Review №1

Such a fun and educational place for kids! This is the true essence of learning through play. It teaches kids independence, responsibility and decision making skills.Due to covid, they also taking all safety measures so no worries & we can enjoy freelyThis was a fantastic day spent with my 8 year old twins baby boy, He loved almost all of the experiences and the chance to be a grown up in role play and activities. Pleasantly surprised. Advisable to go early and it gets busy after lunch. Really Great spot to enjoy.In one word i say Paradise for kids!

Review №2

KidZania India is a global indoor theme park with 100+ Role Playing activities for Kids. Let your kid enjoy learning through realistic theme park.KidZania India is a Global Indoor Entertainment and Learning Center for families that emulates the workings of a real city built-to-scale for kids. It is a safe, unique, and interactive kids play zone that aims to empower, inspire & educate kids from 2 to 16 years of age through 100+ fun role-play activities.To experience KidZania Delhi NCR and KidZania Mumbai first-hand

Review №3

What a Classy place for Children.I had been with my Nephew, he enjoyed alot. They have various number of activities for kids.They are also taking proper precautions. Facilities 10/10.Currently one of the best place for kids to freshen up their mind, to come out of houses to enjoy somewhere, this is the correct place!Over-all my nephew enjoyed alot and a must visit place! Worth the money.

Review №4

Super amazing experience at kidzania . Kids can have their best time doing all activities & role plays . Very big set up . Neat & clean . Staff is very good & . Lot of eating options for food . Cafe , bakery’s etc . Separate play area for toddlers . Parents lounge . Very innovative & interesting activities for kids . Its learning inFun . Kids just loved pizza making at sbarro , biscuits making @ Parle G & dounut making .

Review №5

Place is nice. But not for kids under 7 years..Most of the activities starts on particular time. This is only because they have kept less staff. 1 staff is managing 2 to 4 activities at a time.Nothing Educational actually.For the adults you have to pay additional charges. No actual activity is there for adults..If your child age is more than 7 then its of to visit one time.Otherwise do not waste you money and valuable time here..

Review №6

A perfect place for your kid to learn with fun activities. Kidzania is one of the best activities based indoor theme park located on 3rd floor of r city mall. The best part which I like was, kids learn from their activities starting from the entry. The coolest concept of tickets and boarding pass for kids had impressed kids. They have 60+ activities for the kids age from 2 to 16 years. They have various range of passes starting from 3hours of play to an entire day pass. The rate varies with the age. The website is has given all the information, if you want to see prior to your visit.Kids get their own card through which they can either earn or spend money for activities.The staff here is soo supportive and friendly which makes kid more comfortable in the environment.In this Pandemic, they have mean maintain all the safety measures for all of their guests. The staff also follows the rules properly. A perfect place for kids to experience everything for life.

Review №7

I visited the place for the first time with my kid and my kid was amazed! So was I....This place is not just for entertainment and the same time it is also a learning with fun place for kids! They have all sorts of pretend play for kids from 3years to 12years of age!! My kid made donuts, she became a policeman, she pretended to be a fire extinguisher and sat in the fire brigade to extinguish the fire...overall we were happy to see her enjoy and explore so much which was new for her! You must visit this place with your kid..

Review №8

Kidzania is very well and scientifically planned – most of the activities can be done by kids from 4 yrs. onwards. Kids are given about 50 kidos (Kidzania currency) and a bank a/c needs to be established on entry. Each kid is given an ATM/ Debit card which can be swiped for all activities/transactions.Kids are encouraged to take up a plethora of activities ranging from piloting a plane, garage mechanic, tattoo, hair dressing, painting, rock climbing, courier service, working at a hospital, news room, making donuts, coke, making a pizza at subbrao and eating it later on.. & the list is endless.Kidzania fire-fighters are a special and every child should take part in it.Believe you me this is a must for every kid – the leanings are great & you will love it.---Don t miss the souvenir shop & snaps on exit.I loved my visit over there. It was totally fun for perfect indoor kids day out. Above 8 years kids can enjoy by themselves.Various activities to earn and then spend by yoir own money. Kids love it.A must go place...

