PS Srijan Corporate Park, Tower 1, 12th Floor, Unit No. - 1204, 2, EP & GP, Sector V, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091, India
Review №1

I tried many times to connect with cs through email for settlement but no responseAgain I am saying due to covid many families suffering from financial problems but you didnt care whats going onI am only able to pay principal amount so please help me to clear your loan and make emi of principal amount

Review №2

Not a good place to work.Most hectic cannot balance your personal life specially if you are into any relationship.

Review №3

This is a very good place for work. I just love it... 😍😍😍

Review №4

Please dont use this app. Worst costumer service.I didnt borrow from this mPokket. But my mobile number has been registered by unidentified person before 2 years.And he changing his number. But I dont know that. I have been using this number last one year and buy it with my proof. I have received lot of phone calls and spam messages in the last one year. I told my story many times. But they didnt take any action. Im so frastrated😢. Please people aware. Dont approach any of them.

Review №5

Worst app don,t buy money to this very frod app i am already paid the money but still showing uu did not paid the money can u make the ... payment money will be debited soo tha,s yyyy don,t take the money from this app this is very worst and fake app

Review №6

Worst customer service!!I tried to repay my loan before the due dateThe app was not working.I contacted the team on mail they are no responsing.finally the due now is a big amount and they sending email to close the loan .currently now iam in please reduce my loan amount and i can pay it in 2 days.

Review №7

I havent borrowed the loan ,yet the loan is showing in cibil, My cibil report has been screwed, tried calling many times also have mailed to support and grievance but NO RESPONSE AT ALL. are you people crazy?Fraud,worst Mpokket. Playing with students future, by selling their data to scammers.

Review №8

I have taken 95 loans from Mpokket in total, had done on time repayment but due to world wide pandemic when even government waive off the penalty and charges this guys kept changing late fees to me 65/- per day, my borrowing was jus 10k and they made it 19k, can you guys imagine its almost double, I asked customer care to waive off some penalty and they said do some payment and we will waive off other I paid 4300 + 14000 : 18300, the call it waive off of rs 700. They keep harrassing on call. They are just looting students and charging high amount in the name of penalty. Even HDFC and big banks like Axis are also not charging this much in the name of penalty and interest. I will again come to your platform and make sure that no one from my surrounding will come to you because you are cheating everyone. You just give mental pressure to borrower and take money from them.

Review №9

I am totally satisfied with the company ... Environment is so cool now ... And about the salary they give whatever we deserve ...

Review №10

Never ever think of borrowing money form mpokket unless u want your credit score to be damaged,I have used mpockket for couple if years even though the interest rate are high, i borrowed money and paid in time, when i checked my credit report, around 10 LOAN ACCOUNT were active which i have repaid was seen pending.I contacted mpockket customer service ( which is of no use) they said this will be resolved in 30 days, WORST part loans account are active for more than 1 YEAR which i have paid in time.TOTALLY SCREWED MY CREDIT REPORT!!!!

Review №11

Worst experience,they will just call and call again and again to waste your time. People working hear will theretan you even if u pay your money on time , they abuse u and keep you calling more then 5 times a day

Review №12

They are sending notices to my familys in WhatsApp my mummy seen that notice she got hospitalised due to low blood pressure. I dont have any support except my mummy you are struggling me by sending these notices. Iam struggling here since covid .I have paid all on-time loans before your sending notices . I will send these to harassment because my colleague and parents are insulting me due to your behaviour . harassment is your duty your customer support are very bad they are telling you have to pay in 30 minutes what is these?

Review №13

Don,t refer its like slow poison . Worst company ever I correctly paud my due before covid . Due to covid I missed . They added huge penalties for 10 k added 40 k penalties . My cibil score damaged . Really shame on indian government giving permission s to these guys tortured for high interest money . How they can give permission for huge interest . They tortured me more . Some times I decided to die . But I decided to face all problems . One day I will be successful

Review №14

I have applied a loan through mpokket. I have paid the loan amount on time. At the time of payment due to some technical error my first payment was stuck but amount was debited. 2nd time I have paid it. I called to customer care of bank and they told both the money was credited to mpokket account ending with 1465. I have send the RRN NO. for both transactions. But customer care of mpokket denial it. Several time I called to customer care. Very very unprofessional customer care service.

