Mystery Rooms Mumbai
103, First Floor, Shree Krishna Tower, Opp Laxmi Industrial Estate, New Link Rd, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053, India
Review №1

Great experience, well built n managed. Group of 4 to 5 can have good fun. They have almost 6 missions n each m every mission is different n exciting . Had a great time n enjoyed it.

Review №2

Whn u use 100+% of your brain Good to spend time with your bestows

Review №3

Such a fun place to be at when you are a puzzlehead. ️ The host was also friendly. Lovely experience.

Review №4

Excellent experience.. Played level 4 murder cabin. Solved it with taking 15 extra minutes.. Excellent puzzles

Review №5

It was awesome experience. Had gone with my friends the feeling of finishing the game is the Best Achievement

Review №6

Had an amazing time here. The prices are a bit expensive specially during weekend. But the place is really good. Great interiors and challenging gameplay.

Review №7

Really clever puzzles. Loved it. It was an extremely fun experience.

Review №8

Awesome experience. The types of puzzles were truely mindbending. Dont take easy levels for granted. Even they will require a lot of thinking to crack the codes. Must visit.

Review №9

We had an amazing experience....awesome place...It was birthday party so all kids enjoyed a lot...

Review №10

Nice puzzles ....keep your mind engaged and fun solving them together ....

Review №11

Nice place! Would be nice if they didnt charge 500/- extra for 15 mins even though youve finished 90% of the escape.

Review №12

Amazing place. Must go n enjoy!!!

Review №13

Challengingg taskss

Review №14

Amazing experience and a good way to surprise your loved one.

Review №15

It was a Blast, the experience was astonishing. We chose the A night in Bhangarh theme and as the history goes it was actually thrilling, the sound effects and everything ( Im trying very hard not to give spoilers). The prices were a bit steep but its a must go. You can plan your birthday there or just a outing with your friends.

Review №16

Excellent place to spend a few hours. After finishing the first room we wanted to jump right into another, sadly time did not permit. It is a bit expensive at Rs 800 per person but it was a truly fun.

Review №17

Just loved it. V tried abduction room. Totally mind blowing.

Review №18

A great Mystery Place. Must Visit once for great experience. A bit overpriced

Review №19

One of the best themed escape rooms in the city! Tried Prison and Kohinoor, very nice concept! We cleared prison and got medals for it, which was a good memorable piece that we could take home with us! Highly recommend!

Review №20

Me second time at Mystery rooms and it was great fun with my family! Highly recommend it for fun group activities for adults and teens! The first time we had done Night at Bhangar and its was amazing! However, the second time around with Cabin in the woods I just wish we had been given better lifelines. Twice we got clues which we already had figured out. But all in all, great fun!

Review №21

The best mystery rooms in the city(probably the only one left). We did the kohinoor heist and was amazed by the quality of the setup and the complexity of the puzzles. At 700₹ on a weekday and 800₹ on weekends its totally worth the money. The activity lasts an hour and we were left wanting more as soon as we finished it.Pro tip: book in advance over the phone or their website. Also you can park your car in the mail across the street for ₹50.

Review №22

Excellent experience. We were three 9-yr old kids and 4 adults. All had a blast. Was apprehensive if kids would enjoy but they loved it... Of course you need adults. Must go experience

Review №23

A TOTAL MIND BOGGLER! many interesting clues that will put even elders and teens alike chewing on their fingers. Underways and slide paths make the game all the more interesting. A definite must try. It has 6 different adventures. All equally amazing and creative. Lovely and helpful staff

Review №24

Mystery Rooms challenges your inner detective, its a really good place to vist with a group of friends. Its worth a visit.

Review №25

Felt thrilled, really would like to come again

Review №26

Good experience thrilling experience wonderful mystry

Review №27

Love to go there always.i have been to 3 rooms and each time the experience is different. They have very well thought of all the clues and connected it to real time scenarios. The staff is also very helpful.Request everytime to try all the rooms for sure.

Review №28

Good place..they have 6 mysteries to be solved and mystery rooms has put in lot of efforts to build this..once everyone should go

Review №29

Amazing and thrilling experience and the puzzles were hard and interesting.

Review №30

Something fun to do on a not so fun day

Review №31

Strategicly created! Time BoundWorth a try!A bit expensiveAround 5-6 variants.It would be much fun if you go with friends :P

Review №32

Have now tried two of the rooms..bhangarh and Kohinoor.. both were very good and will tax u to the limit..weekday charges are 700 per person and weekend is 800.

Review №33

It was a great challenging adventure for us and it is very challenging

Review №34

Adventurous and fun over here in cracking those mystery rooms. Not so easy, so go test yourself.

Review №35

Visited during weekend. Prices are too high, but enjoyed..Planning to visit again to another escape room there. Worth visiting.

