Alliance Broadband
8, Janakalyan Rd, Kalabagan, Block 5, Jatindas Nagar, Nimta, Kolkata, West Bengal 700049, India
Alliance Broadband
Review №1

BrilliantA woman was there. She was extremely helpful and customer friendly. Would suggest to everybody.

Review №2

Good service. All officials are very good helpful.

Review №3

A very good service provider for Broadband Internet and Cable connection. Providing very stable connection with power backups.

Review №4

One of the worst ISP of Kolkata. I am using the Preferred + Unlimited Plan of 115 MBPS. And the download speed I get is 60 MBPS with a Ping latency of 38 to 40 ms. At rainy days the situation is even worse. It drops down to KBPS. Sent them details with screenshots. All the Technical Engineer says is that 115 is maximum, and what you are getting is good enough.

Review №5

Their maintenance service is very good. I am happy with alliance broadband service 🙂

Review №6

Very good support

Review №7

Best broadband service provider here in Belgharia...No lag of data..Super fast data service with affordable cost.Good cooperation with customers.

Review №8

No net since 14 days complained from madhyamgram internet speed slow no service just money waste

Review №9

Customer care not receiving phone call poor connection, unprofessionalAll the reviews are paid review

Review №10

Not Bad... Service is 👍

Review №11

Worst service. the internet keeps getting down every now and then whenever wind blows. and once it gets down , theres no one worried from the company to fix it reponsibly. worst ISP .

Review №12

Maximum time no connection to the server. If complain local service providers they take it casually and did not fix it proper time.

Review №13

Service is good but provide talk like a mafia!!

Review №14

Good for broadband service in Belgharia. Service is also good.

Review №15

Pathetic service provider. Horrible service. Its been 2 days i am not able to use internet. This is not only 1st time. Most of the i saw there is connection issue.I believe those positive reviews are paid reviews.Guys dont go for Alliance specially in Rabindranagar area.

Review №16

Alliance Broadband is the best broadband I have ever used...its monthly plan is all quite cheaper compare to never feel hopeless using its disconnection problem exists more than half an hour...very fast and affordable...its bandwidth remains same in peak hours also... streaming.. downloading and many more.

Review №17

Superb, just one word is enough for Alliance Broadband. I am customer for last 4 years and has suggested at least 30 family to take this connection. Superb uptime and servicing quality. For long duration pending problems they do take care to solve the problem with personal visit by qualified technicians. Currently a happy customer.

Review №18

Alliance is the worst broadband provider. Im suffering. They have pathetic customer support. Please dont go for it.

Review №19

Worst service provider. I live in various where Anumita is their local service provider who in practice do not receive calls when u need them. Taken the issue with company Alliance Broadband Service through their toll free number. Their comments is surprising. Contacting your service provider but they r not receiving calls. Actually this is the reason, in particular, for which contacted mother company. Disgusting.

Review №20

But sometimes it gets disconnected and take hours to get connection.This thing happens 2wice in a month I dunno why?

Review №21

Worst internet provider. Everytime I got problems in line and they always came after few days. Dont even pick up phones at times. I am having a prepaid connection and already spoiled 5 days (horrible 5 days without net). They are still unable to connect my net. Who will compensate for these 5 days. I strongly discourage people from getting this connection.

Review №22

Really good brodband... Truly unlimited and always network condition is so good.. I am using 25mbps speed per month RS 590,28 days...

Review №23

Good connection, but sometimes it gives very slow connection; particularly at night

Review №24

Speedy service. You got a connection within 4days of submitting your application.. and also expect a friendly behaviour ..

Review №25

Nice place.. Clean.. and friendly behaviour too.. One think... They are extremely professional..!!!

Review №26

Internet connection remains unavailable most of the days in Belgharia. Stuff behavior are extremely rude. Most of the time they dont even receive the call. If they do, they will end up insulting the customer for calling.

Review №27

Good connection

Review №28

I have used alliance broadband since 2008. I loved it .Recently alliance increase the speed of internet in same value before than past. In case of failure ,local LOC is very quickly responsive irrespective of weather conditions. Kudos Alliance. I am very with alliance services.

Review №29

I have already experienced the services of other Internet Service Providers in Kolkata and by far Alliance Broadband is the best. From the point of view of customer satisfaction they are the best. I have experienced a bad connection only once, so, I called them at around 2000 hrs and the service agent was at my doorstep by 2100 hrs. Awesome. And about the speed, I really have to say that they provide exactly what they promise no compromise. I am never changing my ISP anymore.

Review №30

I havent even taken their service yet, but I just called since I was interested in getting a new connection installed at my fathers place. They were extremely rude, no politeness whatsoever. They even disconnected my first call since I was speaking in English. There were no hellos, good afternoons, thank you. I am still in a state of shock at the customer representative s rudeness. I am thinking against taking their service now since they can later prove to be a pain in the ass in case of a grievance addresal. Alliance, you are not doing a favor to the customers. You exist because customers exist.

