Dr Shivanshu Misra- Laparoscopic surgeon and Hernia Doctor| In Kanpur
120/503, Shivaji Nagar, Shastri Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208005, India
Review β„–1

He is definitely the hernia surgeon.he operated upon my fathers hernia.After consulting him he told everything in detail and meticulously told the pros and Cons of the procedure.So down to earth and very pleasing personality.God has sent the best messenger to treat the needy pt.i love you sir.God bless you πŸ™

Review β„–2

Hey all, My mother has two hernia. I am a IT professional. I was searching for best surgeon at kanpur. you know I found his name through search engine or google. The way he explained all problems and solutions it was amazing it show how much he is polite and humble. He elaborated all thing clearly. I made my trust with him. Some criticality on this sergery was like mother age 65 years and her hepatitis c was positive. He cared everything and did a great operation of my mother. She is feeling better now. Dr Shivansu mishra is a great man and best doctor who cares his all patients like his own family members.ThanksSanjay

Review β„–3

My grandfather was suffering with recurrent hernia at right side of the body. He got the treatment from Dr. Shivanshu Misra and our experience was very good. The way Dr. Shivanshu Misra explained everything and took care of him is very nice. Were very glad that we get the treatment under him.

Review β„–4

Dr shivanshu did haemorrhoids surgery for me without any cuts or bleeding.He is sooooo good excellent surgeon.Thanks to you sir

Review β„–5

It was a very delightful experience to meet Dr.Shivanshu Misra sir. A surgeon of keen insight knowledge who treats his patients with full zeal and zest . There were no post operative complications and the hospital administration was always available to cater their services to the fullest.Hope u reach the zenith of success sir!!

Review β„–6

Sir did fissure case for me.He explained to me so very well that I had all my doubts cleared.He is one of the best and sweetest person Ive ever come across in my life.May God give you the choicest of things in your life.God bless.Take care

Review β„–7

Hello sirDr. Shivanshu Mishra is the best doctor of Gastrointestinal Surgeon in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.My mothers name is Rambeti age 48 and lives in kalyanpur kanpur nagarMy mother was very upset with her digestive system, we showed many doctors in Kanpur but did not get any relief but after meeting Dr. Shivanshu Mishra my mother got complete relief.In just 2 months my mother was completely curedMy mother very satisfied after getting treatmentThanks a lot

Review β„–8

We came here for Sister having critical condition acute pancreatitis and severe stomach pain, he explained the treatment very well. After 5-6 days laproscopic gallbladder surgery is done and within few hours Patient was recovered to normal life. Hospital facilities are also very good. Thanks to Dr Shivanshu and Team for the family like care.Recommending this hospital which has everything you need in case of medical emergency.

Review β„–9

My name is Jaswinder Singh ,and Im from saket nagar , kanpur. I had haemorrhoids problem and was treated with stapler /laser surgery.

Review β„–10

Sachin gupta, 43years , halseyroad kanpur, harnia laparoscopy surgery by dr. Shivanshu Misra, the experiance was good because of doctor is vry polite to the pasent

Review β„–11

I myself Neha Agarwal had undergone laparoscopic surgery of gall bladder stone from dr Shivanshu Mishra and I want to say that it was very nicely done by was the painless surgery and I was got discharged within 24 hours.Hospital nd hospital staff is also vry good.i m felling perfectly very nice after my surgery.thanku doctor nd staff members..

Review β„–12

A very satisfactory experience and a fabulous surgery with minimal discomfort! Dr. Shivanshu Mishra is fabulous and helped and cooperated every step of the way! He is literally the best in his field! The staff was equally helpful and supportive! Fully satisfied and happy ! Thankyou so muchβ™₯️A special shout-out to his Staff member- Sonam ! She helped us right from the beginning and boosted us when we were scared ! Thankyou !

Review β„–13

Myself Ganesh Mishra. I am from Auraiya U.P. I was suffering from fistula and fissure both. I have consulted with Shivanshu Sir.He was operated fistula and fissure with Laser surgery.It was very good experience and very less painful.

Review β„–14

My wife name is Ankita awasthi and we are from Yashoda nagar, kanpur.She had gall bladder stones and I consulted dr misra for the same.The operation went absolutely fine and was discharged within one day following surgery.Absolutely fantastic experience.

