Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park
Mehrangarh, Fort Rd, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342001, India
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Khali time paas hai 100₹ waste for this ppace delhi have better options to roam in jungle.

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This is the place that will gonna leave no stones unturned to surprise you and nurture you with natures goodness. I highly recommend visiting this place in early mornings or evenings. Its entry ticket is just of Rs. 100 per head generally and Rs.200 extra for local guide but you wont need a guide necessarily as they will provide you a detailed map for tracking, except for the fact that you are considerable rich that it wont bother you much. It does have 4 trails, green, yellow, blue and red. You can choose between three (Red, Green and Yellow) without any charges and for Blue trail you will have to pay extra 200 rupees.

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Loved the Natural place full of local Vegetations. If you love tracking its an ideal place for you.

Review №4

Loved this place. If you love tracking then must visit it.

Review №5

Also known as mehrangarh palace .. take 2-3 hours to explore but its worth... One the most maintained fort of rajasthan.. please try to take audio guidance with ticket that is very needful. This place have phool mahal and sheesh mahal.. and many old time things like coins and arms.. try to visit in cold time as in summer you can roast like bacon 😀

Review №6

If you love nature it’s a wonderful spot full of trails well indicated, just under the fort.

Review №7

Rao jodha desert rockVery famous attraction

Review №8

Best palace for trekking in jodhpur. Free for school students.

Review №9

Very nice place to go for trekking and not that hats of trekking but enjoyment is allowed there all always

Review №10

It really good for morning tracking lovers

Review №11

Amazing place. Very peaceful

Review №12

This is a hidden gem right in the heart of the city. One of the most underrated and less talked about places to visit.It is a nature park where you have multiple trails to choose from based on your interest and disposable time. The entry fee is INR 100/- per person and you can take a nauralist with you or do an audio tour.It offers spectacular views of the fort and the blue city tops and one can take the trip during twilight to experience the trail to the maximum.Highly recommended for anyone who loves nature , hiking and quietness!

Review №13

This was a delight to visit. I only had an hour available so could not explore more than the yellow and green clearly marked trails. In addition to the abundant vegetation and wildlife there is an interesting display of the rocks on which Rajasthan is founded. Another plus of visiting this park is that it allows a good view of the northern face of the Mehrangarh fort and a closer look at the citys exterior wall. Well worth a visit.

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Beautiful place for study flora and fauna of thar desert. There are 4 trails. We only visited popular yellow trail. We enjoy beautiful views of Mehranbgh fort, city wall, etc. Some collection of differeny types of rock also diplayed at the entrance.

Review №15

One of the best part in jodhpur, I recommend this park more than anything.1. Just close to mehrangarh fort so in same day you can visit this park.2. Get the free Android app to listen the tech history about this park. Though I couldnt get the app being an iPhone user so once I returned from jodhpur downloaded and listen the history, dont miss it otherwise you cant corelate.3. The fantastic story to setup the rock garden by Rao Jodha.4. Wonderful collection of stones5. A different view of mehrangarh fort.6. Option to avail zip line from.this garden to fort.

Review №16

Great experience of trekking and exploring the part with the help of paper maps.

Review №17

One of the most underrated places in Jodhpur. Situated just behind the Mehrangarh fort, this place is a heaven for people who like clicking pics in natural light.

Review №18

Its a very good place to visit...It developed naturally over rocks...Different different areas are there like pond, cave, hill, valley....It may looks like horror at some places,,There is collection of different different type of rock stones...Ticket rate:- 100/personRope way is also there which you can try for adventure activities....Maintenance is little poor ......Fort view is very good from here...

Review №19

It was a pleasure to see this park in Jodhpur right behind the iconic Mehrangarh Fort. Lovely place for a good weather. You can take pictures here and spend time with friends and family. Its perfect place for people who have love for nature. You may find many variety of birds and plants here.Recommended to visit in the morning and with an umbrella and keep at least two hours to see angles of the fort like never before.

Review №20

This desert park shows the glimpse of Thar desert. Most suitable time to visit is in the month of October. It is under development but overall it is a beautiful places to experience the natureview of Rajasthan. If coming to visit in off-season then always prefer morning or Evening, instead of afternoon.

