Dr. Susheela Tiwari Government Hospital
Rampur Rd, Haldwani, Uttarakhand 263129, India
Review №1

Good Hospital Hospital management are very poor Hospital location is good but Scurty staff very bad

Review №2

Uttrakhand government hospital cum medical college. Lack of staff, basic cleanliness

Review №3

Its all staff is good and helpfulHospital is totally neat and cleanIt is like 5 star Hospital

Review №4

Government failure 😞.Worst hospital very very rude staff in all region either it is general ward or emergency ward or any testing area or doctor nurses staff intern everybody here are having a lot of ego and agression they are always ready to fight or ignore you if you will ask something they will just yell or ignore u for emergency patient its not safe and because if this only around 100s of patients died here due to covid this hospital dosent even deserve 1star rating.Sarkari ke naam pe dhabba h.

Review №5

Worst staff and management.I took my mom in very serious condition. They kept circulating us from one place to other , not attending us, and not even giving support.When mom get more serious and taken in ambulance they again did they same. They dont attend us and not even care.Please dont go their with any serious condition especially in emergency, they will waste your time .

Review №6

Best affordable treatment.

Review №7

Poor staff, if you wanna go for die then welcome to Sushila Kumari Hospital.

Review №8

Its a very bad hospital no any work are properly and all staff are very lazy nd doctor are also.These Place are very bad for all us.Yaha loot macha rkhi hai in logo ne doctoro k naam p.

Review №9

°Patient form 5 Rs°Parking fee 10 Rs°Drinking water°Supporting staff°Most imp mam at room 40 physiotherapist is kind and helpful°Aama bhojnalay is also available°washroom at last° Irequest you to dont believe on staff for Doctor time and other timings.Go and see by urself.

Review №10

Its a great Hospital for us the mountain folks!!! sometimes we take hours driving thru the hill to reach but they look after us in a second!!! gratitude for all the staff working there! keep it up in spite of the COVID!

Review №11

If you want to die welcome to Sushila tiwari

Review №12

Very rude staff. I suggest you guys dont go there. Poor service.

Review №13

0 service all govt hospital. Nobody responseble

Review №14

I have been availing different services in this hospital for my students, my family and myselfsince 2010. I have only one word for their wonderful service provided to the communitys health: GRATITUDE

Review №15

During this covid time they are only given the medicine to patient not treatment.They are not working on psychological factor .The beds in ICU is very close and no curtain or partitions between 2 beds if anyone lost his/her life in room other patients having severe impact of this .I have lost my father in ICU due to death of 3 persons just 24 hours .He is very brave and handled all the pain of covid but not able to handle the death stress of other persons and diet due cardiopulmonary arrest .Requesting hospital team to do the partition or curtain between 2 beds in ICU room .so that no one lost his/her life due to these factors.

Review №16

Worst Worst experience very bad staff and doctor in name of emergency please not to go in this hospital it killed my treatment is given...very bad hospital and doctor...

Review №17

Facilities not good ,service &doctor not time to wark

Review №18

Place is good and hygiene is also good.... Convenient.... There is a parking lot.... Usually crowdy area...

Review №19

The best hospital of haldwani. Neat and clean. Surgery of all types of diseases. Except one or two.

Review №20

Very careless staff and also they have lot of arrogance.

Review №21

Very rude behaviour to doctor this is very bad hospital in the country. 😠😠😠😠

Review №22

Worst hospital very very rude staff in all region either it is general ward or emergency ward or any testing area or doctor nurses staff intern everybody here are having a lot of ego and agression they are always ready to fight or ignore you if you will ask something they will just yell or ignore u for emergency patient its not safe and because if this only around 100s of patients died here due to covid this hospital dosent even deserve 1star rating

Review №23

Doctors are good but some nurses are vry bad and very rude. Some nurses treat patient like animal 😑 wrost nurses. Plzz change these rude nurses 🙏

Review №24

Worst staff I have ever seen. No facility and care of patient.

Review №25

Very Poor Service & to much attitude in staff

Review №26

Its the best hospital in the UttrakhandFor poor this is the best hospitalNot costly at allThe dtaaf is goodDoctors are very gentle with patientsA bigg campus areaCanteen facilities are goodFood is goodNurses are goodBuy i think the parking Problem is hereOver all the hospital is good for poor eople...Thanks Faisal khan

Review №27

Excellent service...... nice staff....

