„–91

Thats yumm. You will never regret. Tasty rolls. You have to be here at least once.

Review β„–92

Best rolls . Amazing taste and moderate rates for kathi kebabs

Review β„–93

Awesome tasty food. God quantity. Reasonable price for the service given. Only one suggestion is that the eating area could help some shades or protection from the birds on trees overhead.

Review β„–94

Still maintaining awesome taste

Review β„–95

Epic place serving probably the best Kathi Kebab in town.

Review β„–96

Have been eating at this place for more than a decade now. The place serves the most awesome kathi kebab rolls. The rolls are reasonably priced, not at all heavy on the pocket. You also get an option of single or double filling in the rolls. The veg rolls are also equally good and in demand. The place has open air tables arranged for standing and eating.

Review β„–97

One of the best in town.

Review β„–98

Good taste. Good quality. Employees are some what arrogant. Looks like they have monopoly and so doesnt care about customer.

Review β„–99

Hygienic kitchen, all in front of you.. quick service.. clean area.. good friendly staff.. you are getting way more chicken for what you pay.. overall its a decent place to have a quick meal.. only con - there are no seating arrangements.. and in the end.. the rolls.. they are so freaking yummy.. you just need to dig in..

Review β„–100

Mouthwatering 😊😊😊Best place you could find on DP roadBeing a vegetarian I can tell you only about egg and Paneer rolls. Both were delicious. Rate card is pasted outside of the venue so its easy to decide in first place πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚No bill, no swipe card. No separate parking as its small shop. Same pan is used for veg and non-veg items so if you are Jain or allergic to non-veg, dont visit.

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:Shop No. 173, Lalin Chamber, Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj Rd, Sangamvadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411001, India
  • Phone:+91 70382 04449
  • Sandwich shop
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Kebab shop
Working hours
  • Monday:12:30–11PM
  • Tuesday:12:30–11PM
  • Wednesday:12:30–11PM
  • Thursday:12:30–11PM
  • Friday:12:30–11PM
  • Saturday:12:30–11PM
  • Sunday:12:30–11PM
Service options
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:No
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:No
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:No
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Cash-only:Yes
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