Review β„–15

Lots of thanks dr for excellent operation done of my wife without any problems .again thank πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

Review β„–16

My father shailendra trivedi has got treatment here we are very much satisfied with his way of treatment and cordial nature very expert and humble nature of Doctor

Review β„–17

My mothers name is Mrs Ram devi and we are from Aroul districts kanpur nagar.My mother had large kidney stone (2.5 cm size) and Dr Shivanshu Misra did laparoscopy surgery and removed the stone successfully. Im indebted to him. He is very great surgeon

Review β„–18

Brijesh kumar sonker61 yearsgallbladder stone surgery by laprospoic with in 45 minute.b DR Shivanshu mishra(best doctor of gallbladder stone surgery)

Review β„–19

My mothers name is Mrs Reeta Devi, aged 52years from Naubasta, Kanpur.She was suffering from biliary pancreatitis and then we consulted Dr Shivanshu misra and teamDr Misra conducted the surgery very efficiently and my mother was discharged within 2days following surgery.I would highly recommend him as the best gastro surgeon for any sort of laparoscopic surgeries whatsoever it it.Thank you once again sirπŸ₯°

Review β„–20

Pt. Mohd. Tahir age 40 address hathgam fatehpur belliding surgery of piles by stapler method .It was a great experience overall.He is the best surgeon for piles (haemorrhoids)

Review β„–21

I was in lot of pain before meeting shivanshu sir but now iam feeling much better than before thank you sir yours tye best πŸ™πŸ™

Review β„–22

My friend Mr.P.K.Dwivedi was having mirizzis syndrome in his gal bladder,which was very typical.Dr Shivanshu Mishra operated it very effentially.Really we had a very good experience with this doctor.Thanks to Doctor.

Review β„–23

Best laparoscopic surgeon of kanpur.Very good nature.

Review β„–24

My mothers gallbladder surgery is done by Dr. Shivanshu Mishra sir in Shivani Hospital and she had so much of other complicated conditions too.All the things are successfully done by him.He is the best laparoscopic surgeon as he explained us each and everything briefly from start to end.Hospital staff is too very helpful and active.

Review β„–25

Its was a nice experience with Dr. Shivanshu mishra sir...we got successful surgery of gall bladder stone, and got discharged within 24 hours.Thank you so much Dr.shivanshu mishra sir..!!

Review β„–26

Among the very best doctors i have come across in my life. So polite ,so honest, so skilled and knowledgable. He did my brothers appendix surgery who is just 5 years old by key hole surgery in the COVID-19 times..There was no pain, no sutures,no blood loss as told by the doctor. He also gave the pictutes and video of the surgery in a CD to us. So much transparent behaviour , i have never seen ever in any hospital. The Shivani hospital is very economical too. Hats off to you sir.May you continue to serve the people like this. God bless you and your family sir!!!!

Review β„–27

One of the best laparoscopic surgeon Ive known.He explains the pathology to the pt so nicely and his way of treatment is perfect.Now totally relived and comfortable.Thanks again sir

Review β„–28

One of the best doctor I have experienced in my life. Same lap surgery was postponed once in one of the hospital because of the severe chest Obestection. After 4 months I came to him and told everything. He gave me the confidence there will be no problem. And he kept his words and performed the surgery. I am blessed to have such a professional for my wife.

Review β„–29

Sir did a very very tough hernia surgery for my wife. We went to Delhi also,but there also the surgeons refused to do this complex surgery.We heard of the famous hernia surgeon,Dr shivanshu misra and decided to undergo surgery under him.He did surgery very meticulously and my wife got discharged. Within 2days following surgery.He is very cost effective too.Thank you sir for being a savior in our lives

Review β„–30

Finally discharging after only 16 hour of addmission in dhanvantri hospital and 1 hour very successful surgery from hospital with very very good experience with Dr.shivashu mishra sir...really very helpfull Dr.shivanshu sir and all staff of dhanvantari hospital........once again thanks to dr.shivanshu sir...

