Funky Monkeys Play Center Andheri
Sharyans Audeus, Fun Republic Lane, Off Veera Desai Road, Veera Desai Industrial Estate, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053, India
Review №1

Nice and spacious with Valet parking. Good place to hang out with kids in groups as well as with friends

Review №2

Great place for kids! Right from toddlers to 7 year olds..they all really enjoy all the activity slides this place offers...and when they are tired, fries & pizza that the food bar offers reenergises them...Once entered they won’t want to come out or go back home!Descent arrangement for parents to sit in the cafe setup, you can see the kids play!Kids need to wear socks when they step inside and if you wish to go inside with carry a pair of socks for yourself too!The attendants inside are quite helpful!Overall ...a good place to easily spend half a day with your kids!

Review №3

Very good place to visit with your kids just remember to carry your socks the charge for it differently. Cost here is Rs. 585 on weekend parents can also go inside with children.

Review №4

An interesting indoor play centre for kids from 3 month to 10 years at Andheri. Sliders, interactive games, chime games, soft ball pitch etc make it a unique space. One parent can accompany the child inside the space. Kids and parents should wear socks while inside the space. Floors are padded for your infants. There is a cafe from where kids and parents can enjoy some juice, coffee and snacks. A boon for kids where playgrounds are fast disappearing. Rs 300 for 90 mnts. Wednesdays you will get more time for 300 Rs.

Review №5

Nice place for kids. With 1 kid 2 adults are allowed to enter. As on 13th jun 2018, for 90 minutes fee was 399 + taxes. About 470 for 90 minutes. Parking space is available with a charge of 50 rupees. Safe for kids.

Review №6

Excellent play area for 1 to 9 year olds. The upkeep and maintenance of this place is top notch. Helpers are available for taking care of the kids.I have also been to this venue for kids birthday parties and they have a blast.

Review №7

The best in house play center for all kinda in Mumbai city... its safe and I totally recommend parent to take their children here. Kids love this place and never want to come out... there is food also available inside for parents to sit and enjoy while kids are playing. Lovely place

Review №8

Very spacious! The staff is efficient and courteous. Great venue to host a childs birthday party

Review №9

A fun place for kids to enjoy with slides, mountain climbing activity , poles etc. The play area is extremely clean and tidy and child friendly. There is a food area with goodies for. Kids and food for adults. Spacious Seating area for parents and free Wi-Fi available

Review №10

One of the lost favorite place for the kids of all age. They have volunteers to assist you. Do take part in all activities and you will definitely enjoy it. Try the Friday discount flat rate of Rs 370 for 90 min.

Review №11

The toddler area was quite large. You can also take a toddler to kids section and it is completely safe, as long as you accompany them. Everything is soft padded n covered, even the pillars.clean! Quite a few activities and can easily spend 2hours. Cost also seemed fine.

Review №12

Parents can enjoy with their kids in same play area,food is little costlier its just above the Hard Rock Cafe and car parking charge is 50Ensure to bring your own socks

Review №13

Wonderful place for kids & parents....Had a great time...

Review №14

Its a nice play area but they need to supervise the kids better.

Review №15

Haven for kids to expend all their energy! Have been here multiple times and have enjoyed on the slides with my son :). Nice, polite staff, good hygiene and fun place. But its expensive :(

Review №16

It was my birthday and I took my kids aged 2yrs5months and 1yr5months to funky monkeys. I had called a day prior to get details and was more than satisfied with the way my queries were handled.. on arrival I could not have hoped for anything better..the process was smooth and easy and the attendants were more than just helpful.. it is hard to manage with 2 small kids alone but I found myself having just as much fun as them with them..whats more is that they have very good packages and the entire place is kept very clean.. Im very happy I chose to take my kids to funky monkeys and would recommend anyone and everyone visit the place at least once.. no doubt youll keep going back..Thank you guys yall made my day!!

