Alliance Broadband
P-89, CIT Rd, Paddapukur, Entally, Kolkata, West Bengal 700014, India

Review №1

Worst broadband ever.. pathetic customer service..local point of contact is also of no help..have been following up on issue of speed for last one one is bothered.. passing the parcel from one person to taking any responsibilityWish a zero star option was there.

Review №2

Your local service providers negligence created two blasts in my home , my router burned to ashes ,my cctv set up burned , my tv got damaged , and then the local service providers threatned me also , i have mailed all pictures with documents , alliance says its lcos responsibility , lco says to deal with alliance as we acted according to alliance s instruction , alliance also admitted that lco is their agent , every conversation is recorded with me. if no action is i am suing all of you for damages , harassment and endangering our life and property . They still have my dvr and cctv in their possession. -10 should be your review.

Review №3

If there is really existence of the word WORTHLESS then, it goes perfectly with the nonsense Alliance.Most d-grade network, most unprofessional and inactive customer service boosts up the worst network performance. please do not do not do not do not go for alliance.In these pandemic, work from home situation of you want to loose your job then please choose Alliance, else kick them.***** DISGUSTING ALLIANCE*****

Review №4

Alliance broadband - worst service - they are so unprofessional ...they dont reply to the call.. they dont guide you properly.. pls dont take their services. they are worst .. there is a problem with the internet

Review №5

Pathetic and unpredictable service, especially when work from home has become the new normal. Even a 5 minutes light rain will result in a no internet connection scenario and it wont be back up several hours after its completely over. This company used to be really good, now it has become one of the worst, frankly a burden. There is no point in spending money on a net connection with this company and then spending another hefty amount for mobile data. Pathetic customer care, most of the time you wont even reach them.

Review №6

Fraud service, They dont have real operators in all the areas. You cannot even raise complaint tickets.They cheat customers and give kaccha bill for maintenance charge.

Review №7

Very poor service not only the speed but their executives too they does not have professional attiquates.

Review №8

Customer call ppl are not professional, way of talking is rude and hang up the call as per their wish. Service is also not good, monthly once the connection will be lost..should have switched if not installed recently..

Review №9

Fraud service of alliance broadband, They dont have proper operators in all the areas.They dont give proper GST bills for maintenance charge and cheat customers all the time.

Review №10

Connection wise its good, but their response is slow regarding new connection. I called them several times , their phone was constantly busy . Next day they started calling me regart connection,but i had already took my new connection from PMPL broadband.

Review №11

Good connection, but very sub optimal local vendor service!

Review №12

No use waste of money seriously

Review №13

If youre looking for good service DO NOT bother going to Alliance, theyre extreamly rude with customers and will make fraudulent claims through their teeth. Unstable ping, worst ISP provider ever. Youre better off going to Airtel or Jio.

Review №14

No response to the telephone calls made multiple times throughout the day.

Review №15

One of the most pathetic and ridiculous Internet provider in the world. Alliance ke lojja laga dorkar, loker taka shudu niye service daye na.Alliance should be ashamed of their service and their undisciplined staff who doesnt have the courage to speak. They disconnect the line when they know their company is stealing money.

Review №16

Very nice good service.

Review №17

No one answers at the toll-free number when service interrupted. Horrible customer service.🐕‍🦺

Review №18

Ok ok

Review №19

Very bad service (local and customer care) ,.Subday does not provide any service.My rating (-)

Review №20

Good but Service very bad

Review №21

Useless internet provider.I have very bad experience with alliance broadband, everyday facing packet loss and speed issue since three months.No support from alliance broadband. Almost 20 times I have send mail but didnt get a single reply.Customer care also didnt answer the phone calls.

Review №22

Very nice Broad, Great speed, Good service

Review №23

I do not have internet since 20-05-20Service i they provide was average for last 11 years experience:- Dont be surprised if they dont pickup any call.- They literally switch off the connection during rain- There is no official way to place a complaint for this Bad customer services.till March there offering slow service you can manage but after march service turn worse ....

Review №24

Service desk doesnt receive calls.. Local distributor doesnt respond to calls.. 2 weeks still not internet connection... Ping spikes and low upload speeds.. i just cant say enough.. Didnt expect this from you guys

Review №25

Nice place... service is also good and the staffs are really good..

Review №26

The worst internet providers in the city!

Review №27


Review №28

Worst internet connection/network ever! Worst customer service ever! This is exactly the opposite of high speed/best quality internet and exactly the opposite of 24×7×365 customer service! They provide the slowest possible internet connection and youll never be able to contact them ever...

