Vishal Mega Mart
Pritam Tower, Bareilly - Nainital Rd, opposite Naini Valley School, Haldwani, Uttarakhand 263126, India
Review №1

The conditions of these stores in C-towns has degraded, For my most visits I am unable to get even a trolley inside a store, even basket are not available in the designated places (pic attached).They do lacks in sober ambience, I have hardly experienced air conditioner being operational.

Review №2

Vishal mega mart is located on the Haldwani Nainital Highway just alongside Brijlal Hospital. A multi level shopping centre offering almost everything for everyday needs. Whether it be clothes for kids, girls, boys or adults, the place has everything in store. The collection might not be that good but it is still better as compared to the other such stores in the locality.

Review №3

Very bad condition of mall, there is no facility of fan or AC , AC & fan fitted there only for showcase. Thats why there is too suffocated while shopping. In billing counter staff behavior not good. Yesterday I paid bill by swipe machine & while swipe my card light has disconnected after entered PIN of card and my amount has debited but they not accept that after show my bank details and they took amount again forcely. Behaviour of Manager of this mall is also not good.:1. Very unhygienic and untidy place2. Extremely bad quality products3. Very less number of staff4. No ventilation, This place is literally suffocating everytime5. Very slow billing process6. Cashier dont have any change for your amount7. All trial rooms are blocked and are not available8. I have never ever seen vishal mega mart in such bad condition.Conclusion: Its a really pathetic place!!

Review №4

Very tough to stay their without proper ventilation. Now vishal lost their uniqueness and specially 2nd floor of daily needs and groceries not managed in proper way and need attention sothat items arranged in better way ,always feel like entered in bartan bazaar . I wanna know why all acs are not switch on. Rarely I spent just 15 minutes to buy things due to above reason.

Review №5

The best shopping destination for each and everyone irrespective of class and financial status.Must visit for all your daily needs. Shop for fashion, groceries, gifts, toiletries and other products @ best prices .You can shop for almost anything from rubberbands, hair clips, wallets, clothes for all, groceries, snacks, shoes and much more at reasonable prices.

Review №6

Collection of clothes and other stuff was good enough and you will find sale on many items and this time I saw wide varieties and stuff .visit hope youll find it helpful.

Review №7

Pros:1. Affordable productsCons:1. Very unhygienic and untidy place2. Extremely bad quality clothes3. Very less number of staff4. No ventilation, This place is literally suffocating everytime5. Very slow billing process6. Cashier dont have any change for your amount7. All trial rooms are blocked and are not available8. I have never ever seen vishal mega mart in such bad condition.Conclusion: Its a really pathetic place!!

Review №8

Good place for shopping. Quality of items is normal

Review №9

It is a supermarket mall. But most items are too expensive. Try getting these items from market you will definitely get all at cheap price

Review №10

Reasonably priced.... i dont know what they save energy or money but they keep their ac off.

Review №11

Every single coth is made of synthetic fiber.All other products are good.Defected items are present so check your product.

Review №12

Nice place for shoppinging. Getting all the things under one roof is really a nice experience.

Review №13

Vishal megamat is a good mall for all customers because there is a good range of every articleSo that an average person can also shopping here

Review №14

Ground floor for womens and girls1st floor for mens and boys2nd floor for crocery, stationery and groceriesAnd in basement parking is also available...So,a awesome place to buy thingsPlease visit

Review №15

Worst experience ever how many times I tell them to repair the ac but they do their own always give excuses that we are working on it but the tell everyone with same line repeatedly. Pls 🙏 its a humble request to you repair it too much humidity😡😡

Review №16

Amazing store full of clothes and grocery.... With less Price... Good behavior employees in mall

Review №17

No AC aur worst ventilation , closed trial rooms and less billing staff...

Review №18

This is place is full of products like clothes, grocery, utensils, food items stationary at a very reasonable price.Nice offers and discounts are available too during this festive season.If you wish buy something in bulk it is a great optionBut stays too crowded and its too long for billing, service is slow we need to wait to get a trolley as no trolley was free.

Review №19

*Good place for shopping.*Good offers in this covid 19 time.* I prefer to buy lowers and T shirts.*can get latest lowers.* Ground floor for kids and ladies.*First floor for mens.*2nd floor for food items.

Review №20

Good discount is going on .... Mall dont have a single air conditioner ... Too hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Review №21

Fully satisfied with the quality of clothes ,grocery items...most affordable place ever to visit ...haldwani branch has so much variety in clothes

Review №22

Only one mall found in nearby area for good shopping. Price was also good

Review №23

I have no idea why the air conditioning is never working there . Its a good place to get groceries from and other home stuff . The return policies are kinda good . Staff is fine , I bit inefficient but some people really helped a lot . Please get your water bottles with u , its very hot in there

Review №24

Nice.Essentals at reasonable price.Saff co-operative.

Review №25

Overall gud experience but only disappointment is A.C never work properly......

Review №26

Worst management i encountered in my life,no one is accountable for the service and they are totally ineligible to handle the crowd,I mean literally 2 counters were open for billing and people were forced to stand for hours

Review №27

No fresh stuff... Even AC is not working in afternoon so its very difficult to shop.

Review №28

Youll kinda like it if you are from Haldwani itself, but youll be a little unimpressed if you are from Delhi NCR. Keep in mind that the mall underground parking has been designed poorly, refrain from taking a big car. Taking a two wheeler would be nice, if possible.

Review №29

Worst mall to be in! Trolleys arent working i.e defective. No guard in parking.

Review №30

No AC no fan no water no sitting area fo kids or feeding mother or old ages..very disappointing..earlier that restro at top floor was helping alot but now its worst to go..