Review №9

Amazing place for kids especially between 6-12. Lots of fun, loads of activities, role playing, learning and experiencing opportunities. Very good, cheerful and enthusiastic staff. Very safe environment. Kids just loved it

Review №10

Amazing place for kids especially between 6-12. Lots of fun, loads of activities, role playing, learning and experiencing opportunities. Very good, cheerful and enthusiastic staff. Very safe environment. Evenings it tends to get a bit crowded though.Decent options for refreshments and food.

Review №11

It is a safe, unique, and interactive kids play zone that aims to empower, inspire & educate kids from 2 to 16 years of age fun role-play activities. Activities have resumed that can maintain social distancing. Kids can learn and explore the real world.

Review №12

It was a superb experience at Kidzania MUMBAI. Staff was so supportive. Managers and the staff was very engaging. All the precautions taken.Great job management in keep going the such a large property and running so smoothly.Thanks a lot for such a great hospitality!!!

Review №13

Nice place for kids. Kids get practical experience. Must visit place for kids. Visit on weekdays to avoid crowd.Same cloth is given to each and every kid which is not hygienic and safe.Entry fee for kids is ok. But entry fee for parents are very expensive. Parents are just accompanying with kids still have to pay huge entry fee.Check if school trip/ big event is going on. If so then the place is very crowded. So avoid taking tickets for that day.

Review №14

KidZania is located in Ghatkopar R city mall at 3rd floor It is a Global Indoor Entertainment and Learning Center for families that emulates the workings of a real city built-to-scale for kids. It is a safe, unique, and interactive Indoor Theme Amusement Park that aims to empower, inspire & educate kids from 2 to 16 years of age through 100+ activities. Kids will enjoy a lot.

Review №15

This place is amazing, We were really impressed with KidZania and would definitely go back – in fact, theres so much to do that I think youd need to. Theres a huge amount of choice and the kids get enough time to get a good experience in each job. Its all been thought-out really well and was a really enjoyable day out.

Review №16

Hi!Loved this placeIt is amazing for kidsI visited this place in covid timeDue to this many places were shutI agree that precautions are needed but due to those pre caution the place was not even compared to usual selfAlso even when hardly people are there are no time slots available.I purchased a ticket for 5 hours but got to attend only 6-7 things.The bank was also not functioningAlthough this is an amazing place I dont recommend going here for atleast a few months more, as it is a waste of time.

Review №17

It is a best place to take your kid for some of the best professional role play. It is ideal for 6-13 age group, but generally kids of all ages enjoy it.They have several well maintained activities such as fire fighter, doctor, banker, dancer, actor, art n craft etc. They even have pilot and driving training activities. The activities will easily keep your kid busy for 5-6 hours. I recommend taking full day pass for older kids and hit the place at around 11am.Some tips:- You cannot carry food, but you can buy discounted combo food coupons at the entry itself. Same food costs more at the food counter inside.- Carry jacket or stole as it can get very cold inside at times.- Lookout for offers, they usually have something or other going on

Review №18

This is so nice plese I was to go there realy nice nice plece

Review №19

Awesome place for your little ones.The theme of this place is a city run by kids where they will act as the grown up professionals like doctor pilot fireman carpenter etc and earn money which can deposited in banks used to buy things.You can commute through your own vehicles and will get a ticket for any traffic rule voilation.

Review №20

Finally kidzania has reopened after so many months.This is such an amazing place for kids , learning with entertainment . My daughter has enjoyed a lot even we (parents) had fun too . They are taking all precautions for safety purposes so we can enjoy without any worries.