Review β„–31

I had contacted dr shivanshu mishra sir for weight loss program. He guided me so well and i underwent metabolic surgery after which Im so happy and satisfied.The hospital is equipped with the latest technology of 4k laparoscopy system and the support staff is also so good.Thank you so much sir fir everything

Review β„–32

Dr Shivanshu misra is a very astounding laparoscopic surgeon of great humane and kind nature.God bless him with all the happiness

Review β„–33

My sister has stone in gallbladder, so I consult dr. Shivanshu mishra in shivani hospital,He opperated and discharge her with in 12hr.he is a very good and experience dr.I prefer him for this type of diseases and other.

Review β„–34

Very good surgeon for fistula treatment and surgery.He is a simple and the most updated surgeon I have ever met and come across in my life.Highly recommended fistula surgeon bin Uttar Pradesh.

Review β„–35

Sir did a very complicated laparoscopic hernia surgery for my wife.He is undoubtedly the best laparoscopic hernia surgeon of india

Review β„–36

One of the best experience for gall bladder stone surgery by Dr Shivanshu Misra.Extremely talented and trusted surgeon

Review β„–37

Well, I have had the pleasure to know Dr Shivanshu sir for quite some time now and i admire his approach and outlook towards life. They say good doctors are good communicators but Shivanshu sir is a fantastic communicator. Its always very enlightening to speak with him about his work and to know about his latest accomplishments and by the end of it Im at all times awestruck by the man.! There is a very sensible and calm demeanor about him but above all when I see him I always see an honest Doctor who genuinely wishes well for the patients. I hope he forever remains the same because we need Doctors like him around us in the society. God bless sir :)

Review β„–38

My gallbladder was perforated and I came in extreme pain and agony.Dr misra operated me by laparoscopic method.Thanks and God bless you sir

Review β„–39

My name is Anjali and underwent gall bladder surgery.And got discharged within one day following surgery.

Review β„–40

Dr Shivanshu is one of the best laproscopic surgeon in India. My mother was diagnosed with perforated appendicitis and we were asked to look for a good doctor for the surgery. My mother was very scared and wanted to avoid surgery. After researching I found his profile and decided to consult with him. The way he explained everything, my mom was ready to go for a surgery the next day. Many doctors I consulted before wanted to do an open surgery (which we didnt want) but he was very confident about doing lapro. He did an amazing job and my mother was discharged within 48 hours of surgery. She experienced very less pain.Thanks alot sir. It definitely depicts from your work that you love what you do. I wish you great success in your life.

Review β„–41

Very good experience for hernia surgery by laparoscopic method.He is excellent surgeon.Very good human nature

Review β„–42

Very very very good surgery for gall bladder stone pus and stone surgery by sir.Sir did very nicely 😊😊

Review β„–43

My name is Anshu Gupta, I was suffering from obesity it was very painful I discuss with many doctors but I was not satisfied oneday I searched on Google Dr Shivanshu Mishra the advance laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon I met him and discuss with everything at that time I was satisfied because doctor told me each and everything very clearly I was so impressed and that time I decided for metabolic and bariatric surgery in Shivani Hospital Kanpur after 48 hours of surgery I have been discharged from hospital now I am feeling very good I would like ok thank Dr Shivanshu Mishra and his assistant Sonam ji because she was coordinating with me she told me everything thank you so much

Review β„–44

We are very happy with the treament of Dr. Shivanshu Misra and team. He is truly the best in his field. My sister is now feeling well. Thanks a lot to him and his team!

Review β„–45

Best experience in gall bladder stones surgery by shivanshu sir.Very polite and kind and skillful

Review β„–46

My sister had extremely tough critical condition for pus in gall bladder and it was in sepsis.Sir did laparoscopic gall bladder surgery and now I am totally fine.Thanks sir

Review β„–47

A very satisfactory experience and a fabulous surgery with minimal discomfort!! He is literally the best in his field! The staff was equally helpful and supportive! Fully satisfied and happy !! Thankyou !

Review β„–48

Very successful operation was done. We felt extremely satisfied. Dr.and staff are very caring . Our experience is excellent.God bless.