Review №31

Pathetic service I would say specially in kalikapur area. Both customer care and local operator are not supportive.

Review №32

Customer service was good and queries were listened to with patience.

Review №33

Best broadband service along with wonderful customer care.

Review №34

Awesome. It even gives more than the promised speed and specially when it comes to torrents it gives 4G like speed. Keep it up boys.

Review №35

Bekar ISP .. speed is good but service is absolutely PATHETIC. Out of like 30 days, only about 20 days connection is there . Lcos are worst , they do nothing.

Review №36

Peering for the Starter Plan is very low. I am a New consumer and it is a humble request from my side to please increase the Peering for Starter & Zoom Plan. As per the new unlimited Data plans.

Review №37

Bery good service

Review №38

The connection is awesome. But I wish the customer service was even remotely up to the mark. :(Theyve laughed at my complaints, delayed setting up a wifi router for weeks now (as of this, they still arent here), the local Salt Lake manager doesnt pick up the phone, he screams at me, is probably the rudest person Ive met. But, the connection is awesome, they remind you of payments and always helpfully ask before renewing the connection every month. So essentially, the manager is a problem, and they should definitely chuck him. :DCall the official line for complaints, they respond pretty quick. :)

Review №39

Its a largest internet service in Kolkata and available outside of Kolkata and as well as belgharia. Today many internet service providers are available in belgharia but Alliance Broadband is the best broadband providers at Belgharia.

Review №40

Nice internet provider in Belgharia.

Review №41

Never seen such kind of worst connect.

Review №42

Before it was good connection now days its badand going tobe more bad connection. packet lost, speed not give which they promise u feel cheat by them. so stay away from there connection

Review №43

They usually provide quick services but sometimes can be real late.

Review №44

Please dont take this connection...this connection is the worst connection ever. So please dont take it.

Review №45

Great Service by Uday Da.. .Simply gorgeous.

Review №46

They Are Very Irresponsible, & their customer support is also very low quality. I was a clients of alliance broadband. After some months their local operator refuse me to give the support and then i asked them to refund my installation fee because they are unable to give me the service within six months, but they give me threats. So if they are cheaters. They took price and after a certain time they stop their all kinds of service. So I dont recommend this Alliance Broadband.

Review №47

Nice people..they offer you free installation charge broadband service in the the time of durga puja

Review №48

The best broadband internet provider in Kolkata as of now. Gives truly unlimited data @ 25 mbps for ₹590/month inclusive of taxes.

Review №49

Its not like Internet goes sometimes. The thing is if internet is coming, you are lucky, no matter how much you are paying. Customer care is totally saddist and happy.

Review №50

Alliance Broadband is a Cheater Company. They want only money.My internet was off from 5 Days. When I called the customer Support they said I see and your service will be resume.Every time same response. They reply I see and report to local operator and they resume your internet.But no Internet from 5 Days.After Expire I called my internet is not working. They arrogantly replied me fist recharge and then called me. Before recharge We can not see anything.So, People you think they only need money and do not want to give better service to customers.Customers Support are very Arrogant and always avoiding you and only want money.So, if you do not want to feel cheated avoid this poor and Pathetic Alliance Broadband.If you recharge for one months but you get internet only 18 days.You have to called Customer Support every day for no Internet.So, if you do not want to loose your hard earn money avoid this Poor Alliance Broadband. if you have inough money then take Alliance Broadband because you get internet only 18 to 19 days.If possible I give -5 star for Cheater Company.

Review №51

This is one of the mejor broadband distributor in Belgharia-Nimta area. Ther service is good. Staffs are like next door neighbour. They have dedicated resource who can collect monthly subscription from home. It would have better if they had online payment option.

Review №52

Good Service Provider in Belgharia

Review №53

Better speed than others broadband

Review №54

Customer service of Alliance Broadband is very very poor. I am experiencing a dangerous problem for a few days. When I open the homepage my password shows invalid. How is it possible? But every time when I report to Alliance, they solve it at that moment. My question, does anybody use my connection secretly? The Alliance men could not answer.

Review №55

Nice service. I use since 4 years.

Review №56

My speed now at 4Mbps and its all-time stable.. its really awesome. other broadbands speed is really sucks. coz they are not stable. speed needs to be stable. otherwise it just low as kbps. but alliance is really awesome and super powerful.

