Dr. Sunil Taneja Clinic & Vaccination centre
No 113/159-A, Swaroop Nagar, Chat Chauraha Near Hdfc bank, Khalasi Line, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208002, India
Dr. Sunil Taneja Clinic & Vaccination centre

Review №1

Dr.sunil treated my baby.... Thnx to sir... bt managment is very poor... Specialy that women on reception is very bad maner lady... That lady language is very abusive...

Review №2

Please do not visit here unless you want to waste your time. Poor management. We waited for almost 2 hours and the same number was going on because in between there were doctors preferred people and emergency cases were coming. Its pathetic. Staff doesnt has manners. They collect fees and they will not return if patient refuse to consult. There were no covid protocols even when they are dealing with childs who are prone to covid-19. Doctor doesnt care about anything because he is getting money. They are just looting people. Doctor doesnt give much attention to patients.

Review №3

Best doctor in Kanpur.. U can blindly trust for children.. He is really God for kids

Review №4

Highly unprofessional receiptionist staff specially the lady dont even have a courtesy to how to speak with patient ot parentsPeople search for the doctor when they are in need of urgency but such a rubish response made us highly demotivating from the receiptionist, Not even having a courtesy what has happened and when doctor will be available to see the baby.Kindly trained the lady how to speak else time is not far away people will not tolerate such loose talk as many competitors are available in market.Take immediate action if you are really understand the meaning of customer satisfaction

Review №5

Very poor management and very rude and pathetic staff , they dont know how to behave with patients even in the reception staff not ready to speak in polite manner.They will ask to take number through phone or directly by visit but there are no any Management to send patient by numbers.Good doctor but very bad management.

Review №6

Pathetic doctor and abusive staff. They are ready to ignore you... If a doctor is not able to maintain hi staff and his staff is misbehaving with the patient. I can understand how good this doctor is.

Review №7

Staff was very bad... Do not pick phone, many times call but phone cut and not receive, sunila Taneja sir change to their staff .

Review №8

Lady who received call is abnormal.... Staff is very bad..... If anybody wants to consult dr. In emergency there is no facility

Review №9

One of the Best child specialist

Review №10

Dr Sunil Taneja is a brilliant and fabulous dr has a lots of experience about pediatric.... So i am fully satisfied....

Review №11

Doctor sunil taneja is literally next to god for children.

Review №12

The behavior of the clinic staff is not good

Review №13

Dr.sunil taneja is the best doctor in kanpur very humble .we know him about 33years ago he is most experienced doctor

Review №14

Very Good clinic.

Review №15

He is the best doctor..

Review №16

SOS!! SOS!!Hi Sir,Pranam!, Sir, is 60,000 platelets in newborn (2 days) boy is low or a serious condition? So much worried. Currently out of town.Please help sir 🙏

Review №17

He is very experienced doctor.he detected my sons nuro problem in first visit ... thanks a lot sir

Review №18

One of the best paediatrician in Kanpur. Clinic is clean, well maintained with all the best facilities. Staff is helpful. All the vaccination are available. X-ray etc facility also available in the clinic. Waiting time is a bit problem but if u book a prior appointment, its perfectly fine.

Review №19

Doctor is very professional and experienced here but staff is not working properly they avoid to receive calls from patients for appointment.

Review №20

Dr.sunil Taneja is best Doctor but the staff is very bad

Review №21

Best doctor in town.but the staff on the front desk have really filthy behavior..They never tell the exact time of the appointment.. whenever you go there u have to sit approx an hour to have a meeting with a doctor..really didnt understood the reason why they​ dont reveal the actual time so that the people could arrive at the right time and must not wait for long hours..

Review №22

Taneja sir is the best doctor for child in UP. He is very gentle person. He is factory of knowledge and 99% positive result oriented.

Review №23

Idiotic staff, forget the doctor, you cant even get to meet him. He needs to change his staff asap if he wants to maintain his reputation.Gone are the days when doctors were rude and commanding. Everyone needs to be polite these days. Mr. Tanejas staff needs to learn this for sure.

Review №24

Best children doctor in city . Very experienced but very crowded. Be prepare to wait for 2-3 hours minimum . Come well prepared .

Review №25

Best Child Specialist in town .You will get the best advice and care from Dr Taneja .Some Reviews state that you have to wait,of course you have to, if you want to consult the best physician who is also a renowned surgeon.

Review №26

Dr. Taneja ji is too good or I can say he is the best in city . But appointment arrangement is not good...

Review №27

Good doctor but long queue. Compounder and sisters are arrogant.

