Hakone Entertainment Centre
Central Avenue, Opp Nirvana Park, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, next to Powai Plaza, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076, India
Review №1

Its a mini amusement park right in the heart of the city! No doubt its fun. The staff are friendly. There are good number of eateries around the place. The rides are kids & adult friendly. The best part is this place is the ONLY GO-CART track IN MUMBAI. So enjoy while its there. Ive visited couple of times last month. Its running full fledged nowadays (post lockdown).

Review №2

Its a nice place to visit...the People over there are very supportive. Various activities and things to carry out at affordable prices

Review №3

The price of paint ball game is 320rs for 15 mins and 25 paint ball the place is small but not that much greatBut the go cart is really good with experience 250 for 5 lap is not great little experience but the fun is really good with friends and the much more things to explore

Review №4

Its near to our house. Not too big. People come here with family for weekends. It pay and play small amusement park. Gear up and Go karting are popular amongst teanagers. Few food joints are also there on entrance.

Review №5

Hakone is a entertainment center mostly for all ages crowd Time 2:30pm to 9pm. Best time After 4.30 famous for Go kart n best place for enjoy your day with frnd n kids. Have a various fun to day like go kart,shooting,VR experience,bull ride ,bumper car, realistic game like contra or pubg game for ur group name (paint ball) paddle boating for kids.etc......

Review №6

The go carting and paintball have a different vibe . There are small games for kids like the boat and spinning cups whereas virtual reality , paintball and go carting is enjoyed by us teens and adults alike .

Review №7

This place is a fun for kids, its like a mini entertainment theme park, its has various kinds of games, like go carting, mini pools, rides, dashing cars, the entrance has a lane of food outlets where one can binge and there is also a parking area where maximum 7-8 cars can fit. Overall a nice place to hang over and have fun with kids.

Review №8

Good place for entertainment. There are many things to do here like go Karting, paintball, VR games, pc gaming, bumper car, etc. Its bit expensive but its enjoyable

Review №9

Loved it thats all to say really. The go karts were fun although if youre big like me then you might have some trouble

Review №10

Its very good place for go karting but its costly

Review №11

Hakone is the best to visit, if one wants to do go-karting and want to play paint ball!!!Cheap rates and best experience

Review №12

Best place to enjoy with family and friends. Many games are available there to play at some of cost. Hotels are available there. And most important parking are also available with no cost.

Review №13

Fun place for kids, friends & family to visit. I Visited over here for the first time and it was an amazing experience. Staff is very kind

Review №14

Awsum plce for kids entertainment n vry reasonable

Review №15

Very happening place!! Best place for kids.

Review №16

Not that great to be honest, even if it were open for all. The place seems really old, with almost all old equipments. I honestly will not recommend this place for a family outing or anything.

Review №17

Ok ok place.. Go karting is ok..dont play paintball.paint ball is bruises..they wontbprovide proper safety measures

Review №18

Great place to enjoy a day

Review №19

A Place for Kids to have great Fun...

Review №20

Nice place to go with kids for a weekend evening. They have lot of rides for kids . Charges of each ride on weekday and weekend is different. Main attractions are gokart, virtual games and dashing carThey have cards for games for 300rs it gives balance of 280 and for 700rs it gives 800rs of play. Right outside the entrance there are lot of good places for quick snacks with range of maggi combinations fries kababs etcParking is usually not a problem aroundMust try : gokart and bullride

Review №21

Fun place for kids as well as adults. It has Go karting, Paintball and lots of other options for kids to enjoy. Slightly on an expensive side, but good for a visit once a while. They dont accept cards, so payment has to be done through cash only, which is a real pain (why?). Lots of food options available as well, just outside the park entrance. All in all a great place for a weekend family gateway for 2/3 hours. Must visit if you are staying in Powai or nearby areas.

Review №22

Bit more on the expensive side. Looks like its not worth it.

