Raya Gopura
Melukote, Karnataka 571431, India
Raya Gopura
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This iconic place is just a delight to witness... Visited here on a cool day, the whole place was so quiet with cool breeze blowing away all our tiredness... There is a sense of calm about this historic place, which makes you lose sense of time and you just dont wanna leave this place... It has amazing views, and you can sit there watching the views for eternity... Truly incredible India.

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Very beautiful spot. Calm and serene place to visit. Beat suited of pre-wedding and modeling photoshoots. Sad part is visitors have scribbles nonsense on walls of such state of the art monument.

Review №3

Beautiful place to hang out with friends and family.. its one of the famous shooting spot too.. if you are lucky, you can witness few superstars in the shooting too.. even this place has its own significance.. you can easily reach the top of these and take few beautiful pictures.. be careful.. dont reach the edge nor sit on the edge, like we did.. its dangerous.. at that moment, we dont realise.. but once you see the photos, we get to know the danger sign.. but a nice place!!

Review №4

Been part of hundreds of movies. Walkable distance from Akka Tangi Ponds..always love to climb up and enjoy the view around..

Review №5

In Melukote near Mysore. Badly maintained and neglected and in ruins. Salutations only to the great guys who created this stone masterpiece centuries ago. Meant to be a location for celebrating festivals and military victories.

Review №6

Nice place beautiful nature view

Review №7

Beautiful place. Also visit the Sanskrit Academy. 20 minutes visit is good else if you not looking extreme photography

Review №8

Beautiful place, only for the view & the calmness. Dont expect anything else, its an half finished work from the ancient times, a Panaramic view of the rocks layed down with carvings telling tales.

Review №9

Beautiful place. Still a mystery as to why it was built.

Review №10

Historical place in Melukote,Mandya district, Karnataka - Raya Gopura.History says Raya Gopura work was completed in a days time! 4 pillar catches your eyes for the first, and later the beautiful carving on the stones.Need to take steps built inside to reach the top.Once reached you will get to see a beautiful view of Yadugiri hills, Yoga Narasimha Temple.Nature looks amazing, best time to enjoy the view is in early morning. Do stop by, spend quality of time and enjoy the devine nature 🙏😊❤️

Review №11

Raya Gopura- Pre wedding photoshoot hot spot couples. Beautiful sculpture and green every where. But not well maintained by Govt, ask local ppl for proper route no sign board nothing.

Review №12

Super place for family trip

Review №13

Nice place to visit.. view was good..

Review №14

Awesome shooting spart at melkote Hill

Review №15

A beautiful place behind melukote temple. A rumour says, it was built in a night. Its incomplete, still beautiful. Many movie songs hav been shot over der. Pre-wedding shoots are common. Can spend 1 hour over der. One can see the melukote yoga narasimha swamy temple also from here.

Review №16

Please dont come here camera 2000 using only lovers

Review №17

One of the visiting spot of Melukote. I was not known that its called as Raya Gopura. I heard that it was assembled in 24 hours and after that it is incomplete. Very nice place take photo shots. You spend some time with your friends taking photos at different places. Worth visiting.

Review №18

Nice place. But need to clean from plastics water bottles.

Review №19

A huge structure which acted as a majestic gateway during the kingship.The Rayagopura is a famous incomplete temple probably built during the Vijaynagar empire. The Temple has 4 raised pillras with intricate carvings but no gopuram. It is said to have been built overnight, but with the huge pillars and stones used for construction. There are steps, not easy though, but anyone adventurous can reach the top of the gopura, from where you can get a view of the entire Melukote.The Raya Gopura has been used in filming of Songs from Guru and Rowdy Rathore.At around 50 kilometers from Mysore is the lush, green and scenic place called Melkote. Also known as Thirunarayanapuram, the place is famous for the beautiful Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple and the Yoga Narasimha temple at the hill top. It is believed that the devotee Prahlad installed the Narasimha statue at this location. This place is also famous for housing the Sri Vaishnava saint Sri Ramanujacharya for 12 years, when he left Tamil Nadu under persecution from the Chola king Kulothungacholan. The raja gopuram in this photo set is the actual temple entrance built by the Hoysala king Vishnuvardhana. Suffering from the muslim invasion of the 14th century, the temple and the surrounding historical artifacts lay in ruins. Recently, the government of India has taken efforts to renovate the temple and its historical surroundings. Film lovers may recollect having seen this location in many movies, including Thalapathy (the Rajinikanth starrer), Guru (Abhishek Bachchan - Aishwarya Rai starrer), Rowdy Rathore (Akshay Kumar - Sonakshi Sinha starrer), and many more.The raya gopuram has some intricate carvings still standing the test of time.A stone cut inscription of a beautifully adorned temple elephant with bells on its side...It is said that Tipu Sultan had gifted elephants during his reign of Mysore.