Review №21

This is the best place for children to experience real life situations and explore their imagination and creative skills.Actual brands have their shops & factories where children get to learn the process of manufacturing, packaging, selecting raw materials etc.It is a delight to watch the kids learn about emergency services, radio jockeying, stop motion animation and so much more.Its a place for kids where the spend and earn their money by doing small tasks to earn money.My kids had a blast exploring the place and yet so much is yet to be experienced.75000 sq ft of edutainment!Its a lovely way to spend the day with children exploring their likes and dislikes

Review №22

We were really excited to see Kidzania had reopened, but it seems most of the staff have lost their fun and smiles during lockdown!Very disappointing to see parents inside the rooms and staff that look miserable and are grumpy!The food options are poor! We ordered Hardee’s and it took 20 minutes to receive cold french fries and a burger!On a positive the manager inside sorted the issue my daughter had with her bank card.I’ll probably come back as my daughter loves it here - but with a lower expectation!

Review №23

Wonderful place for kids.They have all the activities which we do day to day and kids get experienced on those which will boost their practical knowledge and survival on the world.They fire station and they make kids as the fire fighters and make mock drill fire extinguishersLikewise in police station they make them cops and help to prevent the robberys and educate them.Like wise. Big Bazaar store, pizza making, donuts making, FM, media , rope climbing all things are there.Also they have banking system and teach kids on them , first they will 30rs currency of theirs in the cheque form and kids to make it cash or they can go for debit card and for each activities they will earn points and keeps credited, later can encash them.Based on hours they charge and for adults they charge Rs350 but adults cannot do anything inside just go and watch them thats it.Overall for kids its a must go place in life

Review №24

We recently visited Kidzania on sunday and i was totally happy with the whole experience , right from the safety protocols to the kidzania zupervisors everything was aptly managed . All the theme cubicles were sanitized time and again. The staff is very helpful and friendly . All the activities are well planned and managed by the team. i would highly recommend all those with kids to visit and give them an experience of lifetime.

Review №25

Its one of the best thing my kid experienced so far. There are so many activities for kids from FM radio, firestation, pretending to play and learn about doctors and many more. kids also learn to make thier own donuts and nutella sandwhiches. overall its a place where kids get lot of knowledge through real life playing activities. A must visit place in mumbai especially for kids.

Review №26

It is a good place to go for kids for 3 hrs the minimum slot available. But as of now due this pandemic situation some of the activities are non functional and previously the kids were made to make pizza and buger and kids were able to eat the same but now they has stopped this practice every thing has to purchased for eating.

Review №27

Mall is very Nice... but they should train their security gurads how to behave with the customers... very unprofessional security gurads are there.. dont know how to speak with customers.

Review №28

Learn while you play is the right fit for KidZania. There are loads of activities for kids and it teaches basics, practical knowledge, how to earn and spend, well maintained.Must Visit place for Kids.

Review №29

Its a great place. However not for children below 5/6 years of age because they would barely be able to do any activities here ... If used well, children get to learn a lot of things in a fun and hands-on way. Coming here for 5-6 hours makes more sense as that way you can do a lot of activities. The last three hours each day are least priced if you want to just check out the place or are not sure that your child is up for this kinda thing. Full marks to the staff here.

Review №30

Its open now! And very less crowd... Enjoy while you can!

Review №31

KIDZANIA IS A GLOBAL FAMILY INDOOR AMUSEMENT PARK. KidZania is a global indoor theme park for families that empowers, inspires and educates kids through real-life role-playing activities. By blending reality with entertainment, KidZania provides an authentic and powerful developmental platform, preparing kids to understand and manage their world better. KidZania believes it can promote change, inspire global citizenship and build strong community awareness amongst children through an experience that is hands-on, engaging, and most importantly, fun.

Review №32

Took my daughter and some friends to Kidzania, I strongly recommend this place for kids. They have quite a nice setup and the kids get excited at the potential of earning money.

Review №33

Nice place for kids. Choose any no of activities. Best suited for four and above. If kid wants to learn wall climbing better be in sports shoes. 5 hour is sufficient for a kid 4 5 years. You can spend while day ...intact. the kids dont tire up. Food options are grd. Rest rooms clean ..

Review №34

We visited post Covid Reopening it was good to see but due to covid even they are short of staff. Many attractions were closed

Review №35

I simply loved the place. The amount is detailing put into the place is just phenomenal. Kids get to be anything they want and that too in most realistic setup. They have a lot of food options too.