Review №15

My experience was very bad . Im applying loan July 1st till nkow iam not receive and escalting through mail but they not responding .finaly they called and Ill explain the problem after they said 24 -72 hours the problem will slove but after 72 hours no email and no calls .its very bad customer service dont apply any loan from mpokket.

Review №16

Worst company I have come across. Due to covid I did not had any source of income. Now as I have recently started a new job I made one payment and the advisor said that you can pay your loans in installments. Second day a guy from mpokket calls and say that you have to pay everyday. Such irrelevant demands when they know the whole country is struggling. I will report this company for harassment.

Review №17

Very bad service customer care miss behave with you if you are 1 day late to pay your payment disgusting app disgusting service please dont take loan from this app

Review №18

This app is one of the best app. I like the hard work they are putting in for providing benefits for college students. This app is too easy to use and there service is very good.

Review №19

Bad company they are cheating with people interest rate more than 10% service charge is high they make people fool and pressure to get loan fake aap dont go for this your time save your money ..also me o as 9000

Review №20

This app is worst please dont suffer using this app.. because If u face any issues there is no customer care service provided..we have to email them for any problem but there is no reply to our mails

Review №21

Money Lending App for Students and Salaried person.. Get loan upto ₹10,000 via this app. I dont have much experience with this app, but pretty handy in need.

Review №22

Mpokket is one of the worst app for loan, they dont provide loan amount in account and ask for payment.Please dont take loan from this app.

Review №23

This app is worst please dont suffer using this app . Because if u face any issues there is no customer care services provided. We have to email them for any problem but there is no reply to ur mails. at the end of the day u have to suffer . I have an issue for repayment , I m clicking pay button to clear my over due but its showing an error , after the due date they again add the penalty charges.which is not our mistake due to their negligence.

Review №24

This app is a scam. If you borrow 2000, they credit you with 1700 saying deducting taxes and in return they charge minimum 2200. Late fees 4/day. It is very undesirable that in a situation student borrows little pocket money and have to return with such hefty interest. This becomes the continous never ending cycle. Request such companies should never be appreciated.

Review №25

Always facing loan disbursement issues...and amount credited too late.... unsatisfied at every time and I repay the amount time to time to last 3 days Im not satisfied with these issues and till now in app my loan was pending.......

Review №26

Worst app I never seen in my life because of this app 3 people dead in Hyderabad dont use this app big fraud company in kolkata

Review №27

By mistakenly, I paid 1050 extra like 50 days back and I have raised the issue with the support and they have told I will be getting my refund within 7-10 days but still I didn’t get any refund. Every time I write a mail to support they will the transaction details or loan IDs and telling me that they are escalating the issue to the concerned team but nothing is happened. Worst experience. I have written so many mails to your support idiots and I am not getting refund.

Review №28

I repaid my lon but it shows stil over due i paid with phonpay i have transaction details no response

Review №29

Everything is Good but i paid my loan on timeBut why this is taking to update my payment when i see my CIBIL score it was showing that ur last update was feb 2021 why this Org taking such a long time to update the payment History kindly please update all my payments , you can check the attached Copies of last updated one i e. Feb 28th 2021, whats wrong on my payments kindly please update it as soon as possible

Review №30

Hello mpokket please help me because you give money to my brother and he drink alchohal please do not give money without parents permission

Review №31

These people are unessarly calling every day and distrubing, they have give loan to some person called vinoth kumar, and they are calling my number for the past three months and harrasing.even though many times i have written mails and whats app to their numbers.but none of them is understanding. I am planning to take legal action against them.They have got a bunch of jokers who are working and doesnt seem to understand what we are trying to tell..