Review №29

I must say that there is no other substitute to high speed internet connection in Kolkata other than Alliance Broadband. For the last 5 Yrs, I have been using it and Trust me I never had to call the customer care apart from during some thunder and lightning strikes. Previously I used to have BSNL whose service was pathetic and Customer Service even piteous. I had BSNL connection when I was a child and didnt have much knowledge about net speeds . So they used to provide speeds of 32KBPS and I ended up not only downloading torrents at that speed but also paying double. After that I switched immediately to Alliance and thereafter I did not have to worry anything online. Alliance took care of everything. Thank you Alliance.

Review №30

Stay away!

Review №31

Bad Experience.

Review №32

Best ISP as dedicated to customer services.

Review №33

They dont take call. Price is too much high. Last speed to much slow. I use fiber optic connection.I recharged for 60mbps bandwidth but am getting 15mbps speed

Review №34

Pathetic service. We have corporate connection we pay huge amount per year for internet services. Internet is down from 21/05/2020 till date 03.06.2020.They doesnt feel the need to pick calls or reply to messages. Worst service provider ever. If I could give rating in minus then I would have given -100 stars.

Review №35

Dont go there😡😡😡

Review №36

The worst providers work here.Even though its just drizzling they will turn off the connection.If you have any problem and call them they will replyWe are working and their work continues atleast for 2-3 days.After the Amphan which hit Kolkata on 20-05-2020 the internet connection has been turned off.Its 01-06-3020 today , everyone has got their network connection but when I called my operater his reply was Still trying to figure out what the problem is They are highly unprofessional and I advise you not to take their service. For me there should have been a 0 star rating as well😠😠

Review №37

Worst experience by Allaince. 10 days without connectivity. LCO doesnt pick calls. Their resolution department doesnt respond. What they do is send proper before time recharge messages nothing else. Pathetic service.

Review №38

Worst internet service provider. Since Wednesday (20/05/2020) internet is off and till now (03/06/2020) you cant contact local or the toll free number. Atleast you should inform your customers regarding the numbers of days/months will it take to restore internet connectivity. Instead of blaming it all on lockdown/Covid-19 you should look at the quality of service.

Review №39

Wrong number mentioned in Google. Very unprofessional, expensive and worst of all instant internet disconnect as it rain.

Review №40

Best broadband service provider in kolkata. office was very good.

Review №41

They can just fool customers and nothing else. websites claim 113 mbps and they provide 13 mbps.

Review №42

Call not connected

Review №43

Amazing experience

Review №44

Ive been using this connection for over 8years. The services are brilliant with excellent download speed and fast surfing. This broadband, from my point of view, is one of the best broadband networks Ive used. With its amiable surfing speed, instant respond to any sort of trouble or error that may have occurred due to some external turbulence, the behaviour of the customer care services and its brilliant internet providing. Im well over satisfied with this broadband connection.

Review №45

Worse service.

Review №46

Sorry , I could not give a rating lower then this. 0 is a better rating. I am paying around 10 k for lease line and I am getting the worst service from them. Alliance is losing its fame. I am loosing my business due to this sort of service. Highly unproffesional people.

Review №47

Have been using alliance for almost 5 years now and was in their premium + plans but never have i experienced such a delay in customer service and the rude behavior of their staff. I would have given it 5 stars and have recommended it to my friends but after this incident I myself have decided to cancel my alliance connection and go ahead with Airtel.For those who seek Alliance connection please consider other broadband services because Alliance is deteriorating by the day.....

Review №48

If there would be any negative review then I would have been given that to alliance. Local operator is so rude, he doesnt listen to the problem and the toll free costumer care number are also helpless. If you say anything to them they will send you to the local operator and local operator is very bad person. Never take connection from alliance they are only interested in taking money out of your pocket

Review №49

Worst possible experience ever.Pathetic customer serviceThe WiFi has been down for over 10 days now and there has been no effort wjatsoevwh to fix the problem.Basically just giving them away money as an act of philanthropy

Review №50

Worst broad band ever I saw. Before setting up the WiFi only these guys are showing how bad they can treat their customers. If I could I would be rating 0.

Review №51

I am very satisfied with their service. I am using their service since August ,this year. Their unlimited 460 connection is not so fast but average net speed is quite good. Sometimes I get 1mbps speed also.

Review №52

Agonizingly slow internet speed

Review №53

The worst service. Worst experience ever. Just total waste of my money. Customer service is horrible. I have to wait 6-8 hrs for the login get my net. almost everyday.

Review №54

Not picking up phone.

Review №55

My download speed 0- 30 Kb/s in a 2Mbps plan. Websites dont load. I complained. Alliance harassed, insulted, and shouted at me for following up on a complaint unresolved for many days. Technicians blame laptop issue, even when connection times out. 24X7 helpline is an eyewash a local cable operator handles everything whose people have zero knowledge and manners. If you value your money and time, dont take Alliance at any cost. Alliances claims of speed and service on their website are outright LIES.

Review №56

The cashier is the most disgruntled and frustrated human to ever exist. Very unprofessional.