Review №36

Loved this place. Kids too love this place. Its kids own city where they get to become whatever they want. Children understand commercial transactions and understand that money needs to earned before being spent. The career options are too many to choose from and should be really appealing to children. The staff is friendly and know how to manage children. Its quite big and surely everything cannot be done in a single day.A bit on the expensive side but is a good place to children. Its one of its kind.While children get busy, the accompanying adults can also get a spa done, relax and enjoy. And ladies/mothers, one of the co-owners is Shahrukh Khan but no you dont get to see or meet him there ;)I would call it Should Go kind of a place.

Review №37

Very nice and maintained world for kids. It has activites for kids or all ages, small kids can experience fire fighter roles, parle candy making factory,hospital, construction site, big bazaar. Elder kids will enjoy door to door delivery, fm radio jockey, dubbing studio. Many things. They learn concept of buying and earning.

Review №38

Recently visited to kidznia its a gem place for kids they have vast varieties of games like FIREENGINE.. Do visit this place with your kids...

Review №39

Its an amazing place to spend the day with kids.. Its a place where kids can learn as they have fun.. Its best when the kids go in group. Adults have fun seeing them act in life roles. Its a miniature model city inside to take part in different profession.

Review №40

Great place for kids but there is a line for each activity & this is a real waste of time. There should be some system to avoid it. The place is very astheic & the replicas of the shops & overall ambience is fantastic

Review №41

A very fantastic place for kids. No doubt ticket is little expensive. They teach by how much effort you earn money. They make our kids understand- first earn then expend.

Review №42

Amazing experience...!!!You need a whole day for your kids to enjoy everything, from earning to spending.Very nice concept.

Review №43

Wonderful place for children and enthusiastic persons of any age can enjoy the game with full of grace.

Review №44

Since there are only five stars am not able to rate more. Fantastic place. Must visit for all the children who are 5+ years.

Review №45

It is amazing place for children many this are their to learn

Review №46

Good for U-14 years, I visited hear,inside this childers have too completed the given activities fire brigade activities,Doctors activities, Dental clinic, all related too our daily life.

Review №47

Its located in Rcity so one can reach easily ,its a Wonderful concept and i would Highly recommend for kids they would enjoy a lot as there are multiple options According to me for Adults it Would be quite boring there no much option rather than sitting and watching chilrens play.Kids Age group is under 16 With an complusory adult to accompany According to cost its Bit high as we need to pay for the adult + Kid , Make sure to arrive early to avoid rush for pass Overall time for Day pass is 5 hours so kids can enjoy their time ,Outside food is not allowed here and inside snacks i felt are over priced and not too good in Taste wise . Kids gets some kidZos which can be used only in KidZania Games So its a cool concept they think on how to utilize their money for games etc . Also Make sure that child wear sport shoes To enjoy fire climbing game They dont allow if child is wearing sandal or slippers .

Review №48

Kids love it. Grown ups enjoy the kids learning and having fun. Dont go in alone since theres not much to do while the kids are in the activity. Plan a full day with a group of friends.

Review №49

Absolutely world class infrastructure, kids love it, adults wish they could some of those activities too!

Review №50

A lovely place for kids...a good way of teaching a lot of things...they have 104 activities here ..5hours is not enough to cover all of it. have a lot of fun here..a very very good concept...neatly kept n done...they have fire department hospital ,dental clinic, bank ,newspaper,radio station etc..all hands on activity..circus...etc...the staff is very good and kids had a lovely time..n didnt get enough of it..waiting for our next visit..hope they had a center in Mangalore too...

Review №51

Currently not functioning. Fun for kids

Review №52

The best gamified learning for your kid. I salute the person who has thought this concept and implemented... Only thing came to my mind while visiting is I wish I could have born little late to enjoy this... Excellent concept, well maintained, clean and hygienic, safe for children and one full day is less to enjoy.

Review №53

Get ready for a better world, thats the tagline line of KIDZANIA and it is by far the most truthful line because truly kids can experience real life hands on training and experience. Loved it. Will surely visit again with her and with my family members. These are just some selected best pics.