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Its suitable tracking place for a good weather. You can take pictures here and spend time with friends and family. Its perfect place for people who have love for nature. You may find many variety of insects, birds, plants and reptiles here.

Review №22

A good place to visit with family. Offers a great view of Mehrangarh fort and Padamsar lake. Though there was one thing which I didnt like. I visited the place with my cousin brother and initially, we were not allowed to buy the tickets since the guard thought we were an unmarried couple. We were asked to show an address proof and if the address came out to be same then only wed be allowed to go inside said the guard. Luckily we were a joint family some years ago and my brother had the same address as me on one of his id cards. Thats how we got permission to go inside. The authorities prohibit unmarried couples/pairs to go inside to avoid any controversies/complications.

Review №23

Wonderful nature park near Mehrangarh Fort (further from Jaswant Thada). The rock formations are seen to be believed. Visit with guide Mr Rathore for better appreciation.

Review №24

Absolutely loved it! Obviously its a conservation park, so if thats no your thing then it probably isnt for you. Loads of wildlife, great views of the fort. Very clean, almost no rubbish (except for garrotting myself on a discarded kite string). Definitely worth a visit.

Review №25

Its a good place for time pass but dont go there in summer season.. and I didnt see any animal that mentioned there except one ... I think its good place for couple to spend time with each other but be careful from reptiles 🤪..

Review №26

Rao Jodha Desert Park located near Jaswant Thada Manument Jodhpur Rajasthan India. Park is very beautiful and amazing well maintained.

Review №27

I loved the park. It may be the wannabe explorer in me but I enjoyed the hike. It wasnt easy either. I took the yellow route and got a bit confused, but on the whole there are markers in place which should help you stay on route.There is a path off the yellow route which is marked on the map which leads you to a great view of the fort.I started my trek at around 4.30pm which was lucky as I finished around 6 and was able to capture the sunset as I walked leisurely.I even went a bit off route to try and get a better vantage points.I did the hike in flip flops but I would definitely recommend wearing shoes!

Review №28

Go to the park in the morning at 7. It opens at 7. You will have a great trekking experience. The rock garden has emerged after a volcanic eruption millions of years ago. The flora and fauna are wonderful for sight seeing. There are lakes in between. Take your sports shoes and get going.

Review №29

Not bad, but nothing extra to explore and the lake is mostly dry

Review №30

Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park was created in 2006 to tryand restore the natural ecology of a large, rocky wastelandnext to Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur.It offer a good walk around , divided in easy and terrain zones.Offers secenic view to click pics and spend great time together.Carry water bottle

Review №31

Awesome... 🙃 Amazing for photography... Plz if you want some sexy pictures, then you have go there with your friends or family for photos... 🙃❣️

Review №32

A cool place to visit. This is a tracking route in middle of city.. a vary peaceful and calmly place.

Review №33

Beautiful view of fort. I highly recommend visiting this place in early mornings or evenings.I highly recommend visiting this place in early mornings or evenings.It offers spectacular views of the fort and the blue city tops and one can take the trip during twilight to experience the trail to the maximum.Very quite and piece full please.

Review №34

Beautiful desert flora preserved in the heart of the city. Special thanks to Denzel Britto for educating us about the plants, history and geology.

Review №35

Very nice hiking or trekking, takes at least 30 minutes, need 1 or 2 hours to really see most of the park. Good for people who like a little but not too much hiking or trekking.Mostly natural environment with direction signs. Some trails are rocky so wearing good shoes needed. Ticket is 100 Rs, good value, comes with a map and information.Front ticket office sells bottled water 20 Rs, good idea to carry water on trail during hot weather.Some wild birds can be seen. Spectacular view of Mehrangarth Fort. A nice little lake with pretty ducks, making a scenic picture together with the fort. If you like the fort looking out from inside, then the view from the park completes the whole picture.Well worth coming here for an uncommercialized experience.Many natural rock samples display at park entrance, interesting, should take a look.

Review №36

It was superbPeople can go there with there friends and have great fun

Review №37

Its a must visit place for every person visiting Jodhpur. Dr. Pradip Krishen has carefully curated the floral diversity of the Thar desert.