Review β„–49

Sir has done laparoscopic hernia surgery for me. The hernia was a very very big one and i was in a lot of pain.We Heard of dr shivanshu as the best hernia surgeon of Uttar Pradesh.So we decided to undergo the surgery under him.It was a very nicely performed surgery and I was discharged within one day after surgeryThanks a lot once again sir

Review β„–50

Great experience of bariatric surgery.Best bariatric surgeon of Uttar Pradesh.Thanks to him a lot

Review β„–51

Sir did a very complicated hernia surgery for my wife.It was extremely difficult and many surgeon have refused to do the same.He has very nicely dealt with it.I am very satisfied

Review β„–52

I, Richa Trivedi, when came to know about my stone in gall bladder , it was an tensed moment .Then get to know about The Genius DR. SHIVANSHU MISHRA (MS), at Shivani Hospital Kanpur.Got relaxing words by his well behaved and soft spoken staff specially Miss Sonam about the how caring the the Dr. And hospital is.A short span of time and problem shortout.Thanks Dr. Shivanshu Mishra and team.Thanks a bunch again.

Review β„–53

Iam really gratefull to whole team of DR shivanshu mishra , for doing the successfully operation of my wife via laparoscopy...... Whole staff is very come coperative here in the hospital My wife was suffering from gall stone and it stucked in the neck , initially I was worried , how it will be cured,,, but under the guidance of DR SHIVANSHU MISHRA, I ADMITTED MY WIFE IN SHIVANI HOSPITAL, IT WAS A GREAT ACHIEVEMENT FOR MY WIFE TO HAVE A DOCTOR LIKE HIM, HE OPERATED SO WELL WITH ALL THE PRECAUTIONS, AND GUIDED US ALSO ABOUT THE PROCEDURE OF LAPROSCOPY VIA WHICH THE GALL BALLEDER STONE WILL REMOVED ALONG WITH IT,,,WHOLE TEAM OF DOCTOR SHALL BE PRAISED FOR THEIR EFFORTS AND COURSTEY TOWARDS THE PATIENTS THEY HAVE....... Thanks πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Review β„–54

Very much satisfied with the doctor and their co operative nature.Also feels relaxed after the surgery.

Review β„–55

Very very very good experience for gall bladder stones surgery.My wife had hepatitis B virus plus gall bladder stones.Sir explained everything in detail and did surgery.I was discharged within 12 hours without any discomfort after surgery.Highly recommended

Review β„–56

I must say that doc shivanshu has some wonders. He is so polite and humble that half of your stress fades away instantly. My mothers appendix was very critical. It bursted and it was impossible to extract the infected fluid but doc performed laparoscopy day before yesterday and today my mother is feeling better. There was more than 100ml of infected fluid and nearly 22 mm of appendix. But Experience with docter is so calm. He make patient feel confident which helps them recover even faster. He told us everything very clearly and transparently.

Review β„–57

Dr. Shivanshu is a very good doctor. His humble nature influenced me to much. He conducted Gal bladder stone operation of my brother successfully .Thnk u dr. Shivanshu sir...

Review β„–58

As I came here my father is in very painful condition in observation of shivanshu sir and his team today my father is in very well condition and we are moving towards our home with cheery faces.Words could never express our gratitude for all you (Shivanshu sir) did and continue to do for my father. I admire you for your commitment to those patient and their families who you touch per day.

Review β„–59

Dr shivanshu misra has done gall bladder stones surgery by laparoscopic method to my relative. he is a successful and a great asset to our country.very humble in nature and very cost Effective .thank you sir for being there

Review β„–60

Best haemorrhoid surgery by stapler method.Discharged within one day of surgery.Thanks a lot sir

Review β„–61

Surgery Done very well by the doctor. Doctor has a very good nature and a good experience also. Staff is also very good and a clean and tidy premises also. Ultimately completely satisfied by the facilities provided by the hospital and patient also feel safe with experience staff and doctor. Thank you so much for diagnose at the right time and remove the Gb at the right time.

Review β„–62

My mother Mrs. Ratan Bala Mishra got operated for gall bladder stones from experienced Dr. Shivanshu Mishra with finest laproscopic pin point method one of the best in Kanpur. We came here from Allahabad and very satisfied with his humble behaviour and my mother is totally fine and fit after surgery.

