Zorinsky Pool
3808 S 156th St, Omaha, NE 68130, United States
Review №1

2$ to go in. Only wear your bathing suit to avoid them asking. I had shorts on and the girl still wanted to see my bottoms. Which I understand they are just trying to keep it clean. I Couldnt ask for a better piece of Omaha heaven!! It’s so fun for all ages

Review №2

Love the slides at this pool and the little kids area but everytime we go there the lifeguards scream and I mean scream at kids for running, walking on the grass etc. Kids are there having fun and theres no need to scream at kids. My son accidentally walked on the grass to get to the slides and he got all the way up there and the lifeguard was so mean and made him walk down the bunch of stairs and back up for walking on the grass. So uncalled for. They could of just told him to not do it again. He was upset after this and didnt want to go on the slides again. I understand theres rules and thats great but how they go about it could be different.

Review №3

Super fun for the 2-10 crowd. Play structure with 3 mini slides, waterfall bucket and lots of sprayers. 2 larger water. Slides for ages 6+

Review №4

Very clean, and organized, you can bring your own snacks or take out food, Staff are very welcoming and friendly. I would definitely recommend this place.

Review №5

Cheap July 4th deal, lots of trees for shaded spots, water slides, bring your own food, and enjoy this flippin pool !

Review №6

Very nice pool! Well supervised.

Review №7

Always a fun place. Plenty of life guards and clean.

Review №8

Dont go to this pool if your black, they will cause you lots of issues for no reason

Review №9

Brought my son and he isnt allowed to be in his floaty. I could bring it in but he isnt allowed to sit in the pool in his floaty tlk about discrimination!

Review №10

Great time not crowded

Review №11

Nice pool! I like how they screen the guests swimming attire upon admission. I also like how they remove the kids from the pool every so often to take a break and allow the adults to swim. I would gladly return. My only qualm would be that they need some umbrellas for shade.

Review №12

Very crowded, which limited the fun. They could also use a food counter. The lifeguards were attentive, and everything was clean.

Review №13

So much fun today! What a blessing to see people enjoying the day without any worries for our current climate. The staff was helpful and cheerful!

Review №14

The actual pool is pretty small, though theres a nice water slide and a large area for kids. My main probl with this place is the absurd attitude you get from the staff about having proper swimwear. They act like TSA agents to make sure you have a swimsuit with you. Apparently its against the rules to swim in a shirt or gym shorts. Ive even seen someone get turned away because they didnt think their swimsuit looked enough like a swimsuit. Aside from this, the pool is nice, just too small.

Review №15

Park was at capacity at 1:45. Didnt get in until 2:30. They then closed at 4. You have to pay again at reopen time of 4:30. Good thing cost was $2 a person, it’s not worth any more than that.

Review №16

Fantastic pool! My littles love the bucket and slides. The zero entry is fantastic for those that arent proficient swimmers.

Review №17

Staff has a difficult time being organized. A bit rude for such an easy job. Was told if we go to our car, we cannot get back in...even though we are counted as part of the capacity. I joked with a lifeguard, and hurt their feelings, so they ran to their boss for comfort.

Review №18

Clean, well maintained and managed. Grateful for a place to go swimming with the kids!

Review №19

Awesome staff

Review №20

This place has a spot for my 10 mo old, hubs, and 6 yr old. No one is left out. The play area is awesome for any age.l and they have tall slides off to the side to go on too.

Review №21

This place makes summer, summer. Amazing pools with great life guards, great staff, and great snacks too (vending machines.) My only complaint is the bathrooms. Disgusting floors and the showers have cobwebs+bugs. I understand there isnt an in closed area for it so that why, but its really gross.

Review №22

Now that Covid has closed the park its parking lot is AMAZING to skate around in. Feels good to finally get outside!

