All India Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS), Jodhpur
basni Industrial Area, MIA 2nd Phase, Basni, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342005, India
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Good staff. neat and clean hospital. I went for my covid test which requires before traveling but they cud not tell exactly that when the results will send.overall good hospital in Jodhpur.

Review №2

Before joining this college i had only heard about this college and seen some parts of this in vedios , but after becoming a regular student here i could see all facilities and Infrastructure . Here infrastructure is marvellous with all required facilities varying according to the departments , while in some areas construction is going on like new hostels are being constructed and few things may be added in sports facilities like swimming pool etc . Apart from sports; the institute is very good and strict regarding studies . The best part which i liked is that they are maintaining and coordinating such a huge college nicely making aiimsjdh one of the best medical college in India . Feeling proud to be at #aiimsjdh .

Review №3

Vaccination centre AIIMS , successful vaccinated with both doses , good staff with kind behavior #covaxin #covishield #aiims

Review №4

Very nit and clean .Dont know about professional competence of medical staff,as I am not qualified to pass judgement on it .

Review №5

A world class medical care is available with the teams of best Doctors and supporting staff.All front areas and inner areas are best cean and designed in best spacious way.People vising with patients are do spread shameful waste of polythins which must me controlled strictly.Else top of Indias Institution with best treatment and care.A big thanks to the governmemt.

Review №6

Tertiary care center and best research institution of western Rajasthan...All medical facilities available at Aiims jodhpur..even kidney transplant and robotics surgery..

Review №7

Best medical facilities, best infrastructure, lots of greenery, good canteen, very neat and clean, online system for OPD.

Review №8

It is a gift to suncity and surrounding areas.Infra and facilities are great so are the doctors. Just that sometimes it can be seen that some of NURSING STAFF OFFICERS are not that interested in the work they are assigned and some do their duty going above and beyond the standards!! Rest everything is great!

Review №9

Service is too good but speed is very slow .

Review №10

This AIIMS has excellent service & facilities in Jodhpur and may be in Rajasthan. The treatment here is also very good. Once I too got treated.

Review №11

I like it this palace and respect all hospital staff and doctors. Best system and very fast treatment. Facilities are equal private hospital.

Review №12

No parking place ,your car created a burden for out siders

Review №13

A one facility..All staff are very talented.

Review №14

Awesome facility and doctors

Review №15

Aiims jodhpur hospital service was very slow service private hospital is better than aiims

Review №16

Good sarvice and all staff is veary vall my mother titmant my mom is good im so happy doctor and staff veary beast sarvice my modher name geeta deavi 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳💯good

Review №17

It can be said that aiims is one of the best government facility to happen to jodhpur.Everything here is of top notch quality and service.From online reports and appointments to cleaning.

Review №18

Behavior of doctors is very nice. Emergency section staff quite active and helpful for people. Ambulance always ready for emergency. Location of hospital can be easy find out. Building construction is excellent and well maintained by staff.

Review №19

Yah AIIMC is very good and all staf and Docter are very good also there are good for all peation overall excelent.If you wanted to admet in then you have to registerd fast so you easlly admet .

Review №20

Best place to make you safe out of robbers and feel to have in good hands for care.They always care truely.

Review №21

Very well managed hospital and dedicated staff. All Expert services under one roof.

Review №22

Very slow process of Chekup , No senior Doctor , 2-3 Hours treatment process, I am very disapoint This hospital .😡 end ruselt deth 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Review №23

I think medical clg campus and you will also think same after a tour

Review №24

Facilities staff behaviour all good 👌👌

Review №25

Hospital with effecient staff and a place for training and research better then private hospital and cheaper good for tertiary care.

Review №26

Is it holiday in AIIMS hospital (Jodhpur) on 20/08/2021 (Muharram)???

Review №27

This hospital focuses on making the patient’s experience as seamless as possible, right from appointment booking to discharge. It is crucial to provide patients with all the necessary information that will help them make their decision faster.One of the most significant factor that distinguish this top-notch hospital from an average one is its ability to integrate the latest technology.

Review №28

Very helpful for citizens who dont want to spend much money in private hospitals

Review №29

Very good infrastructure and best staff for treatment with good facility. Hospital is With fully good facilities and treatment.

Review №30

A part of All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) India.Paperless reports are sent direct to docters. All staff is polite and humble.

Review №31

Good services at Jodhpur Aiims. Thanks.

Review №32

Well find entering lobby and other is clean but washrooms are pretty broken and so unhygienic . Apart lot of space for parking outside the main gate but there is no proper management and roads in front of it is under construction from long time.

Review №33

One of the best hospital in indiaFriendly behaviour

Review №34

Best hospital in jodhpur. Having almost all specialized OPD

Review №35

Biggest government hospital of Rajasthan. Very good facilities are there

Review №36

Bad behavior of staff, no wheel chairs in radiation department, the security staff doesnt behave rationally, they think the AIIMS is their own entity, very long process of testing, delayed reports. In the end, Jodhpur AIIMS is very hopeless regarding any kinda treatment.

