Global Pagoda Road, Gorai Island, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400092, India
Review №1

EsselWorld is a amazing place many new things you can enjoy.many different rides you can go

Review №2

Essel World me rahungi me gher nahi nahi nahi jaungi me. This jingle is perfect for the place.Best amusement park of Mumbai. Now also they have introduced small scale but unique bird park.Have a look of Bird park and Essel World by my clicks

Review №3

Close now a days in Corona period otherwise one of the oldest fun park for children and families.

Review №4

Good place for the family enjoyment.Good rides and many games available to play for every age of groups. My good experience with esseleorld.

Review №5

Reminds me of School picnics!All the rides are so funEspecially the Enterprise, Hoola Loop, Thunder, Shot n Drop are eye catchers!Summers are just great to have a visit to Essel world.One of the best amusement parks to visit in Mumbai.Affordable, Enjoyable & worth it all

Review №6

Had lots of fun with my friends hereGood place for have fun

Review №7

Very nice and amazing place for kids. You can enjoy full day with friends and family. Some Rides are ok & some food stall is not serving good food. but overall experience is awesome.

Review №8

This is the excellent amazing place to enjoy with family. Rights in this park are amazing. I have not ever enjoy a rather than Essel World. There are 360 roller coaster, shot and drop, top spin and thunder rides are the best thrilling rides all over the India I will highly recommend if you want to spend some time for fun and relaxing with family. Its worth of it.

Review №9

Even two days arent enough to enjoy this amusement Park..lots of fun rides, great food joints inside and some enormous rides and lots & lots of activities for all age groups.Parking aint an issue at all but is a little far from the main city.

Review №10

Currently closed. But have visited several times in the past and it is amazing. Rides are super fun and safe.

Review №11

There are only a few amusement parks in Mumbai and Essel World must be the oldest and maybe the first. There are a lot of rides to enjoy. There are rides for kids as well as elders also. One need an entire day to spend for enjoying all rides. Food is available inside.

Review №12

Amazing place to visit friends and family. It will be a one trip to this amusement park.

Review №13

Good place for children and teenagers . Some amazing rides. But this place looks empty. No buzz there. Rides have started going rusty.lacks American style roller coasters. Few rides for below two children.

Review №14

Its a very fantastic place and very kalm natural and familiar

Review №15

Indias first Amusement park and world known landmark location. Its located outskirts of Mumbai and one need to plan atleast 2 hrs from Mumbai to reach this location. A full day picnic spot. Must visit for kids.

Review №16

A real fun experience amusement park this is which is vast and has many options for family rides, children rides, adult rides, the park also has snow skating, bull ride, pedicure centre where one would have to pay. They have various options for food and beverages as well, they usually charge a little more than the prevailing price in the market for packaged foods. Its an entertainment spot where one can spend a whole day enjoying the ferri ride, the park, the experience is admirable.

Review №17

Right now due to the Pandemic of Covid Essel world and Water Kingdom both are temporarily closed.But before Lockdown have visited Both the park 3 times and had an amazing experience, and its fun.Also Bird Park is a good to visit,if one loves Bird watching and wants to learn more about birds.

Review №18

Great place for fun lovers place to visit with family and friendsEsselWorld me rahunga main ghar nahi jaunga main

Review №19

Best place to visit. You need to park your car at the parking lot. Charges are 100 for full day. Take ferry buses from there to bird park. Tuesday and Friday have discounted tickets but have to buy online for discounts. Do attend the feeding session and interaction session at 3pm and 4pm. Must visit . The birds are in free environment. See photos and enjoy . Facility like toilets and canteen is available.

Review №20

Best amusement park. Better than Imagica. I have visited both. But dont go on thunder ride if you ask me. But definately go on free fall and the roller coaster.

Review №21

Essel world is for fun loving ppl.Best place to visit with family, friends. Kids enjoy such places. Rides are not too dangerous. They provides safety for each ride. One should try Rainbow Ride. Amazing park. They should improve food courts, stalls. Otherwise 5 star.

Review №22

Very beautiful bird park in Essel world. 500 types of exotic birds from all over world.Must visit for people of all age groups. Best thing about this place is that most of the birds are free and not caged. Bird feeding session starts at 3pm and Birds interactive session starts at 4pm. Both worth watching.Advice to parents of younger kids - food is not allowed inside bird park and plastic water bottles are also not allowed. Prefer feeding children before entering the park.You can take pictures with the birds, but getting it printed at Rs. 500 is not at all worth.Overall a very good visit.