Review №23

First the bathrooms are disgusting but I tried to over look that. I was in the middle sections holding my 1 year old standing with my family when I get hit several times in the back of the head with a football. After the second time we moved and few minutes later right under the lifeguard I get hit again. A few minutes later my husband gets hit so we had enough. Not a word was said and balls are being thrown back and forth—not even soft pool balls but foot ball, golf ball, and tennis balls.We move over to the splash area. I was playing with 14 year old daughter and my 1 year old daughter on the splash jets at the entrance of the 0depth pool and a lifeguard said something to us. He said we are not allowed to stand or play on the jets. Isn’t that what they are for?We get out and go sit on our chair for about 30 minutes and watched as many other boys who stood on and played in the jets but no one said anything to them. I even have pictures of boys standing directly on them. Oh and when we were sitting on the lawn chair low and behold my phone gets knocked out of my hand with a tennis ball.Rules are very inconsistent. During adult swim there was a little boy in the water with his dad, but I wasn’t allowed in with my one year old. I have a picture of that also. Is it a sexiest thing? Nothing was said to my husband when he played with my one year old on the jets. I’m in my thirties so to me I’m pretty sure I’m obviously an adult.Also lifeguards are running everywhere back and forth but they blow whistle at kids who run. Practice what you preach...I have never heard so many whistles at a pool or water park and I go to a lot of actually real water parks— I am not from around here. They jump on kids constantly.

Review №24

Came here during my lunch to watch my fiancé and newborn go to the pool for the first time. I was not allowed in because I wasnt wearing a swimsuit. All I wanted was to spend the remaining 20 minutes of my lunch with my family, not swim at all. Very upset about this!Also, I could hear the employees calling me dumb to each other as I was walking away. They are honestly lucky im not crazy.

Review №25

Kids love this pool! Its zero entry, has a deep end, and has a kids fortress complete with bucket (like Great Wolf Lodge but outside). If you go during the day, be prepared for crowds. The pool is noticeably less occupied after dinner around 5 PM however, so go then to beat the hoards of people!

Review №26

This is a very affordable and fun family activity.

Review №27

Our kids love this place. To me it can be a little crazy when it is at full capacity. They really like extremely large bucket that drops large amounts off ice cold water on the kids waiting below. Not sure why they find such joy in this, but they love the surprise I think?This water park is a very nice addition to zorinsky recreation area. Sadly it is open only seasonally. There is also very nice playground on the other side of the lake.

Review №28

There is a cute lifeguard there. By far the best pool in the area would recommend you to go. Did I mention it’s great for little kids too. I took one of my little neighbor kids, Jacob Basilavac, and he loved the child’s play set they had.

Review №29

Great place to go on a hot Summer day! Get there early to pick out a good spot.

Review №30

Turned down at the door for not having proper swim wear even though I was not swimming but going with my wife and kids. Anyone willing to pay admission with their kids who subsidizes the place with tax dollars shouldnt have a problem getting in. Never had that problem at any other water park

Review №31

This is a great public, summer pool in West Omaha. It is great for both toddlers and older children. My son enjoys the big slide and the pool area. The admission price is reasonable. The changing facility is could be enhanced more but it is okay.

Review №32

They deserve no stars. The employees are treated better then customers by management, its clear that if you make a complaint about an employee it goes completely unnoticed because I was treated just as poorly the second time around by the same employee and saw her also having an attitude with other customers. The staff is constantly nagging at children who are just having fun and arent a harm to them selves or anyone around them. And lastly, Ive been reading other comments on how they ILLEGALLY made a mother choose to go to the disgusting bathroom or her hot car to breastfeeding feed her child and when she choose the latter they tried to make her pay again before just kicking her and her kids a place where everyone is half naked they had the audacity to make her leave. They deserve to be shut down or have a complete revamp of staff because someone should have spoke up about how morally wrong it was let alone illegal.

Review №33

I found the swimming pool and resting areas to be nice, however, I would have liked to have seen shower curtains for those that want to shower and change without letting everyone see. Should not have to go into a restroom stall.

Review №34

I wish i could give 5 stars but givin the recent events of forcing a breast feeding mom to feed elsewhere i just can’t. But i don’t think taking down a whole establishment for one persons mistake is the thing to do.That being said. We loved the pool! Very clean and my daughter loved the zero entry. I also like that it has a lot of shaded areas.