Review №17

Excellent for kidsThey have a blast and are self entertained in a completely safe area, very well designed and incase the child is too small, the parent can accompany them tooSeparate zone for toddlers is also there. Good food to cater for bday parties as well

Review №18

Had a great experience with the play area. Awesome long slide which my kid enjoyed the most. Ball blasters were non functional and there were no sand pits, but otherwise there were decent number of activities available. Overall the place is very safe for kids and good amount of space for adults to relax and watch the kids. The one thing I was not happy with was the food quality/quantity vs rate. Avoid buying anything. A small cup of milk +chocolate syrup (nothing special) was Rs.185 which was a big joke to me.I would have given a 4.5 star if not for overly food price.

Review №19

Nice place for kids to play. Lots of activities to do for kids and also for parents. Kids can have fun exploring different areas such as slides, cannon ball shooting,jumping and other such activities. There is a cafe inside where kids can eat their favourite food and adults can also have some refreshments. The whole place is fully air conditioned so no need to worry for heat. Overall a good place to have fun with food for kids and adults

Review №20

Very small play area. Also the staff told us on the phone that its unlimited play till evening today and we can go out for lunch and come back. We came in right before lunch, hoping to play a bit and then pop out for lunch and then come back. However once we paid we were told once we leave we cannot come back despite them at the start saying the receipt we received would work for re-entry. Im not entirely sure how they work since they dont have written policies anywhere either. Definitely not worth the money for 45 minutes of play.

Review №21

Good place for kids to play n parents to chill out. They serve Good food also

Review №22

Well play area maintained well , cared about hygiene also but the charges is too high and the girls who care care takers are not enough , we need more girls to keep a eye on children, I saw only few , theyre also so sleepy mood.. Not caring the children just standing for their duty. This was a bitter exp for me , rest all OK..Socks they charge 100rs but they dont have sizes they gave me only baby socks for adult also. How I will wear ? Which was sense less.. Rest all OK.,

Review №23

Good place for kids and moms. very very spacious. Best for play dates.

Review №24

Nice place for kids. i frequently send my child to this place

Review №25

Kids had fun playing. Party decorations were nice. Food prepared was liked by children as well as by parents. Totally a good experience of having a party at Funky Monkey Andheri.

Review №26

Place where kids can play safely. Also staff good parents dont need to bother and look after their kids for whole time.

Review №27

Totally love this place. Its an enjoyable experience for both kids as well as parents without being too expensive on the pocket. The place tends to get a bit crowded by 6 pm but you almost have the entire place for yourself if you reach there by early evening.

Review №28

Beautiful Place .. My 2 year Old loves this place !! Has lots of Entertainment for Toddlers and kids in their soft play area ! Just a request ! To even let the parents enjoy play area ! As its way more fun then kids enjoying alone and with Parents ! Pls pls do try if possible !!!

Review №29

Loved this place. Absolutely fantastic place. My kid loved it and wants to go back every now and then. Very well maintained place and a very courteous staff. Food is priced a little on higher side. The best part is as parents we get to go and play with the kids. So its like going back to childhood!! ;-)

Review №30

Well maintained place for kids to play. Food available in the cafe is horrible. Avoid buying food unless it is French fries. Kids will love the entire set up. Makes the adults enjoy as much as the kids. Not giving a 5 star due to the bad food.

Review №31

Without hesitation go there and simply ejoy with your kids, yes u read it right ... Along with your kid... worth being there ... Enjoyed thoroughly

Review №32

It nice play area for kids n their birthday parties.. we generally go there for birthday parties only.. as it is quite inside n calling for cabs takes a lot of time...

Review №33

The place is really good kids do enjoy but the management was very poor. we been there for Christmas party on 20 th Dec 2019 it was pathetic experience the center had no enough chairs to sit, completely suffocating environment, snack for two adults n one child was single bread slice, one pack of lays n tiny fruity almost the cost of 30/- ..... Food adds the charm to party atleast provide some healthy food to our lil hearts so they have some energy to play n later deal with huge traffic.... after all v r paying super high amount ....n please take care of music for lil delicate eardrums even after the instructions they didnt lowered the volume I can understand school and play areas hv become lootofying business but some has be game changer!

