Madhuram Sweets & Farsan
Lokmanya Tilak Rd, opposite Goyal Shopping Arcade, Gyan Nagar, Mhatre Wadi, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400092, India
Review №1

The best premium shop for all kinds of sweets and Farsan mart. Quality and taste is never compromised.I remember the same taste of Samosa from my childhood from this Shop is still maintained after 2 decades.Staff is also polite.Next generation of Madhuram sweets is on billing counter now a days and they are very courteous. Love this premium Shop sweets and Farsan From childhood.You can get most of the items without onion and garlic.Yes of course this is a premium Shop so everyone cant afford their prices but every Borivali resident has secret will of buying sweets from this Shop once in life even if they cant afford.They have gained trust of people since so many years.They are now Brand name in Borivali.In this situation also they have well maintained hygiene as always.Love this Shop since my childhood and have a sweet corner in my heart about this Shop.Please do start Home delivery of your products, we will be more happy.Thank these guys for making sweet mamories for us.

Review №2

I have been purchasing their sweets farsan and dry fruits for years and they have never disappointed.The service, the quality of products and the variety has always been the best .The long queues in their store justifies the same. The promise to deliver best products since years prevails .

Review №3

We have been buying sweets and namkeens from Madhuram Sweets borivali west for many years now. It was known for good quality and taste. Although everything here is priced higher, it was not an issue as the taste was good.Our recent experience though has been bad. The famous kachoris are not as it used to be and the small samosas are a total failure.It is probably time for Madhuram to get back to good times soon, hopefully.

Review №4

Absolutely love the place and adore all the mouthwatering snacks here. Me and my mom frequently visit here. The staff is friendly and the place is super clean. The sweet delicacies are awesome too. Its always worth buying snacks for family and friends from here.

Review №5

I have been going to madhuram from my childhood, and their khaman have always been the best, but today when I bought khaman, it was a big time disappointment. It was tasteless and the quality wasnt good and even the colour has changed.... Madhuram is the only place we prefer eating khaman from.... Really disappointed.....:(

Review №6

You will get best quality sweets and namkeen, bit costly but if you compare with quality then its worthy

Review №7

Best place for good quality sweets and farsan in borivali

Review №8

Good quality and packaging. Range of varieties of sweets and snacks.

Review №9

Madhuram sweets the best in borivali.The sweets are so good so delicious. Yes they are little costly but the taste is unforgettable and you wont resist it either. Buying for guests or for loved ones you will be appreciated for the flavours of sweets. The samosa here is awesome and must to try.The only problem here is parking. Going by two Wheeler or four wheeler. The shop is near station so it becomes difficult to park. The only reason why two stars down. Though quality of food is awesome. Go for it.

Review №10

All-time favourite place to hop... Best quality of sweets & farsanbest Samosa, kachori, Fafda, Kaju Khatri Motichur ladoo, Milk cake etc

Review №11

Quality products. One of the best places for Kalakand, gajar halwa.

Review №12

Awesome snacks.. Especially the lip smacking Samosas,Jalebis and Malai Sandwich

Review №13

The person sitting at the cash counter is very arrogant he doesnt even know how to talk to customer.. I asked how many days the sweets will be proper in taste they told me 1 week and the very next day the sweets started to stink very very poor quality and full of sugar only thingwhich is very superior of this shop it is their PRICE LIST.. as per the quality of the sweets the price should be not even 1/4th of their price..ONE MORE IMPORTANT THING IN TODAYS TIME MANY OF THIER STAFF INCLUDING THE PERSON SITTING ON THE CASH COUNTER IS NOT WEARING MASK, SWEETS ARE GIVEN WITH BEAR HANDS NO GLOVES NO HYGINE NOTHING..

Review №14

Awesome authentic taste wid complete hygienically maintained environment and best quality products

Review №15

Best pleace for sweet and farsane

Review №16

For the last 15 years, I my wife and I have been enjoying Madhuram Sweets and other items. In these days of lockdown, I am happy to make my purchases through home delivery services.

Review №17

Samosa, a dish which is commonly found on the streets of Mumbai. Want a quick bite? You can have it easily. That way I found this place when I was passing by and thought to have one samosa. When I asked for one, they said minimum 2 must be taken. If I want to eat one, why should I buy 2? Whats the logic behind that? Its not like they had to make specially for me so they are keeping the minimum quantity to buy. Pathetic place. Would never recommend anyone to go here.

Review №18

Person sitting at the cash counter is arrogant and needs to go to school again. Throws away the credit card in the tray as if he has done some favor on the customer. Apart from that he talks absolutely rude with ladies and kids. I noticed many other reviews have the same opinion. Will never recommend anyone .

Review №19

Madhuram always delivers the best quality of Farsan and Sweets. Their taste hasnt changed since years.The new home delivery option also works seamlessly and is very convenient especially during the pandemic.Thanks Madhuram !!

Review №20

Amazing place where you get highly rated quality , tasty and hygiene maintend food(Sweets and snack) items. Taste is simply unbeatable...Thanking them for their service for years.