Review №54

Just too good. The kids enjoyed so much at this place. I will suggest that you should be going for the full day pass. Adequate places for adults also to rest. Good food when you are inside. Over all experience was great

Review №55

Its a good concept. We went on a holiday and still there was lot of crowd. Activities are good for kids till age of 10.

Review №56

Amazing concept for kids, lots of learning and fun activities. At least 4 to 5 hours time suggested. Kids can play their favorite roles and earn and spend on hundreds of activities

Review №57

Kidzania is a place where not only childrens but also elders enjoy to spend time and play different roles.

Review №58

Kids love this Place the most

Review №59

Good place for kids. Space might be an issue if more kids use it at a tume

Review №60

Amazing place for kids to enjoy and learn. Must visit for all kids from 5 - 13 years old.

Review №61

Its the best place to take your child to learn,play,earn,explore under one roof.The child can learn and explore different things by playing and being the part of the activity.and can come to know how their parents earn and give them a Good life. Their are almost all the careers from a doctor,fire-fighte,painter,fashion designer, TV actor, technician,musician,dancer,factory visit,engineer and many more.Through ultrarealistic role-play, children learn about different careers, the inner-workings of a city and the concept of managing money. Each experience is designed to empower kids, giving them the confidence to be their best selves, and inspiration to be great global citizens.

Review №62

It was our second visit and as usual the experience was really good. Only thing which can be improved is meal options as we have to stay for such a long stay. Hygeine, staff training, time management all was up to expectations. We are expecting some family packages as we want to visit KidZania more frequently.

Review №63

Great kids love this place, whenever they think of going out, they remember Kidzania first

Review №64

With a unique concept kidzania is one of the places where you can take your kid to enjoy for the whole they have made miniature working mini stores of Major brand names in different fields of business.they teach you to make real products or show how they do their here can earn money in one store and spend it on the learn the value of work and how money earned is used in real life.overall a good concept and kids enjoy throughout with their parents.

Review №65

A day just passes by & we dont even realise it. My kids enjoyed a lot. Did not even feel bored.While the concept is good, they can improve the system by providing GPS tags to the children so that parents can track them. Currently, a stand-alone kiosk has to be accessed that provides information on the kids last visit. But, we dont know whether the kid is still there or is moving elsewhere. We had tough time locating our kid.A simple App & GPS tag will help parents & kids immensely. The same App can be used to search other facilities. At the moment, half the people are asking for directions as the signages are either not well placed or not informative enough.The kiosk says Pizza Factory but the place is named something else.

Review №66

It is an awesome place for kids to get an experience of role playing adventure like factory Manager, a pilot, a spa manager, a hairstylist, a fireman, a surgeon, a hotel manager, a bank manager,a cook, a builder, a police etc. Kids can learn things of real world and how we operate.

Review №67

Awesome idea, beautifully executed, professionally maintained....A perfect place to allow your children to explore themeselves. The activities are good, creative and giving long lasting experience.The staff is very involved and supportive. Cleanliness and hygiene was good.The food is priced like airport.

Review №68

In kidszania, there not hv any games but activities. How police will work,what fire fighter work they learn there in 25 min, every 25 min anothere batch will come. How to made parle biskits, kinderjoy, fruty, donuts, burgers candys. Lots of activities. Really its awsome day for every kid. There hv three parts for play time. One is full time, another is six hours and last one three hours. Mall me janese acchha ye kidszania he. Even they gives kids fake currancy notes also, to learn about bank as well routine business.

Review №69

Excellent place for kids, its like a city where in kids can role play activities in real life. A very good learning experience.While parents can see the kids act and role play its so much of enthusiasm.The real life set up is fascinating.

Review №70

Great experience.. Good friendly staff.. Excellent for children

Review №71

Great place owend by the king of the Bollywood SRK

Review №72

Always the stress buster and a treat for the parent- child who looking to do something different. Especially kids as they get a taste of working in almost all career opportunities even before they reach that age. So a must visit for the kids.8yrs and above can be let loose literally speaking to be responsible and independent.

