Review №1

Very experienced and professional staff. Great prices and they had the ammo no one else in the country has. Love this place.

Review №2

Amazing everything. Great selection of items. Staff is amazing. Friendly, helpful and know their stuff. Keep up the good work

Review №3

Do your own research before going, staff should be as far away from the guns as possible at all times.

Review №4

These guys are a joke....they want you to do the leg work and they will gladly sell to you! Not me!

Review №5

Amazing store to deal with. Have been there several times now and the staff are always friendly, courteous and extremely willing to help you with any and all questions. Phil and his staff do an awesome job and I will be back again very soon I am sure !

Review №6

Great local gun shop ! I’ve purchased 3 guns Staff are always friendly and helpful

Review №7

P&d is the best shop to purchase any and all of your firearm needs, I have been dealing with them for 20 plus years and they have expanded greatly but still have great staff with great knowledge. There customer service is second to none 👍

Review №8

Great service. Best place to buy guns locally. Fair prices. Just could use a little more stock.

Review №9

Very nice selection of firearms, scopes and accessories. Will definately go there again.

Review №10

Great shop. Competitive prices. They mounted my rifle scope very well.I did talk to one younger fella who seemed to know very little about the handguns in front of him and “pulled the answers out of his (you know what)”. I was surprised to realize, as a new RPAL owner at the time, that I knew more than the guy working behind the counter. It was weird, he just stood there in silence :-/Their regular staff are great and very knowledgeable!

Review №11

The staff here ( tim ) are great and always helpful.

Review №12

This place is above and beyond top notch in every way possible. They have amazing, friendly and helpful staff. They are extremely knowledgeable and are a true pleasure to deal with. I had come in just before Christmas to purchase a gift on my lunch break and they went above and beyond to help me achieve this. I cannot say enough good things about this store!! Support local-Shop here!!! Thank you guys so much!!

Review №13

This was a great place to go. Super helpful and good pricing. But the old lady, and the kids that work there are clearly liberal, and live to enforce the mask issue. I have a legitimate exemption, documented and legal but the old lady yelled me to have my nose fully covered.It’s a shame really. I found a couple stores in Ontario, similarly pricing, free shipping on anything which is my new go to. Last year I spent a little over $5,000 here. I won’t be supporting local anymore. Do your research. There are companies that’ll price match P&D online that are legit.Lost all my business, and unfortunately my opinion carried onto my circle of people that shopped here and won’t anymore.

Review №14

Very nice shop with a TON of selection for hunting. I was offered help by multiple staff members at various times. I found the black rifle section to be somewhat lacking compared to the rest of the store, but I would partially attribute that to the inability to keep those rifles on the shelves for longer than 5 minutes during these times... I walked out with a Mossberg 500 that Ill likely never part with.

Review №15

Thank you to the P&D family so much during this tough time. You’ve always surpassed our needs and I am great full for your service and hard work. Especially id like to that Tim for your diligence and precision on the work you do on my husbands and my hunting rifles. You have helped keep our family fed for several years. You Guys and Gals are so wonderful.

Review №16

Went there to get a repair done on my shotgun .The older Lady was pretty rude and told me that there is only 1 year warranty on it and I purchased the gun 2 years ago.So ,no service and no help.I went online and found out that the manufacture gives 5 year on there guns. Send the gun in (I paid for it) and did not pay for the repair at all.I guess if you are not buying and just causing some interruption in there cash/flow you are not welcome. P&D just lost my business.Costumer service is not existing.

Review №17

Would totally rate 5 stars if they had more information online, we finally had to make a trip to physically visit the store. The staff was friendly right on entry, asked what we needed and pointed it out; and every single staff member encountered knew where to find anything we asked for and were never pushy. They didn’t have the Remington tactical bits we had come for but did have a selection for Mossberg. Huge, HUGE ammo and reloading selection. Clean, bright, safe and lots on display for you to see before buying. We’ll be back at some point, and our friends are pretty much on their way already. (They sent us back twice for things as they read their texts haha!)

Review №18

Excellent service and very skilled and knowledgeable staff, if you need a firearm or anything to do with hunting or shooting, this is the place to go.its a small family owned business with staff members that know what they are doing and are very good at it.Lets give small businesses like this one our business and let the big stores supply clothing and BBQ s.