Review №23

I thought the Go Karting had stopped in powai (or so i was told) but i was wrong. Its a good place for little adventure sports and games for kids and adults. Something very difficult to find inside the city. The Owner is very friendly he spoke to us a lot. There are many rides for small kids they would love it here.

Review №24

Games available are paint ball,bumper car and go carting only.not much option for kids..

Review №25

Superb place for kids n adults to have fun.

Review №26

There are lots of rides and fun activities are available at Hakone.

Review №27

Very nice place..children r Very happy

Review №28

Not for adults. Nice for kids or if u have nothing else to do. Go karting was pathetic.

Review №29

Fun place! I enjoyed go-kartingEven bull riding is amazing

Review №30

Best go Karting in Mumbai.One of speedest diesel engine karts available here.Staff is very friendly and also guides to beginners.Track is very smooth.Good place to have fun.

Review №31

Each ride was of very less time. Kids could not enjoy much.

Review №32

Good place for Go-karting and Gaming .

Review №33

Go karting at cheaper prices

Review №34

Very good place to enjoy with family and friends ️️ and corporate events are also organised over here like football volleyball basketball etc .. hope u can enjoy the day and have a blast

Review №35

Went for The ground for playing cricket.Nice one .... good enough for box type cricket and footballHakone has other sports activities too go karting and other activities for kidsHas good eating joints also....

Review №36

Suoerb place .... Its a gr8 place to visit gokarting and bowling. And ofcourse how can i miss PUBg live experience was d best when wth gaming friends. Gokarting 300 for 10 laps was budgeted track is small but its good. Gr8 gaming zone for kids..

Review №37

Very nice place to have fun. It is like a small/miniature version of mela with fun games. It doesnt charge you for entry. There are food stalls to eat and enjoy. It is a good place for teenagers. Adults will also like it when they visit it for the first time.

Review №38

Its a fun place for both adult and young kids. One can enjoy many games over here. Fro. Go karting to playing cricket there are many options available to enjoy with your friends and family. Get over here in powai and enjoy allot. One of the best go karting in Mumbai.

Review №39

Here we get white card and below I share list which you can use card and 3D game for younger people is asum but you have to carry money because there no atm machine available.i enjoy lot in wild bull lot of strength.

Review №40

Very nice ace to hang out and aslo have party place which can be booked

Review №41

Good place, nice circuit to enjoy gokart. Karts are maintained, service is good. They instruct everything before you start.

Review №42

Amazing Go Karting

Review №43

I really enjoyed it

Review №44

A little old, but acceptable. Closed at 22h00

Review №45

Go karting is the main attraction. My 13 year old son thoroughly enjoyed 15 laps in 200cc motarbike for ₹500.

Review №46

Best place to have fun with your friends and family and even throw a party for them.Going here since a lot of years mainly for go karting and gaming. Affordable prices with unlimited enjoyment.

Review №47

Visited this place with family. Tried go-karting and other visual and VR games. Everybody enjoyed. Reasonably priced

Review №48

Entertaining For kids & Parents also

Review №49

The gokarts are old and not that fast as well. but its not a bad experience.its safe most importantly and its pocket-friendly.A tip: go during monsoon if you wanna experience drifting. bring extra pants though or just wear your raincoats pant.

Review №50

You can call this a mini-mini version of esselworld. Its an amusement place with some joy rides, a handful of snack joints/eateries, a restaurant and a go-carting track, which is the highlight of the place. The track or the facilities arent anywhere close to being world class. But the idea is doing something new, something that other entertainment zones dont have. It has a small track and driving the go-cart is good entertainment. It doesnt thrill you too much, but is fun anyway. I think it currently is Rs. 200 for 5 laps and 300 for 10.