Review №36

Enjoyed a lot. Nice place where they give some clues and we have to decode it. Play atleast two games. You will enjoy when you go in group of atleast 5

Review №37

Mystery room. Great concept. Tried the Cabin in the woods. Completed the complex game.

Review №38

Super fun & difficult... Should change clues so we can go again. Friendly staff and well organised

Review №39

Very nice experience, we tried the bhangadh fort theme. It was well laid out and the puzzles were really interesting. It is best enjoyed with a group of good friends. It would be helpful to check in while you are at this place since it gives you extra hints.

Review №40

Great experience. Mystery rooms should have been easier though.

Review №41

The concept is quite innovative. The game keeps you interested to play till the last minute. The price of the place is little expensive than compared to the time given to play. Overall the place is a must visit if you want to do something different than usual like going to restaurants or zoos.

Review №42

With various other activity places tried around the city, we wanted to visit a new place for an activity. This place was found on our visit to Fun Republic.The very next day, here we were. Honestly, this location can be rated one of the toughest and well maintained till date. Enjoyed the experience here....

Review №43

Had an amazing amazing time. Ideal place to spend constructive, imaginative and productive time with your kids!!

Review №44

Challenging and fun but a bit expensive

Review №45

Highly recommended. Lot of fun, I was literally handcuffed, blindfolded, made to solve math among other things. It was a great experience. That one hour seemed like 10 minutes.

Review №46

Amazing experience. Had a great fun. We were 5 people and all of us had an amazing time playing the game. The game was very engaging and we were so clued in to get the clues and move to next level and get out.Just loved it.We will definitely come back for sure and recommend this.

Review №47

Great fun! Go with friends or family and solve the mystery to escape! Mind you its not easy!

Review №48

I had gone here yesterday and it’s very fun solving mystery rooms I did a night in bangarh fort it was scary but fun

Review №49

Very bad experience. Totally mismanagement. Staff were very rude. Slots were booked in 2 names. People coming from far away and they are wasting time not even attending the people and replying them.

Review №50

Great place to spend an hour with friends and family. Get ready to get locked in and solve clues. Nice clean place, helpful staff.

Review №51

Super fun mystery games with lots of brain juice to burn... Loved the games...

Review №52

Amazing place

Review №53

Nice intellectual game. Lovely experience!

Review №54

A unique experience!! In one hour, one is expected to complete the series of puzzles, to complete the task.. It was one hour of pure fun, and a good exercise to brain.. At 900, it may appear to be bit expensive for some, but it is worth the money..!! And there are plenty of different rooms to choose from..

Review №55

Good to experience some one elses cost..not worth spending a penny of own..hehe...But the dark rooms are a bit diff n can b experienc3d once

Review №56

Our goto place when we want to test our brains and seek some adventure. Weve played almost all the scenarios at this place and absolutely love it.

Review №57

Amazing experience with friends. Well worth the price and would sure go again. Full of amazing technology and interesting choices of for different scenarios which Ill surely check out with friends soon again. Really an amazing experience, a 10/10 from my side.

Review №58

Wonderful place

Review №59

The worst experience.Highly disappointed..I think that the game is set at a very difficult level for a layman. The game is for public and not for some CBI Investigator. It is so difficult to crack that our entire one hour was spent in the first room. They are charging 600 per person which is too high. Not at all worth. i suggest the duration should be increased to two hrs atleast looking at the difficulty level. Mystery rooms are very average, third class interiors and the torch light provided was too poor and that too just 3 torches for 5 ppl. I feel so heartbroken to spend 3k for 5 ppl. On the top of that they even charge for the water bottle which is so poor of them. Even if you are very rich please give in charity rather than wasting on such idiotic place.

Review №60

Nice concept, interesting puzzles. Must go for mystery and puzzle lovers.

Review №61

A good experience. Seven of us tried the Kohinoor 1 and just solved it in the nick of time. It was well planned and well thought of.

Review №62

Best place to have fun with friends, colleagues.. Full of mystery. You will feel that you are live on a mission or a case and solving in that environment. You should must visit the place and you will surely enjoy..️️

Review №63

Had a blast!!!! Superb experience. Intelligently and Interestingly planned clues. Do visit!5/5️

Review №64

New concept and very well handled in this outlet

Review №65

It is a fun place to go to with your friends and exercise your brain with puzzles

Review №66

We had a very nice experience at this place...the puzzles can be very demanding to solve and it will take great resolve & brain to escape the rooms within the time limit.

Review №67

Mentally stimulating..... An amazing place to have some fun with your group of friends... A must visit place when in Mumbai.