Review β„–63

Mucocele of gall bladder.Treated by laparoscopic method (laparoscopic cholecystectomy) by Dr mistakes.Dr ram and prateek and priya were very helpful.Thanks to the whole team for a wonderful effort.Very wonderful experience

Review β„–64

Sir did a cholecysto-duodenal fistula for me and it was Operated successfully by laparoscopy method.It was a fabulous experience over all.He is number one laparoscopic surgeon of uttar pradesh

Review β„–65

According to the experience I had with Dr Shivansh Mishra, I can say that he is not only a doctor but a person with great human values. I was suffering from Gallbladder stone of the size of 125 mm + 12 other leser size stones. For the surgery I was admitted to his Shivani hospital on 24 September 2021 and he did laproscopic surgery using latest technology. There was no tear /cut or stitch in it, nor did I feel surgery took time only 15 minutes. Next day I was discharged from the hospital.

Review β„–66

My brother mr shyam ji mishra, feom kidwai nagar kanpur, underwent laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Review β„–67

The operation went so smooth, we couldnt ever expect. From past experiences of fear and trauma against operation and surgeries it was difficult to believe in the process Dr. Shivanshu made us believe but post surgery, all our doubts were shattered and we were satisfied to our core. The help was not only during the stay in the hospital but rathar post surgery as well. I would thank Dr. Sonam as wel for her cooperation and handling doubts later on whatsapp and calls as well, apart from the smooth transition from hospital to home. It was my sisters operation who is a 15 yr old child suffering from downsyndrome, still the empathy shown by the staff and the doctors was so much that we didnt felt any hesitation in introducing her to the procedures and the surgery. I would recommend this place everytime. Thank you for your service.

Review β„–68

My name is Ragini mishra from shukla ganj,UnnaoI underwent an very large recurrent abdominal hernia and sir did the surgery so nicelyI am grateful to himThank you

Review β„–69

Dr Shivanshu is Very humble and excellent doctor in his field. Best co-operation. My wife was having gallbladder stone. Successfully removed.she is able to do routine activity with in two days. Doctor providing all necessary information. For surgery must visit him. Many many thanks to Dr. And his team ,Blessings him form bottom of soul

Review β„–70

Very good and excellent laparoscopic surgeon of kanpur.Very nice and humble doctor.

Review β„–71

We are from Fatehpur.My brother had open hernia surgery somewhere else 5 yrs back through some other doctorHowever, it got recurrence. And Dr shiv anshu misra did laparoscopy repair of hernia very nicely.He is a great surgeon of great calibre.Thank so much sir

Review β„–72

Best hernia surgeon of vampire.Very nice experience

Review β„–73

Name of surgery: Gall stones and appendix removalThe overall stay at the hospital was quite good except for the check-in part. During check-in my assigned room was already occupied due to which I had to wait for an hour or so for the room. Other than that I faced no problem at the hospital.The staff was very caring and pleasant and I got due attention from them.My surgery went very well and I would recommend the Dr. Mishra to anyone who wants laparoscopic surgery done.

Review β„–74

Bahut Nadiya hydrocele ki surgery.Im from Eta district.Thanks so much sir

Review β„–75

Got operated for Pilonidal Sinus. Wonderful experience with Dr. Shivanshu Mishra. Extremely professional and caring. Surgery was performed with utmost care with no complications whatsoever. Following up was very regular.The communication from him was wonderful and helped me ease my nerves before and after the surgery.

Review β„–76

Madhu shukla from naubasta had undergone gall bladder stone and common bile duct stone laparoscopic surgery under Dr shivanshu misra.Very good experience

Review β„–77

My mother name is shobha misra from ghaziabad ,delhi.she is 72 yr old and she had gall bladder stones in her with high BP.It was critical case and dr Shivanshu operated her by key hole surgery and discharged her in 1 day.thank you sir

Review β„–78

Amazing experience overall. The doctor is lovely and very positive. Maasi said β€œgot the strength to have the operation done through the doctor only”. Hats off to the whole team.

