Plot No. 39/1, Inorbit Mall, Inorbit Mall Level-2, Palm Beach Rd, Sector 30A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400703, India
Review №1

One of the oldest mall in Navi Mumbai. But not really very good compared to other malls in Mumbai. Many brands are available in the store . Food court is of small size. In.of brands are also less. Overall experience-Good

Review №2

Sunday morning are the best time to check it out. Love bowling, basketball, arcade games at timezone. Some of bikes are new and very responsive.

Review №3

Only for bowling experience I go there with my family. Charge is very high. But good experience. You have to purchase a card with minimum 1000 rupees. In that bowling charge 250 per person. At least who love to take experience of bowling must try this place.

Review №4

Nice place to enjoy. Suitable for all age types. There are many games option in time zone. It is on 3rd floor of inorbit mall vashi.

Review №5

Entertainment section of Inorbit Mall with many electronic games for life’s and adults. Worth spending time and money enjoying the gaming zones with family and kids. Adults can also visit to recall gaming memories of their childhood and feel refreshed. Bowling zone and Bumper Car are main attractions.Bowling zone is also cheap with rate 150 per head for 10 rounds. Also Bumper car costs 60 per car(same rate for one or two people is a car together) for 3 minutes.Do visit and have fun!

Review №6

My daughter loved it. So do i

Review №7

I have been visiting timezone Inorbit mall Vashi more than 2 years now. Initially the staff was very helpful and the game machines were also in good condition. But gradually everything has changed especially in this Vashi outlet while other outlets like r city and others are comparatively great. Recently a very unpleasant incidence happened with me. I didn’t want to post but had to as I’m not able to visit this place with same happiness. Last Tuesday I visited Vashi timezone And it was supposed to be half price Tuesday, but to my surprise very few games were at half price and all half price games were either not functioning properly or were unavailable. Only down the clown and fishing were available, while playing down the clown the balls were getting stuck in their machine I had to call them every time before playing it. I requested them to add one more ball as sticking of ball was causing inconvenience but there’s an employee there called MANJU who told me I won’t come every time to remove the ball neither will add a ball you play another games. I found this very rude and manipulative.Then I played fishing game and in the first game I caught a lobster of 500 points and along with other fishes my total score was 529 points. On the screen it showed that 529 tickets were adding to my card but when I checked no points were added and then I brought this in notice to the counter but there’s an EXTREMELY RUDE guy there called SHABBIR who is incapable to understand the issue, ignorant, calls himself the head cashier, was impolite with me and my friend. When I asked him to check he said I’ll replace the game and you can play another game but my point was it’s not always possible to win the jackpot so when I have won it how can you not give me the tickets if your machine didn’t added tickets. But it was not in his capacity to understand the issue so I discussed the entire issue with the other employee and he came along with me and played with his card and got to understand that machine was not adding the tickets so he was intelligent enough to understand the issue and respond accordingly and he added the tickets but that guy SHABBIR’s ego was tremendously hurt and he had a fight with his colleague who helped me also when my friend went to him to calm him down he was agitated and he told us that he’ll make sure his colleague pay for this. I tried to speak to the manager so that the guy who helped us shouldn’t lose his job due to someone’s ignorance and ego but the manager was on leave.So, it is important to take this issue in consideration that such foolish people should not be allowed to handle the customers at desk instead those who are intelligent and able to solve the problem appropriately should be at the counter. I hope timezone takes some action regarding this and ask for any help needed from my side. Thank you.

Review №8

Good place to have fun. You can enjoy bowling here. Lot of games are available here, which are redeemable on credit basis, using your Timezone card. You can later redeem your points for toys/stationaries/chocolates.

Review №9

Best place to enjoy with yours kids as well as friends and family as it offers games for kids as well as adults... Wide range of games... All games are in good condition... some new games added which are very good specially horse riding... Staff are courteous and helpful... Worst thing that their ticket counting machines always have problems... otherwise best place to enjoy...

Review №10

My kids love to spend time here... It is their favourite play area

Review №11

Timezone Vashi was supposed to be a fun place but now due to lazy and arrogant staff especially Shabbir, the experience was not pleasant and had to stop visiting the outlet.