Review №28

Its a third grade place your loved ones just die here ...rude staff.. arrogant doctors ..and pathetic service.... simply the worst..

Review №29

State level medical College of Uttarakhand.

Review №30

Patient form 5 Rs°Parking fee 10 Rs°Drinking water°Supporting staff°Most imp mam at room 40 physiotherapist is kind and helpful°Aama bhojnalay is also available°washroom at last° dont believe on staff for Doctor time and other timings.Go and see by urself.

Review №31

Worst and Non Cooperative StaffDoctors doesnt have time to see the patients

Review №32

Dr. are good in this hospital but facility for new born baby in this case complete hospital is big zero. In this big Hospital only 1 ventilator for new born baby is available .

Review №33

Wrost experience u will get from this hospital 🤬

Review №34

Dr.Susheela tiwari is the best college, Teachers are very good and experienced in this college.It is best college of hotel management it provide 100% job placements. Where you can achieve your dreams. This college is known for its practical sessions & personality development classes.

Review №35

If you do not have other options choose this

Review №36

After investing so much by government the service and facilities are not appropriate. Still seems like a village government hospital.

Review №37

Hospital best ... Doctors also good but some nurses and ayaa not good .

Review №38

Facilities all are good

Review №39

Its palace all facilities are available and the best doctors and manegment.

Review №40

Place is affordable!Good and acceptable services. Essential and emergency services are good. Being a Government hospital, too much rush is inevitable.Do not visit if you want premium or luxury services, as only essential ones will be provided!

Review №41

Very very bad condition...

Review №42

Hospital staff very bad

Review №43

Thank to all for your wonderful care. They have a lovely combination of professionalism and caring and I appreciate it very much.” “Thank to all for taking such good care of our father!”

Review №44

Slow service, always patients full

Review №45

Not bad..

Review №46

Pathetic, staff dont have any manner here how to talk to people

Review №47

Good hospital.. various facilities available... Super speciality in plastic surgery is also present... Opd for all 6 days a week.. good care and facilities available.. friendly doctor and environment...

Review №48

Good for patient. It is a government hospital

Review №49

Late shushila tiwari , Im really sorry but, which Biggest think you made, which smile you given to people, but know your soul going to hert .Because Shushila tiwari is , in the name of Hospital.Staff are showing like that these are the most expensive thinks for this Hospital,Theres billing staff , there receptionist , there Doctors are just like a Donkey, the reasion is Well behaviour, Helping nature, satisfaction some other important things, which is lost Shushila tiwari Hospital .Some one given there whole life for you safety, for your bright Future , for your next generation and these people cant talk just few seconds in well manner ,This is Alfa ⬆️4042210A.

Review №50

Worst hospital for covid cases no doctors checking patients

Review №51

Dr Shusheela Tiwari Government HospitalNo 1 largest Cancer hospital in Asia, very large infrastructure and equipped with all medical facilities200+ beds in general ward and 50 in emergency wardGood experienced doctors available, along woth the team of Government medical college students available for treatment in wardsSmall parking space inside complex, built at main road at Haldwani, usually crowded road all the time, making difficult for hospital and other vehicles to movePrivate Ambulence available 24 hours outside hospitalManagement and administration is not very good but average for a government hospitalSecurity services are good inside the hospitalNursing staff is not so much helpful or supportive for patients relatives or friendsBlood bank is available inside hospital and all the time facility available for any energenceGovernment Medical College, Haldwani (formerly known as Uttarakhand Forest Hospital Trust Medical College) is a medical college in Haldwani, Uttarakhand, India. It was established in 1997. The college is affiliated with hemvati nandan bahuguna medical University. Also known as GMC Haldwani, it is one of the fast-growing residential and co-educational medical colleges in India.

Review №52

All medical facilities available in one place.

Review №53

Very bad experience in the hospital. No hygiene is maintain. Staff is rude behavior.

Review №54

This hospital is look like a dogs house this hospital is worst, very very irresponsible doctor and whole staff they all take out of kidney and all internal parts and say that the family members is sorry both are not safe to him dont go this hospital

Review №55

Best Government hospital of Uttarakhand with the capacity of 750 beds. 24 hour emergency with 50 beds..