Review №35

Absolutely disgusting treatment of a mother who was breastfeeding her baby. Making her either feed her child in a dirty restroom or go to her vehicle. Then they have the nerve to try and make her pay to come back in. You better teach your staff some damn respect or youre gonna see less and less patrons.Read the law2011 Neb. Laws, L.B. 197

Review №36

To Carolina Lopez,I understand your frustration that you were not allowed back in the pool, but if you would have called before going, you would have known that you need a swimsuit to go into any Omaha public pool. The staff is very nice there, but when you back them into a corner and walk in without permission, they will respond like management should. If you were better prepared, this would not have happened.

Review №37

I took my kids here and we had so much fun. They had something for everyone; waterslides, a smaller sized water slide area with a splash bucket for younger kids, a shallow and deep area to swim.

Review №38

My 4 year old had a decent time on the equipment, but there were a lot of issues. 1. I found it insulting to be asked to dig my swim suit out and show the check in people, especially juggling a stroller, baby and my daughter while trying to pay. 2. There was extremely limited shaded space and seating. 3. What’s with the CONSTANT breaks where everyone is forced to get out of the pool?! I can understand a few throughout the day, but my god, it was a meltdown every time I had to pull my daughter out of the water and explain the situation. I’ve never seen anything like that at another small water park. I would never go back here, it made the seemingly fair admission prices not worth it in the end.

Review №39

Horrible management and overall staff that we were exposed too. My fiancé is pregnant with twins and wasnt allowed in with a NON COTTON under armor sports bra(being as it was the only thing that fits her) but they oh so kindly offered that she sign a waiver allowing her to pay to enter the pool and agree not to get in the water. While I understand its not necessarily swimsuit attire, the fact that they couldnt make an exception is absolutely ridiculous! What a joke! I will be taking my family and friends to all the other Omaha Public pools that can be more understanding and family friendly. They are just as nice and clean if not more and arent ridiculous about the rule!

Review №40

Horrible life guards! Luckily the supervisor was there that day because my pool passes were messed up and the lifeguards said we cant do nothing about it, go to the place you bought them from & get it fixed. DIDNT EVEN OFFER TO GRAB THE SUPERVISOR. So I had to ask for her myself. She came to the rescue & fixed the passes, thank God! Later while im swimming the supervisor walked around the pool to tell the life guards to stand up from their chairs. What a shame, she had to remind them how to do their job, YIKES.

Review №41

It is a wonderful little pool and I go there every summer at least five times! Its so much fun and brings joy to my whole family.

Review №42

Decent pool but the water slides were not running thats one of the reasons we wanted to go there. Overall it was a good time and the bucket was the best part.

Review №43

Over all amazing pool. Great lifeguards and super qualified managers. This pool has been one of my favorite ever since I was little. The expectations that the managers have for the lifeguards is the type of quality every pool should have. They are rules for a reason if you can’t follow them for your own safety why go swimming. Customers need to learn to follow rules and not get butthurt about every little thing. I’ve seen customers complain over little things that are childish and ridiculous and make a scene out of it. keep up the work and thanks for keeping EVERYONE Safe.

Review №44

Management is bad. I took my kids there to teach how to snorkel. I get my son going right next to one of the life guards. Nothing was ever said. Break time comes around kids go take their little break, I put my snorkeling gear start swim around. Soon as pop up one of the life guards tells me that I cant have snorkels and fin in the pool. I looked to see if that was posted at the pool. Did see anything stating no snorkeling, the person up front seen my gear and my kids snorkeling gear. Did not see a single thing about. But they wanted to make sure I had no glass containers or beer in my cooler.

Review №45

If I could give you no stars I would..You should be ashamed of yourself. Make a mother and her child choice to breastfeed in a disgusting bathroom or car. Then try to make her pay again. That is illegal and I hope you guys get sued. Look up the law. You guys are in the wrong and get educated. #normalizebreastfeedinginpublic

Review №46

Staff are all friendly and love the zero entry for kiddos!

Review №47

Youll love this place. admission is $4 or $5 .safe place great for little ones also.