Review №23

If your are adventurous person then this place for you.This is one of the most popular place and the best amusement park in Mumbai. Also the largest amusement park in India.If you are visiting Mumbai please do visit Essel World.Here one can visit with anyone like with friends or with family.And go with the day pass to enjoy water resort and adventure both.Water resort is also the best. There are many slides and some are really really big youre gonna love it. And wave pool is awesome .There are many rollercoasters for adults and kids.PS: Top spin and shoot & drop are the best rides.

Review №24

Fun place, Must visit place. One of the best amusement park in mumbai.

Review №25

Nice place to visit with your family and friends.The rides are good and safe.Staff is friendly.Food is little expensive but good at taste and quantity.Rides are good and separate for kids and adults based on heights3.3 and below.In between 3.3 and 4.6And above 4.6*No foods allowed inside, but you can carry water bottles which is a must. As you may need it after the rides. Overall a very good place to hang out.But be ready to get tired and bear the leg pains.As you need to walk more inside for the rides.

Review №26

The place is really good for taking a break from day to day life. its good for every age group. and best place to hangout with your friends. and even with families. there are many varieties of rides. the only thing is that the skating and shooting game was free or less costly. otherwise this is the best amusement park i have visited so far.

Review №27

Very beautiful place. Almost all jhulle/springsVery interesting. The all staff is very cooperative n food items were also very tasty.We enjoyed there.

Review №28

I visited Essel world in the year 2015, I felt all equipments needs maintenance. Rest is fun to b there... I loved top spin ride .... It looks scary but its the best part of Essel world. Enjoy your day there.

Review №29

Great place to have fun and an adventurous day. The offers are quiet useful when it comes to the expenses of the tickets. It would be better if you would go for a food thali than any other item on the menu. There are multiple food outlets which is a nice thing. Rides are amazing. Theres a locker room to help keep your things safely. Apart from the rides, all other small game tickets are to be purchased. Ferry is the only option to reach Essel world. Overall its a cool place to enjoy with friends and family.

Review №30

Just good.Better to find other park.Imagica is better, is what i have heard

Review №31

Very good amusement park in borivali. Nice rides over there. I have been with my family food was also very good. overall 4/5.

Review №32

Nice amusement park. No food item is allowed to take inside with you.Better to take food coupons along with tickets online at discounted rates. Huge parking space is available outside EsselWorld at some distance. Free bus service is available from parking to the EsselWorld gate.Choose your day wisely before coming, on holidays it is very crowded and you will have to wait 30-40 minutes in line for any ride. If you visit on such a weekday when they are not giving discount/offer, then it will be very less crowded and you can enjoy rides multiple times without waiting.

Review №33

Excellent place not only for kids but also for adults to relax and enjoy the adrenaline rush for some time, very clean and maintained. The good thing i about this place is the safety measures. One have to really think that no incidents happened here till date

Review №34

Best water Park in Maharashtra.. it has best & clean rides.

Review №35

One of the best amusement park in India. Theme park has awesome thrilling and adventures rides. One can enjoy full day here. Just avoid to visit on weekends. Since on weekends it get more crowded. Water park is also very awesome. It claims to be Asias largest water park. Nearby Pagoda is must visiting. Overall very good place to enjoy with your friends and family.Njoy.

Review №36

I hv been here 8 times n still my love fr rides remains the same. Essel world mein rahunga main ghari nahi jaunga main

Review №37

Have been many times at essel world its always exciting every time to enter and have fun on rides

Review №38

One of the best amusement park in mumbai.It is located in gorai, borivali west. You can visit by 3 ways i.e. manori jetty, gorai jetty and other way is from Bhayandar.This park have all types of rides for all ages. Food court is also available so no need of carrying food.Note: Read instructions of raids b4 riding

Review №39

If u are fun loving... This place is for you and your gang ...

Review №40

Amazing experience but its closed for the moment due to corona

Review №41

It is a good place to enjoy with family and friends,Rides and very thrilling.One can spend all day there, neat and clean washrooms.Must visit Global vipassana pagoda, there is a library which is very good, there are different books and also painting and statues are there.Visit with your family and friends you will definitely have fun.

