Shop No. 2, Vrindhavan paradise, Vasant Valley Rd, opposite Mumbai University, Kalyan West, Kalyan, Maharashtra 421301, India
Review №1

@cubinos is one of the best cafe in Kalyan. They have really great ambiance with comfortable atmosphere. They serves various varieties of italian food also they serves amazing Meals.I tried special meal of the day and it included Falafal & cheese sandwich , Peri Peri fries, strawberry jalepeno mojito and it was just for 249 Rs. Also tried their Cheese and harrisa fries and It made with Melted cheese sauce and alots of Mayonnaise. And In Shakes they have unique varieties I tried Cookie crumble freak shake, Red velvet cheese cake shake both was so good in taste. Red Velvet cheesecake shake is made with proper amount of red velvet flavour they added lots of small pieces of cheese cake. All were so amazing.Highly RecommendedTaste: 5/5Rate:5/5

Review №2

After visiting here, I wished I had been here before for so much variety and such good taste!Call it a 💯 cafe, with proper authentic taste.Strawberry and Jalapeno Mojito, something we never heard of, we got to try here, slight spicy and strawberry flavor cooler to go for refreshment.Loved the Nutella Shake,with medium thick consistency and mild cooling!MUST TRY, Cubanos, their Sandwich, evrything nonveg here is CHICKEN MEAT stuff.SAUCES are TRADITIONALLY cubanos sauces, so its a good idea to try somethin new with your foodie friends.The CHICKEN CHEESE FRIES were fireyyyy, not too spicy, proper crispy, along with jalapeños and shredded chicken!WOAH the Pastas are heart winning! Definitely try the Green sauce, the Quantity is good the quality of taste is awesome!OVERALL, good vibes, good food, good day at Cubanos!

Review №3

This is place in kalyan serves delicious and mouthwatering unique dishes. In addition it has outdoor and indoor seating both.Coming to the food taste and qualitySo, I orderedCubano veg meal 3Which consists of spiced paneer with regular fries and virgin mojito.This is perfect for a single person into which I truly loved the sandwich.And later I tried a unique shake named salted caramel popcorn which was very impressive.Overall it was a amazing experienceAnd I enjoyed it alot.

Review №4

First, we eat. Then, we do the things.Cubanos is a Cafe with all the much needed vibes.Eat the Cuban way...Firstly let me tell you about the ambience.It has outdoor and indoor seating available.The concept which I liked the most was that they have bean bags so you can enjoy your food with utmost comfort. The colour combinations, the frames add a great vibe to the place. So for me its 5/5.They have very prompt service and the staff is friendly including the owners.Lastly but most importantly the FOODI tried the1) Veg Meal combo 3 which comprised of▪️Harissa Paneer Sandwich - This is so far the best sandwich I have ever eaten.▪️Peri Peri Fries - They were crispy and fresh▪️Black Currant Virgin Mojito - loved the flavour a nice twist to the regular Virgin Mojito.2) Red Velvet Freak Shake - It was creamy & dreamy. Topped with fresh cream and slice cake. It was the best . Do give it a try ✌️3) Pesto Pasta - the pasta was properly cooked and it had become one with the pesto sauce. The vegetables , the pasta and the pesto sauce were are singing together a great melody to my taste buds. 🤤🤤Do visit themFollow to explore more such scrumptious food offering places.