Review №20

Very crowded place on the weekend or holiday. People all over the place with wierd poses😵. If youre visiting for photography, please visit on a weekday.

Review №21

Its called as danush kote. This place is chosen for filming purposes in many serials and movies. The view is awesome from top of the building. Its not a huge building but have lots of space around it and can walk around, go inside it and climb to the top. Awesome place to click pictures and capture memories with scenic beauty. Its a beautiful place to relax and do not have to take lot of stairs to reach the place.

Review №22

Place is famous since ages as it is well known location for movie making, people come here to have their photoshoots too,It is situated around 1km away from Melkote Cheluvanarayana swamy temple, A good place to have some time with your loved ones.

Review №23

Its so calm and peaceful. U can spend time on top of the gopura

Review №24

Nice place, jus for a day visit. Nice place for photo shoot, nice temple nearby which is Melukote cheluvanarasimha temple.

Review №25

Wonderful place called as Melkote and should visit place.

Review №26

Wow its wonderful and many cinemas are shoots here like natasarvabhowma. Good place and great experience

Review №27

Place to visit for people of karnataka

Review №28

Nice place to spend anyones leisure time

Review №29

Raya Gopura, it’s an unfinished yet marvellous ancient structure located at Melukote. Nice and calm place. Good place for a photo shoot.

Review №30

Nice & Historical Place In Melkote Near To Temple Neatness Should Be Maintained Here Many Languages Films Shooting Done In This Place Crowd Will Be More In Weakened Parking Place Available But Limited Good To Be With Family & Children

Review №31

Superb and awesome place for photography. Historical place. Early morning or evening is the best time to visit, afternoon it will be hot. Carrying water bottle is essential. You can find lot of people selling buttermilk and fruits.

Review №32

Nice place but crowded, nothing much to see only for photoshoot this place is good

Review №33

Amazing .. no words

Review №34

Superb place and this is cinema shooting spot. its very nice for photography. Carry water bottle as it will be hot during summer. its walk able distance from Cheluvanarayana swamy temple

Review №35

Rayagopura means the royal tower or gateway. This is the ruin of a tower whose construction was never been completed. This place is also known as a shooting place, most of the films were shot here so it is attracted by decent crowd. View from the top of gopura is amazing and you can see the entire Melkote town from the top.

Review №36

Calm, Serene place near Mysore. On a cloudless day; you can see miles around from the top of RayagopuraIt’s located within the Sanskrit College campus in Melukote

Review №37

Melukote in Pandavapura taluk of Mandya district, Karnataka, in southern India, is one of the sacred places in Karnataka. The place is also known as Thirunarayanapuram. It is built on rocky hills, known as Yadugiri, Yaadavagiri and Yadushailadeepa, overlooking the Cauvery valley. Melukote is about 51 km (32 miles) from Mysore and 133 km (83 mi) from Bangalore. Melukote is the location of the Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple, with a collection of crowns and jewels which are brought to the temple for the annual celebration. On the top of the hill is the temple of Yoganarasimha. Many more shrines and ponds are located in the town. Melukote is home to the Academy of Sanskrit Research, which has collected thousands of Vedic and Sanskrit manuscripts.[2]Early in the 12th century, the famous Srivaishnava saint Sri Ramanujacharya, who hailed from Tamil Nadu, stayed at Melukote for about 12 years. It has thus become a prominent centre of the Srivaishnava sect.In the 12th century, the Srivaishnava saint Ramanujacharya took up his residence in this location for about 14 years. As a result it became a prominent centre of Srivaishnavism. Large numbers of Iyengar Brahmins migrated and settled in the region, forming the Mandyam Iyengar community.In the early 16th century, there were around a thousand houses where Brahmins lived. In the 18th century, About 700 members of the mandyam Iyengar community were massacred by Tipu Sultan on the day of Naraka Chaturdashi. A section of the Mandayam Iyengar community, do not light lamps on diwali.- wiki pedia

Review №38

Half constructed entrance gopuram of Melukote temples, famously known as Raya gopuram, there is a story behind this that its constructed within a night ( not sure about this).

Review №39

Nice place.. Looks like some unfinished temple..