Review №56

Bekar hai isse avoid krna hi smajhdari hai. Staff is also not cooperative staff se batt krna mtlb apne paar pr kulhadi marna hai staff gallli de kar batt krta hai yaha ka or fir ladai jagde or utar atta hai.. yaha zinda jana mtlb maar kar vapas ana haiAvoid this hospital

Review №57

Good place for cheap and beneficial treatment

Review №58

Place Is, Good For Treatment. . .

Review №59

Nice and affordable hospital, some doctors are too good some are too normal, test charges very less than private hospitals.

Review №60

Ward boy and sister Ka behaviour patient ke Saath rudely hai...

Review №61

Very nice hospital good staff. A regular check up by team of doctors. Medical store is very near..... satitaion is too can call this AIIMS of Kumaun

Review №62

Very biggest hospital in haldwaniand very popular and famous but there are no good faculty. and poor management

Review №63

Best among all government hospital in uttarakhand but staff need to be more professional and polite

Review №64

Worst experience ever in this hospital. The doctor was irresponsive to the question of the patient. Patient stand in queues for hours just to tell their problem they dont care about their problem and they dont want to build relations with them they are sitting there just to fill their pockets.I will never suggest this hospital to any one.

Review №65

These 5 stars are just for Dr. Geeta Jain and nothing else.Rest everything else about this hospital doesnt deserve even a single star.Pathetic Cleanliness.Ignorant staff.No stantard procedures, every doctor (or i should say medical students ) does whatever they want in whatever manner they want.People with low income with delhi not as an alternative may resort to this hospital.STGH sucks !

Review №66

Affordable medical services at very nominal charges.

Review №67

Too bad.first time experience in this hospital but sb hal pta chl gya yha ka...👎

Review №68

This hospital is a bliss for me.I did my (2013) HSG here in care of Dr.Geeta jain.She is a cheerful doctor.Her behave was so good.I am realy very happy from their way to treatment.My HSG was successful.After few months later I gave birth a baby girl after sigerian.Again Dr.Geeta jain mam contribute s the team which on Labour room.THANK u doctor for treat me well.God bless u.

Review №69

Dear sushila tiwari Hospital team,The hospital is a very old but shop floor, rooms, and bathrooms, beds, blankets, bedsheets is very dirty.

Review №70

Its a good place for emergency service. Hygiene and cleaneliness is required

Review №71

I thankful to the hospital and doctors , my mother smt Radhika 80 year old still admit their. All staff coo-prate to her.

Review №72

Doesnt even worth a single star as they just want to avoid patients if he or she is being hard to treat for them while they can treat if they want... I just waited with my patient 8 hrs and then doctor came and told for some tests @ 1:30am hes gonna visit again next morning. 2am my patient is admitted after some harshness. Seriously.. This hospital is hell if your patient is having a major disease and youre gonna admit him/her.

Review №73

Very bed govermant hospital very very poor services are there

Review №74

One of Top Notch govt Hospital in Kumaon region of Uttarakhand.

Review №75

Durga cottage

Review №76

Worst hospital in haldwani NICU staff talk like a illiterate personi will never suggest this hospital to anyone

Review №77

This is Kumaon s referral hospital. All facility are available here in lowest rates. This is boon for the public.

Review №78

Nice and well maintained hospital.👍

Review №79

Good but not best

Review №80

Good doctor and bad cleaning staff repugnant

Review №81

Nice service for any emergency

Review №82

Good work ♥️♥️ facilities are okay.. problem is rush☝️

Review №83

One of the top hospitals in uttarakhand

Review №84

I dont like their talking behaviour

Review №85

Big Hospital But poor facilities.

Review №86

Best hospital...

Review №87

Bad hospital

Review №88

Government hospital so charges are very less but ques are every where....

Review №89

Cheap hospital with good facilities..

Review №90

Trust hospital known for emergency service

Review №91

Worst hospital in India try not to go here

Review №92

Good Building but poor Services

Review №93

Very slowly working staff and doctors .very bad management .

Review №94

Best of cheap treatment

Review №95

Good health care centre

Review №96

Very good hospital

Review №97

Very good hospital

Review №98

Bad place all the doctors are in their training course

Review №99

Good place to you

Review №100

Good hospital

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  • Address:Rampur Rd, Haldwani, Uttarakhand 263129, India
  • Site:
  • Phone:+91 5946 234 104
  • Government hospital
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–5PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–5PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–5PM
  • Thursday:10AM–5PM
  • Friday:10AM–5PM
  • Saturday:10AM–5PM
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