Review №1

Definitely a good place to stop by :-) Cool rock-related stuff in the design, great customer-oriented service (yes, anti-covid friendly), nice location, good food and prices for what you get (almost center of S-P). I couldnt get connected to free Wifi for a while there and stuff made sure I got the connection! I appreciate it. Would absolutely come back one day!

Review №2

Good food, not so great service.Sadly, the waiter Nikita seemed like he was doing me the greatest service by taking my order. While the burger was good and the sauce great, the behaviour of the waiter left a sour taste in my mouth and this is not the standard expected given the prices. Having said that, when I stopped in the store and bought quite a bit of stuff, I was treated very well. Overall, all it takes is one bad egg to spoil an omelette.

Review №3

Great Hard Rock with lots of space, helpful staff and good food that meets the standard. Gift shop well kept and lots of cool stock. Check out the outside patio area if the weather is good. Make a reservation if you’re coming with a group.

Review №4

Great place to have a dinner or spend an evening! Swift service, good food, wide range of drinks and cocktails. Desserts are huge!

Review №5

Been there in April. Very nice and beautiful! Not worse then HRC in Boston, Detroit, Houston and many others. Staff is very professional and helpful. Highly recommend this place to everyone, not only for the food, but for memorabilia they have all over. Come there at least for excursions and photo shoot- your friends will be jealous!

Review №6

Another feather on my cap! Amazing place! Love the traditional mushroom sauce burger and the hospitality. Also the merchandise shop was full of amazing goodies.Had an amazing time and staff are really cool. Highly recommend the Traditional Russian way of having a burger.

Review №7

I’ve been to many Hard Rock Cafe’s all over the world, and the one thing that is a constant is their consistency and this location is no exception. This is a very new Hard Rock and thus has the more modern “clean” look which is brighter colors but limited on memorabilia. Food was cooked perfectly and very affordable by Hard Rock standards. Service was a bit slow at all points of the meal, but it could have been because of large parties near us. The lay out is a bit odd, the restaurant is “long” and you enter in through the rock shop and then work your way back. Toilets are clean and located right as you enter. They also have some awesome Soviet style items in the rock shop - really a must visit!

Review №8

Social distance, masks, antiseptic, interactive menu, friendly stuff, many drinks and huge dishes.If you are looking for this kind of location - Ill recommend you to visit this place.

Review №9

This is a good place to enjoy coffee and buy somethings for your Hardrock Collection.

Review №10

Great location with an outstanding atmosphere! The food was delicious and the drinks were really refreshing.The staff in the restaurant try their best to be polite and friendly, but it feels not really honest. I got the impression, they want to - but somehow it doesnt really work. But never mind.Nevertheless the staff in the Rock Shop is awesome!All in all I had a great rocking night and I will definitely return!Спасибо!

Review №11

The classical Hard Rock Stile, a place for enjoy food and listen a good music. Don’t miss !!!!

Review №12

Good as usual. Friendly stuff and nice atmosphere.

Review №13

The place is a safe heaven on winter, nice staff, specially the bartender (28/1 Jan ) I couldn’t get his name, he went the extra mile with my phone wifi problem and help me to connect. Thank you, amazing place to enjoy.

Review №14

Lovely ambiance and food. However their store was not that great.. Basic collectibles were missing. They dint even have their classic magnets. I have been collecting it from every hard rock around the world but was disappointed as I missed it here.

Review №15

Hard Rock is always fun. Amazing staff. Speak good English. And at a very good location. And usually have live music on Fridays. Would recommend 😁

Review №16

Always the best choice! Incredible food and drinks.

Review №17

Food and drinks were good, the atmosphere was quite disappointing compared to any other Hard Rock I have been so far. This one is rather a normal restaurant with a small shop attached, nothing special really. Quite a lot of families with small kids were visiting as well. However, should be different if you go on late evening.

Review №18

Rocknroll fashion interior, nice american style cuisine, but the music was hiphop all the way. This is weak

Review №19

Well, as always this place is in the spirit of all HRCs all over the world.Music, friendly staff, nice atmosphere and good drinks and food (=

Review №20

Great cocktails with variety of choicesGreat music for Rock lovers

Review №21

I dont understand, how hard rock cafe could allow to open this place way below the standard, bad food choice, no printed menu, cheap interior, and toilet paper hanging on a hook instead of paper dispenser which is present, but simply not used by the staff. And the music is awful too, pop and electronics is all we heard. The only good thing is a big shop

Review №22

Tasty food. Good choice. Clean toilets. Nice personal

Review №23

True Hard Rock Cafe, not worse than in NY, Madrid, London. Food is good

Review №24

Nice place ! Good people working there ! Ramy is the best in the shop

Review №25

Beautiful bar Nice friendly people and great food 👍🏻

Review №26

Just a regular Hard Rock Cafe. But food is good

Review №27

Like the other Hard Rocks, its magnificent!