Review №57

I live in kestopur,kolkata.I applied for new broadband connection on 20 Aug 2015 and they install broadband on 24 Aug 2015.It took 4 days to install the broadband in my room.Really frustrating.But its all right.I think it maybe due to sunday holiday.The staffs installed the broadband in approximately 1 hour.Talking about the speed.I love it.Really i downloaded 3gb movie in approx 15 minutes from torrent,which is just WOW! Browsing speed is also great. I am using preferred pack which costs you 855 per month.Installation charge was Rs.500.They said installation is free its just activation fee.No issue about that.Customer support is good not great.Personally i will suggest you guys to check it.

Review №58


Review №59

It is a internet service provider but has no system to take online payment. One on the staff in their Ananya cinema hall bus, SUBHRO Majumder is very much rude and have no idea about how to beheave with Customer.

Review №60

Good quality Internet package available at cheap package

Review №61

Alliance Broadband is the best ISP in Kolkata. Less downtime, stable connection and skilled technician also customer care. I use alliance broadband more than 3 years i face 0 downtime form isp. local downtime not responsible Alliance Broadband but they work fast to curtail downtime. If anyone need value of money and stable, high speed internet , connect with Alliance Broadband.

Review №62

What is best package in budget ? Pls Response !!

Review №63

Good internet connection but cusstomer support is low quality.

Review №64

Good service and cheap rate

Review №65

If you browse only at night.. its ok, other wise its really bad.- First they will never give any bandwidth demo and insist not to check in okhla speednet.- About installation, I never know any service provider who do not provide wireless router option and on top of that they will not support router configuration also.- About service their response time is really fast but support team hardly have any knowledge.- If you do not have option then opt for them else ignore.Now on-wards I will keep sharing my experience with this service provider for other to judge.7-Nov-2015Last few days my internet is running very slow (I have taken a 1.5MBPS connection** Ppl from other cities.. this is considered to be broadband in kolkata).8-Nov-2015 - 9:30AMI have locked a complain docket number 9141, they made me download a desktop sharing software and did some setting change which did not work. They checked the line and found issue and ask me to wait till they solve.8-Nov-2015 - 9:40PMProblem not solved, after calling got another docket number 10012 as morning engineer has changed and asked me to explain the whole thing again to new engineer when he calls, waiting for call

Review №66

Good board band service provider

Review №67

Online gaming experience is worst getting 11230 in dota 2 on Indian server.No RTO problem. Surfing speed is good and download is okay but its not the best i personally prefer wishnet for downloading and online gaming but wishnet gets a lot of RTO from time to time.

Review №68

Very good service provider.

Review №69

Realy i have been very happy with this isp. Maybe not the best but one of the using their 550 UL. If sombdy is not happy with this isp, in most case its the fault of their local service provider.

Review №70

Nice in torrent speed.. But not very good in normal surfing

Review №71

Worst ISP provider ever. their connection fails every 3 - 4 days, their helpdesk refers all problems to local operator, who never pick up their phones when called. after going to their office 5-6 times they resolve the problem usually after 24 hours.

Review №72

Awesome. Leave SITI broadband & make connect Alience. Superbb

Review №73

Very poor service. I used from 2013 but now service is to cheaper. So I discontinue alliance broadband

Review №74

Good internet connection at affordable rates.

Review №75

I didnt want to give them a single star, because they dont have maintained service for their users and as well as they dont value their consumers.

Review №76

Very good speed and services..

Review №77

Very very poor service. Most the times it shows connected but when you will try to open pages it wont. Pathetic service, and most of the time the same problem persists 3 to 4 days. Pls stop using alliance.

Review №78

Very low torrent speed and very poor connection every two days after no connection. Such a useless service.

Review №79

1 star less only for their customer service response.

Review №80

Shameful. Pathetic service. Just know how to harass customers.

Review №81

Service is nice but costlier than other broadband internet providers

Review №82

Good place

Review №83

Best ISP in Kolkata , using for more than 3 years ,

Review №84

Bad service provider...i think u deserve 1/2 star....but i not give the star

Review №85

These guys are very irresponsible & really their customer support is also very very low quality. But The ISP is very very good.

Review №86

Worst broadband connection ever😡

Review №87

Best internet connection and Good services

Review №88

Dont take this connection. This is worst broadband connection ever. Maximum time shows request time out.

Review №89

Very good network company

Review №90

Much professional...& Good Service!

Review №91

Best broadband service provider

Review №92

Worst....high prize as compared to other broadband services....inr 580 for starting unlimited plan....better use other services

Review №93

Cable operator cum alliance internet office.

Review №94

Good place

Review №95

A good service provider.

Review №96

Amazing isp i never seen!!!

Review №97

Very nice coustomar service.

Review №98

Very good first internet

Review №99

Good service

Review №100

Very bad service. waiting for any good service provider.

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  • Address:8, Janakalyan Rd, Kalabagan, Block 5, Jatindas Nagar, Nimta, Kolkata, West Bengal 700049, India
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