Review №37

It took 2nd best position in all over India in AIIMS ...... It is situated at Jodhpur near to transport nagar .

Review №38

Great Infrastructure and facilities. All specialities world class medical services.

Review №39

Best Medical Institution of India.Quality and technology of treatment are best.Best Medical officers and doctors.Nursing staff is also gentle.Cleaning and hygiene are good in the hospital.All the appointments are online so no need to stand in waiting line and you can choose the morning or afternoon timing.In the situation of Covid19 the doctors are writing prescription on telephone also.Laboratory and machines are high-tech, most of them are German technology based for the better treatment of the patients.

Review №40

Good facality and comfortable dr. And nurses

Review №41

The best hospital in #Rajasthan. Good and supporting staff and best atmosphere.Aiims Jodhpur is only single Aiims medical hospital and Aiims medical college in rajasthan.100 seats available for MBBS in Aiims medical college Jodhpur.Its provide us better services and cool environment.There many physicians and surgeon are available at time. Totally it is best hospital.

Review №42

Best medical facilities in RajasthanGood doctors and very advance technology in hospital.

Review №43

Very good place and well maintained staff

Review №44

World level health infrastructure, facilities, experience Doctors team....+ +cleanness and maintenaning corona guidelines...

Review №45

Quickest response from all the staff and appreciation to all the doctors who taking care of patients.

Review №46

The best medical facility ij whole india

Review №47

One of the best AIIMS of the nation. Campus is also good.

Review №48

Amazing service, their efforts enhence my enjoyment during whole and complete combination of safety, comfort and advanture.

Review №49

Very slow process of Chekup , No senior Doctor , 2-3 Hours treatment process, I am very disapoint This hospital .😡

Review №50

Good but staff not satisfied

Review №51

Everything has a system in Aiims. Do not consider it as state level government hospitals.

Review №52

Fantastic and memorable experience. Great staff and service.

Review №53

AIIMS JodhpurAIIMS Jodhpur is one of the SIX NEW AIIMS established by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India under the Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojna (PMSSY) with the aim of correcting regional imbalances in quality tertiary level healthcare in the country and attaining self sufficiency in graduate and postgraduate medical education. PMSSY planned to set up 6 new AIIMS like institutions in under served areas of the country.These institutions are being established by an Act of Parliament on the lines of the original All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi which imparts both undergraduate and postgraduate medical education in all its branches and related fields, along with nursing and paramedical training to bring together in one place educational facilities of the highest order for the training of personnel in all branches of health care activity.

Review №54

Good facilities and good jobs doctor

Review №55

Very very long que, due to mismanagement on the part of OPD management. Infrastructure is good but lack of proper utilisation and inefficient employees at the counter leads to crowding. The digital infra is still not being used properly. On an avg., It takes around 2hrs to get your registration done and u have to stand in the same line for booking appointments as well , becoz there is no online appointments.

Review №56

I had very bad experience with it tgey didnt let me entered the hospital and said show Dr.s appointment firstEven the watchman talk so rubbish.

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Review №58

Loving & supporting care of patients 💝 💝

Review №59

Very impressive, kind, fully cooperative and supportive.Thanks for all your services.

Review №60

Brilliant,proper sanitization, great behaviour of staff and doctors

Review №61

Luxury hospital in low cost.... Best Treatment in ever country

Review №62

Best facilities of all medicine and staff

Review №63

Well if u are looking for better and cheap medical solutionsGo for itBut most of dr. Are under learning process so choice is yours

Review №64

Hospital security guards are very rude when taking, they should know how to politely talk to patients

Review №65

All india best medical hospital ❤️❤️❤️📝

Review №66

Indias Best Hospital,All staff & Doctors are so Great person

Review №67

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Jodhpur (AIIMS Jodhpur; IAST: Akhil Bharatiya Aayurvigyan Sansthan Jodhpur) is a medical college and medical research public university based in Jodhpur, India. It is Institute of National Importance. Like five other All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), it was established in 2012 and operates autonomously under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.The All-India Institute of Medical Sciences (Amendment) Bill, 2012, was introduced in the Lok Sabha on 27 August 2012. This bill replaced an Ordinance which allowed the six AIIMS institutes to become operational from September 2012.[3] Lok Sabha passed the AIIMS (Amendment) Bill, 2012 on 30 August 2012.[4] Prior to that, the six new AIIMS were registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act and the Bill allowed them to become autonomous bodies corporated on the lines of the existing AIIMS Delhi in Delhi. AIIMS (Amendment) Bill, 2012 was introduced in Rajya Sabha on 3 September 2012.[5][6] Rajya Sabha passed the AIIMS (Amendment) Bill, 2012 on 4 September 2012,[7] and the six AIIMS started operating in September 2012.AIIMS Jodhpur is situated at outskirts of city of Industrial Area Basni, Jodhpur. On 31 January 2004, then Finance Minister Jaswant Singh had laid the foundation stone of AIIMS Jodhpur. Sushma Swaraj, then Health Minister, and Rajnath Singh, then Agriculture Minister, were also present on the occasion.

