Clue Hunt Bandra
301, Roha Orion, 16th Road, Near Mini Punjab Restaurant, Pali Village, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050, India
Review №1

Had a good time there. Good place to hangout with friends and family. The staff there is cooperative as well. The building has an elevator too. And don’t forget to look around, you might find a clue.

Review №2

The game was fun, interesting and challenging, however i think that the it was smelly, old and a little abandoned. this made my sister and i question the quality. but other than that, the game was one of the best i have played.

Review №3

Awesome experience.The spylock murder mystery is one of the games you must try at the Clue Hunt, Bandra.Clues are perfectly placed in a very mysterious way and how the pattern unfolds is what keeps the mystery alive till the end.The best part is, you have to use your brain and to a level that after a while you will feel like a detective.Visit this place for sure if you love to do some adventure that you watch on television. Feel like a FBI officer and see for yourself if you are even closer to what they do.PS. We won!

Review №4

Had a fun and adventurous time in the locked room! We were just two people, so it was slightly harder but we used the 3 clue hints and the guys here sweetly helped us! It’s a timed game but so much adrenaline rush! Good clues, well thought out too! Will be back for more...

Review №5

This place is done up well. The scenes are good and fun to play if with a large group. The only thing that I felt was a miss was that they dont have timely clues like in the case of mystery rooms. Similar concept though. Would recommend if youre looking for a good team building exercise.

Review №6

Good place to spend an hour or two with friends. The activities are fun. We did the Spylocks chamber. The clues werent easy to find but not difficult enough for us to give up. All in all a fun filled, mind ticking experience.

Review №7

Had chosen this place for team event. Courteous staff. Interesting murder mystery.#feeling like sherlock#some doors r tricky to open#1 hr absolute fun#

Review №8

Kids had great funWorth visiting

Review №9

Its a good place to visit atleast once... A different experience... Only thing is that its little difficult for 1st timer so if you are first timer always go in group of 2 or 3 people and during non peak days so that they can give you extra time and help you ... Its definitely a must go place .

Review №10

Very interesting game and very nice it use our brain with full speed the locks of ka-boom are hard but we done that with hints,, staff are also very polite

Review №11

Had a great time at the Shylocks Chamber Murder mystery gameReally a lot of funThe bigger the group the better the fun

Review №12

The concept is quite good and has been put up decently well. I though the price was on the higher side, being a resident of Bangalore and have done similar activities for a lot cheaper. The area involved was quite small although the clues/challenges were good.At the end of it, there was something I thought was missing overall, hence the 4 stars.

Review №13

Cluehunt is a great experience. Fun to play...EVEN ALONE! Great fun!

Review №14

Spylocks chamber was really good and anybody that enjoys murder mysteries will have an awesome time getting out.

Review №15

Good n fun place to visit. Clues were placed in an organised manner and we had to use our brains.

Review №16

Went here to celebrate my brothers birthday and the game, clues setup is very good. Loved it!

Review №17

We played murder mystery which was pretty interesting. Got three clues. And solved it before time. Good experience.

Review №18

It is a nice experience. We enjoyed a lot and had lot of fun while solving the clue.

Review №19

We played Murder mystery and it was great fun. Years of watching all kind of detective and crime shows and we finally got to be in one!

Review №20

It was a nice experience but not many rooms. Clues are nice but Quality may be improved..

Review №21

Fun game.... A little tricky.... Had a good time... Very helpful staff

Review №22

It was a great experience. Loved how the team helped to execute a surprise for a colleague. Made it more memorable for us. Keep up the great work!

Review №23

Location is confusing and actual setup is basic & rudimentary. Dont buy tickets online as they have no refund policy if anyone doesnt turn up! The games are interesting for teenagers and good for one time experience!

Review №24

The background story narrated by the staff could have been built to make it more interesting. However it was delivered very flat. So it doesnt develop the interest while solving the clues.

Review №25

Amazing clue hunt game place!! So try it out! Real fun place for a group of friends!The rooms are too easy and not too difficult also. A good combination of brain and logic required to complete the tasks!

Review №26

Good place for a one time experience. We went to the witches den on one of our friends birthday. The room was too small & only full of different types of locks. Some were not properly visible. Expected more from it as some other setup must also be there. Staff was great. Good place to enjoy once.

Review №27

We had a great time, the puzzle was challenging and very fun to solve. Definitely recommend!

Review №28

The puzzles were fun but it needs maintenance. It seemed untouched and a lot of things were broken. We had fun but not because of the challenge. Needs a good renovation.

Review №29

They have a difficult, yet fun murder mystery challenge. If you like escape rooms and are in Mumbai, you should come here.