Review №38

This place is too ok. I dont think everyone will like it until and unless he is a biologist/naturalist/zoologist or anyone who loves to study about new plants. Before going to this place, everyone should download app which will have audio guide. Without audio guide, you wont find this place interesting

Review №39

Wooow wonderful place connected with bluecity😍🤩

Review №40

Roa jodha desert rock park is situated underneath of mehrangarh fort or jodhpur. Transportation are available easily to reach this place. They charge certain amount for entry fee and rebates given to student who carry school or college id. Place offer you good adventure and takes you close to ecology. Over all my experience was Good and i enjoyed here but they have hiked the prices for the visit

Review №41

You will be entering in The one and Only Forest in Desert in India......yess....this was a blessing in disguise to us. Hidden in the shadows of Mehrangarh fort, Jaswant Thada , Umaid Bhawan this little heaven is easy to be missed.But folks find what they here we are...There is an entry ticket...not very expensive.There is a botany workshop here going on , which we are not going to attend.After buying ticket they will give you a map and your adventure starts .There are trails of lower to difficulty level and guys/galz you will love it. Follow the trails and find beauty of nature , solace, peace , solidarity all here within here.My advice take out a big piece of your time to enjoy here. Were good quality sports show as its a trekking place with all levels of difficulty as mentioned earlier.Dont afraid they will give you mobile no. so that you can contact them anywhere if you are stuck ...& voila...there will be connectivity everywhere here.So ask questions if you need.... Enjoyसही मायनों में जंगल में मंगल।।

Review №42

A nice place to explore just right behind the Mehrangarh fort. You can see the full wall of the fort. Little bit confusing though, still a good experience. If you are interested in good scenic beauty and tree and rock then definitely go there.

Review №43

This place is nothing special but the cost is 150 rs per person and I think it is a little bit costly because isme dekhne laayak jaada Kuch hai hi nhi but naam se famous hai bus

Review №44

Absolute wonder for history and geography lovers.. a treck down the history of stones millions of years ago.. and local desert plants .

Review №45

Good collection of desert plantsThis lovely rock garden, which houses variety of desert plants, shrubs, trees and also we saw a large variety of rocks put up on display.

Review №46

Im in loveeee. Cant believe I havent explored this place till now😍

Review №47

Some years I had opportunity to visit a very unusual park - the Rao Jodha Desert Park. This created space is en route the famous Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur and which can be viewed from a distance at the park.The Park is a marvel of restoration and adaptation. A gate to Jodhpur that was decrepit was restored and made part of the park. The park now has a visitors centre, interpretation gallery, a plant nursery to grow native vegetation, a small cafe and a store.The ticket stubs are colourful souvenirs and can be reused as bookmarks. Trained naturalist guides are available at a chagr and are very helpful to know the place better.A rocky patch with vegetation the park has four trails. Visitors can take any or all of them. One gets to see native desert herbs, shrubs and trees. Depending on season lowering can be seen too. The park is home to numerous birds too and some animals.Do make the park part of your itinerary at Jodhpur. It is very unique and plants you see here cant be seen in many other places. It is a also a good walk with undulations.

Review №48

Nice one time go. It just only have rocks & plants. If you interested in plants go there.

Review №49

Great trekking

Review №50

Not that great place

Review №51

If this place stop charging a extravagant amount of money for entry, it would be a great place to get some nice views of Mehrangarh fort and sunset. There are plenty of biodiversity in the park and you can see a lot of native plant life here.There are two ponds, Ranisar and Padmasar, sometimes getting their can be a bit hard but still it is worth a try.

Review №52

It was awesome place, full of woods and hills over there and a big water body and the fort we have seen from there. We enjoyed alot in rao jodha, but there is one worst thing is that we are not allowed there with our partner (couple are not allowed there).

Review №53

Beautiful place for those who loves tracking.

Review №54

Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park, spreads over 72 hectares, near the historic Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. The park contains ecologically restored desert and arid land vegetation.[1][2] The park was created in 2006 to try and restore the natural ecology of a large, rocky area adjoining and below the fort. It was opened to the public in February 2011. The area in and around the park contains distinctive volcanic rock and sandstone formations. The park includes a Visitors Centre with Interpretation Gallery, a native plant nursery, small shop and cafe. There are four trails (yellow, green, red, and blue trails), about 880 m to 1115 m long, that visitors can take and trained guides and naturalists are also available.TypeNatural AreaLocationJodhpur , RajasthanNearest cityJodhpurCoordinates26.304611 ° N 73.016853 ° EArea70 hectaresCreated2006Operated byMehrangarh Museum TrustVisitors+919571271000Open7:00am-6:30pm (in summer), 8:00am-5:30pm (in winter

Review №55

As an avid birder, having this place right between the two main cultural attractions was fantastic. Did a brief one hour walk with a guide and saw a few key desert species. Great knowledge of geography and plants as well.