Review №34

Rates are bit on expensive side and also its quite small in space compared to other play areas! Especially for toddlers there aint much to do! Also location is in quite crowded area of Fun Republic and is nightmare to find a parking there!

Review №35

My Google Review # 000060.Not as big as Bengaluru. But, good place for kids/ toddlers to be engaged.The setup is similar to the brand across the country. Charges are INR 500 per 90mins on weekends. Good enough for the kid to unwind and enjoy in a very colorful environment.The kid can go alone or with friends. He/ She will still be entertained.The highlight is the 2-tier red and yellow slide similar to the one in Bengaluru.There is small cafe for adults to sit and while away your time, eating some snacks.The toddler area is segregated and found it to be small.Parking for cars is owned by the building association on chargeable basis. Valet parking - pls note.Date of Experience : Dec 2017.

Review №36

Amazing Place for kids and parents both..Plus there are no time slots..unlimited playtime for kids

Review №37

My 20 month old enjoyed the place. best part is adults can also join in wit the kids. nicely maintained. v helpful staff. nice cafe. AC could be better especially on weekends as it tends to get crowded. best soft play area till date. much bigger n better than Milk, parel.

Review №38

Interesting new experience for kids. Supervision provided for use of play equipment.

Review №39

It’s okay not that great place... food was cold except for French fries , corn cheese balls were hot, pizza was served cold , pavbhaji bread were dry n cold , service was poor, was there for birthday party Lower Parel. Overall not satisfied

Review №40

Nice play area for kids. They host events like birthday party as well. Kids love playing here day long. Difficult to get them out of this place unless u forcefully such an amazing place. Highly recommended for kids near andheri as well as other places. They have huge soft play area. Totaly safe for kids.

Review №41

Attended a friends sons birthday party. Kids absolutely enjoyed it. The cafe has some good food. Garlic Bread, Cheese(Margherita) pizza and French fries are worth trying. Expensive on the weekends, but if youre looking forward to celebrating your kids birthday your search ends here.

Review №42

Awesome experience very courteous staff and unlimited play time my 2 yr old had a blast

Review №43

Its a fun place for kids. Go with a team of kids if you want them to really enjoy.

Review №44

This rating is on behalf of my son. He really enjoyed alot. Lot of area/slides/rides..plenty to do.. and its safe, I could see no sharp/hard edges and all.Best part- parents can accompany almost everywhere.There is a small cafe as well which serves few good items (pizza, sandwich, cold n hot beverages and all).Couldnt ask for more.If you have a toddler, go and visit this place for once.

Review №45

Place too small and costly. Nothing much for adults except sitting there for an hour or so and seeing your kid all the time what ge or sge is doing.

Review №46

Its really a nice place for kids to enjoy as they have ample of activities. Also, the parents CNA just sit, relax and chit chat with the kids right in front of their eyes. This place is also very good for birthday parties as they have a separate place dedicated for parties. The food is really good, but it is a little pricy too.

Review №47

An amazing enjoyable place specially for kids where they can enjoy to the fullest

Review №48

This is a good indoor playing area for kids. There is adequate staff to take care of the kids in the play area. Finger food is available.

Review №49

My daughter loved the place and did not want to leave from here

Review №50

Had a birthday party and been to various birthday parties too for kids ,food is okay and kids love this place

Review №51

This is a below average place. Except for slide and small Mary go round there are no other activities available. No separate play area for toddlers or kids below 4yr Extremely small place. Should be hardly 1500 SQ ft. In short Overpriced with not much facilities. Bangalore facility is almost 7-8times bigger than this and much more better. Big NO for this place. Might as well take ur kids to a time zone or playzone 100times worth it

Review №52

Very good playzone to take your kids. My son enjoyed himself and was reluctant to come out after his time got over. Slightly expensive though at Rs. 580 for 90 minutes. Dont forget to wear socks though, even the accompanying adults if you want to get onto the play area.