Review №12

Timezone is a great play zone that offers a variety of games for almost all ages. Its besides the food court in in orbit Mall.Loved to play bowling and dashing cars.The cost of cards is quite reasonable. There is sitting area place for Party Zone.Its expensive as compared to other time zones But it Worth as some games give you coupons which can be redeemed .And yes massage chair placed near the party zone is the best part U can sit and Relax.

Review №13

Its beautiful fun place for childrens and game lovers

Review №14

Its awesome hygeine clean everything staff so fantabulous even washrooms are so cleaned appreciated

Review №15

Timezone needs to change the staff and repair the machines. Earlier staff was very helpful and cooperative.

Review №16

Good games for kids and adults! Bowling alley is also good and worth for the money paid

Review №17

You find long bowling lane comparative to the one in SGC. A bit Maintenance is required in bowling as the pins mechanism gets hang frequently which may effect your enjoyment and excitement. Charges for bowling is 200.Apart from this you will find dashing car , bike racing ,car racing, horse racing , roller coaster VR and much more.Due to covid-19 they are allowing limited number of people at a time to maintain the social distancing.

Review №18

Get excited for a superior gaming experience at Timeout with a range of fun arcade games and bowling. Bring in your kids and also bring out the child in you by indulging in the amazing games! Timezone has an ambiance that emanates fun, joy and vibrancy that will lift up your mood. You can also host parties here to make special occasions absolutely memorable!

Review №19

Best Mall in the town right now. Various products and items are available in this mall

Review №20

Good place but you have to purchase their card in one thousand rupees and then make a recharge of atleast 500 then only you are able to play games

Review №21

Amazing place to go for games mainly bowling.You have to buy a card with money in it.You can recharge card with given schemes like for 500 or 1000. And enjoy whatever game there is in timezone.

Review №22

It is located in vashi -inorbitAnd you can have quality time with your friends and family by playing games and enjoying food

Review №23

Timezone Vashi is filled with staff without proper training. They cant resolve the issues of the customers and are extremely arrogant especially Shabbir.

Review №24

It was a nice experience. There are many games to play and it fun to be here. It is spaciousThe best thing here is bowlingAll the games work properly and no issues with itIt worth to give a try onceIts a bit expensiveBut the interesting part is that some games give you coupons which you can redim to buy some stuff from the storeThe place is located in Inorbit mall which makes it convenient to accessStaff is helpful

Review №25

My kids favourite place. Even there are so many for all age groups. Tuesday offers will make u to visit this place every Tuesday

Review №26

Prize was high on sat sun .....BOWLING Area WAS small as compare to korum mall.

Review №27

Very nice place for kids and adults as well many types of games are there...

Review №28

Great recreation outlet not only for kids but even for adults... exciting games

Review №29

They follow all the covid 19 safety measures well. Also the games there refreshes the mind.

Review №30

Good For Time pass. They removed the bigger bowling alley

Review №31

One the best time killing place in vashi. Go play enjoy Affordable rates. One Star Because equipments and Games Should Be maintained. There should be efficient staff at the billing counter. Over all experience is good Awesome Gaming Atmosphere stress reliever.

Review №32

Bowling alley is only game where adults can have fun.

Review №33

Great place to hangout with family and friends. People from all ages can have fun.This is a fantastic play area for children and young adults.If you a tired then just swipe your card and relax in one of the massage chair.Various types of games. All games are in good condition. You can have bowling, dashing rings, ice hockey, camel race, horse riding, loads of video games and arcade games.

Review №34

Good place.. one of my favourite place.. staff is very helpful.. the bowling lane has improved as it newly created..all game are in good condition.. some new games are added which are very good .. we loved bowling..

Review №35

The policy of minimum purchase is useless. Why do I need to unnecessarily and forcibly buy a minimum of 500rs card even when I only want to play 1 or 2 game?