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Best medical institute and hospital in jodhpur

Review №69

Very good arrangements for vaccination. A big thanks to the all team members.

Review №70

Good fecility & dr very very good sport

Review №71

The entire hospital Staff is good behavior,World-class facilities are provided here. Here all basic amenities are available for patient care.🍣🍣

Review №72

Aiims hospital is very best medicine and surjary

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Review №74

How could I forget to write review of my first place of working,being myself a well trained doctor now I still remember those ameature days when I was still beginning to learn the skills of being a good doctor.I had joined AIIMS as a junior doctor in 2008 working on the first day I still remember how me along with my staff pulled out a patients life out of death trap.The kind of care and professionalism among the staff the punctual timings between the doctors and the case review meetings with the HODs was really a big learning curve for me.Although I use to work in emergency which was the most hectic and critical dept of the complete hospital it always use to be full with patients.This hospital not only caters to the 1 crore plus population of delhi but it also handles patients from NCR region.That makes it close to 2 crore.Hence,problem of over load of patients,It has more than 25 depts and daily cater to 10000 plus OPD patients.Oue team of doctors were the best ,all of them were selected after an interview and no foul play or any kind of bribe went through.We as a team use to work and co-ordinate between the various dept of the hospitals.Many research programmes were also in various stages of completion,drug trials too were there.There is no doubt that as a workplace it still holds great respect in my heart and I am honoured to work in such fantastic facility.We had all kinds of latest medical equipments and all medicines of US FDA approved suppliers.In terms of quality of health care it still ranks no 1 .Apart from that I also attended the live video conferencing meet of surgeons from around the world.Liver surgery was shown live from France(Paris) to the doctors of AIIMS.I would suggest this hospital to every Indian who still thinks that India lags behind in healthcare.Thanks

Review №75

This is with regard to our experience regarding the RTPCR tests with AIIMS Jodhpur. It’s been six days now and we have not received any results yet.Not sure, if this is becoming the norm now at AIIMS Jodhpur due to the increased cases. No communication either !

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If we compare this hospital to others we find that the staff and doctors are very polite and they inspect us very well. The cleanliness and hygiene is proper and they have all the facilites. Some people say that the procedure of aiims is very slow this is true and we need patience as they check each and every aspect of our problem. If you are in an emergency condition then you will be treated separately in emergency.

Review №77

A Super Established with Super infrastructure, Super Services Autonomous Institute in West India.

Review №78

Indias Number 1 Hopital Chain. Running By Govt Of India.Every High Class Treatment and every Facilities available Here.Doctors Are Very High Quality and Well Qualified.Buildings Infrastructure Is also Very Good

Review №79

Nice Medical college neat and clean.

Review №80

Clean building... Staff is supportive

Review №81

Excellent services provided by AIIMS Jodhpur. Staff is really helpful.Fully satisfied

Review №82

Computer laptops printer 🖨️ repairing service

Review №83

Good facilities & staff behavior is excellent.

Review №84

Great palace

Review №85

Very nice & perfect place for patients. Very clean and ultimate area.

Review №86

This hospital is one of the best in Jodhpur I like this place hospital staff is very helpful and cleaning is very good on this place

Review №87

Centralized acGreat managementGreenery and clean campus

Review №88

Mast mast masttt Govt. hospital in Jodhpur 😍😍

Review №89

Well cleaning & medical staff language soo goodThanks

Review №90

Not bad but not like aiims

Review №91

Good facilities but the canteen area is not too good.

Review №92

Good their are. I admitted in aiims i see

Review №93

Its very good place for treatment

Review №94

Great hospital but since its government owned management doesnt care much.

Review №95

It is a very big hospital for various treatments for different ailments for patients.

Review №96

I was going to die by other doctors treatment..but here I got a new life .. I thanks to AIIMS team...

Review №97

Today I face. difficulty get outdoor prescription slip due to non entry given by gurds at out hall also EmtitraNo copratig & guigance.

Review №98

Covid 19 vaccination and check up facility available in AIIMS Jodhpur and a good place and pocket friendly place for patients in jodhpur.

Review №99

All India Institute of medical sciences jodhpur is only one rajasthan. This hospital is very big ,there all types of best doctors of every disease with specialized treatment for children, adults,old.This hospital is one the best hospital India 🇮🇳. This hospital is very very neat and cleaned 👌 every time as well as there garden, toilet 🚻 is very hygienic and cleaned with proper equipment. There staff is very informative, good well behaved with every one .there doctors is also very good they treat like friendly by this patient is happy and they feel good, positive and happy.

Review №100

Have a nice facilities hospital aiims

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