Parvati Buddhist Cave
Parvati Hills, Parvati Paytha, Pune, Maharashtra 411009, India
Parvati Buddhist Cave
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Its a piece of history but no clear information about it is available at the location. No direction or sign boards to reach this place are available.It is filled with natural stream water and one can not enter to explore further.It should be cleaned and water should be removed we might find something interesting in this area...

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Parvati Temple, one of the most scenic locations in Pune....The temple is the oldest heritage structure in Pune and was built during the rule of the Peshwa Bajiro..must visit once..peacfull ..full with positive..greenery during rainy season...

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Amazing place

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Hidden jem, very few people know about this suppose to be buddhist caves, though currently in very bad condition, the caves are full with dirty and smelly water, the front side is also dirty, this real heritage should be preserved and studied...Its tricky to reach here as they cannot be seen till you reach in front of the caves, you need to go to the top from normal stairs path but just before the top theres a pathway on the left side, take that pathway, till you nearly go downhill, you reach near buildings, in front of these building you can see these caves...

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Most important in dhamma lipi Inscription

Review №6

Being a resident of the Sahakarnagar area I am a frequent visitor to Parvati hill and temple since my childhood. Had heard about caves in this area but I was arrogant enough to dismiss the claim as I knew the area so well. But I was surprised when I actually decided to follow a little winding trail that goes beyond the main temple complex to a shady area. Me and my friends we saw the actual structure. Dilapidated and forgotten the structure lay silently. Outside the caves the ground is strewn with alcohol bottles and general rubbish suggestive of the place being a den for local hooligans. The caves are cut into a rocky surface and are extending beyond the little door and the two visible windows into the mountain. Sadly we could not explore further as the cave is filled with Atleast a food deep stagnating fetid water. I call upon the Municipal authorities to visit the place, arrange for a possible restoration and provide information regarding the making, use of this cave. Its truly enigmatic that Parvati hill has ancient and arcane caves.

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This place was visited by फिरस्ती महाराष्ट्राची a dedicated and well-known group for Heritage Walks of ancient, historical monuments, temples and various places on 12.05.2019. These caves are located on the south-eastern face at the base of Parvati. Get into the main arch of Parvati. Climb the steps. Turn to the left before the top. You will find a paved footpath on your left. All these days these caves are neglected and a very few people know about these caves. Look out the photo of the footpath uploaded on the Google Map, leading towards the caves. After walking on it you have to get down to your left side. Caves are not visible from the path.

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Few People Knows The Caves

Review №9

Superb, lovely experience

Review №10

Its a very important heritage and Bhudhist Caves

Review №11

Parvati Buddhist Cave is an Ancient Buddhist Cave located on the Ancient Trade Route from Choul Port to Ter.This is plain Cave without any inscription or Sculpture. But this Cave was used by Buddhist Monks and Traders as a Resting Place.

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Very few people know about this place situated in the heart of the city. History is not difficult to find if we search.

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One of the Must visit place in Pune. You can find caves on left side while walking towards Parvati. Caves are in good condition, rearly visited as most of people visit Parvati only. Very calm and quiet place. You can do study in afternoon. Now days it has became couple spot. Good place to spend evening time. If you are visiting Parvati then you must visit caves also. Requesting couples to have some decency.

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Calm and peaceful place, visit early morning or evening, need to climb 105 steps aprox, steep climbing

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This is beautiful place surrounded by natural beauty. Local residents in near by colonies and Parvati Sansthan has kept it clean. It appears to be a historical place but nothing known about it. There is water inside it but no walls or no paintings or idols. Now Paravti Sansthan has put grills on it and closed it.

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Ancient buddhist caves

Review №17

Very nice

Review №18

Not maintaned

Review №19

Ancient Buddhist Cave..

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ही बौद्धकालीन लेणी आहे खुप छान वाटलं पाहुन बुद्धांच्या पाऊल खुणा

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If you ask the visiting Puneers what they want to see on the mountain, they will tell you the Peshwa Museum, there are temples built by the Peshwas, from here the top view is seen. Later I asked them what caves are here ??? Yet they looked at me as if I was coming from another planet. Someone fools you. There are no caves here. It was talked to me by a grandfather who has been on the mountain for the past 30 years. On August 25, when I went to see the mountain caves. 200 to 300 people may have come to the Morning Walk. I asked about 10-12 people where are the mountain caves here ?? But no one knew anything. Then finally with Google Maps, I discovered the nearest mountain caves.Parvati caves are an incomplete caves excavated during Rashtrakuta. The interior and the pillars suggest that the caves are in three areas. For some reason the next task seems to have been stopped. Mentions of these caves are found in the Peshwa office and Pune Research News.ASI has not paid much attention to these neglected mountain caves. There is no navigation pane and no info pane. This is not a panel where the caves are protected. It is important to know about the caves in this area. Request for more people to go here.#ASI # Mountains #Caves #Parvati #Caves

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