Review №56

For Morning walk and Evening walk it was Really Good This is Silent place #Here when you want to go. go there sit and Take a view of Nature and listen Sweet Voice of The Birds and Know about the Stone, Soil and Trees

Review №57

Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park is a beautiful space that was created to reinstate the natural ecology rocky wasteland close to the majestic Mehrangarh Fort. The entire belt was suffering from an insidious thorny shrub called baavlia (Prosopis juliflora) or the ‘the mad one’, which travelled from Central America long-long back. Getting rid of this plant was highly difficult but somehow the government succeeded in the task. The park is now a visitor’s prime attraction and also features a little café. One can see a wide variety of desert plants in this park now instead of baavlia! Another interesting spot if “offbeat Jodhpur” is what you are looking for.

Review №58

Its a tracking @rocking place. We loved it

Review №59

Feel good to visit . It feel like trek ,the entry ticket is 100/-each .awsome locations 😍

Review №60

Rao jodha desert park is close to mehrangrah fort which we walked, very friendly staff that gave us tea and water.The ticket entrance is 100 ra and there are some paths that you can take. One map is given to you with the paths showed. Try not to cross outside the paths. Some paths are good for sunset and some for sunrise.We took the green path, there was a lake there with the view of fort. Very peaceful.We stayed in park for 3 hours.

Review №61

If not a geo person, please avoid.. u wudnt understand a thing becaus you would have no knowledge of the tree, plant or for that matter rock.Its a sheer waste of time for travellers on a tight schedule. And otherwise also.Desert park was the biggest disappointment of our trip. We invested an HR plus because thats the minimum you would need to cover a trail.

Review №62

The tour was adventurous. You will feel like going through a jungle trail.

Review №63

Its just a great place, not only for trekking lovers but also for science & botany lovers, this is something very calm & seren place ,far from the crowd & rush of the people you can feel the nature. It placed on foothill of mehrangarh fort. 100 rs entry fee. kids are free to visit.

Review №64

Amazing place to explore like a mini hike..Was really surprised to see the beautiful views. Lots of spots for photo lovers. Do wear comfortable walking shoes & carry water

Review №65

This park is best in overall Jodhpur. Very beautiful place.

Review №66

Good place to have a close look at vegetation of this arid place. However, one must carry water, umbrellas and sun glasses in case visiting in the first half.

Review №67

Only 100 rs ticket price and raining weather is cool for visit

Review №68

This is very good place on ☁️ day

Review №69

There are multiple trails in the park. We took the yellow trail. Although it was a hot afternoon but since half of the yellow trail is a water stream between the rocks, it didnt feel hot. We saw some reptiles and birds. You also get to see beautiful view of the fort.The only problem we faced was when we reached the end of the trail and found the gates locked. We had to climb the wall to get get out of the park. Overall it was a refreshing experience.

Review №70

Place is too good for adventure activity but without proper guide cant understand

Review №71

Perfect place to explore local flora & fauna, the assortment of rocks is a plus. The trails are well designed & well maintained.Its a great place for a small hike, averages 1 km for any of the trails.Yellow trail is popular for afternoon goers.

Review №72

A beautiful desert park. Situated near the Mehranghar fort . Large area of this park is dominated by a variety of flora. It has 120 species of trees, shrubs, herbs and grasses. This is the home to a important drug vajradanti. Some other tree species are also present in desert condition. some of which include trees like Rohido, Kumatiyo and Hingoto etc. Many species of insects can be found in holes of stony rocks. birds like the Indian Cormorant, the Great Egret, and the Grey Francolin. In rainy season this park look more beautiful with its glory. There is four natural trails of hilly rocks. Which gives amazing view during monsoon. This park is a very interesting place to visit for anyone traveling to Jodhpur.A Walk in this park was a very enjoyable experience for me. It was a sort of advanture.