Review №73

Very good place to enjoy for kids. Good activities for kids n they have place for parents to sit. Staff is helpfulOne thing as a suggestion they should not entertain schools groups on weekends n public holidays then other children Dnt get chance. Such ghosh groups should. Be allowed during weekdays. My daughter loves this place.

Review №74

It was our 2nd visit in 3 months. Without any doubts, we had a nice time.Just a suggestion if you could include social role plays as well, e.g. how to be careful when strangers approach.Having such a role play, especially for juniors, will have a deep impact. Thanks.

Review №75

The place is good, kids enjoy....Make sure kid is 6+/7+ as they do understand n even take interest in playing the roll of respective field n enjoy it....!

Review №76

Took my nephew and niece to this place located in R city mall.I personally visited it for the first time, until then I had only heard of it.I liked the concept. The idea is to give kids a basic idea of how the real world works.Theyve taken a huge floor space and created a miniature town in it. Which is complete with hospitals, police stations, etc.Kids can choose from a variety of job options available and can play the part, in exchange for money.It is a little too pricey. And I believe that the brands that have been used inside, like the fake bank is actually named Yes bank , etc are all methods of promoting themselves and imbibing brand loyalty in the minds of toddlers.

Review №77

Very informative and engaging experience for kids. Though it is expensive, all the brands like frooty coca cola dairy milk Kelloggs etc have their mini factories and explain how they are made in actuals. The concept of kid cash is good and helps kids to manage their budget. All in all very good if you can afford.

Review №78

Good facilities and infrastructure. Staffs are teaching kids with patience and they enjoy a lot. But parents accompanying kids will be bored. But worth paying money for adults too,,,after 5 pm was literally free of crowd

Review №79

Excellent place for kids to visit and play. In a city like Mumbai where space is sparse, kidzania offers variety of activities for kids to enjoy and have fun with. Its made like a small town block with over 100 activities. Its even suitable for adults to go in as it offers great ambiance.

Review №80

Entertainment for Kids.This is a role play entertainment for kids. Where they can have feel various professional job in day to day life. They will give information of the work and give practical training for all professions.It also helps the kids how people work in certain places. It will feel the live experience.CourierFiremanPoliceRadio jockeyDoctorHospitalBackeryand many more

Review №81

I visited kidzania with my school friends trought school trip we had enjoyed everything and first we started mumbai cha dabewala fire fighter and other works alos each parents should take thier child to kidzania to make thier memory sharper and physical health too means they are going to learn today what they have to do in the future and that really good thing

Review №82

Brilliant theme and executed well as in locations like Singapore. Very well maintained. Kid friendly staff. Lot of good themes and activities that have been customized to India. Bank and activities reflecting real-world economy help children understand basics.

Review №83

I come in rcity croma its a good place and excellent service and good knowledge sales person jahangir

Review №84

It was amazing for kids to feel like they were grown ups and had a career.

Review №85

Avoid in this time. Lot of children are there and no covid pre-qualifications.

Review №86

Great place for kids, My kid and I loved it, but the Jain pav bhaji at Mumbai salsa restaurant was bad, me and my kid have sour throats because of that.

Review №87

Lot of fun activities for children. Kids are involved in all activities so they get to learn practically different things with fun

Review №88

Great Place for kids they enjoy thoroughly. For parents just stand and enjoy kids enjoying. Pics of my kids. She enjoyed

Review №89

Mostly people were very friendly with all the kids but with teenagers, they dont act that friendly! So overall experience was good enough for the price

Review №90

Superb for kids to explore and pretend play. You need min 5 hrs to do all activities.