Review №5

Cubanos is a Italian themed cafe in Vasant valley, Kalyan which served cubanos, sandwiches, shakes, drinks, nuggets, fries, croquettes, pastas and many more. The place is a little small but is fully utilised. There are open seating arrangements as well as indoor seating arrangements with air conditioning. I liked the corner with bean bags as seating, it provides a very casual, homely kinda vibe to the place. The staff is good, service is fast and hygiene is properly taken care of...What were we served with :Chicken Tikka Meal : Chicken TIkka Cubano with French Fries and Black Currant Mojito.Alfredo Pasta : Penne Pasta tossed in White Alfredo Sauce.Red Velvet Cheesecake Shake : Thick and Velvety Shake topped with Cake Crumbles..Every serving at Cubanos is very unique on its own. The variety they offer is soo much delicious and one of its kind. Chicken Tikka Cubano was so freaking awesome, cuban bread was beautifully filled with chicken tikka pieces, veggies and sauces, grilled with generous amounts of butter. The overall combination of everything tasted very explicit. French Fries and Black Currant Mojito as its side provide a great complimenting flavor and freshness. Mojito was very flavorful and Fries were perfectly cooked crispy.Alfredo Pasta was very delicious and creamy. Pasta was cooked perfectly, and wasnt overdone or underdone. The sauce was rich and thick, coating the penne pasta very well. Chicken and other veggies i.e mushrooms, baby corn and zucchini were well cooked and much flavorful. All the elements of the dish were superbly combined and tasted excellent.Red Velvet Cheesecake Shake is very hard to explain. This thick shake tastes just like eating a red velvet cheesecake but was liquid and thick. Cake crumbles are topped which gives a great bite to the shake...Overall Cubanos is a wonderful experience, other than a small space of the cafe the food they serve is perfectly awesome.To experience a new variety of food and tickle your taste buds a little too much than usual, do visit Cubanos.Recommended by The Food Glutton.

Review №6

Taste and quality of food was good... Worth visiting

Review №7

Taste was just awesome♥️ staff is very polite. They serve hygienic.✨

Review №8

Amazing Cuban food only place in kalyan. Worth a coffee date or birthday party or chilling out with friends.

Review №9

We were surprised after visiting this place that kalyan has such a fantastic cafe with continental cuisine.We had Barbeque chicken wings, Chicken Cheese Croquets, combo mean of Mojo Chicken Sandwich with fries and Mojito drink, Alfredo pasta.Everything was just amazing with great taste.Food taste was uncommon, we didnt had such food till now. Quality and quantity of food is good enough.Service is prompt and staff is friendly. Hygiene is maintained specially in the kitchen. Cost is also reasonable.

Review №10

Food is great. Ambience is pleasant. Service is good! Must visit!

Review №11

Bored eating Italian, mexican, indian . Wanna try something new that try out this cafe Cubanos. This cafe serve Cuban food ,which is very delicious. It has a beautiful ambience .We had tried Meal no 3 . Which consists of fries , sandwich and mojito. And this combo is enough to satisfy your hunger. The sandwich was delicious 🤤 stuffed with chicken and their sauses. Also the fries were good , Strawberry jalapeno mojito was include in the meal and I just loved it .We had tried Pesto pasta , It was soo yummy .They serve quality with quantity which is good. The chicken quantity In pesto pasta vr good.Also me tried Tiramisu shake which was tasty .The service provided was really good and the owner is too much friendly.Must try this outlet . You will definitely find something new .

Review №12

Amazing sandwiches. Loved the taste.

Review №13

This place is located in Kalyan. Talking about this place, this place is amazing. Ambience is nice with plenty of lights. It is a spacious restaurant occupying upto 15-20 people at a time.❄️What we had-♨️ Cuban sandwich (5/5)♨️ Cookie crumble shake (5/5) (Highly Highly recommended)♨️ strawberry Jalepeno mojito (5/5)♨️ Chicken arabita pasta (5/5)My overall experience with this place was superb. Food quality and quantity was good enough for 2-3 people. I loved the cuban sandwich a lot. It was so awesome in taste something unique. A definite try.🖌 Fooditude_bombay rates 5/5 to this place and definitely recommends this place to chill your evenings with friends and family.

Review №14

Pocket friendly, tasty food, expert chefs, good service. Over all very nice place to sit, have a chit chat, to read, good ambience !!

