Machiya Park Jodhpur
HI Area Phase II, Basni, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342001, India
Machiya Park Jodhpur
Review №1

Its good place to visit. But government should maintain it many animals are in shabby condition

Review №2

Good place to visit in Jodhpur. Zoo is not that much better but setup is good... Large open area in between the range of mountains make you feel like anything. Better if you visit this place in morning hours. Public facilities are good but cafeteria is not open due to COVID. You can see here lions, tigers, leopard and much more.

Review №3

Awesome place to visit.feel nature.dont plan to go there in summer, you will never visit here if you visited summer season.

Review №4

Good place to visit once with family or with your loved one ....nice up down moutain(Rock) stucture path way...., Avoid Summer time as it too hot time in winter or rainy season .

Review №5

Machiya safari biological park area spread long k.m squars.where different type animals are found, Asian lion, tiger panthers tiger , jekal, monkeyes, Himalaya beer fox, cats and different types bird, crocodile,gariyal, gazella gazella black deer,etc.

Review №6

Wander full place and lovely moment beutiful part of nature. And deparent catagory animals leveing in park .

Review №7

Great biological park in JODHPUR. We could see lion, tiger, fox , Himalayan bear, ostrich, panther, ghariyal, sloth bear and many more animals. Good and well maintained. Neat and clean. Cafeteria not open due to covid. Water facilities should be available and resting spots should be available to have some relief in scorching heat.

Review №8

This place gives me new experience.. must visit once with ur family or frnds... I saw many wild animals, birds n reptiles here its a place of flora n fauna as well..streets are well maintained. Tickts are cheap

Review №9

All good but closing time is not fare.

Review №10

Its a mini zoo. Little kids enjoy this place. Decent sized parking space (paid), and a small eatery available. Takes about 1.5 to 2 hours for a comfortable tour. Best time is early morning at the time of opening. The entry is paid (students have concessional entry charge, no charge for kids under 5).

Review №11

The Machia mentees is well & neet & clean. entry free is ₹38 only.

Review №12

Very neat and clean. Lot of space for animals and they are very healthy too.

Review №13

Animal lovers. Beutiful park

Review №14

Its good place to explore on sunday but avoid in summer because you hardly see any animal there . Winter will be a good choice

Review №15

Machiya park is one of the famous park in jodhpur near kayalan lake. There are a number of species of animals in safari park. This place is pleaserable and cool. There are a good quality of environment and trees and animal . I saw there lion panther crocodile monekeys and parrot snak and other typerls of creatures. But the condition of animals is not okk. They are looking lazy.There innocent prisoner. They should shift to safari park or free them.

Review №16

One of the best managed biological park. Nature and wildlife lovers come here to see the magnificent beauty of wildlife.Lion, Tiger, Panther, Leopard, Emu are the main attractions here. Also you can find Porcupine, Hyena, Jackals and various beautiful birds.It has a restaurant for snacks and refreshment as outside food is not allowed.It attracts all age groups but is a must visit place for children.

Review №17

It was a great experienceSo many different animals, rest rooms, garden, food facility. All of this was availableYou can a car also for travelling if you dont want to walkNot your car the car will be given from the park it has some chargesAwesome 👍

Review №18

Well kept animals, neat and clean place

Review №19

Situated near the Kaylana lake this Biological Park is good place to visit with family and especially children. The park though small is well maintained and you will be lucky to see a Himalayan Bear in the Arid landscape of Rajasthan.

Review №20

Nice place for kids and family to visit

Review №21

N8ce location

Review №22

Dk Ravi shing

Review №23

Actually park is a paradise ✨for visters and also famous in visitors and give pecies for all candidates heart ❤ and park is favour area of mine in visiting this park is very good and amazing for all it also beautiful and surprise for all other it give more facilities during walking 🚶‍♂️

Review №24

Very good zoo...less animals but the arrangements are good for all animals... We saw tiger , lion and leopard along with birds and bear....its nicely maintained.... But now a days very much temperature is there so suggested to visit early morning when the park opens ... Else you will not be able to find animals....

