Machia Biological Park
Kailana Rd, near Kaylana LAke, Kamla Nehru Nagar, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342003, India
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Good park to visit and enjoy vacation. Animals are kept in the zoo and also good scenic view of the plateau.

Review №2

Best & well maintained biological part. Best time is to visit in winters. Topography is dominated by plateaus. Kailana lake is visible from here.

Review №3

Good for kids to enjoy their holidays and it is delightful place as well

Review №4

Nice place but poorly maintained. Unclean toilet. The condition of animal cages is also very bad.

Review №5

One word - beautiful ❤️. It opens from 9am and the ticket cost is minimal i.e 32 rupees per adult. If you are having camera then 80 rupees for camera. Cafeteria is closed due to corona.Dont visit the park in noon because during this time most of the animals are in their den or hiding in the shades. Best time is in the morning or in the evening. I like different birds collection there. And the one which is most adorable is RAJHANS.

Review №6

Park is so beautiful and Location of this park is amazing but problem is there are no more animal , there are only Few animals.*This is best for Kids*Good for Family trip*Beautiful place

Review №7

Machia Biological Park. It is near Kaylana Lack. There are many types of animals and birds here. Which are kept very well. And it gets to see many things related to science. This is a very nice place.

Review №8

Beautiful place with natural vegetation and many types of wildlife including tiger 🐅, Lion 🦁, bear🐻 and different kind of birds, Rajhans is very beautiful.Roads are very good and clean, lots of place to sit and rest, there are water coolers so you can fill your bottles, ticket is minimum (32Rs. Only), not far from Jodhpur Junction. I gave 120 Rs. For a auto-rickshaw from junction.

Review №9

When wants to see natures beauty with wildlife. Come there...🐆🐅🐫🐦🦜🦚.....

Review №10

Its good. Almonst all animals that u wud want to see in a zoo are there. But it be managed better. Battery operated vehicles werent available when we went. They had stopped them for some time.

Review №11

Nice park to go with family and kids. Prefer morning time to visit here as most of the animals are inside the small cave which is in the cage, during afternoon.. difficult to click pictures if they are on the other end of the cage, as cages are quiet big.

Review №12

People say issa very nice place but in reality its kinda boring, Im not saying that its not good but theres really not many things to watch. All the animals look depressed, and sometimes you dont get to see them....

Review №13

Very less number of animals.

Review №14

Probably the only zoo in jodhpur city but lovers ruined the beauty of the place. Lovers ruined the beauty of the place. I saw python,leopard,monitor lizard,crocodile,ostrich,pelican,lion,tiger,deer,and many more birds.

Review №15

It was awesome moment because I saw lazy bear first time.... There are two lazy bear...You have to visit here once and spend time..Canteen facility was good...Washroom was clean....

Review №16

This is a beautiful zoo, nice place to go with family. Perfect picnic spot. They provide battery operated cars at extra cost, you can take the same if are short of time or you have elderly people with you.There is a affordable cafeteria offering variety of items. Overall good place to visit with family.

Review №17

Machia Biological Parkis located Kaylana Lake Road Kamla Nehru Nagar Jodhpur opened all days, timing 8AM to 6 PM parking available and food restaurant here electric vehicle for visiting entry fee Rs.30/- per person & RS.300/- for non indian.Park is beautiful and well maintained.

Review №18

This is one of the few well maintained zoo in the Jodhpur. It is located outside the main city. The zoo is user friendly, which means it has provisions for the easy access of persons with disabilities. Infrastructure is good. Most of the time you will find that, school children visiting this place. If you are new to this zoo, please carry water bottles along with you. Although zoo has a restaurant and refreshment center in its premise, but it is quite costly. If you are traveling after 11 AM, you wont be able to get a proper view of some of the animals like Lion, Tiger bear etc. This is because as the temperature increases, most of the above mentioned animals go deep into their caves. So it is prudent to plan your visit judiciously. Try in the early morning or in the late afternoon. The zoo has also the facility of battery operated car, and it is affordable. The whole area of the zoo is not located in the plane area, rather somewhere you have to go uphill and in others downside.Lastly the park is good place to enjoy your weekend along with your families and loved ones.Enjoy your stay.