Review №51

Nice entertainment park with lots if fun activities

Review №52

Go carting is good but you will find better ones on other places. The track is too small . The cars are not that great. There are other games and rides for kids . There are good eating places there. Like hungry head etc. It has a gaming zone . Good place to hangout with your friends . Dashing cars are for children or teens not amazing but if you wanna enjoy with your buds its great

Review №53

Good place to hang out with childrens and family. Go Karting is main attraction

Review №54

Wow!!! I will never forget the ride of bumper car ... recommended to go and play bumper ride .. bumper car is the only reason i went

Review №55

Only 4 rides start to till 1st jan

Review №56

Have been go karting here for ages. The newer track is smaller but new set of wheels are great. Recently went there for paintball with my gang and had a blast. Keep up the good work guys!

Review №57

Been a Go-Kart freak since 2 decades now, right from their original place in hiranandani uphill till now on the relocated one here. What amazes me is so many of their staff are still there since decades. Although I loved their original track before, the new one is fine too but smaller. Still nice and well maintained

Review №58

Can visit once. However this place is now outdated and is only good for go carting .Malls here have better options for entertainment for youngsters and all age groups.

Review №59

Fun place, especially for kids. Good eateries around. Not too crowded despite it being Friday evening so we could enjoy all the rides we wished to!

Review №60

Lot of game for children. Space is small for Go karting. Good place to hang out at Hiranadani.

Review №61

We had a cricket & football events on the turf. It’s big enough but need to be maintained well as the turf is not leveller.

Review №62

Its a good entertainment place for kids Open in the evenings to late nite. .All kinds of motorized games, like bungee jumping, digital video games, tattoos, boating , frog jump etc. Also quick bites in variety of fast food available. Conveniently located near Gateway plaza Hiranandani Powai, kids love to spend their vacation evenings here..Must visit with kids.

Review №63

Good place to chill for weekends

Review №64

Brilliant place for recreation

Review №65

One of the low profile gaming arena in Powai. Good to take your kids between 6 to 12 years. It has paint ball for adults but not the best in the city. They have also opened turf for football and cricket.

Review №66

Must try for a first timer. Cars a bit outdated but its manageble. 150 rs 10 laps which is economical.

Review №67

An okaiesh gaming + entertainment zone in the heart of Powai. Go karting is cheap and so are the facilities and services. Head to Smaaash at Kamla mills if you want a premium experience with great services and facilities.

Review №68

I liked it, Most of the rides for kids but there are something for adult as well, you will get here paintball, Go-karting etc. Get a gang ready and go for paintball, Its quite an experience.

Review №69

Its a great place if you have limited time say 2-3 hours or so at hand and want to make your kids feel happy. We visited recently the place is really clean almost all the equipment works. My girls enjoyed bungee jumping, dashing cars etc. There are age appropriate equipment for little ones too like the kiddie train and trampoline.

Review №70

Good place for enjoyment especially the go karting as well as paintball

Review №71

Very nice place in powai. Great gateway for kids. Has go karting and paint ball arena too.

Review №72

Nice place to spend a day with family and friends. There is something for every age group. Theres gokarting ,bumping cars, paint ball, bull ride and a few for lil kids too.

Review №73

Its for kids tbh. Go karting track is so small. Decent amusement park

Review №74

Nice place to try and enjoy beginner level go karting.

Review №75

This is located in Powai which is a weekend gateway for kids with some nice rides. Each rides costing Rs 50 in weekdays and Rs 70 in weekends. Over all I liked the place.

Review №76

Once this name had fame and space. Now it is simply a formality.

Review №77

One of the worst experience.

Review №78

I request you to change the timing of MCGM Nirvana park.Please do this.

Review №79

If you are looking for some Go Karting fun, here you go!

Review №80

Its a good place for taking your children. But only one time visit for teenagers as there are only go-karting and paintball for adventure lovers. The cars provided for go-karting are in good condition, but the track is a bit small. For paintball, make sure that you visit in groups of minimum 4 people. The space provided for dashing car too was very small. Rest of the rides are for kids. This place can be easily spotted during any time of the day. But, you might face difficulty in finding a parking spot for your car.