Review №25

This is the zoo of Jodhpur. You can see birds fox hyena, tiger lion. Visit in evening.

Review №26

Its the place where now animals are less but u can see a couple of lion . And some more animals. Entry charges are 32 rupees whuch are waisted . As there is nothing to visit.but u can get do pohtoshoot there if whether is rainy

Review №27

Very bad and waste of public money.No way information board , no sign board, no information mentioned about animals.4 animal placed on all corner so people just walk and walk.People think its zoo but no . This is wild tree dense forset park.Any way please visit if you have no choice and just want to walk on empty path.And dont pay for dslr camera else you feel cheated.

Review №28

It wasnt good enough. It was drying and animals in zoo were not cared properly.Thank you !!

Review №29

Machiya Safari Park Gives Real Life Experience of Actual Forest Surrounded by Birds, Tigers, Lion Crocodile Etc.....It feels adventurious at there...MUST VISIT...!!! 😊😊😊

Review №30

Its not bad idea to visit this place.

Review №31

Good one, almost all animal are thereLion panthor etc

Review №32

All Wild Wings

Review №33


Review №34

The place is many wild animals.. here... Nice place for visit.. the ticket is 32 rupee...worth it..

Review №35

Good place. Kids will certainly enjoy it. Nice cafeteria around. Dont miss the car ride in park.

Review №36

Good assembly of all type of.animals

Review №37

One of the peaceful place in Jodhpur. And my favorite one.

Review №38

Nice place to visit but avoid visit in noon time as most of animals remains lazy and you will not able too see ... Wild animals here but no snakes etc

Review №39

Machiya Park is located near Kaylana Lake and 8.5 km from Jodhpur.Entry fee 30/- per person for Indian and 300 per person for foreign Tourists 80/- for still Camera and 200/- for vidio Camera. Machiya Park is a Zoo also lion wolf jackal deer Himalayan beer panther timing 8.30 Am to 05 Pm Must Visit.

Review №40

Good place to visit in Jodhpur. Normally travel agents dont include this coz its a bit off from the main city. Good time to visit is before 11am

Review №41

Everything was ok bt animals were. Less

Review №42

This place is on the way to Balsamand lake. You have to walk alot inside the zoo. You can see crocodiles, asiatic lion, tiger, Himalayan bear, love birds and many more. Even cobra you will find. Very good place to see with your love ones.

Review №43

All over good place for family time

Review №44

Very good place..... Love ❤😘it

Review №45

Very clean nice vehicles to ride but not many animals

Review №46

Near kaylana lake and beautiful place with many animal in machia park

Review №47

Too good zoo! Almost all famous animals are there in the zoo! Bird Sanctuary is also good!

Review №48

Special Attractions of the spot is -- Lion, Lioness and cubs, Tiger tigress, Leopard, Bear, Hynas and other animals birds reptiles etc. Awesome place for kids with family.some of my clicks are as follows.

Review №49

Very good palace

Review №50

Very nyc park in jodhpur zoo is the best ❤

Review №51

People who fond of wildlife fest visit this beautiful place❤️Perfect one to go and enjoy ur day with beautiful buddies there

Review №52

Good place u must visit if u like travel

Review №53

Beautiful place

Review №54

Good place to enjoyI suggest for college or school id lekar jaana discount milenge tickets me 🙋

Review №55

Just wonderful place in Jodhpur..Tourister must visit this place and one more place near machiya park..KAYLANA LakeU can explore two places at a time..u can take experience of boating out there..

Review №56

Nice place to know biodiversity and educate the youth about it in Jodhpur

Review №57

Visit one tym u feel so happy to see animals in big big cages

Review №58

Very good place for kids

Review №59

You can visit there great place to walk. Beautiful nature . Kids will also enjoy there.. ticket price 32rs per person and sometimes you can see wild animals from very close.Paths are not so long that you will be boredVisit the place when whether is nice.Map shows place and which animals are thereGreenery also there💫👍

Review №60

Awesome ❤❤❤ Greenery ❤Best location😘

Review №61

Good place to visit with children.