Review №19

Ambience is great. But not much wildlife. Main attractions are lion, and 🐯 tiger

Review №20

Machia Biological Park is located on the outskirts of Jodhpur, near the Kaylana Lake.It is maintained by the forest department.Entry fee of 30 per Indian tourist.Now, electric ride tours run for 210 for a group of 5, or 30 per head. It is best to do the tour via this, as on foot, the location of cages are very far away.There are variety of animals, and there is a bird and reptile section separately.Adequate paid parking is available if you are planning to take your own vehicle.

Review №21

As it is named a biological park but when you visit you will end up with feeling like a visit our ordinary park with a few interesting things... Because almost 50% flora and fauna are missing.. Only a few common animals are there which you can find in any ordinary zoo... Plants scientific name and common names are almost missing and in case you see a name then the plant will be missing... So overall this place is good for a casual visit but if you are going for an educational visit..I will suggest dont go

Review №22

The cleanliness of the whole area is amazing. Could see guards helping the cleaning staff at multiple points. Also, the cages are well maintained, safe for visitors and clean. Animals looked well-fed. Enjoyed watching jackals play with each other and Tiger eating its lunch inside the cage. Almost all the animals seemed camera friendly.This visit was definitely worth the money! (which was so affordable)

Review №23

Fine. You have to walk a bit. Few birds and animals to see. Hired caddy service available. Ample space for pay and park at park. Drinking water was available.

Review №24

Waters presence definitely makes a place beautiful and so does kaylana lake. Watch the sunset or boat around, you will like this place for sure. However issues with cleanliness does bar your view as litter (blame visitors) is yet to be picked up.

Review №25

It is a must visit place u can be here and enjoy for about 3 4 hr I recommend that u should walk rather taking a roming around car eatables are also available

Review №26

It was amazing to see snake, tiger, leopard, wild cats, parrots etc. live. Biological park is well designed and track is well maintained. To see nature and feel the peace in wildness one must see the park. Biological park having washroom facility but it is not maintained. It is having a small restaurant before exit as well.

Review №27

30 ₹ tickets.A normal zoo. Not all the animals written in boards were present. But most of them were present. You need to travel a lot to look around for animals, because a lot of space has been given to a particular animal. Over all a good place.

Review №28

Its a beautiful place... amazing natural scenery and topography.

Review №29

Indias largest zoo. Here you can see Tiger, Jaguar, Asian Tiger, Panther, भालू, anagonda and lots of other creatures. This is the the best zoo have ever seen before by me. You can also see here all type of grass and weeds dry plants in showcase. ये चिड़ियाघर 78 करोड़ साल पहले पृथ्वी में से फूटे ज्वालामुखी से निकले लावा से बने हुए पहाड़ के बीच में बना हुआ है /

Review №30

What a collection! Well laid out. From lions and tigers to hyena and emuGood job

Review №31

Nice place as some distance from urban congection. Feel mentally, physically and psychologically fresh after spend some quality and quantity time here. Full of Soulfulness.

Review №32

Its a really good place to visit. Adequately designed for animals as well as the visitors. Provisions of shades and canteen facility are nice facilities there. Truly a great experience to visit a beautiful zoo just beside a lake (Kaylana lake). The museum of flora and fauna is also good to see stuff.

Review №33

One of the most a Enjoyable and Natural places in Jodhpur is Machia Park.Peaceful atmosphere.Enjoyed here with Friends.Many animal here.I love this place...

Review №34

Date👇👇👇sorry for it, 👇👇👇👇👇The first thing I did was to be a part of the world s most trusted travel providers and the other is a great way to get the best out of the way and I have to say that I am not a fan of the most important things to do in the future and the other is a great way to get the best out of the way and I am

Review №35

Its good to go with kids, dont forget to bring water with you, there is no facility over there .

Review №36

The Jodhpur Machiya Safari Parklies on the way to Jaisalmer. It isabout 1km from Kaylana Lake. It is amust see place for those interestedin wildlife. The main fauna of theMachiya Safari Park of Jodhpur,Rajasthan includes, deer, desert fox,monitor lizard, blue bulls rabbits,wild cats, mongoose, monkeys, etc.There is also an exclusive birdwatching point from where you cansee a large number of birds. Thus,serving as a good place for birdwatchers too. The safari park alsohas a fort inside its complex. Thefort also gives a nice view of thesunset. It also has a small museum inside the park where one can see fossils and much more. And to curb the hunger there is small canteen which provides with quick snacks and beverages. Park is built over a large span. Animals are maintained in huge spacious cage. To take a round one can also hire a electric vehicle available at the entry by paying an economic charge. Machiya Safari Park is aninteresting place to visit with kids. You must visit if you have spare time on visit to jodhpur.