Review №21

High Quality nd fresh food products.. Even the home delivery is very proper and on time during the period of lockdown.. Consuming Madhurams Farsan and sweet for more than 12 yrs... Highly recommended

Review №22

Madhuram sweets are the best quality sweet farsan dry fruits hot snack everything is the best, our family all prefers Madhuram sweet and we highly recommend everyone to buy from Madhuram they never “Compromise is their food quality.

Review №23

It is very tasty place to eat sweet

Review №24

The food has always been mouth watering and the quality is never compromised on✅The delivery in the lockdown ahas also been prompt and the products were delivered in a hygienic condition

Review №25

Certain savory and sweets are great. Make sure to try and have your pick. The Samosa is amazing

Review №26

Its a very good place for sweets, present since a long time. Cleanliness is very well maintained. Sweets also taste good.

Review №27

I give it 5 star but 1 star less only due to slightly higher rates.Quality & taste wise I think this is best Sweet shop , their Badam Halwa- I never liked Badam halwa before tasting their Badam Halwa.Best Sweet shop undoubtedly.

Review №28

I have been their customer since I was a child, today I am a family man and I still relish sweets from Madhuram. I have a lot of my cuz from different states, my friends across Mumbai and my office colleagues who keep asking me to get sweets from Madhuram while I am meeting them. Thats all emotion for people.To talk of products: you will always find the shop clean be it monsoons or any other season. The stuff they sell are of top quality, taste wise its the best I have had. They do not compromise on quality at all. They give forced holiday to their staff to ensure the staff spends time with family after a busy festival season.Food delivery apps approached them to enroll them, madhuram team refused as they eould have to hike rates like other vendors do. So they got their own setup with watsapp business and a delivery team. This itself says that they are committed to their customers. I pray them multifold success to them.

Review №29

Superb Quality! Samosa with their special chutney is a must try! ❤️🔥

Review №30

As we ORDER jalebi for our full staffBut we not satisfied with taste n hard IN quality..

Review №31

They are more than 60 years in Eatables with different LogosVery nice people knowing the pulse of their business.customer friendlyQuality of Sweets and Namkin is best in Borivali

Review №32

We have been purchasing sweets and farsan items from Madhuram for almost 30 years now. The quality of the items is immaculate. The taste is brilliant. The staff is very courteous. They have started food delivery now, which I believe is great. And I can guarantee that we are going to continue purchasing from Madhuram in the future as well.

Review №33

Have the best sweets and Farsan I whole borivali

Review №34

We are always happy with madhuram.. They never ever compromise on quality and we get value for money..

Review №35

Very nice sweet shop.. highly recommended and price also very nice.

Review №36

Very Good 👍. Value for Money

Review №37

One of the best shops in Borivali for buying sweets

Review №38

Good shop and I have been buying from Madhuram since years. However today a very very poor experience has left me in a state of shock. The person at the cash counter this morning had no manners & respect while speaking to female customers. He was not at all polite and was getting upset in every statement and making faces. He should understand he is being paid for what we buy and not just showing an arrogant behavior irrespective whether its a male or female customer. I would think twice next time if I want to step into his shop.

Review №39

Thorough professionals when it comes to taste n quality. Also the products were home delivered before the expected time.

Review №40

As always milk burfi(kalakand) was on top the world ,I would recommend everybody kalakand lover , should go for it

Review №41

We are extremely happy & satisfied with quality of products, their service, their staff, cleanliness & above all the owner themselves. Very co operative people. We feel like spending little more for better quality is the great deal. Thank you so much Madhuram

Review №42

The prices are way too much and the sweets and farsan sold by them is of very very low quality , I had taken white barfi from them which was very stale and full of only sugar . The counter person was so arrogant he weighed the sweet in a box and added the weight of box too while totalling the amount. You can see the pic I have attached. Please avoid this shop all the time. They even sell mangoes in decorative boxes just to cheat the customer for exorbitant prices , market price for mangoes in current date is 500-600 per dozen and they sell @ 1300 a dozen . See the difference for urself.

Review №43

Best sweet shop in Mumbai

Review №44

Delicious samosasWill never buy from other stores ever againAnd kachori is heavenly

Review №45

Kalakand always fresh

Review №46

The quality of food items is unbeatable.But the quality and taste is consistent from many years.i would recommend and give full credit for their taste,quality and best ingredients used

Review №47

On time delivery.. perfect packaging and best food!! Always a delight to eat here! :) :)

Review №48

Delivery on time and fresh food items,Nice taste.

Review №49

Farsan n snacks r really tasty

Review №50

Happy for the prompt service and good quality stuff.

Review №51

Excellent quality sweets, and very cooperative staff for delivery. Packing is also very good

Review №52

Food is very good, but services is something poor

Review №53

Everything here is fresh .

Review №54

One of the oldest and the best sweet shops in Borivali. The tradition is carried over, by the next generation entrepreneur, Smit bhai(amazingly nice and polite).The taste is amazing and priced reasonable.The rush during festivals is crazy but managed well.Parking is an issue, coz its right opposite Borivali Station West, main entrance.