Review №30

Great time! Puzzle was quite challenging and fun

Review №31

Good for one time visit... Clue hunt room was not that happening

Review №32

Its a fun place... But the murder mystery was really badly planned... The process was non linear.... There were multiple things which seemed like clues but were not. The place is really worn down and so your bound to get confused. E. G locks have numbers eroded off... Clues have things written on them... My earlier experience with mystery room in goa was simple mind blowing... Whereas this was more disappointing and confusing than fun... They need to make it a linear clue based system...

Review №33

Helpful staff...well maintained rooms...overall wonderful experience!

Review №34

The hunt was fun. Its difficult to find the place though and found it a little overpriced

Review №35

Fun place to try for a group activity. Be ready to give your grey cells a bit of a workout..Just one negative point.. a bit of the props need to be maintained for smooth running.

Review №36

Amazing place to do team buildings and search for clues. It teaches togetherness, thinking critically and creatively

Review №37

A nice little place in Bandra. We chose to solve a murder mystery. Was really engaging and interesting. I just felt that there should have been a back story to the whole thing which would have made it a little better. Overall a very fun experience. Would definitely like to try out the other rooms.

Review №38

It was amazing though the props were a bit old but the staff were helpful

Review №39

A unique experience of sorts. Definitely intriguing and not patronizing at all. Was harder than we initially thought. Well arranged and thought of. Maybe a bit of maintenance is necessary for the place. Overall, a must-have experience, especially for the ones seeking mental stimulation.

Review №40

It was an amazing experience! Loved every bit of it! The effort that has been put into creating spy-locks chamber is simply fulfilling! It was worth the money spent! i am definitely going back to play the next mystery! LOVED IT you should visit this place for an exciting experience

Review №41

Fun place for a group of friends to hang out and bond. Need to work your brains out. It has three types of mystery hunts. The murder mystery was decent and easy.

Review №42

It was really fun and exciting.. clues are really well would really blow up your mind.. just go and try it..its worth the time..

Review №43

Must visit place to be only once if you had tried all the secret games. They make you feel like the heroes on the mission.Loved it

Review №44

Really nice and challenging. Pretty difficult. Very good crew and very interesting concept

Review №45

Clues are very difficult to slove but it will get your brains working. Do visit. The mysteries are very adventurous and amazing.

Review №46

It was a fun filled 1hr. I had gone with my friend. You have to really scratch your brain to get the clues. A must visit if love mysteries and adventures.

Review №47

Awesome Place! I had gone here for my boyfriends birthday and we had a blast! The staff is really amazing, sweet and patient! The clues and the theme is really challenging and fun. Definitely a must visit. Special thanks to Harish!

Review №48

Nice place. Too expensive

Review №49

A very engaging way to spend 60 minutes and test your observation,patience and intelligence! So much fun!!! Will definitely try it again! Great job

Review №50

Good fun time with family and friends. Many clients were well thought of. We did the kaboom room

Review №51

Confortable staff Arun and Rahul...amazing games...all the clues were hidden professionally...enjoyed the game

Review №52

Had a fun filled experience solving the clues. There are a lot of hidden surprises and puzzles that will keep you entertained. The clue hunt team is also very co operative. Whether you go solo or with friends this will be a fun filled experience for all.

Review №53

The concept is great. Makes for a good weekend thing to do.

Review №54

Ideal for 2 to 4 people. Difficult for 1st timers.

Review №55

Great bonding time with friends, lots of fun:D

Review №56

It was great earlier, but there seems to be no maintenance and no upgrade to the existing rooms.

Review №57

Cool game and was quite a Nice experience out there

Review №58

Had a super time. Great staff. Had a super fun time.

Review №59

Not worth the price paid, boring. Would anytime prefer Mystery Rooms.

Review №60

Amazing place. The clues are amazing and very difficult to solve.

Review №61

Few games were not working and the game I booked for was broken so I had to play another which was not that good. Also the technical problems were not informed even though they occurred the prior day

Review №62

Great place to spend your weekend doing something different !!One of the best new activities in town. Make sure you do it in a group of friends or with family. Its not easy but its a LOT OF FUN !!

Review №63

Small place. OK ambience. Not as expected

Review №64

A lot of fun, very entertaining, required some thinking :)

Review №65

Was good. Staff also good. But i thunk too overrated and a bit expensive for the stuff they offer.

Review №66

Fun-filled experience for those who crave mystery. Some clues are vague though, and connections are often said to be obvious, but arent; especially when there are multiple locks/puzzles and hints could apply to any of them. Because it is staged, there is no realistic feeling despite their efforts to protray it as so. Nevertheless, enjoyable.