Review №48

The worst experience ever!!! My husband, 4 boys and I visit this pool for the first time, we paid our entrance and cashier ask me to show her my swimming top as I was wearing a spaghetti shirt, cashier advise me I couldnt go in with out a swim top. I told her I will run home and come back, my hubby and 3 boys stayed at the pool and my 18 month old and i left, as I was leaving the parking lot my sister arrive and call me 5 minutes later to let me know they were the last ones to let in do to max capacity, I told her I had already paid so I was fine. Came back 30 minutes later around 1:30 and the same cashier told me they were at full capacity and she couldnt let me in, I advise her repitelety that I had already pay she said she never enter my payment because they dont pre-registration anyone I ask why didnt she advised me that before I left? she said because she didnt know it was going to get full while I was gone I told her in 5 minutes because my sister was the last person you let in right after I left. She said you see all those people they are waiting so you need to step outside and wait until 3:00 I told her I was going inside and get my family out because i was not going to wait outside with my 18 month old for almost two hours, I walked in went and got my sister then I went to go look for my husband and kids, as I was explaining my husband the cashier, manager and a young men came up to us and told us we all need it to leave, as I was explaining the manager what had happened the cashier interrupted me... I told the cashier to stop because I was not talking to her then the manager told me shes my employee and you cant talk to her like that and I need it to apologize to her...are you freaking kidding me!!!! If anything the cashier need it to apologize to me for interrupting me and for her mistake. Neither of them apologize ones and the manager said she need it us out of the building now for talking to her employee like that...I couldnt believe what I was hearing! This place needs and adult supervision and not young people that think theyre on the top of the world. The manager was being a good friend to the cashier not a good manager as she didnt care if we came back. Nice place bad management!!!

Review №49

Very clean, easy to obtain seating, and the kids loved the water slides.Only cons - Not a large enough deep end, too crowded, and no diving board.

Review №50

So much fun! Its best to get there early though, the pool fills up with people fast.

Review №51

A nice change from a regular pool. They have two huge areas connected for more adults and older kids then theres a playground in the pool with water spouts and slide for toddlers and younger kids.. theres also two big water slides you can go down. The bad part is its usually super busy unless you time it right and the trees if laying towels down by them have ticks.

Review №52

Today my sons were treated poorly by the staff..they were just having fun, not hurting anyone. We personally were standing there 20+ min watching them and all they were doing was playing. The lifeguard came up and made my boys plus a cpl other boys leave the pool..then she proceeded to argue with me over what happened. Watch your kids when you go here. They will yell at you and your kids for every little thing. She even stood and watched my boys to make sure they didnt get back in the pool. Will not be getting a season pass this year.

Review №53

If your a nursing mother or if you’re someone who supports nursing mamas DON’T COME TO THIS POOL! Today, I witnessed their management tell a mom she could only nurse in the filthy bathroom or in her car. She choose her car and when she tried to come back in they wanted her to pay again! As a nursing mother myself, we will never come back and support this pool again.

Review №54

Super busy, even on a weekend, lifeguards were not friendly and blew their whistles for everything!

Review №55

Yeah the pool was very nice and steamy and there was a really cute lifeguard that really keeps me going there named Brayden Adams I think.

Review №56

Great place for young kids under 12. Even my little guys at 1.5 years old like it.

Review №57

Fun place to go swimming! Take your kids and try the water slide!!

Review №58

They have a good pool but the management is analy horribly they said we were disturbing other people when we were playing a game of sharks and minnows. We were threatened to be kicked out and banned for 1 month. Please get new management they are completely and utterly aids cuh

Review №59

Cute lifeguards, management acts like they should, 10/10 will be back.

Review №60

This “family” establishment illegally discriminates against nursing mothers forcing them to nurse their babies in their disgusting bathrooms or escorting them out to their cars then forcing them to pay admission costs again. This has happened to multiple women. Nebraska laws state a nursing woman is free to nurse in all public places. This pool is clearly breaking the law and blatantly humiliates and degrades nursing mothers and puts infants health at risk by forcing them to be fed in their gross bathrooms. Would not be surprised if this establishment is sued and shut down soon if their lack of education and disregard for human rights laws continue.

Review №61

Kids will have fun..Good number of life guard..So you leave your kids without any worries !!! The big slides are good !!

Review №62

Reasonable price. and you can bring food!

Review №63

Horrible place to go to!!!! They do not allow mothers to nurish and feed their infants. And then double charge them when they are forced to leave and then come back with in a few mins. Disgusting! Ppl can wear tiny bathing suits but you cant feed your children.