Review №40

Amazing place at MELUKOTE, Beautiful architecture stones........ Amazing.....from there Sunrisers and Sunsets is so beautiful.🤗😎

Review №41

Good place. But filled with plastic. But lovely sculptures, very good detailing by our amara shilpi jakanacharya.

Review №42

It’s an historic place to visit and monument to see, where is an unfinished building by a King on a challenge and many movie shootings have been done here and now it’s famous for pre wedding photo shoots.

Review №43

Nice place. Good for photoshoot. Junk foods are available there. Hand made baskets are available. Good to go for 1 day trip.

Review №44

Wonderful historic place...

Review №45

Nice place

Review №46

Raya Gopura is a historical place at Melukote. This place is very well maintained. Entry to this place is free and this place is a one of the shooting spot for many films. You can take nice pictures of this place and experience a very good view from the top of Raya Gopura.

Review №47

This place was constructed by cholas and more ever its a incomplete construction they plan to complete in one night but its not possible so they left this muchHistory board of the place and guide not available there

Review №48

Awesome place😇

Review №49

Good place for photography and scenic views. There are 4 gopuras (pillars) and some stairs to climb the structure. This place is quiet hot and its not suitable to visit in summer season as the temperature will be quiet hot. Many film shootings and fighting shots have been taken in this spot. So this place is also called as *Shooting Spot*. Can spend some great time. Near this spot there is a Sanskrit research office.

Review №50

Amazing place ! Must visit, its a shooting spot

Review №51

Wonderfull stone works.. place for 30-60 minute spending

Review №52

One time visit place, lot of movie shoot happened. Maintenance is not good. You can take few pics with nice view point, apart from not great scalpture work, most of them are broken or destroyed.Not so great as shown in the movies.Other places in Melukote apart this are good. Must visit places are there. Like Yoganarasihma Temple and Narayana Temple. Avoid visiting in summer or sunny days, plan in the morning or evening time.

Review №53

RAYAGOPURA, MELKOTE, MANDYA :Also called Dhanushkoti – Situated about 1.5 km from Cheluva Narayanaswamy Temple, at the eastern slope of Yadavagiri Hills – A twin platform mounted about 20 feet above ground level – Gets a mesmerizing view of Melkote town and surroundings when looking from here - Shooting spot of many Bollywood and South Indian film - Tamil hit Sundarapandiyan, Dhalapathi song rakkamma kaiya thottu, Thiruda Thiruda, Rajnikanth’s Linga, Padaiyappa were among them – Believed to be the basement of an unfinished temple - Huge pillars standing high in the air with decorative carvings made around makes these gopura unique and awe inspiring – Not far from the Gopura lies two sacred ponds called Akka Thangiyara kola and Cheluva Arasana kola. The Academy of Sanskrit Research established in 1977 functions in the foothills.

Review №54

Its an unfinished building, due to some invasion on the king ruling there. Even though its unfinished it shows Richness of that king. The view is good and its a film shooting spot.

Review №55

Beautiful place but poorly maintained. The sculptures have very intricate detailing. Need to have more seating area and security personnel to manage the crowd. Often lesser crowd compared to cheluvanarayana swamy temple close by

Review №56

Historical place, which is very much beautiful place to visit with family and friends

Review №57

Wonderful place to visit and can spend good time around this. The history behind this is extra ordinary.

Review №58

A nice place . Can be maintained better

Review №59

Local tale says that this gopura was a entrance to the melukote town and was to be built in one day. The current monument is said to be the work of only 1 day and then it was abruptly stopped for unknown reasons.

Review №60

Beautiful place.. shooting spot of many movies. Visit for a beautiful scenery

Review №61

Best place 👍👍🙂

Review №62

Good time to visit would be early morning and evening. You can get some nice aerial shots. You can find dozens of pre wedding shoots.

Review №63

One of the famous place in karnataka known for film shooting / pre wedding shoots. Early morning visit makes you love this place more. Must visit place when you are in melukote.

Review №64

Wonderful monument.featured in many South Indian movies!! Spectacular views of the surroundings from this spot. Area maintained well. The new cement approach road makes it easy access by car too. Plan to spend 30 minutes...

Review №65

Known as film shooting place, very beautiful place

Review №66

Wonderful! such a nice place

Review №67

Its a beautiful place with awesome view. You can see this palce is many Hindi and Kannada movies. Its a famous flim shooting spot. This place is just beside temple. Its a nice spot for photography. View is awesome from top. Its not a crowded place. Its best place to spend time with family.