Review №67

Very good place to enjoy some quality time with your friends . But it is highly advised that you go in a group , it becomes much more fun and interesting and you also get to boost your team work spirit . Just note that if you go in any of the first two slots please confirm with them that they have charged and put all the batteries , just because of this reason we could not break their record as it wasted our 10 min thats the only reason why I am giving 4 stars .I played Mr. Spylock chamber and looking forward to try their other game kaboom too .In all its a very fun place to enjoy and interesting also as you need to apply your brains

Review №68

I had a lot of expectations from this place.. I found mystery rooms much better than clue hunt

Review №69

We selected kaboom. It was a lot of fun and full of excitement. Looking forward to try all the other rooms too. Amazing concept. Very well executed.

Review №70

It was a really fun experience. Very intelligently organised and put together. The staff were extremely friendly and helpful. Definitely going back again soon to hunt for some more clues :)

Review №71

Had great time with fun friends at Clue Hunt. We made it just in time ! Will come back soon for more...

Review №72

Fun experience being locked in a room for an hour while you and your friends quickly try and decipher the available clues that will help open the door :)

Review №73

If you ever get cocky and too proud of your superior intellect, try Kaboom in The ClueHunt, Bandra, and youll see where you stand. Equipped with thrilling cases and mind-blowing conundrums, this place is sure to give your brain a real test !

Review №74

Great place if you like escape games..... Tried Witchs Den and Kaboom..... Tough ones but the staff is good and helpful....

Review №75

Great experience, loved been Sherlock Holmes

Review №76

We had the kids play the Spylock game and it was amazing! They had tons of fun and were super excited to solve the mystery!

Review №77

I actually enjoyed it so much!The helpers were really nice and sweet. I would totally recommend it to yall out there who like mystery. :)

Review №78

Its worn out. They need to upgrade themselves or atleast refurnish the present games so the clues are visible at the least

Review №79

An amazing experience! A must go to place with frnds if u want to enjoy to the fullest.....

Review №80

It was quite difficult and we went a bit over time to escape the room, but all in all a very good and fun experience

Review №81

The harry potter escape room is fun but does not require detailed knowledge. Not for hard core fans.

Review №82

It is a very good place to enjoy with family and friends and I had loads of fun in trying to solve the puzzles I would definitely visit it one more time

Review №83

Tickle your gray cells! Interesting experience.. Will visit again..

Review №84

The concept is great, but the place was not well maintained. The room was dirty, the objects were not working properly and some were broken which did not make for a great experience. The clues were too jumbled up to figure out also.

Review №85

What a superb adventure and mystery game. We were so lost in the beginning of the game not knowing how to progress, but as time went by, confidence in ourselves grew and by the end of it it was the most satisfying role-playing activity that I have ever encountered. Going again soon for their bomb-diffusion mystery.

Review №86

Got my family here because it seemed like a fun time, but the management was terrible. Several clues were missing/broken and each time the management realized this, they would come in and tell us everything. We felt rushed, and finished the game in 50 mins due to all their clues (most people dont finish the game). We filled out a feedback form but it seemed unlikely to be taken seriously. We also didnt receive a receipt. Definitely not worth the 4000 we spend....

Review №87

I am a fan of escape games and this really bad. Dirty room, staff not professional (listening to loud music during our game), lame enigmas

Review №88

Definitely for all ages. Amazing group activities. Be it collegues, friends, couples or families. Clue hunt is located in different areas in mumbai. And no 2 clue hunt outlets offer the same activities. Which is amazing - as after experiencing one outlet and the activities it has to offer youll definitely be intrigued to visit the rest of the outlets to complete the remainder of the activities. The only key to this place is to have fun fun and more fun. No competitiveness. Just plain old fashioned funnnnnnnnn.... and fyi puton your Sherlock Holmes and Einstein thinking caps......

Review №89

Nice place to have fun with frnds.. Keep u occupied till the end..

Review №90

Interesting concept. More maintenance required. Even citizens need to learn how to conduct themselves better

Review №91

Rahul and Murtuza were pretty good at guiding throughout the hunt

Review №92

It was a great experience. Played the Defuse the bomb game. Extremely interesting and tough.

Review №93

Its was very good game and interesting one.. We had gone for witch den...

Review №94

The staff is helpful and friendly. Was a great experience!

Review №95

Clue hunt kurla awesome place i wish i could bring my family. and the most amazing was terrorist hideout . i will recommend to everyone.

Review №96

Wonderful place. Kids enjoyed a lot. Will surely visit again.

Review №97

Visited the Lower Parel branch. Tried the Stolen Painting. Great experience. Must Visit.

Review №98

Lots of fun. Go with a group of friends... Atleast 4 or 5

Review №99

It was well thought of, all clues were well placed and had a level of difficulty which kept us engaged all through.

Review №100

A brilliant one hour experience! Loved the place and its definitely a superb concept! Kudos to the people for bringing this experience to India :)

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