Review №64

It is super fun and just an awesome experience its an awesome place to bring your little ones if they want to have some real fun

Review №65

April 20 2019Ok so today the pool opens at 12And I decided to try and call at 11:35 to see if they actually did open today bc usually they don’t open till after Memorial Day.WELL THEY DIDNT ANSWERand I called multiple times and you know what there was this huge screeching noise at the end . PLEASE ANSWER YOUR PHONE!

Review №66

Great for younger kids with the splash area and waterslides for the older kids. 5.00 adults 4.00 kids 3 and up

Review №67

Perfect place for a family to swim picnic and camp

Review №68

Its a good swimming pool but needs more attractions

Review №69

Any mother who breastfeeds or anyone who supports breastfeeding mothers should avoid this pool!!! Mothers are frequently made to go breastfeed in the disgusting bathroom or in their car! Illegal practice is happening at this public pool.

Review №70

Never have been to the pool, but the people that work there are great 👍

Review №71

If you tell a nursing mother she cant nurse her baby in public, you have just broke the law.I hope the city of Omaha sees the overwhelming response and fires everyone involved.

Review №72

Disappointed to hear this pool is acting illegally in regard to its breastfeeding policies. I will be sure to tell everyone I know to avoid this pool.

Review №73

It was horrible first they said the slides were closed then i was just dancing to the music of the song they were playing then I was talked to by a life guard because he said I was acting like a little kid and I should stop unless I should be put in Timeout for doing that then after that I went to the vending Machienes and it didnt work so I pressed return coins It gave me one NICKEL when I gave them a dollar and 50 cents, WHAT A SCAM they said they couldnt help becuse its not their policy not longer after that The pool closed because a little kid used the restroom in the pool, so yes I dont like it

Review №74

Zorinsky Pool is really nice and people there are really nice and the pool is deep they have a water playground and 2 tall slides

Review №75

Staff were rude, as well as impossible to please, no tampons in the womens restroom, the last tome that I came I was told that I HAD TO go down the slide with my son, this time I was told it was not allowed, get your rules straight before you expect anyone possibly follow them. =/

Review №76

Always fun to go to. Good life guards but some are rude asf.

Review №77

Nice pool something for kids of all ages to do

Review №78

The the pool is very fun but the management is horrible me and my friends were playing a safe ol game of sharks and minos and the second we touched the rope one of the lifeguards told us to get out but we didnt here them so we started to go to the play area of the pool but we were yelled at by one of the head lifeguards and was told that we were running from them but we were not and the they threatened us to be kicked out the next time we do it which is some garbage rule cuh

Review №79

Great experience, my son 2 years old loved

Review №80

Terrible wont let you in to watch your kid if you rant have a swim suit shouldn’t even have one star

Review №81

Good I liked it crowded at times

Review №82

I love this pool so much the first time i went there was for a party i think that they should add more slides into it.

Review №83

Never again will I go there, making a breast feeding mom go in her car to feed her child then make her pay again to get back in. That is ridiculous!! Worst thing ever. Management is disgusting!

Review №84

Always clean and friendly environment!

Review №85

Its fun my whole family likes but they do have bad managment

Review №86

Great pool for the grandkids

Review №87

Had a very good time.

Review №88

My 11 and 7 year olds couldnt get enough of the slides!

Review №89

Great price and fun

Review №90

Staff is great and the slides are fun!!!!

Review №91

5 minutes into my first visit with my 2 year old and they close the pool because they can not handle a kid throw up water in the pool.

Review №92

Great water park

Review №93

Doesn’t support breastfeeding mothers. Demanded a breastfeeding mother to nurse in her hot car and then proceeded to tell her she was not welcome back.

Review №94

Absolute joke of a place! Never go here

Review №95

I will not support a facility that does not support the right to breastfeed in public.

Review №96

Fun and very relaxing!

Review №97

Very very bad, lifeguards are rude, only for little little kids, small and just plain old awful

Review №98

Treating nursing mamas like trash is terrible also illegal.

Review №99

Great place

Review №100

Bad customer service & terrible management

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  • Phone:+1 402-444-1710
  • Public swimming pool
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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