Review №37

Earlier the animals over here were quite active, but now they are all tired and bored. Also sleepy all the time 😴😴😴

Review №38 have to walk a bit. few birds and animals to see.hired caddy service available. ample space for pay and park at park. drinking water was availableits just amazing that in a place like jodhpur with arid vegetation and scorching temperatures there is a biological park, the problem is a that its very difficult even even see some animals wich are very far away from the boundary is a very beautiful place families can visit it. it also have electric car for people to travel

Review №39

Place was very neat and tidy. Many animals took see however some of them are in hiding or compounds that make it difficult to see them. However, it is still very pretty park and enjoyable to walk around.

Review №40

Beautiful n awesome park. Neat n clean well maintained,best for nature lovers only. Pollution free area with beautiful animals.

Review №41

Very nice place for picnic specially on weekends small kid will love this place.The surround beauty of nature is awesome you will love this place will try to visit the same place again as soon as possible.

Review №42

Machia Biological Park

Review №43

A good zoo in Jodhpur. Cart is available at very nominal rate to take you inside the Zoo. Cart stops at all points where animal habitation is there. There is a good canteen inside the zoo offering all types of cuisines and a reasonable price. Parking is available inside the park. Not far from city.

Review №44

You will get to see the animals only if you are lucky enough. Its a small zoo and will take under 1 hour to completely explore it. The lake in background adds to its beauty but the lake is not accessible.

Review №45

Few animal and birds are there. Better visit in winter season.

Review №46

Such a vast place for creatures which are staying much positive only cost 30 rs. For normal people but if you are a cllg students and have a identity card it will cost you only 15rs....theres also a cafe here where you can find good stuff...its only closed on can also find shuttles here if you have walking problems....they are really maintaining all the creatures properly and hygienically...creatures are also look like much tourists visit once should definately visit here...

Review №47

Newly opened Biological Park in Jodhpur. If you are with family must visit as what i saw- Well maintained greenery- Its very very neat and clean- A lot scenic views to capture in camera- You can easily see tiger, leopard Lion etc.- Cottage having straws are really cool to capture

Review №48

Very suitable for animals and also exciting place for tourism

Review №49

Amazing park... Spread round across lovely mountains... Walking here could be 2.5 kms amazing animals and specially lion and baby lion... amazing and reasonable priced canteen... Must visit

Review №50

Collections are very basic. But its good to spend time with family and specially kids. Well mentioned and clean.There ise-riksha also available have to pay some charges if u r not able to walk.closing time 6pm. But after this u can go kaylana lake for sight seen its very near.

Review №51

Only some animals are there. Concept is beautiful. Total area covered in 2 km. Must go in rainy season for enjoy green and pure anvirmnent

Review №52

I m just get amazed when i saw this park inside.. Such a grand and awesome park. On beautiful location and well managed.. And from the cleaning purpose this place is so neat and clean ..must visit once

Review №53

🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏Minimal animals to see, half the enclosures are empty and public is busy clicking selfies of themselves. All nooks and crannies full of couples trying for privacy. Place is clean and tickets are very reasonable. However the electric cart roundabout is a rip off. Only 20mins per round, the driver is impatient enough to honk if you spend too much time at an enclosure. Museum is decent with good info. Havent tried the cafe.

Review №54

Nice place for biological knowledge and picknic spotMachia Biological Park OverviewMachia Biological Park is an essential part of the agenda for nature lovers travelling to Jodhpur. Located about 8.5 km from the city, this biological wonderland is a part of the vast Machia forest block, situated close to the Kaylana Lake. It is a host to varied species of flora and fauna as well as a nature interpretation centre and the Machia Fort. Along with the enclosures for the animals, one can also find a birdwatching point, proof of the sites fantastic biodiversity.The premises houses a veterinary hospital for maintaining the well-being of the animals inside. Elephant riding may be availed by travellers for a small fee. There is also a bird watching point for bird lovers. A nature interpretation centre has been set up for those seeking an in-depth experience of the ecology and biodiversity. The Machia fort can also be found here, which offers some breathtaking views from the top, especially during sunset. The Kaylana Lake is quite close to this area, and there is a viewpoint within the premises to observe the lake.It is home to multiple wild animals such as the deer, desert fox, monitor lizard, rabbits, feral cats, gazelles, mongooses, tortoises, etc. Management is consistently on the lookout for suitable additions to the park. There are a total of 20 enclosures within the park. There are walkways constructed around the park for visitors to witness the various animals in their natural habitats. One can also find a variety of arid vegetation maintained within the site. For those who do not prefer a lot of physical activity, motor vehicles are available for use.