Review №32

Very useful app for college students! Those who dont know it is a loan app for college students in India and the best application also.Must try.

Review №33

Requesting every student or anyone who want to take money from here. PLEASE DONT TAKE MONEY BY THIS App. As they are taking all of your contact number after installation of this app... Then after they will threat you by those take contact number.! THIS IS TRAP GUYS.! Just arrange little money from your friends or anywhere else.But dont take from here! its TOO UNPROFESSIONAL!

Review №34

If u have any problem with the Mpocket , they have no customer care number to talk . U have to mail them , they take more time to respond to ur mails . finally they will call u and say I will send link if u have any problems with ur payment in the app. But they will not send any link to ur register number and email id , waste ur time .So , it is better not to take money from this app and suffer .better try to take money from ur friends and pat them later.Now17-6-20 , the payment link has send to my email , It showing no pending dues .But in app the penalty increasing due to their negligence .Dont use this app waste of time .

Review №35

I havent take any loan and I never heard abt this mpocket but I was getting msgs that need to clear bills and the name mention is not mine tried reaching customer support the worst I ever seen

Review №36

Great environment....seniors are very helpful 😌....Good place for growth

Review №37

Worst behavior I get. Really unprofessional.Not recommend.

Review №38

It is a Amazing app and provides loan to salaried person. Really like this app

Review №39

Hello guys @ Mpokket, I wish to share this experience. I applied for a 10k loan being unemployed for months and being homeless and no money coming from any where I happen to ask for help online to different insta loan lenders, most of the cheated me with whatever little money I had. And finally I applied at Mpokket but then I was not eligible here as well. But then a call from Mr. Rahul was heart warming, when I explained my situation he sympathised with the situation I was in and politely refused a loan, I really appreciate his incredible act of kindness. It made my day. Not the money. Good job Rahul lots of love and blessings.

Review №40

Its very useful to students for loans... its provided online loan any time anywhere... thats amazing app.... its Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Review №41

I havent received my amount that I have raised through the this mpokket app. Its been 7 hours when I raised for the amount and now the customer care service is not available.In app it is showing that they have sanctioned the amount but in account no amount is received yet.

Review №42

Best instant personalised loan application for students living in India. M Pokket is very useful.

Review №43

MPokket team has provided its personal loan. You have any permission to threaten family members and friends of customers. If the customer does not pay on time, various types of charges are levied by banks, NBFCs, financial institutions.Do you have any legal rights that allow you to harass the family members and friends of customers.I think the government should take action against such rude activity and revoke lincence these type of institution.

Review №44

Really got irritated during covid situation... Due to covid i lost my job and place to stay still they asking to repay... Give me some time i will repay it😒

Review №45

There is no in call customer care services. Worst customer care ever. Dont use and i will never recomend anyone or i will intentionally take initiative to aware people note to use m pocket.

Review №46

Payment paid on time, Limit not increased , When loan amount increased after that only loan taken from mpocket, I have best cibil score, worst experience from mpocket..good bye..

Review №47

I request you guys Its is worst app dont take loan his take more interest rates and harassing daily Im talking just 10.000 his asking 23000 just 7 months if you not pay money his send legal notice in ur home ..Every mpocket victims his send legal notice then after you file case against the mpoket to near by cyber crime police station Im also file case against mpoket

Review №48

I am requesting all of you please do not take loan from this application. If you install the app then all your contact details, personal things will be shared with this application and if you unable to repay loan any time for any reason then they will call your relatives and force them to repay because they have all your contact details. So think twice before installing this rubbish app.

Review №49

Good but not excelent

Review №50

My first job platform so very much exciting for is good.

Review №51

Worse company ... TL are sooo rude..dont know how to talk employees....12 hr duty daily

Review №52

Not setisfied for this service to mpokket not ansr the mail queries ¬ hlp to tim all about fake for customer nomber will not helping us.