Review №42

Essel world is awesome our school took us for picnic there, I enjoyed with my friends alot, the rides were awesome, and I liked free fall (name of a ride) most , I sat 5 times on it because there were another rides also to enjoy. i want to go there again but next time i would like to go only with my friends not with school

Review №43

Esselworld is fun and enjoyable for one day trip but now it is closed due to COVID19 pandemic

Review №44

Enjoyed like anything, no words to describe!

Review №45

Biggest amusement park in mumbai located on an island .And the island itself is very beautiful can visit Pagoda as well. Expect huge crowds on weekend

Review №46

The bird park is pretty good... My kid enjoyed it... They allow you to feed some birds and click snaps which is chargeable however well managed... The support staff is very friendly and courteous

Review №47

We visited the Bird park which is nestled within the same campus as the amusement and water parks of Essel world. Sprawling place, well connected inside, excellent staff, good food options available. Once inside, the Bird park gives a feel of the Jurrasic with huge trees, wind and bird sounds. Many exotic species of birds freely moving around in this well maintained man made natural habitat for us visitors to spot. Very knowledgeable, friendly and professional staff. Around 4pm theres an excellent presentation cum interactive session with the Macaws which shouldnt be missed. Photos are allowed. At the exit theres a souvenir to take back memories. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Review №48

It is one of the best amusement park of India. The place contains the ride for children as well as for adults. One can spend a whole day here and have fun. The entry price is also fine but it doesn’t include all the rides, for some rides you will be charged at their respective counters. They have a theatre as well in the park. Their are two sections of the park one is the amusement and the other one is water. Regarding the price for the food it’s way too high and the outside food is not allowed which at last will help in increasing your budget. The place is good for friends family and children.

Review №49

Awesome place to visit with family and frds.. Will suggest to wisit on wednessday as it provides you a discounts on tickets.. But not sure after covid what was there current charges but definitely visit onces

Review №50

Had visited the BIRD PARK in Esselworld. It was a really good experience. Unlike a zoo you will find a lot of birds in the open. The bird park is new and a must visit for once. If you are a senior citizen, please carry a ID proof to get a good discount in the ticket. Also you can feed birds and have a interactive session. However you cannot carry food or water inside the bird park due to security reasons. There is a baggage counter to keep your bags.

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Review №52

This is one of the best weekend gateway for family and friends. This place has all dry rides with great amusement. There are various rides which keeps you busy throughout the day in esselworld. The food is not so tasty here but can be managed in return for fun.Overall a great place to spend weekend.

Review №53

We were 13 friends goes to essalworld and we really too enjoyed. We took almost all rides of essalworld. If you compare essalworld and water Kingdom might be will recommend for essalworld first. That was really good trip for all friends.

Review №54

Fun filled rides with lots of attraction for peoples of all age groups

Review №55

One of the best places to visit mumbai, some rides are thrilling but cant compare Imagica.

Review №56

Amusement park is what you ask?, fun place to be. Ive been visiting this place since childhood and take my word, it never gets old. Although you may get bored in couple of hours but thats what it is all about. Following which you CAN head to water Kingdom..

Review №57

With two families, four kids and an infant with a holiday on Friday and long weekend to start we were all set for our first Essel world trip. They have arranged for buses from the car parking area to the main entrance (ticket booking area). These buses do a pickup from car parking to entrance and also a drop from entrance to car parking. Ticket counter was less crowded and we managed to get in quickly. The Essel world entrance and Water-Kingdom entrance is next to each other. Also is the Bird park which is inside Essel World. The place is clean with ample of shadow due to good amount of trees. Though summer season in month of April we did not feel the heat as much as it was outside. There are places where they have setup places for refilling water bottles. We saw two food courts which were pretty big. It was a good experience and until the day ended except the kids most of us were tired.May be next time we might try the bird park and/or Water Kingdom.

Review №58

Its fun and adventurous place for everyone. The rides are too good.

Review №59

I went to visit the bird park of essel world, and I found it a very nice place to go with children.My daughter was very excited by watching beautiful and colourful bird roaming around us.there is a demonstration session which is included in tickets, but I did not found much in that, that could have been better.over all its a good place to visit with family, specially with kids.