Review №53

Had an excellent time at the Andheri center. Every nook and corner is child proof. Took my 2.10 years and 1.3 years old and both were unstoppable for the entire duration. Amazing place for kids.

Review №54

Do not forget to wear socks while visiting the place parents and kids both. Overall place looks quite safe for kids though cafe offering can be better.

Review №55

Nice play space for kids. Indoor activities are a good option when the weather outside is not good

Review №56

Fun place to visit with your young ones. Could do a bit more with the food varieties though.

Review №57

Funky monkey is just amazing very sweet and humble owners n staff all didi r very sweet really take care of all kids with very broad smile n huge heart of love for kids food is excellent i love funky monkey my triplets r super happy n always excited to go to funky monkey . We love u funky monkeyyyyyyyyy

Review №58

Excellent Place to hang out with the kid. i went there with my 20 month old son and he had a pretty good time. its clean, hygienic, staff is helpful and you can sip a coffee while your son plays!

Review №59

Had a great time- our daughter LOVED IT!!! Highly recommend!

Review №60

Nice place for kids. I feel the place is overrated.

Review №61

Great fun for kids. Nothing much for parents. Should get wifi and some fun games like TT, Pool table for parents as well.

Review №62

Reasonable size play area for kids. Decent food. Above hard rock cafe andheri west

Review №63

One of the best play gyms for kids around here in the western suburbs of Mumbai. My daughter loved every second she spent here. Given the fact that I could accompany her too, i could be a child all over again.Thanks For Reading

Review №64

A brilliant place for kids...we had a kiddie bday party there...awesome food...such wonderful staff...n kids r totally engrossed with the play area...we had a wonderful experience...a must go

Review №65

Its fun experience for kids and toddlers. 90 minutes period allowed in 1 time. Socks are compulsory for kids and parents who wants to accompany kids. If you are not carrying socks its available with them but its chargeable.Food is also served but quite expensive! But if you have energetic kids than you must get them to Funky Monkey, they will love the place for sure.

Review №66

Funky monkey is an awesome place for kids to play around, its safe and clean, have been taking kids to this place for few years now, they have maintained the place very well, the good part is that parents can chill and have a good time with bunch of friends and kids can have a good time with bunch of there friends !! Family and friends can have a wonderful time here!!!

Review №67

Great place for a kids outing along with chill out time for parents, elders. The play centre has a good decor, play zone and the kids just love it. We organised our sons Bday play date for his friends; it was managed pretty well. Food was good too. Highly recommend this place. Call Jisa Maru, the manager, she is very helpful.

Review №68

Ideal n SAFE fr kids. Adults too can join their kids for activity n fun. Bring spare socks for use. Snack bar too is decent. Qualified help is polite. Paid parking available. Kiddy plus adult parties for groups possible.

Review №69

Awsome..good place for kids to have fun..worth it...

Review №70

Great place for kids. Parents are allowed inside play area which is great. Got opportunity to chill out with my son.

Review №71

Good place for kiddies to enjoy and host parties too.

Review №72

Organized safe play center for kids. Lots of fun for kids.

Review №73

Best indoor place for kids to play rather than gng to malls.

Review №74

Its an over hyped place only because of the kind of crowd that visits. Has the basics for kids, and a overpriced menu incase one decides to have a snack. Ambience is good, music can be a bit too loud for comfort at times.