Review №53

Mpokket is a platform where life will develop very well

Review №54

Worst experience, these guys are charged unwanted fees and make fake Promises towards his clients. And harrash the students in optimum lavel to pay just double amount as compared the principal amount.Pathanic laon company. Employee dont know how to talk with clients they talk very rudely with students and harash the students family.

Review №55

Fraud.CheatersHarraser and make money by overdue by not contacting and no mobile No. And contact way.Suffering is important for you guys.

Review №56

Friendly environment and managements are always ready to open discussion

Review №57

Good app but no iPhone app, only android. The companys revenue was Rs 72.4 crore as of FY 2020. I think it’s enough to build an app for iOS.

Review №58

Getting worst service day by day the people who ever works there they just harrass the customer to pay your loans as well as other , why should I pay extra

Review №59

I got a call from your assist yesterday and she told me that your profile has been approved and you are eligible to take loan of 20K so you can take the loan.But till now app is showing this.How can you help me.

Review №60

Worst app ever .They are there to harass people.Even though during moratorium government told NBFC cannot add interest and not to torture the customers these people did. For just 2000rs they put 8000 interest.BE AWARE they get access to all your private info in your mobile and harass you with that by blackmailing when you dont pay loan back in time and that is illegal according to law.. Please dont fall into the trap of these fraudent limited . Customer support is also too bad they doesnt understand their customers concerns not even english they understand properly and also do not speak it fluently..I have undergone lots of pain during pandemic due to these people and my humble request to people is not to trust this company and fall into their trap.

Review №61

Best app for instant loan for Students . Ill recommend this app to everyone . Also it is very easy to use .

Review №62

I made a terrible mistake using this app. I really mean it. I have suffered a fraud and have been so frustrated because of this app.I really advice everyone not to use this app and try to stay away from this. Many fraudulent and malpractices are happening in this.This lady Bris Chakroborty () has made a fraud and looted me and my friends and now mpokket is denying to pay off my and my friends loan.

Review №63

Very bad app intrest rate is very dont this app customer service is very bad...all things are very very very bad..

Review №64

Froud App Hai

Review №65

You get upset after making too much calls and talk about using your home. If you do not have money right now, then you will do all this. Have you ever spent your money before?

Review №66

Very worst app. First I suddenly click on college student. Then after I change my number then click on self employed they asked me submit documents and I submit but I didnt get response from their side.. almost I request to them money of limit 2000 they take 7 days to pending my approval and they still not approved my request.. And I login today they are telling that loan is for college students.. My request is everyone dont install this app everyone. I suggest you and I put the case to cyber crime police very soon..

Review №67

Very best loan app in current situation Disbursal process is very fast & Rate of interest is low...

Review №68

Dear sir /mam, Mpokket team I would like to inform you that humble request I cant able to change may new device mobile phone I am request so many time Mpokket official email and through mpokket apps again again rejected please resolved this issue.

Review №69

Very less salary provide from this company but place is good not from inside its good from outside 🤣🤣

Review №70

I had worked in last 1 year in this company , still everything is good but there is one of worst management system . Started deducted the salary during second lock down .

Review №71

These people commit outright fraud, and give very poor customer service, they have a lot of false promises to customers. If you complain about their customers support, they talk very rudely and with abusive behavior Use.

Review №72

Worst appPlease dont use this. So many steps to buy a money.

Review №73

Amazing app! best app for instant College loans.

Review №74

It is awesome app to borrow small amounts

Review №75


Review №76

Very nice place to work

Review №77

I wanted to get a loan through my credit score and my score was enough to get a loan.Before this, I have taken many loans from different companies and repaid in time but they didnt ask father or mother mobile number that the company asking through emails.I didnt know any proper reasons behind this. I think this is not a valid procedure.I have listened from some of my friends to take knowledge about the company. Some said that if I delay to repay payment of loan, they call and threaten to call parents. Because they basically give loan to students.You should change your rule and behaviour.

Review №78

This is scam company.keeps on calling my friend just to scam.