Review №60

Essel world ! It was super amazing. It was a lot of fun with super exciting rides and games. The rides were as thrilling as thriller movies in which some rides were dangerous for adults and enjoyable for kids. There were many rides as thunder, cup & saucer, dashing car, ice skating, laser fight, fish pedicure and many others. There was recharge section in which you can fill your game cards if they gets finished. There were also food sections and stalls with varieties of food items and also there was dominos pizza having all facilities in each and every corner of the easel world. You can spend a whole day investing your time and energy which will never be a waste . Also some stunt man from bollywood sections took place which showed their talents and efforts with full dedication and hard work. It was a great fun spending time in essel world.

Review №61

I will not recommend this place to visit frequently. Once in 5 years will be fine.Also you can enjoy with groups.Not recommend to visit in new year or any occasion like it as there will be too much crowd and too much waiting for each ride.Fatty people dont go as you will not be able to get in many rides as of security issues. The lock will not close properly.Thunder is especially recommended. Kids will enjoy alot.

Review №62

It was a childhood dream come true. Absolutely loved this place. The best place to visit with your friends, family, your loved one or go alone! Shot and Drop is a must try! It was my first experience and the most amazing one. Top Spin is yet another amazing ride aling with Aqua Dive, Roller Coaster and much more. Carnival like atmosphere, Good food and Rain Dance!

Review №63

A charming theme park with a great atmosphere, lacking on quality attractions. Decent, but overpriced food.Not recommended for coaster enthusiasts like me

Review №64

What place not opened waste of money worst place !

Review №65

Can get better. Thunder and Rainbow are still my favourite rides

Review №66

Essel World is situated in the Western part of Borivali in Gorai AreaAlthough it falls in Mumbai (Borivali), it cannot be easily accessible from Borivali Railway Station/Borivali WestThis place can be easily accessible only from Bhayander Railway Station/Bhayander West by road through Uttan-Gorai RoadThis is because there is no road which connects Borivali West with Gorai(Borivali)

Review №67

Very nice place to enjoy specially with kids

Review №68

I suggest you all to go on Friday.There might be some discount ..It will be great fun. Suggested to go with a group.•Do try : Top Spin ( best ride in essel world)•Monster ride•Thunder are one of the best ones.Food is a bit costlyBut try not to eat heavily before any ride

Review №69

Fun rides for all age group, plus ice skating, laser tag, mirror maze and haunted house was fun too. If you are visiting essel world do visit Pagoda, its beautiful.

Review №70

Great experience with family and kids. Everyone has enjoyed the whole day. Very neat and clean.

Review №71

Amazing place.. nice rides.. full enjoyment for whole days.. make sure to get unlimited ride ticket and make sure u experience all rides.. have fun!!!

Review №72

Nice place but no proper arrangements on ticket counter. There was total mess & people were shouting and was no clarification regarding modification in charges. The new concept of fast track ticket charges generating revenue for promoter but actually leading to inconvenience to general visitors. This should be immediately stopped.

Review №73

Nice amusement park with good rides but there are new amusement parks with better rides and facilities nowdays so I suggest the Essel world to increase and upgrade their rides and eating facilities .Great place to have fun and an adventurous day. The offers are quiet useful when it comes to the expenses of the tickets. It would be better if you would go for a food thali than any other item on the menu. All ages can come here and enjoy their day .

Review №74

Great place one should visit once both water kingdom and essel world too.

Review №75

Best park there have a nice ride like Thunder and more in the best price range

Review №76

Places good injoy

Review №77

Gr8 amusement park... perfect one day fun with family and friends. We had visited almost after more than 15 yrs.. lost of lots of visit if you havent been for a long time. nice well maintained rides for adults, children n family, lots of places to relax, eat.. nice washrooms available at multiple places, multiple options for entries as per your pocket... n very important lot of tress are planted so that the climate is very cool and not at all tiring though near sea side...The cherry on the ice was the carnival parade which we got to attend. They have also maintained INS Prabal in very good condition...In all Must Visit place...

Review №78

One of the great amusement park in the city.Various rides are here.Food are Little costly but quite good.Price are affordable.For Children,their is special rides. Situated In Gorai,near By borivali station. You can get Share Rickshaw From borivali railway station to gorai khadi..Then you have to take ferry to reach destination.Ferry availability are good. There is Water resort side by essleworld. You can Buy combined tickets for essleworld and water kingdom. There is rainbow gate where you can go from one side to another.