Review №75

Nice play area for kids.. evn adults allowed to njoy the slide

Review №76

It was amazing woo-hoo had so so much of gun cant describe maaan

Review №77

Good place for kids to be kept engaged. Couples can relax a bit n grab coffee as their kid plays.relaxing . Good bouquet of games for different age groups,they also do birthday parties

Review №78

Too expensive....600 for 90 mins is not worth for this place. The only good thing is that you can go inside along with your kids

Review №79

This place is an absolute oasis for kids in a metro like Mumbai - having said that I would like to request the management to pay a little more attention to ensure the attendants pay more attention to kids - and keep boisterous kids in control to ensure safety of the littler ones. Sir/ Madam you are already employing them all you need to is to ensure they are doing their job - note some of them are exemplary - but un-fortunately a few tend to shirk - Thanks and please keep up your good work

Review №80

Great place for kids above 1.5 years. Indoor jungle gyms, soft ball, good ambience, great for birthdays. Kids seem to love this place!!

Review №81 Best part is the super sweet & co-operative staff who really take care of children well

Review №82

Well designed play area. Costs around 560 on weekends for 1.5 hours. Has vallet parking for 50 RS. Sometimes on weekends the whole place is booked for birthday party and thus unavailable for others. So make sure you call before you reach there.

Review №83

Nice and fun place. Kids can spend quality time. Food is good as well. May get repetitive after a while, as they do not have anything else apart from a massive play cage. Good for 3 to 7 year olds.

Review №84

Had a fun time with the kids ! The popsicles were an extra special treat too!

Review №85

Great place to take the kids to enjoy some soft play area.. kids gonna have a lot of fun.. and its quiet big in space as compared to a lot of other play areas..

Review №86

Good place for kids and parents to chill.. one of our favs

Review №87

Kids can have a lot of fun. 90 min charges are about INR575. Its safe and clean and also lets you hold small birthday parties etc.

Review №88

Good place.. But no food available.. Simple answer.. We ran out.. That was at 5:30 in evening... And place is open till 8..!!

Review №89

I always love coming with my kid here, I become a kid too... Its a great way if you are one of those who would want your kid to play but also be safe.

Review №90

Good for spending time with Kids and see them enjoy their play time with other kids and make new friends ...well planned and perfect for Kids Day Out ...

Review №91

Perfect indoor play area for kids with lots of space...n varied activities to keep them engaged.very safe and clean.nice staff

Review №92

Very good place to celebrate kids birthday.. Has a huge play area with slides. Kids would really like this place.

Review №93

Good set up. Staff has an attitude at the main counter and the girls around are just for modelling, there are other places where they make it lively for the kids. They only tell you the rules and regulations that too bluntly. Not a place one would want to visit again after a cold treatment. Food is highly over priced, should be some sense in the pricing. Just because it is kids doesnt mean one will pay anything.

Review №94

Frequently visit this place, good fun for kids..

Review №95

Its very nice place to live children without worrying ️

Review №96

Good will love it..slighty on the expensive side. The cafeteria serves some yummy stuff..also expensive though..socks are compulsory is the play area which they havent mentioned anywhere.better carry kids and adult socks. Kids socks are sold at 100 bucks there and they dont keep adult socks to accompany the kids.

Review №97

Great way for kids to enjoy a play date!

Review №98

Kids had loads of fun... A good place for kiddos to enjoy and adults to relax

Review №99

I take monthly membership for my kid who just turned 3 in September. He plays here for good time and in between feels hungry but the we are not allowed to get our own snacks for the kid. M very disappointed as i cant give junk from the cafe of funky monkey daily to my 3 year old. This is disappointing as i m not one timer or weekends visitor, i get my kid daily and he either goes back hungry without eating or i have to buy him expensive junk .

Review №100

Good place for kids. Dont go without prior booking.

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  • Address:Sharyans Audeus, Fun Republic Lane, Off Veera Desai Road, Veera Desai Industrial Estate, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053, India
  • Site:
  • Phone:+91 22 2673 5115
  • Indoor playground
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–8:30PM
  • Thursday:11AM–8:30PM
  • Friday:11AM–8:30PM
  • Saturday:11AM–8PM
  • Sunday:11AM–8PM
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