Clue Hunt Lower Parel
Mathuradas Mill Compound, Ground Floor, CD House, behind Cafe Zoe, Lower Parel West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013, India
Review №1

Cluehunt is a good team building and entertainment place for groups, teams and couples. The games would test your mental agility, team working and patience. There are almost 4-5 games here, each one will take almost 2 hrs time to get completed. I must say that those games are designed in a very smart way to add elements of surprise, thrill and fun all along the game. Highly recommended for a small team get together. I took my team before a dinner and it was a wholesome fun. Quite energising!!This place place is located in the heart of the lower parel in Mumbai and doesnt offer any parking facility, so best to go by hired cabs. The best part is its surrounding, you may find so many highly rated restaurants nearby to dine. Try once with your close groups this play and dine area.

Review №2

The terrorist room is good for beginners. Good to try out with a group of friends once. Definitely not worth the high prices.

Review №3

The Clue hunt at lower parel- todi mills compound (also know as mathuradas compound) is absolutely an amazing concept which keeps you on your toes. There are 6; different types of rooms ranging from easy,moderate and difficult. The staff guides us very well in terms of if we are beginners as to which rooms to choose, how to progress with the same. Its a good place to spend time with your buddies.On the contrary, its a little expensive.

Review №4

Good experience! We tried art gallery and solved it, would say it’s an intermediate level theme.

Review №5

If your looking for a great way to spend some quality time with Friends and Family this is the place. Engage and Work as a team to solve Puzzles and work out a way to escape. No distraction like mobile phones and a fun filled real adventure which you will always remember.Its a much better idea to spend time here than a mall.

Review №6

An amazing place for team building activity. We were a group of 6 and had the time of our lifes. Try out the terrorist clue hunt which is one of the toughest hunt. You have a time limits of one hour.

Review №7

Good place to visit if you like solving puzzles.. You have to solve a puzzle within an hour and you can ask upto 3 hints... After that, for every hint they reduce 5 mins from your remaining time as a penalty.... Minimum 2 and maximum 6 people can be part of a team.

Review №8

Had lot of fun. Interesting puzzle. One hour goes by very fast. Would recommend to try.

Review №9

Had lots of fun at the Lower Parel branch.. the clues are interesting and we need to play it smart.. that one hour in the lock up room went damn fast like we were busy finding the clues and having fun too! Amazing place! Would like to come again and try other puzzles.

Review №10

A mist visit.. we ended up playing two sessions when initially booked just one.. its super interesting and very well thought..

Review №11

Such a amazing place to brainstorm your mind and engage urself into various theme based escape game. Its fun and requires application of mind to solve that clues .As they say observe everything and anything you see

Review №12

It was a really pleasant experience at the Lower Parel Clue Hunt. Interesting and intelligently planned clues! Super fun. Friendly organisers. An atypical way spending time in the city! Recommend you to visit this place.

Review №13

We had planned an offsite at clue hunt Lower Parel with about 25 of us and the experience was good. The Lock up mystery is an interesting one and needs a lot of presence of mind.. we had a great time with office colleagues in solving the puzzle.

Review №14

Amazingly fun! So glad I spent my birthday doing this. Cant wait to come back!

Review №15

My friend and I visited this place this weekend; I enjoyed thorougly, good brain teasers, and believe it would be a great team bonding experience as well...enjoyed and impressed. Nothing less than 5 stars!!

Review №16

Worth checking this place out.... Brilliant mystery... Fun thing to do... A must place to visit

Review №17

Its amazing... Must try...not easy at all and u think lot of out of the box... Highly recommended..

Review №18

I took my daughters gang of friends to celebrate her birthday here in sum different style n I think it was a very good decision ,Girls were so full of energy n excitement..every minute well spent! Superb place if ur looking for sum thrill

Review №19

Damn good and lot of fun. We were a group of 4 n we enjoyed throughout

Review №20

Pretty good place, but not for very small kids. Good for parties for small groups. Very good staff and service

Review №21

Great place for testing ur brainsAmazing puzzles and a ton of fun with friends

Review №22

Never gonna visit such a place ever in my life. It was such a horrible experience for me and would recommend everyone not to visit that place ....WASTAGE OF MONEY..... the missions ...the clues... everything was disgusting....the clues didnt link to each other...such a BULLSHIT

Review №23

It was a great experience @Clue Hunt Lower Parel. Amazing clues that require brain storming. Id recommend everyone to try it and Id love to try out the second level too.