Review №62

Vast area covered under serene location

Review №63

Very few will be aware abt this place in Jodhpur. People use to just visit palace in Jodhpur but one should really visit here you will find some of the local as well as international species such as cobra, deer, bear, Asiatic lion nd lioness, crocodile,cheeta, emu etc.

Review №64

💙 Nice Place 🤘🏻

Review №65

It was a worst experience!Waste of time,money !Although entry fee is just ₹30 only ,so thats why it can compensate!#jodhpur #rajasthan #park #animals

Review №66

Ample of space for hang out

Review №67

Only attract two tiger and two lion and other wild animal.Electric car rent 240 and only 10 to 15 minute.BhamarikoderBig bee in this place

Review №68

Good and very big park but very less animals.... Some are not visible due to very hot days... The charges are 32 for adults 17 for children and free for students having identity card. No water facilities was there.

Review №69

Shandaar Nature and Wildlife Educational Tour

Review №70

This place is too good for watch the forest animals....👍

Review №71

Not bad

Review №72

Very wonderful place it gives you a natural habitat of animals

Review №73

Amazing location in jodhpur

Review №74

Nice place, but avoid afternoon time as most animals are remain hidden in sun

Review №75

A very good place for a small holiday or for a picnic.. If u r an animal lover then you should absolutely go once here..A very beautiful place in the lap of nature 😉❤️❤️

Review №76

I Loved This Place ❤❤

Review №77

Nice place to visit in Jodhpur. Have lions, tigers, leopard, deer, bear, emu, fox, wolf, crocodile and many other animals. Require little bit more care for animals especially for food, water and shades.

Review №78

Good for childrens

Review №79

Natural View And Birds and Animals different different types

Review №80

Rajsthan marbles

Review №81

If you love wildlife animals than try once its awesome experience.

Review №82

I think this park need lots of maintainance

Review №83

Wonderful creation and natural look .

Review №84

Good place to visit with family and friends

Review №85

Very beautiful place to visit with family... Different type of animals are here and amazing nature experience

Review №86

Require proper maintenance of the park with more amenities and animals too for better results to become a attractive tourist place

Review №87

Open zoo and best place for traveling

Review №88

The place is good to visit. But,if you are coming here to see a varieties of animals and birds,then you will feel despair.Very few birds and animals here .

Review №89

A beautiful park in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Machiya Safari Park is a biological park situated near Kalyana Lake on the Jodhpur Jaisalmer Route in Jodhpur.Best place to visit according to me. Enjoy the beauty of nature and hangout with friends. Here the Entry Ticket fare isIndian-30 rsForeigner-300 rsAnd For photoshoot or videographyStill camera-80 rsVideo camera-200 rsTuesday closed, So never plan to visit on Tuesday.I love nature and love animals too. I request you to respect all the living things and everything that God gave you.

Review №90

Its an exciting biological park with asiatic lion, tiger, leopard, alligators etc. The environment was quite peaceful and calm.

Review №91

Not properly maintained...Worst experience.

Review №92

Best place for seeing.

Review №93

This is a large Zoo in Jodhpur.. Specially kids love the variety of animals in the park.

Review №94

Nicely maintained zoo. Kids would love it.Further extension plans is in line for future. Area reserved to keep animals is a decent one.I personally dont like concept of zoo, as animals with confined boundaries tend to get upset.Ticket price is very nominal, one should make a visit in jodhpur so that money so collected can be used for welfare of animals.

Review №95

What a beautiful place .The construction is well maintained with lots of animals and birds .The ticket is rs 32 only .It has a cafe as well which is not so high in price .Good for family visit

Review №96

Well maintained

Review №97

Lots of improvement needed...nice placed designed....But not much animals available for display.....

Review №98

Zoo is good to visit during rainy season or evening

Review №99

This is the first biology park in Rajasthan and it was nice experience to visit this park

Review №100

Pretty and good animal

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  • Address:HI Area Phase II, Basni, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342001, India
  • Phone:+91 291 265 1473
  • Tourist attraction
  • Park
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–5PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–5PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–5PM
  • Thursday:8AM–5PM
  • Friday:8AM–5PM
  • Saturday:8AM–5PM
  • Sunday:Closed
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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