Kaladhungi Rd, near Lal Danth, Tiraha, Pilikothi, Haldwani, Uttarakhand 263139, India
Review №1

Best doctor for treatment of Ulcerative Colitis.I started my treament with Dr. Sanjay Joshi and in just 15 days i got results. My condition is getting better and better day by day. My most of the UC symptoms have stopped and i am feeling healthy and great with no side effects.A Big thanks to Dr. Sanjay Joshi and his team.

Review №2

Dr. SanjayJoshi is the well known and best in his specialisation as far as in my knowledge. Dr. Joshi is very experienced and calm minded with perfection in the treatment. He is understanding and prescribe you with your feasability and flexibility of time. The staff members were also polite and cooperative. If anyone having piles, fissure or fistula, do visit Dr. Sanjay Joshi and this Sharshutra treatment is the best treatment of this problem.I have done this treatment and now I am feeling healthy and happy. For the best result, follow each and every thing he says and youll get fast result. Thanks to Dr. Sanjay Joshi.

Review №3

Dr Joshi is a very good and polite person. He is one of the best ksharsutra and annorectal Dr in haldwani. If any one suffering from piles and fistulu and any other chronic diseases they must visit to joshi clinic.

Review №4

Dr. Joshi is a very good and calm minded doctor, he is of a very nice nature and has a positive mindset. He is one of the best Ksharsutra specialist in Haldwani. I am very happy with by treatment, I was diagnosed in a very professional manner. The staff too were very nice and helpful.

Review №5

Dr. Joshi Ayurvedic clinic is the best place for piles, fissure, and fistula treatments. writing this review after my treatment. now I am totally cured of my fissure problem. Dr. Joshi sir is very friendly and he explains clearly about our problems. Thank you sir.

Review №6

Dr sanjay Joshi is very nice person . He handles my problem in a very good way. If anyone suffering from piles and fistula they must visit there. he is the best Piles Doctor clinic in Haldwani. 100% satisfied with their treatment.

Review №7

Best clinic for anorectal diseases. Dr Sanjay Joshi is very good and calm doctor. He is very supportive nature. He is one of the best ksharsutra docter in haldwani. The staff of this clinic very supportive and helpful. Thanku doctor for treatment. Highly recommended

Review №8

Highly recommend ..One of the best Clinic for the treatment . Best doctor & supported staffs are very good & helpful ..Thanku doctor for the treatment ..

Review №9

Dr Sanjay Joshi is best anorectal doctor in kumoun area for any problem regarding pils, fissure and fistula must visit

Review №10

One of the best treatments for Anorectal problemsUnmatched knowledge and polite and cheerful nature to make patients feel comfortable and reduce their stress and pain.

Review №11

For the last 3 yrs Took treatment from many doctors but not benefited. then we came to JOSHI PILES CLINIC and Got operated on through Ayurvedic kshar-Sutra surgery. Its a daycare procedure with little pain.and no rest. Now my mom is quite well.

Review №12

I was suffering from fistula in ano since last 7 yrs. I visited many alopethic doctor but was not completely cured. I got to know about Dr Sanjay joshi clinic Haldwani, from Google and meet him. He treated me through kshar sutra ayurvedic treatment. Now I am completely fit and feeling very comfortable. He is polite and answered all my queries in a Profesional manner. I would suggest you please visit him, if you are suffering from any kind of anorectal disease.

Review №13

I am suffering from rectoscrotal fistula since last 2 years , i met to Dr Sanjay Joshi for my treatment.he treat me through Ayurvedic kshar-sutra takes 4 month to treat. Now I am completely fit and is very good and proficient in his work. Best doctor in kumaon for Ayurvedic treatment. Highly recommend.

Review №14

Myself Girish Singh I was suffering from fistula in ano since last 6 years ,I met to dr Sanjay Joshi in Haldwani for kshar sutra treatment, he treated me and I am completely fit, doctor nature is very good and cooperativ. I am completely satisfied and also advise to others for any anorectal problem consult to dr Sanjay Joshi undoubtedly. Highly recommended for ayurvedic treatment.

Review №15

I was suffering from fistula in ano since last 2 years I visited many doctors but was not cured . I got to know about sanjay joshi clinic haldwani from Google and visited the clinic. The treatment was very helpful and I am now completely cured from this disease. I suggest every one to visit Dr. Sanjay joshi definitely without any doubt. Dr. Sanjay joshi behaviour was very nice and decent. I highly recommend every patient to this clinic.

Review №16

Best ayurvedic doctor in kumaon for any anorectal problem. I was suffering from infected chronic fissure .Dr sanjay joshi treat me through ayurvedic kshar-sutra treatment. Now I am completely fit. I am very thankful to dr sanjay joshi. He is very kind hearted and cooperative doctor. Highly recommend for any ayurvedic treatment. He also treat abdominal problem very well. Thanks to save my life.

Review №17

Best ayurvedic doctor in haldwani and kumaon. Very cooperativ . Highly skilled . Everybody should visit for any ayurvedic treatment for any disease.

Review №18

Dr Sanjay Joshi is highly qualified in their field. He treated my fisssur through ayurvedic ksharsutra treatment. Now Im completely fit. He is kind hearted very cooperative .highly experienced. Always recommended for any appreciation problem.

Review №19

Very good doctor for anorectal diseases.Do you also treat IBS related symptoms like ulcerative colitis?