Review №36

If things are made for kids then it should be fun based and not only should be money minded

Review №37

Awesome place to send quality time with family! Family that plays together stays together! Cool range of games for all range and yeah the massage chair is the best stuff! I would recommend more of such stuff! My boy has gala time on all the rides and bowling alley is one of the best in town! Time zone main hi rahunga main Ghar nahi jaunga main! time zone a superlative experience for kids of all age

Review №38

Very good experience bring out kids in usJust they need to help some more assistance

Review №39

Fun Place for Kids.Have interactive games.Will keep the kinds engaged for a long time.

Review №40

Amazing games to play... My favourite is bowling it is just for 150rs

Review №41

Good place to enjoy with your kids above 5 years, the rides for the little ones are very few which runs very slow. Few games are good enough to make you win tickets which you can redeem later. The redeemable tickets are sold at very high price, I wish they make the price decent enough and manage to have good prizes.

Review №42

It was good experience in time zone enjoyed playing games had fun with friends

Review №43

Bowling alley is one of the smallest I have seen.... Understaffed during the days...

Review №44

Not many exciting gamesAll games are old and boring.Not value for money

Review №45

A great place to enjoy have fun and become a kid again

Review №46

It is a nice place and kids can never feel bored. There is a wide range of activities and games to choose from. They keep renovating and adding new things so people will never get bored. They also keep coming with offers on recharges. Tuesday is the best day to go as all games are at 50% off on Tuesday.

Review №47

Greatest Playing Games...

Review №48

It was really fun time at Timezone the games are too awesome, good for leisure time with your friends or family....

Review №49

Very clean and good place to spend time.

Review №50

Its a humongous mall. The mall contains many department stores. Feel quite reviving to be here. The mall as well has good food restaurants. The timezone gaming zone is really good and seems quite big. It is mostly crowded during the weekends.

Review №51

Not went there... just went to Inorbit mall

Review №52

Not much good experience expenses of food are too high and quality is worst I dont prefer you to eat here

Review №53

Very good place for shopping. Had fun shoping. There is a game zone for children.

Review №54

Great place to have fun and enjoyment with friends and family.Minimum ticket purchase should be of 400₹ for which you get 340₹ to play.I played bowling which costed 150₹ person of 10 games no sharing.Then played dashing car which costed 60₹ for 2 persons which lasted for 5 minutes.I have 34 tickets in return got a scale.Compared to smash game zone this one is less of vibes.

Review №55

Here we always see Happy Faces of Kids

Review №56

Nice place to visit with family and friends.I quite like the bowling alley here.Nice warm and dark look to it with lots of black lights or UV lights too (it makes white objects glow in the dark).It’s a bit far from the center of the the city though but definitely worth a visit if you anywhere near that side of the city.

Review №57

Perfect place for kidsAdults could enjoy here as well

Review №58

Good place to have fun with or without friends

Review №59

Best place for Kids , plenty of Games to enjoy right from, a regular for many families, Games for different age groups ie Toddlers to Teens. Also has a Bowling Alley for Grownups.

Review №60

Best place to relax and do fun & mastii

Review №61

It good place to hang out kids and youngsters

Review №62

Like it awesome games to play and fully comfortable

Review №63

Good place for kids full time pass place

Review №64

Its a lovely place with different games and a good to have fun. The bowling alley they have is my favourite and so is the basketball. But however the prices are too high, the claws are tampered with so that no one wins and also the goodies we get in exchange for the tickets isnt exactly worth it. Id rather go for smaash

Review №65

Love it... Cheapest among all its competition.. friendly staff.. good ambience.. most importantly place for all 3 years to 60years old.. my kids really enjoy here.. keep it up

Review №66

Enjoyable place with kids and family. Bit rushed on holidays or weekends

Review №67

A superb place to enjoy, not only for kids but adults can have a good relaxing time here.

Review №68

Good hangout for kids.. All sort of games are available.. With in imprint mall in top floor..

Review №69

Lovely place for children to enjoy, varieties of games, children love this place a lot.