Review №15

Totally in love with their food🥺I tried out their classic chicken mojo sandwich which is one of their best selling dish🤩 definitely worth a try ❤️I also tried out their chicken grill sandwich perfectly presented and so yummFor drinks I went with their kitkat freakshake which was good to accompany with❤️Also they are really well known with their coffee🤩Totally in love with the place

Review №16

My fav place for pasta . provides very delicious food. i love it. chill place for hangout.

Review №17

Amazing food and a must try place for all foodies who love to explore different varieties ❤️ Pocket and budget friendly food with great taste.

Review №18

Very tasty and innovative...atleast try once.

Review №19

Must Try: Mojo Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Rice Bowl, Harissa Grilled Chicken.The owners being students of ihm and having worked in top 5* restaurants have absolutely nailed the Cuban theme. You are basically having a meal from 5* restaurant at flithy cheap price!! The chicken in mojo sandwich is slow cooked and you can taste the smokey flavour in every bite. The rice bowl is full of flavour, this might be the only place in thane where you get truly authentic rice bowl! The spices, sauces, etc are crafted in house. A lot of efforts have been put in to deliver truly authentic Cuban and mexican cuisine. Im glad this place survived the pandemic ❤️Hospitality: 5/5Ambience: 4/5Food: 💯

Review №20

Place is good, little hike for the upper floor, service is good so does the atmosphere coz no disturbanceabout the food,first of all, fries were good, I like the fries being soft and not crunchy, those were not over fried and all the fries were perfectly fried,mojito was moderate as I was missing that extra flavour of mint leaves, it seems as normal lime water, who went to foreign and came as a mojito😁coming to the sandwich, Bombay masala, I seriously dont know why its named that way, but I wasnt impressed from that, I appreciate slices of veggies of how a conventional sandwich is (with potatoes, tomatoes, onions and all that) and not just with only capsicum and lettuce, mixed with mayonnaise (not referring to any)

Review №21

I tried Cuban fried chicken sandwich which was really delicious. And grilled chicken tikka on good note .

Review №22

Coke could have less ice in it, space could have been larger and the ambience could have been somewhat more better. Plus points would be one who served the meal was polite, true customer service at the place and the meal was tasty.

Review №23

The wings & Pasta were incredibly delicious.. Quick service & a peaceful ambience.

Review №24

Nice place for cuban food

Review №25

Excellent food , great ambience and good staff. Totally loved this place

Review №26

Good coffee, polite staff & good service

Review №27

Great foood aand amazing place to chill

Review №28

Awesome food.Ambience is good.

Review №29

This cozy restaurant has left the best impressions! Exciting food with high quality presentation, service and inventiveness. Legitimately one of the best restaurant around here.

Review №30

Cute setup with lovely menu. We had Chicken Mojo Sandwich with Fries and Virgin Mojito.Sandwich was good in taste but i felt portion could have been little more, otherwise it was perfect.

Review №31

Quality of product wasnt good compare to price.Ambiance was worst.

Review №32

The best cafe in kalyan so far, Exciting Grilled Cuban Style Sandwiches and Cold Coffee

Review №33

This place surprised us with a new & good taste.A place in Kalyan which serves amazing Cuban food. Sometimes its good to try out something new.The service provided was really good. The owner was so co-operative & helpful. He served us amazing food & we enjoyed it.Ambience here is nice, sober & has outdoor seating too.Now talking about the food we had-• NV Meal 3 - It had 1 Chicken sandwich, Fries, & mojito. The chicken sandwich was delicious & perfectly stuffed in good amount. The mojito we had was Strawberry Jalapeno Mojito. This was something new to taste & we loved it !!!• Tiramisu Shake - I loveeed this shake. Nice thick shake.• Pesto Pasta - We loveeeeed the pasta. The Pesto sauce was sooo good. Perfect taste, amazingly cooked.The quantity is totally worth the price. We enjoyed our time here.

Review №34

Really great food , along with cold beverages and affordable pricesReally a mood lifterCheers to cubanos

Review №35

A must visit place ... q short hangout and parties can be done ... food is truly awsome with lots of varieties...And also the service is good ... do visit this place ✌

Review №36

The best garlic bread and my favourite classic mojo chicken!!