Review №28

Good food, nice people and good music. What does one need more? De

Review №29

The restaurant is quite big and very appealing, the food is extremely delicious! Finally I found a place to eat in the city where the staff are English speakers

Review №30

Great place to have drinks and a good food. That place is well maintained but not so big.

Review №31

Birthday celebration

Review №32

Funk Fire Band. Ogon ;)

Review №33

Authentic place for all who loves hard rock and US style kitchen (burgers, stakes and so on). Price is a bit above the average though.

Review №34

Typical Hard Rock Cafe. Stylish interior, food is generally good, pleasant stuff.

Review №35

Good place to dinner with live music.

Review №36

Bit far from the city centre but worth it for pin collectors :)

Review №37

Perfect place to eat deliciuos food, to have good time, to feel yourself well! The waiters are very kind and helpfull!

Review №38

Well, its HRC. Nothing unusual.

Review №39

Burger was very good, as good as any HRC, music is always good in any of this chain places, employees speak english, at least most of them, some even spanish and other languages

Review №40

We just shopped some shirt and hard rock st Petersburg stuffs. Price is high and above similar things in St Petersburg souvenirs shop. But good to bring home this special hard rock stuffs. Worth visiting

Review №41

Location is a bit out the way. Take the metro to Sennaya Pl and then walk past the Yusupov garden that backs onto the Fontanka. Great staff. Service was good. Usual menu choices you would expect. The Hard Rock is close to the naval cathedral, green bridge and Mariinsky so if you dine there its well located for a beautiful evening stroll.

Review №42

One more Hard Rock added to my collection.... Its awesome

Review №43

Stopped by for a beer and live music on Sat night. Great band playing American Rock’n’Roll. Nice selection of beers and excellent service!

Review №44

What a place... Remember hard stuff and spicy wings

Review №45

Good food and rockin atmostphere! Love it

Review №46

Very good salesman Ramy from Hard Rock St.Petersburg.

Review №47

Good service, nice music.

Review №48

The worldwide renowned chain of restaurants is enormously good in terms of brand but what I disliked being there was service. Servers were friendly but they were not the people whom one wants to give tips. And that means something for me.

Review №49

Its a good place where you can have a rest from walking and drink delicious tea or coffee.

Review №50

Visited it in May. Staff really friendly. Was shown around as it had only just opened for the day and was quiet, lovely place. The lady in the shop was really helpful. When we told her we were going to Moscow, she gave is a few ideas were to go . Which was very helpful.

Review №51

This is not a Hard Rock Cafe. Imitation. Just a Russian typical cafe by the name of HRC.

Review №52

Stake was over. Like grandmothers flip flop. But nice place

Review №53

Hard rock cafe is really friendly place.

Review №54

All okay yesterday, Meat cooked well but was a bit chewy but that just me, music got turn down if the song was just a bit to loud which was good and funny because its the HARD rock. Day two back in again for dinner with two more people and we are planning to have drinks and maybe dinner tomorrow with all 26 from the tour group.

Review №55

Living to Hard Rock Cafe standarts, small band was playing during weekday evening, which was a good surprise

Review №56

Helpful staff. The fish in the fish and chips were a bit dry, but the Russian salad was awesome!

Review №57

Great place. Live music and great service

Review №58

Friendly helpful staff. Just what you expect when going to a Hard Rock Cafe around the world.

Review №59

What a great evening we had, quiz night and though all in Russian the atmosphere was amazing and all of the staff were friendly and attentive especially the manager.

Review №60

I love this hard rock so much. Happening and good live band

Review №61

Thank you Hard Rock Cafe, you all made our anniversary unforgettable. You are kind, sweet, gave us a big surprise. Thank you ladies for your help with my crazines celebration. Our waitress’ smile we will never forget. You are in our hearts.

Review №62

Was there 3 times when I stayed 10 days in SPB. Very nice atmosphere, tasty food and of course good beer ! Fantastic location with friendly employees and a nice shop. A very nice Hard Rock Cafe !! I will come back 100 %.

Review №63

Best place as usual! Great personal, great music, great food and drinks!!!

Review №64

Similar to most Hard Rock cafes. You know what you get and its alright.

Review №65

I usually don’t write reviews but I have to write one here.Hard Rock Cafe is my always go to wherever. But this was by far the best I’ve ever been to. The host was super nice and my server (I think her name is asya) was kind and an excellent server. Even the manager came by to check on me but there was literally nothing to complain about. All of them spoke English which wasn’t the case at the other restaurants I’ve been to in St. Petersburg.The food was mouth-watering.Definitely worth the 5 stars.

Review №66

Very good service - excellent drinks.

Review №67

Super place to begreat servicefriendly staff

Review №68

Nice service and friendly staff. Good band music on the day I visited.