Review №70

Will find everything a mall should have

Review №71

Inorbit timezone has multiple games such as dashing cars, bowling, car and bike racing etc.Fun place to spend time. The fact that we cant recharge our card for flexible amount is a major negative. Overall a 4 star

Review №72

Best place to relieve your stress ;). From kids to oldies. Good game. Winning tickets on every game is very encouraging for kids. You can redeem the tickets with good gifts.

Review №73

Place is good for kids. But game duration is very less. But beware about money deduction from game recharge card. I visited 2 days back with my son and while swipe the game card i found extra 160 rupees deducted without play the game. They thinks public will not identify this issue while enjoying the games.

Review №74

Decent Play Zone for all age Groups. Offer lot of games for kids and adults alike. There are bike / car simulator racing options, air hockey, bowling. Rates are reasonable compared to most other Play zones...

Review №75

Many more games added.. amazing games... fulltoo funn

Review №76

Nice place for kids to play game

Review №77

I mean duh, definitely worth a visit

Review №78

Nice place to paly bowling

Review №79

Nice place for kids to play

Review №80

Fun play place, good for de stressing.

Review №81

This place is good to hangout with friends . They have different offers on different days which is very good at times . There are some games which do not function properly

Review №82

Nice place for kids to enjoy.

Review №83

Very interesting place to play and games are nice

Review №84

Good place for kids and elders as well

Review №85

Cool place for all ages!! Staff is really good and attentive!! Hats off... They keep their cool even when customers act rude!! A good feature to have...amazing!!!

Review №86

There is not much of crowd and they have revamped entire set up

Review №87

Total frauds. One swipe was faulty, staff said they have replaced but upon swipe money deducted again. Ground staff and reception was completely non-cooperative. It feel like some scam running here and there is no way to check.

Review №88

Nice place for kids and adults too....

Review №89

Well situated and built. Always crowded. Has a number of attraction like timezone and food court. Washroom facility available.

Review №90

Bowling alley is the main attraction of Timezone

Review №91

Fun for all age groups of children n adults too..

Review №92

I would give it 5 star if they add up some new Balls and according to weight category. And provide some cloth to clean the ball surface. Because we players are little professional so do the game is.

Review №93

Great place! Fun for all ages. Literally all ages. It contains games for children as young as 3 and massage chairs for elderly. Recent addition of new games with VR glasses is amazing.Pro Tip: Wait for Bonanza Saturday where you get double money in the card. Play the games on Tuesdays when the rates for many games is half.

Review №94

Good place to have fun with kids

Review №95

Really love this place on days when its not crowded. Ive been a fan of this place since I was 10 and I still continue to come here to enjoy with my friends and family. Their (not so) recently added games; bumping cars and bowling alley are really fun. Ive had issues with tickets malfunction once but the staff resolved it soon enough. The crane games sometimes seem to be a rip-off tbh cause the way they arrange the soft toys, its almost impossible to get them out. I really enjoy coming here nevertheless, great place to bring your kids too. They also have a party area to celebrate birthdays and other events

Review №96

Full on Timepaas.Time flies here

Review №97

The place is very expensive. Very unfare offers. After spending lots of money on playing games and winning tokens you can buy eareser and sharpener & candy only. The place is in Inorbit top floor. All the toys are old now. Childrens love to play but some toys are very old. Choose wisely while spending money over here.

Review №98

Need lots of improvement. Not sure worth the price and quality still needs a boost.Should introduce family fun based activities. Parents children both could participate

Review №99

Great place for bowling with friends and also for gaming activities.. Here they give extra discount on activities on Tuesday.. And in weekend the gaming activities got expensive because of its huge crowd..

Review №100

Fun unlimited ... Kids enjoy a lot.. specially the dashing cars.. the play area is quite big and has lots of variety in games...must visit !!

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4.2 Rating
  • Address:Plot No. 39/1, Inorbit Mall, Inorbit Mall Level-2, Palm Beach Rd, Sector 30A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400703, India
  • Site:
  • Phone:+91 22 4968 4977
  • Amusement center
  • Video arcade
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–10PM
  • Thursday:11AM–10PM
  • Friday:11AM–10PM
  • Saturday:11AM–10PM
  • Sunday:11AM–10PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
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