Review №37

Awesome food 😋

Review №38

Cubanos is a comfy cafe in Kalyan. The interior of the cafe is attractive yet simple. The cafe has a homely aura to it.................We ordered Bombay masala meal and Chicken cuban Sandwich and mojito................The sandwiches taste divine, Pure Cuban feel. The sandwiches are accompanied with potato wedges, we all enjoyed the combo as it goes in tango. The bread was soft and the ingredients used were of fresh quality and sauces used were appropriate. The drinks were equally tasty....................The place maintains proper hygiene and the staff is helpful.................Highly recommended!Do visit!

Review №39

A newly formed venture by two youngsters who are very passionate and eager to explore cuban dishes to the unreached foodies. It is located in prime location of kalyan. What I had -MOJITO1. Black Current Mojito -In each sip the taste of black current was strong. Fresh mint leaves immersed in the fresh juice giving delightful flavour.2. Watermelon Mojito -It contains watermelon juice with fresh mint leaves and lime.PASTA1. Arabiatta -We ordered Rigatoni pasta filled with veggies like corn, capsicum, black olives with tangy sauces and topped with cheese. The dish was served hot and was mouth watering.MEAL -1. Cuban Sandwich -French fries were served with different spices and cuban sandwich was totally new taste rightly toasted on either side and it was filled with panner and veggies.Shakes -1. Cookie Crumble -At the last for desert we ordered cookie crumble. It was filled with choco syrup and was topped with crumble cookies.

Review №40

As the name itself suggests that it is well known for cuban food. Its a small place but really well structured and managed by the very friendly staff. The ambiance was really good and i just love it. It combines with music , indoor and outdoor seating arrangement. What I had -Coolers- Black Current Mojito, Watermelon MojitoMeal - Cuban Sandwich (special dish)Pasta - ArabiattaShakes - Cookie CrumbleHighly recommended for the authentic cuban dishes.

Review №41

I love the Chicken Tikka Sandwich with Nutella Almond Shake, surely give it a Try.

Review №42

The Coffee is amazing

Review №43

Very nice cafe with a pleasing ambience with good food!!

Review №44

Good food

Review №45

Its pretty good

Review №46

Very few options in the menu. Need to upgrade their menu.

Review №47

Amazing food,cozy ambiance,brilliant service,would definitely reccomend

Review №48

Excellent hospitality, great food and super affordable prices. the best part of cubanos r the hosts, they r very warm and friendly...A must visit.

Review №49

Amazing unique cuisine and beautiful decor at a very cheap price... Cudos to the Promoters Atharva & Rohit who have done an awesome job. Will go there soon. Try the Cuban sandwich.!

Review №50

Please do try garlic bread and Virgin Mojito

Review №51

Excellent Service!The atmosphere and over all experience was really very good!❤

Review №52

Nice food but Congested

Review №53

Satisfying food n taste, truly like it

Review №54

Very good taste and pleasant atmosphere.Nice interior decoration.

Review №55

Tasty food

Review №56

Amazing cafe, good service, cheerful ambience, yummy food as instructed and expected, love this place♥️

Review №57

One of the best cuban sandwich ever had...a must try!!!

Review №58

Good food, good ambience.

Review №59

Love the Sandwich ❤️

Review №60

Beautiful decor and scrumptious Crispy Chicken Cubanos! 😋

Review №61

Good Food,Good Taste.

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4.8 Rating
  • Address:Shop No. 2, Vrindhavan paradise, Vasant Valley Rd, opposite Mumbai University, Kalyan West, Kalyan, Maharashtra 421301, India
  • Phone:+91 77678 94088
  • Cafe
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–11PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–11PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–11PM
  • Thursday:10AM–11PM
  • Friday:10AM–11PM
  • Saturday:10AM–11PM
  • Sunday:10AM–11PM
Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Google Pay:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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