National Karate Academy India Branch -: Haldwani
H4 , DURGA CITY CENTER, FIRST FLOOR, Bareilly - Nainital Rd, Haldwani, Uttarakhand 263139, India
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No doubt ***** Best Academy...great exposure Im more confident and empowered now All Thanks to National Karate Academy.I feel great to be a part of this academy .. If youre looking to learn martial arts National Karate Academy is the real deal. At National Karate Academy you will be taught by the best and train with meaning. This academy is ideal for anyone, of any age, with any experience level. You will get out of your training what you put in and everyone involved with this program is ready to work with you to put you at the level you want to achieve. It provides top notch martial arts training in a tight knit community environment. It is a wonderful program for kids and adults. I will always cherish my time spent at NKA and would highly recommend this Academy to anyone.

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Extremely professional coach and a wonderful environment for children. An excellent Academy that teaches children not only self defense but also self respect and confidence. Perfect Academy for children of any age!The best Karate Academy In UK..Outstanding results in National and international level......🇮🇳🌍And Im very proud to be a part of this Academy..#Karatelife 🥋🥋....

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Self-Defence classes teach essential, street-wise Self-Defence techniques. They’re designed for real world scenarios, to allow individuals to better protect themselves from threatening individuals. While Martial Arts classes are perfect for building fitness and exercising, they teach patterns and set moves that may not always apply in a pressured or stressful situation. And I would like to recommend this academy as this is the best academy in the town.

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You can’t say enough great things about this school! One of the warmest and safest environments you could ever want your children to be in. No child is left out and thought and care is given to every single student! There’s no where better to learn responsibility, discipline, and integrity! But more than a school it’s a family. Always taking care of each other and supporting one another. If your looking for a martial arts school for your children or even yourself then look no further because you won’t find one like it!

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This is an amazing place to register yourself . Teachers makes martial arts fun for the younger kids. Kids and adults love classes, such a big part of our community. I highly recommend registering yourselves

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Teachers are absolutely amazing . They are extremely generous with their time and very patient. You can really tell that they teache because they loves the game and this passion is palpable in every lesson. I started the training because I wanted to learn how to play socially. I would recommend this academy to everyone

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As promised, this academy helps an individual to gain self confidence, discipline and most importantly respect for others. Help to gain the knowledge of sport and qualities of a sports person.This organisation as ensures about the development of an individual in behaviour as well as in his/her environment as all the students get fair chance to prove themselves and participate in the tournaments according to their worth. This academy is a well recognised body.☺️Self-Defence classes are extremely useful to anyone and everyone, no matter age or gender, but they’re especially popular with women as well as those who lack confidence.So I would like recommend this academy to everyone who is willing to move ahead in their life with a good health

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National karate academy is a great academy, I adore the coaches,they are incredible,they are very good with children... They work to develop the students physically and mentally. I highly recommend this academy for people who wants to learn self defence or interested in learning new techniques in self defence..

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One of the best Karate academy in the town. The ambience is really good with full of positivity. This is a perfect place to learn Karate.Highly recommend!!

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The place is very thoughtfully designed and the teachers make sure that the experience of learning karate is also mixed with funAll the instructors are well trained, patient and well acclaimed in the game.I highly recommend the National Karate Academy to anyone interested in this amazing sport.

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Awesome academy to learn self defence,martial arts etc. Well trained instructors. Nice ambient and very affordable. Thanks for making me a part of ur Academy. Great job god bless u guys.

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From the facility to the staff, its a top-notch operation. You learn valuable skills while having fun, and you get a great workout.”Its a great school for your child to learn how to protect, discipline himself and to be respectful, helpful to the others

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Fantastic program to allow people to train in traditional karate wherever and whenever they want. The instructions are clear and concise and there is a wide range of training resources available

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Best academy in whole state.I am going to suggest all my friends to be a part of this academy and would recommend this academy to everyone

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It is one of the best places to learn Karate, and they take personal care of each individual student Nd teach them the best techniques suitable according to their style. The teaching staff is so friendly Nd amazing, it feels like my second home now.

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Wonderful experience great faculty got to learn many things.... If you search for a place to be fit or keep your mind calm I would recommend this place.

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We get professional Players and coaches in national karate academy very good stuff and the main thing they use very safe and effective methods to teach new students i will definitely suggest everyone who is interested in martial arts to join this academy...

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The best training one could have is this academy. Coaching provided here is in a unique way which helps us to improve the skill very easily.

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Best academy in Haldwani city. Coaches are well trained. if youre are looking to learn karate NKA is the besttttt place.