Review №69

Have some nice food as always

Review №70

Very stylish place in St.Petersburg. Very similiar to other Rock Cafe in other cities. Burger was very good. Music also. Not close to metro and not close to Nevsky prospect.

Review №71

A very friendly staff name Ramy attended me when I visited HRC. Very cool and knowledgeable guy. The HRC here is as good as any HRC in other places in the world.

Review №72

Great food. Wish the location was better. Needs to be more towards the center of the city. Kind of out of the way to get to.

Review №73

The shop was very cool and they have one of the best T-shirts I have ever seen!

Review №74

Very nice Shop. Service in the Shop ok but Not perfect. Restaurant very good food and Service also perfect.

Review №75

The most terrible feeling is disappointment. I experienced it when I drove more than one and a half thousand kilometers. A glass of light beer cost 370. And I never drank such a bad beer for 370 rubles. I agree the tastes may be different for everyone, but this is my opinion. Rock music I have not heard. Yes, they had a contest, thats a plus, but then after the contest there wasn’t any hint of rock. Next is the ignore of waiters and bartenders. It feels like lepers were written on us and we were bypassed. To drink something else I had to call. When they left, they apologized to us as a worthy deed. But he could not change the impression. I wanted to order food but didn’t offer it (((I hope those who come after me will not understand what I wrote about and they will like everything.Самое ужасное чувство это разочарование. Именно его я испытал когда проехал больше полутора тысяч километров. Бокал светлого пива стоил 370. И я никогда не пил такое плохое пиво за 370 рублей. Согласен вкусы могут быть у всех разные но это моё мнение. Рок музыки я не слышал. Да был у них конкурс, это плюс, но потом после конкурса ни какого намёка на рок не было слышно. Далее это игнор официантов и барменов. Такое чувство что на нас было написано прокажённые и нас обходили стороной. Чтобы выпить чего нибудь ещё приходилось звать. Когда уходили перед нами извинились это достойный поступок. Но сильно изменить впечатление он не смог. Хотел заказать поесть но не предложили ((( Надеюсь те кто придёт после меня не поймёт про что я писал и им все понравится.

Review №76

Large dishes, service is fast and welcoming. You can even get a place without booking if youre lucky. Some veg-options on the menu. Live music. Layout is not perfect though - most tables wont see the band play. A good idea would be to have a webcam aimed at the stage and dispay the band via TVs.

Review №77

You should try #ChampionChallenge.

Review №78

Far from city center. Price of Hardrock Merchandise is cca. 20% higher than in other cities. Not so sure the reason why. Also very limited range of gadgets. I am collecting certain standard keychain, which is available everywhere except SPB :-(. Otherwise, good hospitality, they speak proper English, the cafe looks great.

Review №79

Nice live music and good service!

Review №80

Great food. Great music. Great time

Review №81

Great Rock Shop.Make sure you see Ramy A in the retail store, wow he is so helpful and not pushy. Great little Rock Shop. Thanks

Review №82

Ooo my God

Review №83

Beautiful place, very nice staff :)

Review №84

Best drinks, best food, best atmosphere, best service, best music, best clothing and best memorabilia.

Review №85

Далеко от всех городских тусовочных мест, поздно вечером вокруг вообще безлюдно. Зато близко несколько больших отелей, на посетителей которых заведение и рассчитано. This place is far from everything in the city, far from any party area. There is nothing around, exept for some hotels with the foreign tourists. In the night there almost no people in the surounding area.

Review №86

Best night with live music

Review №87

Got my pin so all good

Review №88

Excellent food and service, well done all team

Review №89

Very good athmosphere and friendly staff

Review №90

Used to visit every hrc in town.Unfortunately skipped restaurant part on this one, but enjoyed the nice shop

Review №91

Nice place and very good food and helpful staff

Review №92

Great as every hard Rock Cafe. Cool local Beer offer. Big Shop. But Not really Central in town 😢

Review №93

Amazing food and great ambiance

Review №94

The steak was tough and chewy, but cooked to my preference(medium-rare), and the decorations were the sparsest out of all that I have visited, with a general lazy rock display on one wall. The server panicked and ran after me when I visited the rock shop after ordering, and called security who ran outside when I went to the bathroom, all before my meal was on the table. Which besides the steak is what tanked my rating. Nice to visit, but not going back.

Review №95

Brilliant place with fantastic authentic Saint Petersburg merchandise.

Review №96

Enjoy every moment there with friends

Review №97

Somehow less appealing than the rest...Parking, list of items, friendliness (compare to Moscow, not to the rest of Asia), hmm... Gloomy aura...

Review №98

Amazing place, really big, super clean and the people is amazing. Im surprised why they didnt open before a hard rock in st petersburg.

Review №99

The biggest and better organised Hard Rock cafe ever!

Review №100

Yeah like other hardrock cafe. Good place for hangout

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