Review №81

Good fun games but the 11d thing is pretty dirty, except that all other rides and playing stuff are fine.

Review №82

Good place for hangout on Sundays specially karting loved it

Review №83

Nice place.. good eating joints and games

Review №84

It is good for children. They enjoy a lot there. But maintenance is not good and proper. So carefully ride the children.

Review №85

Im Also so happy from this place

Review №86

Go for the go karting .Its an awesome experience.

Review №87

I have visited this place many times especially for karting. The Go-Karting track here is a little small but still packs the punch a racer would need. We generally take four karts here with a 30 minutes break in between. Team races are much more fun and if you tell the marshals in advance that you want to race then they are very cooperative too.

Review №88

Entertainment park for children , Go karting Dashing car Total package

Review №89

Well maintained decent size turf . Ideal for a 6 on 6 match.

Review №90

This is an old entertainment center built in with many ride to enjoyThe most famous here is go karting and paint ballOther stuffs to play are way too costly and childishThe paint ball is reasonable for longer periods of time rather than shorter ones.And the go karting laps are also smaller and costlierThe paint ball gun 1 in 4 are always faulty and u run out off all bullets immediately.Maybe a scam or maybe a scam or just neglegance God knows what

Review №91

Hakone is a kids play area located in Hiranandani in Powai. Its basically is a fun fair kind or place where you can bring your kids to play. It has different rides like dashing Car, Bungie jumping, etc. The place included games and rides which can be enjoyed by any age group starting from 3 years to 30-40 years. It also has a pure digital gaming zone behind the big rides. You can buy a swipe card and use the amount to play the games. The best of Hakone is its Go-Karting track. The track is smaller compared to other play area offering Go-kartings but still youll enjoy riding in it. All in all a fun place to spend a fun-filled evening.

Review №92

We went for Go-Karting. Its a very small track but Mumbai doesnt really give many options. Its an open track and the vehicle has a rustic feel to it. We did have fun though. Would have enjoyed more if the track was longer.

Review №93

Nice place to be with your kids.only concern the toy train does not have seat belts and they dont allow an adult to sit with kid (my daughter just 14month old) had to sit all alone without any safety belt.we were not aware of it as attendent started the ride as soon as she sat.the management must look into the safety aspect

Review №94

Its good for kiddy rides. Has a game room and a play area. The go-kart track it small though.

Review №95

Please avoid Go-Karting. The vehicles are poor in functionality. The wheels touch the body bar when you turn them, hence restricting your movement. Moreover, if you are 5.10feet or higher, it will be difficult for you to sit.The cash counter staff is rude and has thoughts that he is doing a favour.The support staff on the tracks are polite.Overall, it’s a no go.

Review №96

Best place for kids and for adults they can do go karting

Review №97

Nice place for kids. Go carting is good. They have many activities. Food available at hakone is little costly.

Review №98

Youll find many things here, snacks, drinks, good food and obviously sports and fun.

Review №99

One of the best Go-cart in Mumbai and reasonable also. ₹300 for 10 lap, 1 lap is of 200m.3 people can race at a time, it can be fun time with your friends and colleagues, if you have adrenaline pumped family members then no one else or required.You can try drifting which you will surly not try on your car.

Review №100

Its expensive but good to go with family and especially children. The food there doesnt taste good so make sure you have a back up restaurant nearby as there are many in hiranandani . The rides are children friendly and safe .

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  • Address:Central Avenue, Opp Nirvana Park, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, next to Powai Plaza, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076, India
  • Site:
  • Amusement center
Working hours
  • Monday:2:30–10PM
  • Tuesday:2:30–10PM
  • Wednesday:2:30–10PM
  • Thursday:2:30–10:30PM
  • Friday:2:30–10:30PM
  • Saturday:2:30–10PM
  • Sunday:2:30–10PM
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:No
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
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