Review №55

On of the best place to travel in rainy season .

Review №56

Loved the fact that even though the animals were caged, they werent boxed in - they had ample space and their natural habitat was recreated. Also the staff cared for them like their own children - it was a wonderful experience

Review №57

Good place for animal lovers. It is on the way towards Kalayana Lake. Its a small zoo type park where you can find almost every animal.Animals are provided enough space and are kept far away from tourist so that tourist cant disturb them.Tickets for this park is RS 30. You can hire golf cart for rent for RS 30 per person, but minimum person to travel is 6 else you have to pay for full i.e. Rs. 180.

Review №58

Most beautiful zoo in India. Never expected such beautiful landscape in Rajasthan.

Review №59

You can various species of plants, birds and animals such as tiger, lion, bear etc. Unfortunately we have visited there on a hot summer day and most of the animals were resting😕 It is a big park so take the vehicle which is inside the park espcially duing the summer.

Review №60

Good place for leisure; but if its more maintain, then itll a better one.

Review №61

Great biological park... Good facility of battery car... sufficient space for wild animals.. knowledgeable interpretation centre..Good cafeteria and water point and resting hutt..

Review №62

A Zoological Park at the out skirts of the city.Close to Kailana Lake.Nice place for couples to hangout.Walking pathways are clean and well maintained.They have Lions,Tigers, Leopards, Fox, Wolf, Stripped Jackal and Few species of birds. Quiet a place to spend your evenings.

Review №63

Very huge and nicely built.The park is open from 8 am to 5:30 pm.On Sunday they close at 6:30.The directions and everything inside is very clear and visible. The animals arr provided huge spaces to roam aroundThere is appropriate distance between ourselves and animals.But one this that needs attention is that they must have guards everywhere. I saw some people pelting stones at lion so that he moves and roars. That is very disheartening.Hope they do something about it.Otherwise very nice placeMust visit in jodhpur

Review №64

Amaizng place for kids...loved the place.. Artificial rain is awesome

Review №65

I was surprised to see the zoo in such an arid region, but it was blissful.its a natural habitat situated beside a blissful lake in Jodhpur.Ideal for bird watchers and all who love nature

Review №66

Animals are very low in numbers but the park has been developed very nicely.

Review №67

A calm place near to city...wild animal species... specifically porcupine..Near Kailana lake

Review №68

Don’t deserve any star very poor condition

Review №69

It is a zoo that is spread over a fairly long area. A person who is interested in the ecology of Jodhpur and its surrounding area should see this place. Here are not only the local animal here but more animals are also available. There are also a harbarium which gives information about the local fauna here.

Review №70

Some animals are available.......But looking osm like near kaylana lake, akhilesh talab and manny small hill...

Review №71

A good place to visit if you have time after visiting major attractions of jodhpur

Review №72

I love machia its a as well as forest hills atmosphere , i see 9 times time date with mine family AP DP MAMTA and best friend family VISHNU LALITHA HANNU....most important all of person machias member thanks and salute for your dutys.

Review №73

Its been a nice experience to see a well maintained biological park in city like Jodhpur , with an entry fee of Rs 30/- , there are lot to see like python, porcupine, hedgehog, monitor lizard, sloth Bear, jakal, wolf, crocodile, gariyal, tiger, lion, hyena, Chital, black buck, chinkara, birds like parrot, love bird, ostrich .Its closed on Wednesday & national holiday, it has good facilities for drinking water, rest room, cafeteria, hut shelters, electric vehicle facility for fast & easy ride to watch all places in short span if time.Best to view in wimter session as most of the animals could be seen. With a added advantage to see Kaylana lake just near to it with sunset view.....

Review №74

A lush green and mountaineering place. Speared across acres of land with zoo animals. Sighting animals is hard if they are resting indoors. A good place to hang out with family or friends to have a long walk. If not then you can hire the cart to roam around the park.