Review №68

Amazing place, really need to buff up Ur brains b4 coming here, clues help a lot, excellent experience

Review №69

If you want to experience thrill, fear, curiosity and a high amount of brainstorming...Mystery Rooms is definately the place to be. They have a variety of themes to try on and lets you awaken your inner Sherlock. We were a group of 4 girls who tried the theme A Cabin in the Woods and were almost on the verge of completion but time ticked off. Nevertheless we Escaped!Worth Visiting

Review №70

Rude staff

Review №71

We had a blast escaping! Super well done room scenario, new and fresh! Clean facilities, reasonable prices and friendly staff!

Review №72

Too costly. Also, in the room of The Kon of Kohinoor, there were technical issues from their end: the laszer wasn’t visible enough and once we crossed the area, only then the lasers become darker and visible. Also, to reset as well as deactive lasers, 5 buttons should be pressed together but again nothing happened and time was wasted which was not even reimbursed and finally the technical guy had to come and fix it. Again, the nut, bolt, and screwdriver part in the beginning of the game was broken which made us loose time and finally the technical guy had to tell us the code because even he was unable to open it. And some rooms get claustrophobic as there’s not much of ventilation.

Review №73

The easiest one is also difficult for kids (9-10 yrs).kids need help of an adult.

Review №74

Best place for fun & some thrills & fun party.

Review №75

It was a good experience of crackig codes goi g through laser lights stealing a kohinoor going through a trampoline

Review №76

Must try. Had an amazing time. Good for duos and groups.

Review №77

It was ok.. but i suggest begginers should try the easiest mystery.. otherwise u cannot escape n it ll ruin yoy excitement.

Review №78

The concept is amazing. The games were amazing. Loved the experience. But to me it looked as if they were trying to make more money by blaming us for damage. Like at one place it was written i dare u to touch my hand and there was one hand above us. So obviously we would touch that hand as it was the first instinct for us. But after the game they told us that the hand wasnt meant to be touched now u will have to pay for damages.My only point is, either remove the hand or dont write the sentece. It just looks like some cheap money making trick.

Review №79

One of the best places to invest your time. A place to have smart fun.

Review №80

Worst service ever. They kept us waiting for 30 min.

Review №81

Best place to be visiting with your friends of you want to do something different and unique. Team building at its peak this one.

Review №82

Well the experience was so good that I went down there again and solved another mystery room.Loved the way small details have been catered to.Must try themes:1. Cabin in the woods2. Bhangarh fortIt’s a good concept but the only problem is that it’s a little expensive. But if you are bored going out partying and drinking your weekends off then do try this out.

Review №83

The games are very engaging. Only thing the staff should inform about the levels asking about age groups and whether they have played something like this earlier.If you are pro at very difficult games of mystry solving, this is the place for you.We had fun anyway as we were family members together .

Review №84

Went for ‘A night in bhangarh’ with my friends. Not a great experience. Too pricey for a mystery that was really simple. It was supposed to be spooky but it was everything but spooky. It was supposed to be difficult but we solved the mystery in 45 minutes so I guess they need to change their difficulty meter.

Review №85

Innovative place for children, good time can b spent here.

Review №86

Always a good time, though I hope the number of slots in a day increase

Review №87

Its a fantastic place.. this place is full of fun, masti, thrill and such a fun loving activities.. must visit.. really nice concept.

Review №88

The rooms are very well designed, the staff is kind and helpful. Fun and challenging experience

Review №89

Tried the Kon Of Kohinoor. Barley scraped through with 7 seconds remaining on the clock. A bollywood like tale to remember.Amazing experience.. Had a great time.. Must Try

Review №90

Amazing Place to VisitThrilling experienceThe staff was kinda rude

Review №91

The experience was breathtaking. Challenging, fun and very decent. I definitely recommend everyone to try this out .

Review №92

Its the best in India.If you like to challange yourself, give it a try.My experience was the best with The Night in Banghar and Cabin in the Woods

Review №93

Fun...Very good experience...Worth the Price...The staff is really very helpful...

Review №94

Not very much excited but mysteries are really challenging

Review №95

Amazing place and concept..i suggest everyone should visit here once with friends and together crack missions with some hints provided and with own intelligence too

Review №96


Review №97

Its an awesome experience at mystery rooms.It was really very enthralling and puzzled our minds.At first we thought it was a farrago but later we got it all.

Review №98

Amazing Place.Many activities..Real life scenarios..Loved it

Review №99

It was an exciting hour long fun with your best buds. Guys do check out this amazing place

Review №100

A night in bhangarh was a really nicely made mystery room. The experience was quite realistic. The only down side, for me was that I couldnt complete it and more time would have been better

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  • Address:103, First Floor, Shree Krishna Tower, Opp Laxmi Industrial Estate, New Link Rd, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053, India
  • Site:
  • Phone:+91 88826 68899
  • Amusement center
  • Escape room center
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–11PM
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  • Wednesday:11AM–11PM
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  • Saturday:11AM–11PM
  • Sunday:11AM–11PM
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:No
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