Review №79

Essel World was built in 1986 by Subhash Chandra of the Essel Group. Most tourists, who visit Mumbai, always make it a point to visit this magical place. Situated in the Gorai Island, Essel World is the biggest and one of the first amusement parks in India. This amusement park is popular for its colossal infrastructure and several exciting dry and wet rides. Among all the fun activities that can be enjoyed, the ice skating ring, discotheque and bowling alley serve as the prime attractions for people. The park has several rides that cater to all age groups. A perfect destination for all, this place attracts almost 10,000 visitors every day. The best feature of the Essel World Amusement Theme Park is that it is open 365 days. There are also avenues for shopping and food courts for people looking for a holistic experience. Truly an adventure for anyone who visits, Essel World is another world indeed

Review №80

Full onnnn Masti..... Enjoyments unlimited...

Review №81

Best place to enjoy you even have special offers on Tuesday as well as Friday.. Can surely have a look over it.. Best thrilling rides must try.. Thunder, enterprise, drop, hoola loop and the additional fun is ice skating... They even click pictures and provide as soft copy at a good price.. Good food and a place for photoshoot.. the caterpillar has 7D cartoons displayed when the class is wore thats fun and wonder...Yes overall just go and have fun if you think spending money where you wont sit on rides they have offers where you can pay 390 and get a card with 300 cash in it where you can enjoy selected rides.. And can even recharge it many recharge booth in..

Review №82

Good place to hang out with family and friends.Excellent management and food.I will suggest you to go for food coupons rather than their conventional thali system.Great offers going om for all days of week for all age categories.Overall very good experience.

Review №83

It was great experience. some rides are adult ride which need courage. Foods are very expensive.

Review №84

A full day visit with friends or family ( exclusive of water park ).The ticket price is worth it and prefer to go in week days to avoid standing in the queue.Rides are of all types : adult, children & family and can be done unlimited times...I visited in the last week of December where I also got to see the carnival going on...

Review №85

Small picnic .. good rides .. its better if you have 6 pe 6 free tickets .. weekends are little bit crowded .. try to come on weekdays if you wish to have all the rides and enjoy the theme park ..

Review №86

Its always been adding up to fond memories since childhood and till date. If they could just decrease the timing of thunder would be appreciated. It was lesser but the person handling it increased the operating timing, it almost have me a migraine, Otherwise its a thrilling experience all together. Top spin is a big hit! I look forward to this ride but at times its being serviced and that becomes a great disappointment.

Review №87

Essel world is a small world where you can get full of joy and happiness. Large variety of rides , roller coaster and many more.

Review №88

Injoy all child and cuppal

Review №89

One of the must visit theme park in Mumbai. Full entertainment!

Review №90

Full entertaining place where you can spend whole day with family. So much of attraction and ride.. alibaba, monster castle, VR ride and shot&drop etc.

Review №91

I was at the water kingdom and the experience was really great. Must visit place. They have increased the price drastically but still a good place for 1 day picnic.

Review №92

This is really a good amusement park to hang out with family. There are lot of things to do which you cant enjoy in a single day if you are going the first time. Do your RND first and follow their map, so you can take lot out of it.

Review №93

Very nice park in gorai. Kids can enjoy here.. lots of rides and food options avable for jain also.

Review №94

One of the Best Amusement Park.Best Rides - ShotNDrop & TopSpinHead Shaking Ride - Thunder & EnterpriseFun Place - Monster mist & AlibabaPaisa vasool only if you manage to take every rides.

Review №95

Very nice attractive place for enjoyment with rides and water park. You can get food also.

Review №96

Amazing place with family and friends. The rides are very amazing. Best ride is thunder. Food is bit costly ,as all the amusement parks have costly food so that’s not the issue but the main thing is if you are travelling by ferry,you should take care of high and low tide,ferries are closed during high or low tide. It’s better to choose road ways.Great rides Excellent service Quality food Variety of rides.Really enjoyed this place on every visit, foods are also very good at best price.

Review №97

Please be sure to post the correct information so that one of your mistakes will not harm the general public.

Review №98

Eseel worldOnce the video very nice ️

Review №99

Amazing and awesome place. Be it to visit with family or friends. Breathtaking rides, plenty of options for food

Review №100

Very old Park. Remember childhood days. But still closed for covid.

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  • Address:Global Pagoda Road, Gorai Island, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400092, India
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  • Phone:+91 22 6158 9888
  • Amusement center
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  • Saturday:10AM–6:30PM
  • Sunday:10AM–6:30PM
  • Play area:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Baggage storage:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
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