Review №57

Worst customer care . My docket number 37410 was closed without solving. When i told to keep under observation they said sir it is solved diaconnected the phone closed the docket and problem still remains . No actions are taken from higher authorities or i think they are instructions of higher authorities. Worst service.

Review №58

Pathetic service. Internet is down. The wire is broken. Complaint in the morning and they stated someone will come to fix... called every 1 to 2 hours...get same statement someone will come... till now no one turned up. Pathetic service

Review №59

I am using alliance during last two years.But it is the worst experience i ever had. Customer Care Executives are most rude and their behaviour is most disgraceful. They feel disturb to help you and they do not pay minimum respect and formality to you. Besides that speed is not up to mark.Their is a lot more differences between shown and given speed. I requested everyone not to go for it.

Review №60

They are not aware of their operators in the local areas. The operator in Behala is inefficient and has a weird attitude. They are only efficient when there is no problem and will keep on calling you, but when there actually is, they are the most reluctant and ignorant peeps puo there

Review №61

Very bad experiences within three months of broadband connection from them; poor response while referring to non-working of the line. Their local counterpart as well as the head office is equally irresponsible towards their duties of rendering services.Actually,I am frustrated .

Review №62

This company has no customer service whatsoever, if you loose your internet better start praying because that has a better chance than talking to their customers care. My connection has been out for 10 out of the past 15 days. They resumed the connection at the time of payment mind you. Now they keep infuriating me by saying wait kijiye ho jaega. Thats their response to a complaint ki wait kijiye, 10 days no internet and they say wait kijiye.Honestly pay extra and get another connection, dont pay for installation to alliance and then regret it in a month.

Review №63

Worst service ever i saw in my life,No one know anything just wasting time, never ever take connection from alliance at tridhara club area , Tirupati cable service.Recently i switch from alliance to BSNL, Beter option at 249/ unlimited data and calling.

Review №64

Very bad company

Review №65

The worst internet provider ever. All their helpline numbers are useless. I have been trying to get in touch for over 2 hours. Highly disappointed.

Review №66

One of the WORST CUSTOMER CARE service i have come across. Kindly train your staff in ethic first after that your company policy.Have put my request 3 weeks back for new connection. Still no news about it. It just show you people doest care.

Review №67

Very bad service and customer care. From last one and half months they are not able to give one new connection.

Review №68

Worst service and staff. They just charge and 90% of the time internet is not working. Even the staff does not know a thing and everday new issues comes up. Its better to not use internet then use ALLIANCE

Review №69

Recently they are providing very poor service.Most of the time there is no internet connection.Used to be the best service provider once in Kolkata, now may be the worst.

Review №70

Service is good...Peering speed is also good...Customer care responds well..Should start on-line recharge system as cable operators in different parts of West Bengal are not the same, and services always depends on Cable Operators, how they run and manage the network...

Review №71

Best broadband internet provider in India.

Review №72

Alliance Broadband is a Cheater Company. They want only money.My internet was off from 5 Days. When I called the customer Support they said I see and your service will be resume.Every time same response. They reply I see and report to local operator and they resume your internet.But no Internet from 5 Days.After Expire I called my internet is not working. They arrogantly replied me fist recharge and then called me. Before recharge We can not see anything.So, People you think they only need money and do not want to give better service to customers.Customers Support are very Arrogant and always avoiding you and only want money.So, if you do not want to feel cheated avoid this poor and Pathetic Alliance Broadband.If you recharge for one months but you get internet only 18 days.You have to called Customer Support every day for no Internet.So, if you do not want to loose your hard earn money avoid this Poor Alliance Broadband. if you have inough money then take Alliance Broadband because you get internet only 18 to 19 days.If possible I give -5 star for Cheater Company.

Review №73

Extremely Satisfied with Alliance Broadband. Super fast download speed,stable connection and a caring customer service. Undoubtedly the best in Kolkata,Keep it Up Guys!!!

Review №74

Number provided is invalid and the service is worst

Review №75

I am very satisfied.I was looking for this connection for over a year but fortunately I have got this connection recently.The connection is always stable.I dont need to discoonect the line so much for connection problem once I have logged into connection.I want to recommend others to take this connection.Peering speed is always pleasureful.I am very grateful to Alliance Broadband Service.It helps me to get satisfied surfing speed for education purpose.

Review №76

The worst of Behaviour and Services received from the local cable guy who provided the broadband for Allianz...In this century they feel they are at the mercy of the local vendors and seems they are ushering their kindness by providing services. You are not supposed to complain if your internet dont work. They would call and threaten you .

Review №77

This internet service provider has the worst customer service. In my case my LCO charged 3K for a new connection. Not a year goes by, the LCO threatens to disconnect my internet if I dont pay him another 2K+. When I complained, first they did not reply. After that, after a few tries, they straight up told me that they would not help me.In the area where I live, there is only one LCO. The villainy one. So I cant have high quality internet.The worst internet provider ever.

