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I strongly do not recommend this store, and even now lg equipment in general. I got a refrigerator in this online store. It does not freeze at all, i.e. turned out to be defective. I called the hotline, no one cares, I just had to MAKE the application for a guarantee and call a specialist. The first 2 call center specialists said, wait, it might work. I told them that the refrigerator had been turned on for 10 hours, but it never started freezing. The third specialist accepted the application. I was told that they would contact me, please wait. The second day is coming to an end, but so no one contacted me. When you call the hotline again, they answer that they do not know when the master will be and you have to wait, but how much is not known.Also, I would like to mention the delivery service. Upon delivery, the refrigerator scratched the NEW laminate flooring. Unfortunately, I didnt pay attention to this right away. When filing a claim, I was told that I would not prove anything, it was necessary to immediately act with the deliverymen.I want to note that it is summer now, and I live without a refrigerator. Not knowing that my refrigerator would be broken, I bought more than 5,000 rubles worth of food. I had to throw everything out, who would be responsible for it.

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Convenient, everything is there, the price is acceptable

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