Review №68

Rayagopura in Kannada, is Minaret. What you see here are old relics now, just under a km from Cheluvarayaswami temple in Melukote.

Review №69

Excellent location!

Review №70

Lots of movie are shot here. Good atmosphere.

Review №71

Very old and peaceful place 🙏

Review №72

Its good place to visit

Review №73

It is the famous shooting location just 1km from Dhanush kote. The pillars are having beautiful carvings. There are some stone benches to sit under the tree shade.

Review №74

A fabulous place. Great views . Could have been cleaner though

Review №75

Location for many film songs shooting, from Thiruda Thiruda, Guru, Rowdy Rathore., Etc to name a few, sculptures and carvings are amazing...

Review №76

Its a shooting spot . You may all see this places with different sets in films. Its near to melkot temple. Dont miss to visit this place when you went for melkote

Review №77

Such a nice place, and it is shooting spot.

Review №78

All time best place

Review №79

Good one for photography....

Review №80

Nice place for one day trip from BLR.

Review №81

This is the famous shooting spot in Melukote. We can see this pillars in most of the Kannada Movie songs. Some famous South Indian movies like Kannada, Tamil and Telgu and also Bollywood movies shot here. Famous Director Maniratnams one of the favourite locations is this place. We can see these pillars in most of his films like Rajanikants DALAPATI and Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai starring GURU.

Review №82

After visiting Lord Cheluvarayaswamy temple, we visited this place. This was originally in our travel plan. We wanted to visit this place, since Rajinikanths films like Padayappa and some scenes of thalapathi were shot here.nice place to visit, if you climb the top structure you can have a good view of the surrounding place.

Review №83

Raya Gopura at Melukote. Melukote is also known as thirunayanapuram. Which is famous for cheluvanayarana Swamy and Yoga Narashima swamy temple. Melukote food feast for Pulivorgre, Mosaranna and Sweet Pongal us yummy.Raya Gopura is actual temple entrance built by the Hoysala King Vishnuvardhana suffering from the Muslim invasion of the 14th Century.The temple and surrounding historical artifacts lay in ruins.This is famous for many Movie shoots like Aishwarya Rai Basore mega mega songs and many Ranjinikanth movie shot at this place.Best place to visit for a day and foodie can really happy with those items.

Review №84

Nice place

Review №85

Shooting spot, beautiful place in Melukote

Review №86

Tamil guru movie song (nare nare nanre) this location shutting raya gopura in karnataka 2006

Review №87

This is one of the famous spots in melukote

Review №88

+ good weekend gateway from Bangalore+ ample parking- It was crowded and lot of plastics outside- accessibility could be a issue as it shares entrance with sanskrit university

Review №89

Nice historical place to visit...

Review №90

Top film shooting place

Review №91

Nice.. happy to see with rayagopura

Review №92

Nice place to visit with family. Not well maintained by government and no securities allocated. Make sure to ask any localities for direction as there are two routes within melukote to reach the place

Review №93

Nice place padayappa shooting spot

Review №94

Good place

Review №95

Nice view for The Unfinished Temple

Review №96

Its a beautiful place, and my neitive place

Review №97

Nice place

Review №98

Beautiful place

Review №99

Nice place. lot of movie shootings happen here. This is must visit when you visit Melkote.

Review №100

Raya gopuram is located on a hillock which is southern to Cheluvanarayana Swamy temple in melkote of Mandya district Karnataka.It is heard that Raya Gopala intended to complete this structure within one day but due to some reasons he stopped doing the work. That is why this Raya gopuram remained incomplete.The pillored entrance is being called as Raya Gopala entrance. It is known to be built as an entrance to the Yoganarasimha Swamy temple which is located on yadu giri. Pillors looking like touching the sky were carved with creepers from top to bottom. At the base of pillor there is a beautifully carved sculpture of a lady is seen holding creeper and standing on animal makara.Sculptures of Lord Narasimha and Sri Ramanujacharya are seen carved on pillors. Sculptures carved on pillors are revealing the greatness of workmanship of those days sculptors.Elephants carved with bells as ornaments are being considered as an evidence that Tippu Sultan had donated elephants to the temple. There are stairs to terrace of Raya gopuram behind the inner pillors on which gods and goddesses murthys were carved. Terrace is seen dumped with stones and looking like incomplete structure. Surrounding locations are marvelous and Yoganarasimha Swamy temple is also seen from distance. This beautiful location is now a days has become a shooting spot for movies.

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