Review №78

The customer care service for this broadband service is good. Moreover the unlimited packs with a good speed like this no other company will offer :-)

Review №79

The best ISP in kolkata. I dont know why some people say that its the worst, but in my opinion its the best. I recommend you yo buy this.

Review №80

Awesome Net Speed but Some times the internet was off.

Review №81

Quality is verry bas !!!

Review №82

Good service

Review №83

It was the worst experience ever. They dont have any control over there internet provider. They gave the worst experience a customer could ever have. The internet provider said the same thing that he is going to give us connection everyday whenever I used to call but he never came and now he is not picking up my calls. Free advice dont use this company for internet connection

Review №84

ATTENTION!!! I have nothing personal against anyone but this broadband connection service is pathetic. It is value for money and works fine but once there appears any problem it takes week to repair it. And my local network provider RCN sucks. I will advise you not to take this connection. Alliance says talk to local cable network provider (RCN) and RCN says to talk to Alliance. No one is willing to take responsibility. They will traumatize you, harass you and take your peace of mind.

Review №85

80 MBPS for RS650...It is the best so far... Love it

Review №86

Most bad customer service ever I seen.Never recommended if they offer their services for free

Review №87

Worst customer service. Representative are not trained/ groomed to speak with customer.Several dockets are being lodged for the last few month for same tech problem which are still open but there is no sign of resolution.

Review №88

Pathetic. Want to have a new connection. Called up today, the caller asked me to visit office to get the required details not interested to respond over phone. It seems not interested to increase business. Now a days when each and every organization do customer centric service they dont care about it.

Review №89

Verry good service in arambagh subdivision. no 1 in arambagh.

Review №90

No proper point of contact , each agent says a different thing and gives a different rate. Very rude and unprofessional behavior , no wonder they have not been able to launch itself to a wider customer base as half the employees dont care about the company and only want to deny doing any work

Review №91

I never knew getting a new connection with allaince can be so much of a pain. I would suggest nobody should ever take allaince. i have spent almost a month asking for a new connection and i got no support from their end. The customer care sucks and they fail to provide service. Its better to pay more and take other connection. The amount of harrassment they cause, i wont even give them 1 star.

Review №92

Decreased speed,switched from wishnet for the marvelous speed one year ago but, the speed its giving in 600 rs,i wud prefer 3g recharges on my mobile. Alliance you are losing trust

Review №93

Worst customer service.if every thing is ok then no problem.if you are face any problem first of all they will not give you proper information about that.even they will not pick up your call.if they will pick up your call they will disconect your call in front of you.if any one one want brodband service never ever take this alliance brodband service.if you will take then ready for face big problem.actually i am writing this type of thing because i am facing problem from 5 days they are even not hear any please never use alliance brodband.....

Review №94

Why is it so bad from 2017??? almost every night its like 1000 to 2000 ms.. can u fix this asap!!! i called the customer care like 100 times the only thing they told me is to restart the laptop or the router. which is not very effective

Review №95

Horrid customer service, non helpful and very rude. Frequent down time with no immediate resolution thanks to the not so efficient customer service personnel. Low tarrifs with decent bandwidth seems to be the only plus with this ISP.

Review №96

Worst service ever! Pathetic customer care support, they just dont care about their customers problems!

Review №97

If i have to talk about the speed, well nobody can match alliance. Torrent downloading have never been so easy ever. Well like everything it also has some cons like the service gets interrupted at leat twice a day, previously the customer care used to be prompt but now it has detoriated to some extent. I am using it now for more than a year and im satisfied with it, but if this interruption stops it has the potential to outbid every other isp.

Review №98

Third rate service. Half the time there is no Internet connection and no one in the service department knows who the CEO of the company is. I have paid a years subscription in advance and have no other option but to suffer and curse myself for giving money in advance.

Review №99

Using for more than 1.5 years and it is one of the worst isp that I have ever seen in my life. I have to call their customer care each and every month and the pathetic situation that no one is ready to solve your problem. My local lco is worst and alliance doesnt have any control over them. Previously I used bsnl and it was way better than alliance. Do not waste your money just go for bsnl they have now 1 mbps speed.

Review №100

Just bogus customer care service team. I ll give 0 rating to their service.I had call to get a new connection before a week, every time they are response as their manager ll call me within few hour....(Max 24 hour).But till yet nobody connected me....LOL

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  • Address:P-89, CIT Rd, Paddapukur, Entally, Kolkata, West Bengal 700014, India
  • Site:
  • Phone:+91 98743 31155
  • Corporate office
  • Back office
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–6PM
  • Thursday:10AM–6PM
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:10AM–6PM
  • Sunday:10AM–6PM
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