Review №75

Machiya Safari / Biological Park is located near Kaylana..Here different species of desert plants are displayed..Also varied species of animals.. including lion, cheetah, leopard, wild cats, bear, foxes, birds, python, hedge-hog, parrots..,..etc are kept in their natural green and clean environment..There are also available Golf-Carts.. which makes your movement in the park .. more comfortable..But I suggest to see the park on foot.. to avail the adventure of slope and climbs..There is a restaurant inside the park..which is entry fees for Indians is ₹30/- per person..It takes about one&a half hour to see the park on foot.. & about 25 minutes by Golf Cart..The charges for Cart are additional..Toilets & wash-rooms are in between.. The Gazibboes.. designed to gave the look absolutely.. Rajasthani..overall Gr8 place to visit..Thanx.. KC

Review №76

Not frequented by too many tourists, this biological park on the outskirts boasts of electric vehicles for the tour. It takes about 30 minutes during which you can see tigers, Lions, bears, wolf, alligators and crocodiles.Entrance fee Rs 30 and Rs 210 for the electric vehicle for 4 pax. You can also walk if you have the time.

Review №77

Nice zoo ...... you can able to see tiger,lion, leopard, fox, birds, also you can get information about animals and birds you may see desert

Review №78

Not too big Zoo but it feels like you are in forest.

Review №79

This is a natural place and it has amazing natural buity

Review №80

Introduction :The vision of the Machia Biological Park is to create an opportunity for the citizens of Jodhpur to have a biological park very close to the city in Machia Forest Block of 604 ha. near Kayalana lake. Jodhpur is having a tradition of very good in-situ conservation. The vision is to create one of the best example of ex-situ conservation and at the same time the best tourist spot of Jo

Review №81

Best place but some prisons name plate is not better we cant read them but all animals are present there i like tiger

Review №82

Small animal park exhibiting local wildlife, with a nature interpretation center & a cafeteria.Address: Kailana Rd, Near Kaylana LAke, Kamla Nehru Nagar, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342003

Review №83

Zoo with Big cats attraction, Pair of lion is the splendor of this zoo.Good atmosphere a place worth visit.

Review №84

Good place to visit with family.. Specially with children..Neat and clean place..Well maintained..Animals were treated nicely...Dont throw garbage anywhere..Use dustbin..Say no to plastic..Go green..Respect mother nature..

Review №85

Superbly designed and worked place. Forest dept or other managing team should ensure some clean and working water points for the visitors.

Review №86

Best place to Visit in Jodhpur for Kids!

Review №87

Good place but not well maintained.

Review №88

This is a new zoo with cafeteria and various animals housed here. Paved streets and good place for children.

Review №89

Good Place To Visit ... but only in morning timeLots of cages are empety.

Review №90

Amazing place, must visit if you are in jodhpur

Review №91

Its just a awesome place with a great collection of animals birds and reptiles

Review №92

Great place for enjoy with nature nearby natural lack kaylana surrounding very beautiful.

Review №93

Nice layout but most of the barraks were under maintenance thus you can hardly see animals..

Review №94

First of all timing is not good....and there is no guiding arrows so that one could easily see places...

Review №95

Calm place at the outskirt. Public transport a challenge. Canteen was ok, need improvement

Review №96

Nice 👍 experience

Review №97

This is very nice $ important for knowledge and study for environment , animals and birds. I like it very much.

Review №98

Good for a one time visit specially if you have kids. Could see the tiger, lion, hyenas, deer, wolves, crocodile, birds, bear etc. The zoo was clean and tidy as well so even if youre not interested in the animals you could just stroll around and just chill.

Review №99

For 1 Hour visiting, its best location. After that you can enjoy Kaylana Lake visit

Review №100

Had plenty of animals but not all. Its a relatively new zoo hence youll not find exotic animals like giraffe, zebra or hippopotamus but still its a good place to spend time.

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  • Address:Kailana Rd, near Kaylana LAke, Kamla Nehru Nagar, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342003, India
  • Site:
  • Phone:+91 291 298 0457
  • Tourist attraction
  • Zoo
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–5:30PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–5:30PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–5:30PM
  • Thursday:8AM–5:30PM
  • Friday:8AM–6:30PM
  • Saturday:8AM–5:30PM
  • Sunday:Closed
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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