Review №24

Too good an experience.Dont think too much.Must do.No clues are arbitrary.

Review №25

Clue hunt is an interesting concept and had an amazing experience although I must say it was difficult to crack the clues and the room needed some air or cooling to keep us calm and thinking. Overall amazing!

Review №26

LockUp mystery @ lowerparel branch..thumbs up

Review №27

Excellent staff Co operation with excellent theme... Nicely hints are placed .

Review №28

Clue hunt lower Parel.Was very challenging and a lot of fun. Staff was super helpful. Will definitely come back to the the other rooms.

Review №29

Amazing experience at the Lower Parel branch. Did the Diamond maze and finished it 10 mins before time. I honest feedback- they should add some incentives​ to make the game more competitive and something to look forward to.

Review №30

Engaging 1hr... Worth visiting the place with a group of friends

Review №31

It was an amazing experience for team building and and overall great outing. I have been to several clue hunt locations but I believe Lower Parel is the best one!

Review №32

The Diamond maze is actually pretty tough. Really need to use your brains and try and solve it. Good activity for one hour. The time passes really fast

Review №33

We had Great Fun. The clues are very innovative and mind blogging. A must do group activity, definitely recommended.

Review №34

Went to the Lower parel branch.Great place to spend an hour with friends trying to solve some smartly crafted puzzles. Should definitely try the lock up mystery.

Review №35

Best place, very exciting and engaging. Enjoyed very much.

Review №36

Want to refresh your mind then the best place to visit once and be a part of investigating team

Review №37

Fantastic experience! Kudos to the game developers for such an engaging activity. We are surely coming back again for more.

Review №38

It was fun and exciting and intellectually stimulating. Right out of an episode of big bang theory .

Review №39

Good place to visit with friends n family. Games r good something away from digital world.

Review №40

Nice place to play and have fun!

Review №41

Not a great clue hunt. Very average. The fort one is better!

Review №42

It was excellent experience to play lockup mystery at Lower Parel branch, its quite real and u feel like Sherlock a lot of times n believe me the clues r actually very very interesting overall was amazing experience.

Review №43

We were a group of 14. We split ourselves into 2 groups of 7 each. We did the prison lock mystery as this was our first time. We had great fun solving the clues, brilliant concept!!!Thanx Clue Hunt Team

Review №44

It was very exciting experience. Enjoyed a lot. Must try in Mumbai!

Review №45

Fun place. Enjoyed treasure hunt game. Bit pricy at Rs 1,700 for a couple.

Review №46

Great fun. Mind blowing team activity. Makes you think and work as a team.

Review №47

We went to lower Parel clue hunt and played lockup mystery it was very fun and engaging enjoyed a lot ... must visit

Review №48

Definitely not worth the amount charged, staff was polite but the puzzle was not well organized and it was waste of money spending 1 hr there.

Review №49

The kids had a great time. The only problem is the lack of parking

Review №50

An hour long mysterious fun with Clue Hunt Lower Parel! Thoroughly enjoyed!

Review №51

Successfully cleared the basic level at CLUE HUNT (lower parel). Super fun.Must visit !!!

Review №52

This was super fun. Should try this with a larger group of 5 and more.We had been to Clue Hunt Lower parel which is Todi Mill compound.You never know how one hour gets over

Review №53

We played stolen painting game and had great fun. Best team even games.

Review №54

A good fun place to spend an hour with your colleagues and friends. An innovative concept for India and should be tried once.

Review №55

Nice concept .. best time to spend with groups there should b more than hour time for each puzzle

Review №56

If you are hunting for a place with mystery and fun, then go for clue hunt.Awesome place to be with friends or family.