Review №20

Well experienced doctor and supportive nature. My fissure treated by Him by sharshutra treatment. It was good experienced with him..👍👍👍👍 highly recommend for any anorectal problem

Review №21

Best ayurvedic doctor in Kumaon for abdomen and anorectal diseases. Highly proficient. Kind hearted. Kshar Sutra specialist.

Review №22

Hi Sanjay Sir is the best Ayurvedic doctor in kumaon Region. He is polite and answered my all queries in a professional manner. I would suggest you to please visit if you are suffering from any kind of health issues. He has more than 18 years of experience.

Review №23

Well experienced Doctor. Treated my Chronic fissure successfully with Kshar sutra treatment.Highly recommended

Review №24

Very experienced doctor of kshar sutra if patients are suffering any anorectal problem please consult him and treatment own .....

Review №25

He is the best ayurvedic consultant.Behaviour is so good.Kshar sutr specialist

Review №26

Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Haldwani.Dr.Joshi is very best Person,very Kind, Helpful and supportive.Highly recommended

Review №27

Best Ayurvedic doctor in all kumaon.i was suffering from fissure and fistula .dr sanjay joshi treat me well through ayurvedic kshar sutra treatment. He is proficient in his work,very co-operative,humble, highly recommend undoubtedly.

Review №28

Plz say that maam to do billing calculations correctly..🙏🙏 I wont this happen with others

Review №29

Dr. Joshi is the best Ayurvedic doctor when it comes to Kshar Sutra treatment. He is very knowledgeable at what he does.I was suffering from fistula and even had a failed surgery but dr Joshi cured it completely within a short span.If you want to get cured completely go for Kshar sutra treatment only without thinking twice about it. It has zero side effects and doesnt require any bedrest.

Review №30

Best Ayurvedic doctor for anorectal diseases. I am very satisfied. I was suffering from fistua fron long time. Dr joshi treated me through kshar sutra treatment now i am completely fit. Very nice, humble doctor. Very cooperative. Highly recommended undoubtedly.

Review №31

Best kshar shutra surgeon for anorectal problem in haldwani

Review №32

Best homeopathy doctor...

Review №33

A very good Ayurvedic consultant for piles,fisher and fistula.Result oriented doctor.

Review №34

Excellent result and good experience thank u Dr sahab...... regards priyank Chauhan

Review №35

Nice person and is proficient in his work..Very helpful and kind with the patients and hardworking and professional.....👍👍👍👍

Review №36

Best Doctor and a very nice Human being. And of course he does a good job and so professional . He is caring and his utmost concern is pateint’s comfort.

Review №37

I completely recommended this doctor I have suffering from piles but only one weak tretmenyally piles got reduce and i very happy with this treatment he is treating my piles very pod.His behavior is also very good.They talk very possibly and its attitude is positive..Best doctor of haldwani

Review №38

Highly recommended doctor for treatment of piles. Very helpful and kind with the patients and hardworking and professional.

Review №39

The best clinic gives treatment with Ayurveda in haldwani..Highly recommend....

Review №40

The best clinic for piles and fistula treatment through kshar-sutra therapy...highly recommended

Review №41

Best Aaurvedic doctors in Haldwani. Specially for piles and fistula.. Kind hearted very cooperative .highly recommend.

Review №42

Best Dr For piles and fistula in Haldwani and also for abdominal disease. Highly recommend

Review №43

Best doctor in haldwani for piles and fistula .they treat through kshar sutra therapy. Highly recommend..

Review №44

Best Ayurvedic doctor in Haldwani. Dr. Joshi is very polite, helpful and supportive. Highly recommended..!!

Review №45

Best ayurvedin doctor in haldwani all facilities availabe for pilles and fistula fessure treatment he is proficient in his work..Very humble kind person. Highly recommend all Ayuvedic treatment..

Review №46

LM meBest ayurvedic doctor in haldwani,highly recommended, kind hearted very co-operative.

Review №47

Best Ayurvedic doctor for piles and fistula in haldwani and kumaoun. They treat piles and fistula through world famous Ayurvedic kshar-sutra surgery.. Highly recommend. Also treat abdominal problem through Ayurvedic medicine.

Review №48

Dr Joshi is very skilled and experienced physician of Ayurveda at his zone with his unique speciality in Ayurvedic Kshar sutra treatment in Anorectal diseases with a very high success rate in comparison with modern surgical therapy.He has been successfully dealing with life style diseases and Anorectal diseases with Ayurvedic medicines n therapy.

Review №49

He is a good intelligent doctor for ayurvedic but some how my experience with him gave me a feeling that he let the patient very possibly. I got a facelity done from Dr Sanjay who made my jawline not only do I look pretty but also 10 years younger...I recommended Dr Sanjay to treat best..

Review №50

Best aayurvedik doctor in haldwani hlghly recommend.

Review №51

Best clinic and doctor for ayurvedic treatment in Haldwani.Highly recommended.

Review №52

A must visit doctor if you are suffering from a chronic diseases (like me). I am giving a 5 star rating only because there is no option to rate him 6.

Review №53

Thanks for being such a kind doctor and being patient all the time.

Review №54

Outstanding Doctor in his field, a very kind and humble person. 👍

Review №55

The best ayuvadic treatment in piles and fistula in haldwani.

Review №56

He is a very good doctor and a great human being.

Review №57

Highly proficient and professional treatment with utmost care and regard for the patients

Review №58

One of the best ayurvedacharya in HALDWANI

Review №59

Good work

Review №60

Best doctor for ksharsutra treatment in piles and fistula and abdominal diseases... 👍👍👍

Review №61

Nice person and is proficient in his work

Review №62

Highly recommended

Review №63

Highly recommend

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