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The trainer will guide you and teach you deliver a punch or kick and train you to against an enemy. This will not only give you good training in self defence but also boost your morale..

Review №21

A really great place to learn and grow your skills .The coaches are helpful and motivating you to push your limits and get the grind .

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As it is a form of intense cardio, martial arts can help burn a lot of calories and ensuring weight loss too. An average of about one hour session can burn up to 450 calories per session too.

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Best place to improve ur skills coaches r one of the best in IndiaIt helped me a lot in increasing my confident and in learning so many new technique

Review №24

One of the best academies led by one of the finest Karate coach Mr. Satish Joshi which work towards identifying and nurturing young talent and in the process provide a focused path to Success in this beautiful sport ( Karate ).

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Some of the best places to get your basic trainings which can really mould you into being a master at the art.👍

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Wonderful exposure, excellent trainer, nice ambience and the best environment to train and strengthen body and mind with learning self defense along with nice exposure to the competitive world of sports by participating in different national tournaments conducted under their ambit

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A really good place to learn the basic skills and enhance your performance with the support of helpful coaches . They motivate you to stay fit physically and mentally . You will have a good experience definately recommend the academy ..

Review №28

Best academy in the state.They have all well designed equipments and talented teachers

Review №29

Best academy I found in haldwani .. And you will get the finest and awesome instructor in haldwani..And his bro Deepanshu too is goodHe will help you in learning karate.Dont think too much . Just join it

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Most popular academy in haldwani.. Approved by karate association of India.. Feeling proud to be a part of #national #karate #acdemy 😎✌️✌️

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Nice place to learn karate as the coaches are very much trained and there way of providing training to candidate is marvelous...💕💕

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The Best Karate Academy in the State and in the region.I loved to visit the academy and wish that academy will flourish in the region and more and more athletes will be benefitted

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My daughter trains here and the facilities and equipments are well and up to date. I prefer you to go here.

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Its a great opportunity to be a part of this academy.....i found it the best academy where i learned a lot nd gained a lot... National Karate Academy is going to be the best academy evr.....

Review №35

This is the BEST martial arts studio you can ever attend. Sehan SATISH JOSHI, Sensai NEELESH JOSHI, and Sensai PRAGYA JOSHI have such a wonderful way with children. They foster family, friendship, honor, and respect. You cannot go wrong!!I would highly recommend this academy.

Review №36

Joining National karate academy was one of t most prestigious decision of my life. Here I was trained under Sihan Satish Joshi, sensai Pragya joshi and sensai Neelesh Joshi. The academy has all the modern facilities and equipments which help us to learn all the ancient and modern techniques and gestures. Not only the game but we are even taught Japanese as the game is originated from Japan. The guidance, excellence of our coaches has always been with us. The academy simply gives us the best of ourselves.

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Best in the town, teachers are also very friendly and supportive.Would highly recommend this place to everyone.

Review №38

Best karate academy .💪 place to show ur skill and get the best of you .

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Its a great school for our child to learn how to protect, discipline himself and to be respectful, helpful to the others.

Review №40

My sister is very satisfied with the classes and she has improved tremendously. Would like to reccomend to everyone.

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My brother attends this class and he is very satisfied and I would like to reccomend to everyone.

Review №42

A perfect place for learning. Amazing coaches and talented players.

Review №43

Best Academy, Outstanding.. Keep up the good work

Review №44

The best in City.. Good opportunity for beginners and professionals aswell..

Review №45

Its a great platform. All the best!

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One of the best Academy in India..Champions are Made not Born..🇮🇳🇮🇳

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Best place to increase yourself in karate.. 🔥👍

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Nice academy we can improve all lot in this academy

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This is an amazing place to register yourself . Teachers makes martial arts fun for the younger kids. Kids and adults love classes, such a big part of our community. I highly recommend registering yourselves

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Best trainers available , who are dedicated to the sports and the trainee.

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Undoubtedly best place to learn and to grow😊

Review №52

Best academy in kumaon region..

Review №53

Absolute .. Perfect .. Mind blowing .. Outstanding

Review №54

Best karate academy in haldwani

Review №55

Amazing place and amazing experience!

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Every girl who want self safety classes must join this.

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Great platform to develop the skills

Review №58

Great place and awesome exposure

Review №59

Nice place to learn..

Review №60

Great place for training

Review №61

One of the best Academy.

Review №62

Nice Acadmey

Review №63

The first such academy in the history of Haldwani is that it is going to cooperate in the continuation of child males and illuminate the region in the field of sports and in the country.And I live continuously in my life. Thanks to National Karate Academy India (Haldwani) for providing all these cooperation

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