Review №28

Best dr with very very poor and stupid staff and that black guy prem the worst and very pathetic staff .. dr needs to chsge your staff oderwise your good deeds would be converted into these poor malfunctioned staff

Review №29

31st Dec 2018, we were out for dinner with family when all of a sudden I realised that my 13 month daughter who was in my arms suddenly fainted. We were out since morning and she had not slept so we felt she might have fallen asleep but we were not sure And she was not moving at all despite being shaken and sprinkling water on her face. We got scared and someone suggested to see Dr Taneja whose clinic was nearby. We immediately rushed to see him. There was a long queue but when we told its an emergency, he immediately saw our daughter. On check up he felt she is fine and her vitals were ok. He pinched her and found that she started crying. He also got the staff to check the sugar level which was also found normal. He concluded that the child might just be exhausted and slept like that. Incase this recur then we would need to get certain tests done but for now she is alright. On asking for the fees he refused to take the fees and just charged Rs 50 for sugar test. Although he did write a prescription for cold as our LO had some cold but he did not ask for a fee for that. He was very polite and cracked jokes asking us to continue our dinner to lighten our mood. Though for some this might be a small incident and says nothing about his capabilities as a doctor but as a human being it was a kind and generous act as I know there are many doctors who would have charged the fee for their time. Many thanks Dr Sunil Taneja.

Review №30

Best paediatrician as some experience we also have with him so thanks for that doctor😀😀😀

Review №31

He is God to me, he correctly diagnosed a very rare disease in my KID which was not even diagnosed in top hospital of Gurgaon and cured it with the right treatment. Many Many Thanks to him.

Review №32

Very very good child doctor sunil taneja

Review №33

I Know Dr Sunil taneja last 12 years he is a very good doctor

Review №34

He is a great person i am working with him he has so much patience very helping nature giving a very good contribution to childs very experinced I have learned so much by him.

Review №35

Very Bad they are uncooperative their languages are so bad ,very very disappointed By Dr and staff Compoundar and every one other.I called in the morning and taken an Oppointment for my baby for evening i live ao far from the dr clinic i came by navigation but when i reached their they said apke name hi koi nahi likha hai yaha pehle number lagaye phir kal dikhayega i was just shocked that u came 13 km far away now they are saying name hi nahi likha hai in the morning i called what the hell very very disappointed from Dr and clinic just like this they all are money maker nothing else. And even the Dr bhi compoundar se chal rahe hain. Compoundar said to Dr if u are listening to this madam then i am running away wow amazing headsoff. So kindly think one more time before going there. 🙏🏻

Review №36

I had a very very bad experience with him. My 4 year old daughter was in high fever and i was given 10:30 pm night time for consultation, when i went there, i was again told to come back after 1 hour again (middle of the night). The staff was very rude and were acting as if they are the only Dr. and staff in the city and everyone has to wait for 2-3 hours in line with their kids suffering. Utterly shameful and worst customer service. Instead of understanding patients needs and pain they in fact add pain to your wounds by handling you in the worst of the ways. About time that health providers start behaving as a professional service provider rather than acting as Bhagwaan ka roop because you charge a lot of money to see us and its not for free. Patients regardless if they are rich and poor, deserve respect and care and not the savage treatment providers like these provide to all of us.

Review №37

Worst staff, bad experience. No emergency facilities are available for child

Review №38

I know doctor past 10 years,Good doctor but very rude staff.have very bad experience every time.

Review №39

I got my son treated with Dr. Taneja. It was an incredible treatment.

Review №40

Very good and experience doctor in kanpur

Review №41

The best child specialist of Kanpur

Review №42

Very good doctor for children

Review №43

Very good doctor

Review №44

Excellent service provide

Review №45

Best doctor for infants

Review №46

StAff is not good

Review №47

Very bad staff of clinic.

Review №48

Nice pediatrician.

Review №49

Best doctor 💝

Review №50

Very pathetic, worst experience, undiscipline

Review №51

Very bad experience

Review №52

Worst staff

Review №53

Best doctor

Review №54

Good gob

Review №55

Bast dr. ...,.Childrens

Review №56

Band response in staff

Review №57

Bad experience

Review №58


Review №59

No improvement

Review №60


Review №61

Staff very lazy not picking call on timeDoctor sahab ko isme dhyaan dena chaiye log bahut door se aate number likha kar,Kisi ki emergency m yadi call nhi uthegi to wo kya kare. Bina call and number likheay wo dikha bhi nhi sakta

Review №62

Rupay hi sab kuch nhi hota hai ... jyda ghaand ho gya h kya ....

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  • Address:No 113/159-A, Swaroop Nagar, Chat Chauraha Near Hdfc bank, Khalasi Line, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208002, India
  • Phone:+91 512 253 5755
  • Pediatrician
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–2PM
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:10AM–9PM
  • Thursday:10AM–9PM
  • Friday:10AM–9PM
  • Saturday:10:15AM–9PM
  • Sunday:10AM–9PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:No
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