Review β„–79

Sir did laparoscopic gall stones surgery.Now my mother is ok.Very nice doctor

Review β„–80

My fathers operation of gallbladder by Dr shivanshu mishra is successful and he is very good doctor and specialist of gallbladder.I thanks to doctor sir to operate my father gallbladder.Thanks sir

Review β„–81

Badiya experience humara gall bladder surgery ki laparoscopic surgery dwara.Best gall bladder stone surgeon

Review β„–82

Sir did my mother hernia surgery by laparoscopic was successful.Thanks a lot sir

Review β„–83

I am Emraan from Lucknow.I underwent gastric cancer surgery from dr Shivanshu sir.He did the surgery by laparoscopic method and explained everything in utmost detail.He is unlike any other gastro surgeon in uttar pradesh.He is so so down to earth and humble and polite.His rates and packages are also very reasonable.I would recommend him as the best gastrointestinal surgeon of uttar pradesh

Review β„–84

Sir did laparoscopic appendix operation for my sister very well.He is so nice and talented human being

Review β„–85

Best laparoscopic surgeon of utter Pradesh.he has recently done hernia surgery by kry hole method with minimal blood loss and no pain at all .also got discharged within 24hours of surgery.

Review β„–86

Sir is very nice gall bladder stone surgeon of India.Very nice talking and understanding 😊😊😊

Review β„–87

My wife name is Anju from panki power house.She had very low hemoglobin of 7 and also call bladder stones, for which Dr operated her by laparoscopy successfully..

Review β„–88

Best experience of gall bladder surgery by Dr shivanshu misra ji.Very nice nature

Review β„–89

My name is priyanshu Srivastava and I’m from barraI got operated for appendix surgery by sirHe is very sweet and niceThank goodness

Review β„–90

The doctor was very good..and the way he was explaining about the operation was also very good....

Review β„–91

A very very rare case of bosdaik hernia was treated by Dr.Shivanshu Mishra in which the patients intestine making a hole in diaphragm goes into the lungs and Doctor did the surgery by laparoscopy without any blood loss. I am very thankfull to the doctor for treating me perfectly

Review β„–92

I dont have enough words to praise dctr Shivanshu....His polite Behaviour and positive attitude was superb... Wonderful experience with Dctr shivamshu. Dctr. Shivanshu is a wonderful surgeon as well as a Great man, would highly recommend to anyone.

Review β„–93

Sir did piles surgery by stapler method to me. I was discharged within 12hours without any pain or discomfort.He is very sweet doctor and tells everything very clearly.Thanks 😊

Review β„–94

Such a doctor I have not seen in my life ever before, who really care and shows his concern for his patients even after surgery. We are really thankful to the doctor as my mother is smiling after 22hrs of surgery.

Review β„–95

My name is upasna awasthi, from Farrukhabad, aged 44/female.I underwent laparoscopy Cholecystectomy under Dr Shivanshu misra.It was an excellent experience with no problem at all

Review β„–96

Very helpful and soft spoken Dr. Shivanshu misra, he did my mother operation and clarify each and every thing. Which help to increase confidence of patient

Review β„–97

Hello ! I m anil Kumar yadav from pratagarh .. Dr. Shivanshu Mishra is the best surgeon in kanpur...! He operated my gall bladder stone very easily on 05th september 2021by laproscopic surgery.! The best thing is that dr.shivanshu Mishra discharged me only within 24 hours. I m feeling very good now😊😊.Also he is very humble & generous towards his patients...! I would like to give the message to the patients to approach Dr. shivanshu Mishra for the best treatment..! Thank you so much sir

Review β„–98

Very humble doctor and great experience of fistula surgery by Dr Misra.He is veery very very good surgeon and great human being

Review β„–99

Dr.Shivanshu Mishra is a really good doctor, he handled the gall bladder surgery of my wife with great care as she is pregnant as well.He is always reachable and answered all the queries with utmost patience. Staff is also very co-operative specially Sonam who was always willing to help. I would recommend Dr Shivanshu for all the laparoscopic surgeries and is one of the best doctors.

Review β„–100

My name is Aradhna from Muraina, Madhya Pradesh.I came to know about Dr Shivanshu for gall bladder stone and he performed the laparoscopic gall bladder stone surgery, cholecystectomy.And was discharged in 2 days.Highly recommended as the best gall bladder stone surgeon in Uttar Pradesh

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