Review №57

A very interesting place,fun with atleast 4 people,the clues were amazing and puzzling at the same time.Worth it.(Lower Parel Branch)

Review №58

Good fun - intriguing game. An hour well spent - enjoyed playing lock up mystery puzzle at Lower Parel

Review №59

It was a nice experience... We played lock up mystery. lot of fun......staff service was great.... Lp

Review №60

This was one of the best clue hunt experiences. It was great teamwork and overall amazing.

Review №61

The lower parel branch had amazing clues. we felt like detectives it was mind boggling and brain storming. overall a fab experience!!

Review №62

We had great fun.The clues are very innovative and interesting

Review №63

Nice team building place.

Review №64

Nice place for a group outing, solving the clues is challenging and fun. Though a bit difficult to reach the place.

Review №65

Mind blowing detective mystery game. Better than expected

Review №66

It was a lot of fun.we had a great time.definitely coming back there

Review №67

Worst location and not in a good place at all only recommended for people with personal vehicle and I in an unexpected area and not near any mall or anything

Review №68

We played lock up mystery at Lower Parel Clue Hunt. The mystery was very interesting and quite difficult to solve! It was brain rattling, and we would definitely come again to solve the other mysteries!

Review №69

It was awesomeHad great fun !A different and unique way to hang out with friends !Thanks to clue hunt - Lower Parel !!

Review №70

The Lower Parel branch is a lot of fun,its nothing like anything youve seen before. Definite check out spot !

Review №71

A truly unique concept ! Had great fun at the lower parel branch attempting to solve the Diamond Maze !

Review №72

Nice escape room game. Helpful staff

Review №73

Visited the lower parel branch. Amazing experience. Just look around!!

Review №74

Nice and exciting. Had fun while cracking the codes

Review №75

Not as good as expected. The room was not properly set before we were sent to the room

Review №76

It was very good experience! !Very nice clues. The lock opened with the wrong number.

Review №77

Good brainstorming... super fun

Review №78

This is lots of fun... worth trying again and again!!

Review №79

Great experience! Amazing fun to solve the mystery.Worth a go!

Review №80

Enjoyed a lot!!!....Wow... Women of Wisdom..grp!!!

Review №81

Awesome game the clues are difficult. Lockup mystery is fun at lower parel...

Review №82

Lots of fun with family and friends. An hour well spent!!

Review №83

Superb and challenging. Have nearly done them all, and its always been a pleasure.

Review №84

Loved the experience. Worth spending some time

Review №85

Great experience with clue hunt .good team building activities, very supportive staff

Review №86

Id visited the lower parel branch and did the lock up mystery! It was mind boggling experience in a fun way!

Review №87

Amazing enjoyed the time brainstorming our mind refreshing game

Review №88

Brilliantly designed and exciting game.. worth experiencing it !!

Review №89

Kept you on your toes constantly and its exciting with a group of friends.

Review №90

We played the Diamand maze.. it was an awesome experience

Review №91

Good fun.. would want to explore the other games

Review №92

Quite challenging this one. Enjoyed the game

Review №93

Superb place to spend time on weekends with Group! !!

Review №94

Awesome experience...a must go place with your friendzzz...brainstorming with the clock ticking..intellect at display and take ur dumb friends along so that you can laugh at them...

Review №95

Amazing experience with the lock up mystery clue hunt in the lower parel branch

Review №96

Prison break experience we tried was simply fantastic. Going back to their other mystery rooms for sure!

Review №97

The clues were tough but the fun was real. Totally worth the money

Review №98

Very good place

Review №99

Nice place to go with family and friends! Had an amazing time!

Review №100

This is a really awesome concept . Had the time of my life !!!!Never used my brains more !!!

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  • Address:Mathuradas Mill Compound, Ground Floor, CD House, behind Cafe Zoe, Lower Parel West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013, India
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  • Phone:+91 22 2499 9165
  • Amusement center
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Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–5PM
  • Wednesday:5–10:30PM
  • Thursday:11AM–10PM
  • Friday:11AM–10PM
  • Saturday:11AM–10PM
  • Sunday:11AM–10PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Google Pay:Yes
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