Review №73

Its good,but not special edition

Review №74

Nice place near by fort spend time with family

Review №75

It is like a jungle safari and the experience was to good and all person have to visit there and if someone wants to experience jungle safari and Fort . So this is very exciting place.. 😍😍😍😍😎😎😎😎

Review №76

They give map n some direction n move its it own way.still little bit confusing but nice place..feel like a Man Vs wild😂

Review №77

Good place to go for trek

Review №78


Review №79

A rockyard park.....beautiful

Review №80

You can enjoy the natural habitat of Rajasthan and learn about the plants and reptiles found in dessert and you can surely enjoy the view of lake and fort . Best place to have a great time with nature.

Review №81

Love with nature

Review №82

200rs per person for walking through rocky pass...and normal bushes. Just like other normal jungles but boasts of scenic beauty and blah blah... totally waste👎

Review №83

This place is not worth visiting for the amount of 100 rs.

Review №84

Its a great place for kids, they will definitely love it at least my kids did. Gives you a short experience of adventure and tracking, takes you close to Mehrangarh Fort and a lake. Lot of rocky terrain to walk.

Review №85

This side has very nice view of the fort during late afternoon and evening while jaswant thada should be visited in the morning (only sith guide possible)

Review №86

Its different and nice place .

Review №87

Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park, spreads over 72 hectares, near the historic Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. The park contains ecologically restored desert and arid land vegetation.[1][2] The park was created in 2006 to try and restore the natural ecology of a large, rocky area adjoining and below the fort. It was opened to the public in February 2011. The area in and around the park contains distinctive volcanic rock and sandstone formations. The park includes a Visitors Centre with Interpretation Gallery, a native plant nursery, small shop and cafe. There are four trails (yellow, green, red, and blue trails), about 880 m to 1115 m long, that visitors can take and trained guides and naturalists are also available.

Review №88

Set a short distance from Mehrangarh Fort, the park is a stunning display of native flora and fauna, as well great experience of trekking and exploring the part...

Review №89

You can choose the trails for a short fun hike. And if you take guidance of a naturalist, you can get brilliant views of the fort. Good to go in the morning or before sunset.

Review №90

Amazing place to chilling out and to spend time with nature.

Review №91

Got lost.....but amazing trip

Review №92

Ideal place for a mini excursion.

Review №93

The city was founded in 1459 by Rao Jodha, a Rajput (one of the warrior rulers of the historical region of Rajputana), and served as the capital of the princely state of Jodhpur. The princely state had been founded about 1212, reached the zenith of its power under the ruler Rao Maldeo (1532–69), and gave allegiance to the Mughals after the invasion of the Mughal emperor Akbar in 1561. The Mughal emperor Aurangzeb invaded and plundered the Marwar region in 1679, ordering the conversion of its inhabitants to Islam.The princely states of Jodhpur, Jaipur, and Udaipur formed an alliance, however, and prevented control by the Muslims. The Jodhpur and Jaipur princes then regained the privilege of marriage with the Udaipur family—which they had forfeited when they allied with the Mughals—on condition that children of Udaipur princesses be first in succession. Quarrels resulting from that stipulation, however, finally led to the establishment of the supremacy of the Marathas, a Hindu warrior caste.

Review №94

Place with touch of real forest ,awesome view of fort , may be more amazing in rainy season

Review №95

World famous place of our Jodhpur Blue City, Made by hijh Holiness Rao Jodha Ji ❤️❤️

Review №96

Its really pieceful place

Review №97

Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park is spread out on the land which is in the backdrop of Mehrangarh Fort.It is an intricately carved out park with paths that lead to places which are and have views that are entirely different to earth other, on one hand there will be a place where you could be standing on the fort wall and on the other, you could be sitting on the rock shores of Padamsar lake.It is a must visit for anyone who has the time and not just foreigners. A lot of wild desert life and sceneries remain untouched and protected in this sanctuary which is very well done.

Review №98

Best place if u want learn about different rocks and if u are not interested in rocks then this place is not for u

Review №99

Incredeble jodhpur

Review №100

The great place for photo graphy

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  • Address:Mehrangarh, Fort Rd, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342001, India
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  • Phone:+91 95712 71000
  • Tourist attraction
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:No
  • Good for kids:Yes
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