Review №31

Product quality is average but under budget. Their AC doesnt work

Review №32

Variety and quality product are missing and long queue for billing that is most hectic.

Review №33

Careless staff, unorganised and too hot inside the premise. Difficult to stay inside for long

Review №34

This time very bad experience ,AC was not working because of which we dropped more shopping.

Review №35

Hi i visit vishal today and go on your own risk bcoz its very crowed place

Review №36

Right on Nainital highway.Great deals on every big purchase ☺️👍.

Review №37

Cheap and best for routine shoppings.Best for middle class families.Jump in for Summer clothes, drinks and juices, snacks and household materials.Make sure to carry your own bag else pay 12-18 ₹ for it.

Review №38

Nice place You get all Daily use items (like cloths, food items etc.)

Review №39

Sir your itams is expir .Britannia cake expire date is 27/7/21.and bourbon expire date is 14/8/21

Review №40

I like the mart, but staff/employee doesnt support customer in any how.And be ready to wait for a long in que for billing.

Review №41

The products are comparatively at low prices and the quality and variety of clothes are good.

Review №42

Very nice mart and reliable rates of all products

Review №43

One of the nice place to shop with parking area as well...

Review №44

They dont even have a proper ventilation system. In summers its a torture being in here..They just have slow working fans

Review №45

Good quality clothes with best price but owner is very stingy

Review №46

Pathetic experience during the summers. Moreover, the billing people are not at all interested in catering to the audience but only in doing their monotonous job.

Review №47

Best place to buy things.

Review №48

It is one of the best mart in haldwani. Everything of daily need is available here with best offers & price. Alas if youre hungry or something you can visit 3rd floor 😛

Review №49

Vishal is nice place for middle class family shopping and daily basis items

Review №50

Pocket friendly place to shop at

Review №51

Very uncomfortable .No proper lighting n no cooling system. even then no fan.

Review №52

Very bad mall staff is very bad

Review №53

Nice for purchasing nice products. budget friendly you can buy almost all products.

Review №54

Nice collection of almost everything of daily use ..

Review №55

Best place to buy household products.

Review №56

As in a hypermarket situated in the centre of town this remains crowded all the time.A huge variety of products with attractive offers but would be wise to lookout for good ones. Poor service and unmonitored customers results in pilferage and vandalizing of the place.Also would advise you to check the price mentioned on tag and on bill.

Review №57

Everything available at reasonable price ...parking facility available...

Review №58

Almost everything you want. Youll get here. But a little bit higher price.

Review №59

You can some good cheap stuff here

Review №60

Verry bad so hot no ac

Review №61

In this vishal mega mart....... Carring trauli is only 7-8 .

Review №62

Good place to shop, veriety of items groceries,clothes,shoes, utensils and many other things

Review №63

Good place to get groceries in best range 👍

Review №64

Nice place for regular household shopping.

Review №65

Very bad trolley।।Staff are not ready to help.There are no guards in the parking lot.

Review №66

Nice collection

Review №67

Its really osm ....I bought many trending clothes in very low rate and with very good quality ....I love it wish to go again

Review №68


Review №69

Most of the items for like toys etc were not in sealed packs. The covers were tampered with. Be cautious while buying

Review №70

A good place for must buys at a cost effective price... Be it clothes for kids or the daily crockery...

Review №71

Ac was not working so much of suffocation

Review №72

Youll find almost everything u need here

Review №73

You can get off season clothes at cheaper rates but the quality is just satisfactory

Review №74

Has everything of need literally everything. They compromise with the quality though but they have everything for every price range

Review №75

Nice multipurposed mall. Available with most of the items

Review №76

Ok place. Quality of service is not upto mark. Billing takes too much time.

Review №77

Very bad experience.Mall is full of heat and suffocation in summer time

Review №78

My Daly needs always I will go to vishal mega mart my favorite malls

Review №79

Good for middle class

Review №80

Good place for many things like grocery items, clothing, Crocerky , utensils. Etc at good price.

Review №81

Good place for shopping, they can u satisfaction things

Review №82

If you wanna shop average quality products with lots of option then its nice mart. Spacious as compared to other vishal mart in other city/towns.

Review №83

Very crowded . If you have asthma u might want to bring a oxygen cylinder with you. (Happy Thoughts)

Review №84

Really v m mart fulfills d all needs up to middle class families.its a good place for overall.

Review №85

Very bad experience...AC was not working...feeling very star requires...

Review №86

You can get here everything especially clothes

Review №87

Such a good place for shopping..

Review №88

Clothes are of fine quality and affordable too

Review №89

Happy to shop with vishal mega mart..But some clothes doesnt have pricetags nd otherwise its ok..

Review №90

Best vega mart all things aur available

Review №91

Very crowded area.not managed for clean n sanity. No facility of parking in affordable cost.

Review №92

Was easy to shop

Review №93

Best discount in clothes

Review №94

Everything is smooth except for the irritating security check of items bought when leaving the shop.

Review №95

Its not enough good as expected

Review №96

Cloths quality not so good

Review №97

Its was nice but not gr8.. I was unable to find mens wallet 🤣🤣.. Its more like for clothes and stuff..Also need dusting in some sections

Review №98

Gud home stuffs, kitchen wears are gud n cheep.

Review №99

Its good for shopping

Review №100

Good place for shopping.

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3.4 Rating
  • Address:Pritam Tower, Bareilly - Nainital Rd, opposite Naini Valley School, Haldwani, Uttarakhand 263126, India
  • Site:
  • Phone:+91 72178 88276
  • Hypermarket
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–10PM
  • Thursday:8AM–10PM
  • Friday:8AM–10PM
  • Saturday:8AM–10PM
  • Sunday:8AM–10PM
Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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