Review №91

My Google Review # 000064.Leave the kids alone to see what all can be done!! Very very unique.Have been to Kidzania Mumbai - 3 times till now - with my 6 yr old. Being from the project industry, I surely appreciate the thought process gone in making this place lively and safe for the kids at the same time.The theme is city run by the kids, which has all the major activities that go in running the city from fire brigade, ambulance, hospital, police, courier service, etc.The place is setup approx 20k sqft in R-Mall, with all security and cooling inbuilt. It has its own food court, amphitheater, recording studio, aircraft simulation and what-not!Kidzania has tied up with most of the brands associated with different activity and that lets them double up on their revenue through brand advertisements, I suppose.You have Parle Candy Making, Dettol Hospital, Club Mahindra Guest Reception, Camlin Color Studio, Colors Acting Studio, Nickelodeon Recording Studio, Kinder-joy Chocolate factory, Kwality Walls Ice Cream Factory, Coke Bottling Plant, Nerolac Painting Workshop, Yes Bank Branch etc. Refer Snaps.The list looks endless, but, all in all, they have @ 100 activities. The area has its own currency called KIDZOS, which the child has to earn and spend to understand the value of money.A 5hr slot costs you INR 1200 CHILD + INR 600 ADULT. So, if you are keen on enjoying the complete setup, I recommend going in for the yearly pass for @ INR 4000, which provides 6 entries FREE to the kids and 50% off for the accompanying adult.In 5hrs, your kid should be able to cover 15-20 activities, so, a years pass should be enough to cover everything.One more good thing, the glass doors have slots cut in them at the edges, so that the kids dont end up jamming their fingers and hurting themselves.Carry your own mobile-camera, as the snaps taken by these guys, is pretty much expensive, I think, its about INR 300 per snap.

Review №92

First I have to admit, I thought that this type of activities are waste of money. But when I saw-understand-experienced Kidzania, Mumbai, my opinion changed. My 8 year old twins thourolly enjoyed Kidzania. It is not only entertaining but educating in different manner. Cleanliness, safety, technology, children friendly are the some main points consider in Kidzania brand. Children love this place well before to enter. Even though it is slightly over budget, ur not feel bad about it. They have 5 hours 2 slot, 3 hour 1 slot and full day plans. The place is entertaining for adults also. Atleast visit once this place with you children.

Review №93

Super super duper fun!! If there is one place in Mumbai which allows kids to have an outdoor experience being indoors, its KidZania! Except for this one lady who was Manning the Camlin sketching / painting booth, the entire staff is so good with children. This lady was super rude. And this is our second experience with her. I wish someone from KidZania takes note. I did complain to the operational in-charge.

Review №94

Work in progress now. Will start soon.

Review №95

It is very good place for kids to know real life experience, they got all general knowledge from their education, but social knowledge, that is call in hindi duniyadari somewhat get from here. They learn how to earn money and where to spent money with pocket limit size,the park is very big ,lots of companies directly marketing there product to their actu6 consumer (kids,teenager).negative point is that every experience or game take 25-30 minutes even there is no queue. So kids cannot cover all experience in one slot of time i.e 5 hours slot.over all experiences is good ,kids are enjoying there own,must visit....

Review №96

For kids its a best place to experience real world jobs . Awesome place. Enjoyed it.

Review №97

I wish I would have been a Kid again.... A cool place for kids to explore and learn a lot....

Review №98

Great Place for children to learn and experience various job profiles and profession. Its a seperate world in itself where children get exposure to different professions like courier, reporter, doctor, police, fireman, dancer, musician, pilot, potter, painter, artist, quality inspector etc. Also they get to learn practically, the manufacturing process of Parle biscuits, Frooti, Kellogs Chocos and many more.Kids also get to learn earning money, spending money, banking, use of debit card and ATM machines.We opted for annual membership (6 visits in a year) for our two kids and they enjoy visiting the place each time.

Review №99

Ts an amazing place for kids. The kids learn and pretend to be different things such as fire fighter, dentist, doctors, police, journalist etc. They also have various eating joints such as donut, pizza, burger where they make an item n eat it. Kids can also learn about money exchange. Its a good full day adventure for kids.Excellent concept. Educational through pretend play that is exciting and fun. Older kids can easily spend a whole day.The check in takes very long on weekends and holidays, its advisable to but the tickets online as the check-in for online tickets is quicker. The place is neat and well kept. Bathrooms are decent. Enough places for adults to sit and relax. It has a separate room for nursing mothers and infants.

Review №100

Mini kids world....brilliant

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