Prayas Hospital
Khatima Chauraha, Khatima, Uttarakhand 262308, India
Prayas Hospital
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I LOST MY FATHER HERE. There is only one doctor in the hospital ️ARIF KHAN️no supporting doctor for your patient. The nurses are devils they don’t give the patient to eat because they would have to clean then. The doctor has fixed timings he will come when the Patient is about to die. And will leave the patient to die. He has so much attitude that he won’t ask another doctor’s help to save the patient. The load of medicines that you buy they come back to their own medical for reselling.This is not anger this is my real observation.

Review №2

Best doctor..... best human being ...A Doctor who slept only for 4 to 5 hours....Always dedicated for his covid patients in his hospital as well as government hospital..Shyd arif sir jaise doctors ki wagah se doctor ko bhagwan kaha jata h .....

Review №3

Please dont Admit your patient to this hospital (prayas Hospital)your patient went there are admitted he or she will not be come black..and Dr Areef Khan is nothing but he is jalad kasai he do not have any Knowledge about covid management, & he staff he very bad they are simply killing the people,I lost my wife in this hospital please dont go there

Review №4

Myself(40yrs), Wife(38yrs), Son(11yrs), daughter(2.5yrs) were found Covid (+ve) on 12th April’21 in Govt. Hospital, Tanakpur.We came to Prayas Hospital in very unstable, fear and afraid situation, because my daughter was fever 102, Son (101.5), Wife (102). Myself (103.5).Got immediate attention by Dr. Parvez in emergency, he did few blood tests and CT scan of Myself, Wife and Son.I was having severe Headache, High Grade Fever, Coughing, not able to breathe, Joints Pain, Total loss of SMELL and TASTE, Weakness & Nausea. I was coughing continuously from 8 hours, my chest also started paining.CT scan showed 35% patches in my lungs, Oxygen level was ranging between 92-93.Dr. Arif Khan advised me to get admitted as my condition was not normal. After looking at the reports of CT scan and blood reports of my wife and son, he prescribed medicines and advised they can get treated at home by keeping self-isolated.My daughter (2.5 yrs) who couldn’t get treated at Prayas hospital, we took her to nearby Swastik Hospital, and consulted Dr. Deepti Singh, who rest assured us about our baby’s health.My son, wife and daughter returned back to home (Banbasa Army Cantt.) as wife is deployed in Army Cantt.I was admitted in the hospital and within no time, I started getting the treatment on the advice by Dr. Mohd. Arif Khan.Dr. Parvez was keeping an eye and monitoring my position. The complete staff by the time came to know that my complete family is Covid(+ve) and there is no body to take care of me.I spoke with Prayas Medicos(Chemist), that I will clear daily medicines bills by Online after I get the bill on my bed. They agreed upon.I requested Prayas Hospital Front office that, I am not carrying any cash and I would be clearing the all the bills either daily basis or at the time of my discharge from the hospital. Dr. Parvez relaxed me and asked me not to worry on anything.My treatment started and I was put on Oxygen mask and daily I was getting nebulized and administered with Remdesivir & other few injections.Needless to say, I was getting all the medicines on MRP (without any inflated rates).By God’s grace and my strong will power & few lungs exercise (recommended by Physiotherapist) moreover miracle medicines by Dr. Arif, my health started showing tremendous improvementDr. Arif used to visit me twice a day and checked on my health, listened patiently to all my problems and reply in very cool and calm manner also boosted my strength and will power.Meanwhile my wife, son and daughter’s health also starting improving a lot by medicines which they took daily on time.Daily there were few blood tests and Xray done on me (in my room itself), which was I believe good to monitor and see the status of my health.Finally day came 16th April when Dr. Arif said, “Its amazing Jayant, your Xray & blood reports says you are Fit and Fine”.On 17th April’21 I got discharged in the noon time & I was so happy, couldn’t stop my tears of joy, thinking that finally I would be meeting my lovely family after 6 days.Special Thanks to Dr. Parvez, Sister Bhawna, Sister Sunita, Sister Hema, who took care of me & gave me feeling of family. Thanks to Admin Head Mr. Abhishek Sharma, despite there was some issue in Hospital’s Online payment in clearing hospital bills, he offered his personal account to clear all the bills. Everything happened while I was in my room itself. Thanks to Pantry food served was also good and healthy.A BIG Heartiest Hand Folded Thanks to GOD SENT MESSENGER Dr. Mohd. Arif Khan and his complete team of young professional. May God increase his tribe manyfolds.

Review №5

Excellent and Specialized Doctors, caring and very supportive staff.

Review №6

I will suggest not to go this hospital. They are just setting their to steal money from the petient. Specially Dr. Aarif Khan he is a big time lier. He is dignosing covid positive with the CT Scan report and they are charging 4000 for that. He is a big culprit.

Review №7

Not a good experience. Heard from staff that Dr. Arif khan is getting greedy gradually. This hospital is not applicable for poor people. They dont have UPI payment facilty too.

Review №8

Fake doctors like Aarif Khan. Not at all suggested. I request to health department please cancel his license and send them into jail.

Review №9

Good staff and professional,well trained and experienced doctors.

Review №10

Excellent team of Doctors with best care.

Review №11

Dr. aarif khan is best at his work

Review №12

Top Hospital

Review №13

Very good hospital

Review №14

Friendly adjustable atmosphere and Doctors

Review №15

Good work

Review №16

Worst hospital I ever seen in my life unprofessional staff they cant afford a printerNot recommended please avoid this municipal chara

Review №17

I want in prayas hospital for physiotherapy

Review №18

Disappointed ,They have 3.5 hours waiting and doctor couldnt identify what is exactly happening with patient

Review №19

My home town

Review №20

Ok place

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Find somewhere else they are not going treat ypu bacha kucha paisa bhi khatam kr denge bs.

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