Review №55

Mostly crowded. Good quality of products

Review №56

This place has been there for years now. I think it is third generation now. Since my young age I have seen this place only grow. Reason for growth? QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY. No matter what the situation you are in, no matter what season it is, you can always be assured of quality. After unlockdown, this is the only place we, as family, decidde to buy prepared food. We stepped in the shop with trust and in return we left the shop with faith. The senior owner was sitting with the kitchen staff, personally inspecting hygiene. Who does that today!?! I absolutely trust and have faith in Madhuram Sweets. You have the snacks from Madhuram and you will return again and again.

Review №57

Excellent quality.

Review №58

Fresh sweet

Review №59

Very nice sweets

Review №60

This place offers the most delicious Sweets and Farsan and has an A grade hygieneHad a really lovely experience!

Review №61

Wonderful food... M glad to see all safety standards were been maintained each staff wearing mask n gloves.... Daily temperatures chck of staff and even customers wen they were ientering... Good job guys keep it up..

Review №62

Good delivery service..........u people had maintain ur excellent food quality 👌👌

Review №63

The best tweet shop in borivali

Review №64

Bad customer service.

Review №65

Excellent service and delicious food

Review №66

Good quality food

Review №67

One of the best sweet & farsan shops in Mumbai....known for both quality and hygiene. The best thing about Madhuram is that you always get fresh stuff. Be it their awesome farsan like samosas, kachoris...etc or be it their sweets.

Review №68

Always awesome quality, fresh and tasty stuff..whatever they make.

Review №69

Have been my sweets and farsan frm this Store for almost 2 decades now. And never till date have I had a dull moment. Their sweets,snacks n farsan are always of the best quality. Even today in these times they are sending home dey anywhere in Mumbai n bringing smiles to the customers.

Review №70

Store has no peak hour .. its always crowded and thats because of the quality of the sweets and its delicacy.Suitable for all the ocassions ..(Do not expect any discounts.)Yes, its quite EXPENSIVE if compared to the other shops of same background.The texture of its Shrikhand is just outstanding.One of best selling are its Malai pedha (as its so rich and have a very good taste.)

Review №71

Just there for business! Doesn’t value their customers at all. High price for just a small samosa and that doesn’t end have to compulsorily buy 2 samosas even if you don’t want! It’s not a delivery thing that we have to pay for minimum order. I went to the shop and they said you’ll have to buy 2 samosas!!

Review №72

Sweetum Sweetum

Review №73

Excellent Shop for Sweets which is freshly made.Bengali sweets are yummy and nicely made.Even all farsan are good taste.Nice customer gesture

Review №74

Nice food

Review №75

Excellent sweets

Review №76

Your Khandvi is THE BEST

Review №77

Flawless service.. Much recommended

Review №78

Tasty and good variety of snacks.

Review №79

Excellent in all aspect..

Review №80

Good quality farsan

Review №81

Nice sweet, neat and clean shop,

Review №82

Best sweets to buy.

Review №83

OK ok

Review №84

I am at Bridgewater NJ. One of my collegues got this sweet - dry fruit Farsan. Until date it is one of best I had. Way to Go!

Review №85

Quality of the sweets & snacks is commendable! As it has quality, its bit costly but you wont regret buying anything from here! Youll surely go back to this place to buy again! :)

Review №86

One of the best sweet and Farsan shop

Review №87

Sweets are too delicious

Review №88

The best sweets shop in borivali they serve the best mil items such as rasmali shrikhan basumdi etcAll types of bengal sweets are available here anf loved the ambiemceThey serve all sweets fresh....i would give a 5 star 😍😍

Review №89

Supurb sweets and snacks, ras malai is just superb , you wont get this taste anywhere in Mumbai. The owner and staff is very good and decent.

Review №90

Awesome Sweets

Review №91


Review №92

Very good sweet in Borivali West.Only issue is that it still follows old practices like closing shop between 1:00pm to 4:00pm and Thursday closed etc.Quality of sweet is really good, namkeen too is very good.

Review №93

One of the Best sweet shop of Borivali west and Mumbai,too. They are really best at Taste, packing and prompt service too.

Review №94

Quality of sweet is excellent. this should available on swigi too so people can save time.

Review №95

Their sweets take you to heaven. They are so delicious. My personal favorite milk barfi.

Review №96

Awesome quality 👍👍

Review №97

Very good quality 👌

Review №98

One of the best sweet shop near borivali station and kalakand is the sweet which tastes the best there.

Review №99

Its good.. quality is awesome but quite expensive... Especially samosa. Better opt for pipasa opposite railway station. Definitely try cheese corn palak samosa. Penny soended is worthwhile

Review №100

Love it!!!! But this is the very few sweet shops which closes everyday for some time and closes once a week...Humble request to hire staff or make arrangements so that we can njoi the sweets when ever we r near by and dont get dejected cause its closed

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  • Address:Lokmanya Tilak Rd, opposite Goyal Shopping Arcade, Gyan Nagar, Mhatre Wadi, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400092, India
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  • Phone:+91 88797 12222
  • Candy store
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  • Sunday:9AM–1:15PM
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  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:No
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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