Review №79

MPokket was really very nice application and also I want to do job in mPokket software company but I dont know how to apply for that

Review №80

They are one of the fraudsters as they take double the loan amount as penalty, when in lockdown period government provided moratorium, they charged a penalty on a daily basis in that six months and made a 25000 due for a loan amount of 6000.This is purely a harassment and our government is aware of the situation as the zee media business has reported all these loan application and how they work but the government is less concerned. They are threatening us to disclose our personal and private info on any social platform. Kindly help and support.

Review №81

I paid on time the due amountButIt shows due the same amountWhy????Why I double pay????

Review №82

**No civil score decrease due to this app**Just change your contact number 😂Frude , intrest rate is to highIf you are not going to pap Take light no police case nothing

Review №83

You dont increase my borrowing limits can not give any scholarship to me I am also student but you not give scholarship to me please provide scholarship

Review №84

Anyone looking for instant loan, you should try this. Best instant loan application for college student in India.

Review №85

It is the best app for loan

Review №86

One of the worst fin tech company they have no idea what customer is saying.. @mangement you should give a proper training to your employees first.. The support team dont know how to write a mail, same thing always do copy paste, from last one month Im continually following up with customer support but not received any proper update yet.This also should be banned in play store

Review №87

This is one of the nice app I have taken loan and repaying on time. This is very useful for me

Review №88

I need this job. Last day I came in your office to given an interview. My first round is completed. But after that Sir said the call will go to you. In the evening. 1/10/2020But now I have not received the call. I have a laptop and internet connection. My Hindi is very good and I can continue working in English.Please help me a little, sir.🙏

Review №89

Very poor customer service never picks the phone ....I didnt get my loan extension amount after the payment was made before the extension date..Do as soon as possible

Review №90

Dear M Pocket Please Improve your Service First you assure us of taking a loan, then after that you make up your mind by taking a document and all user please dont trust these type of app they are fraud 😠😠😠😠

Review №91

Fraud company. i took loan but couldnt pay on time because of covid 19. this Fraud company leaked my data Hacked my phone book and started calling my friends.

Review №92

I taken Loan from mpocket . Loan app this fraud app added 30000 penalties for 10000 loan they are black mailing torturing me . Lot of students are there all are mpocket victims . These guys contacting all contacts in my mobile phone . They are black mailing me by telling we are sending your photo as fraud to all phone contactsPls help us it is a big scam lot of students are there who facing torture and depression.. Plzz guys dont take loan from dis fraud company ( mpocket)

Review №93

Do not install this app at any cost. This app or company might look like they care about their customers and doing favours during difficult times. But kindly do not fall for this trap. They have high interest charges. Say youre okay with interest charges, their late charges or penalty charges are absolutely exhuberant.Apart from that, they sync all your Phone log data, SMS and Contacts to their servers. If you miss deadlines, they start calling your contacts without your consent to harass/blackmail to get money. They start announcing that youre a loan defaulter. Their business model is questionable and their staff extremely unprofessional and unethical. They did not even consider the Pandemic to provide any kind of relaxation. NO MORATORIUM. NO TIME RELAXATION. All they worry about is money and they will take ANY route to extract that money.STAY AWAY. Do not encourage these businesses who who would stoop so low for money.

Review №94

Very very very bad company..this is the enemy for india ... hr stuffs r not respect Indian national language but only respect English language that is British is a very very very chuthya wala company.

Review №95

Wrost company.... I worked here.... I face to many problems.... They commit to pay ot charges... But in salary they deduct to many amounts from my salary... I really to much hurt... To much pressure in this company... Such a Wrost company... This company makings to much fake commitments

Review №96

One of the foremost application for Students loan.

Review №97

Actually for students the application is quite good and i am personally using this app since one year . Thank you guys .

Review №98


Review №99

Cheater company high rate of interest charge.

Review №100

Doesnt even deserve 1 star. totally fraud. unethical practices in recovery. hidden charges and hidden interests.these types of apps are threat to society. Donot install and fall prey at any cost. these types of apps should be banned asap.

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