Review №19

Great guys and great shop. Staff is knowledgeable and very helpful.I will definitely be shopping here again.

Review №20

Dennis knows a lot about mounting optics properly. Has been a great experience working with these people. Highly recommend.

Review №21

Great independent shop with knowledgeable staff that do their best to get you what you need. Good selection and fast shipping, pleasure to deal with.

Review №22

Rude ladies in the front who can’t be bothered to help you with the simplest transaction and speaking to a manager won’t get you a token apologies for the terrible, rude, dismissive service. That’s a culture problem.

Review №23

I always enjoy coming in and seeing what’s available. Huge variety and lots of staff who know what they are talking about, I always learn a ton and find what I need.

Review №24

Always helpful and knowledgeable. Helped me boost my car battery without complaint when it wouldnt start.

Review №25

Presented to this place to purchase a gun. Had the misfortune to interact with a counter person who chose to wear a bandana for a mask, and refused to keep that covering his nose or mouth, even after being asked to do so. This person then displayed apparent wilful ignorance as to how a mask should be worn. The owner indicated that she was unable to require employees or those entering the store to wear a mask, despite the current city by-law requiring this. Ironic that one IS REQUIRED to have an unmasked picture taken in order to enter the store, Apparently, they are willing to enforce this, despite not being required by law. Incredible display of a lack of civic responsibility and concern for customer/employee safety in the middle of this pandemic.

Review №26

Fantastic local business! Knowledgeable staff and fair prices.

Review №27

Very good selection and prices. Staff is very good

Review №28

Experienced staff in every area! Wide variety of selection of firearms and optics.

Review №29

Helpful staff, very good selection of product, great for reloading supplies. Very competitive pricing, Locally owned, skip the big box stores and head to P&D

Review №30

Nice store, Great prices on ammo, the website is fantastic and always up to date. id give them 10 stars if i could!

Review №31

Bought a scope here and had it mounted in store today, the folks here are very knowledgeable and friendly. 10/10 would recommend.

Review №32

Great product selection, probably the best in the city. Staff were super friendly and very knowledgable. They had no problem answering any of my many questions. Prices and selection on ammo is definitely better than anywhere Ive seen. some of the ammo was $20-30 cheaper than cabalas or canadian tire. This place is the one stop shop for all your firearm needs! 100% this place is going to be the first on my GO-TO list of shops.

Review №33

Good assortment and price. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff

Review №34

Staff are like the gestapo. what a joke. never going there again

Review №35

The best of the best in the edmonton area

Review №36

Good staff usually good selection at lest before the new laws

Review №37

Had a great experience here! Been trying to find a certain firearm for a few months and was surprised to find out they could order it in when I phoned last week. Received it in less than a week and the price even came in less than initially quoted. Thanks Ben and everyone else at P & D!

Review №38

Honestly one of the best firearms shops in Edmonton. The cost is definitely not always the cheapest but usually it is made up for in service and the fact they have experienced people who know a lot about what they are selling. Usually have answered most questions and are always friendly and helpful.

Review №39

Lots of friendly employees willing to help, and answer questions. Firearm purchased without a trigger guard though, which Im not worried about but some might want that.

Review №40

Absolutely fantastic place from my experience. I came in looking for a bolt action .270 and the sales person was very knowledgeable of all of the rifles i was shown. The tech who installed my scope rings was extremely professional and understanding towards my lack of experience with glass. He set me up with a nice entry level scope and was very knowledgeable about all of his products. The rifle shoots great; I had it dialed in at 100 yards without having to make any adjustments after installation. Will definitely be returning in the future

Review №41

Amazing family owned store. I love the staff and great customer service. I have left a few paychecks at this place and I am sure I will leave a few more.

Review №42

PLEASE READ FULL REVIEW:Warning DO NOT GO TO THESE PEOPLE TO SELL YOUR GUNS!! Other reviewers are correct. They will rip you off without a thought on trade. Even if you bought your guns from them in the first place. I tried to sell 2 of mine. Total to purchase $1100, they wanted to give me $400 for the pair and to resell at $425 - $450 each. Go elsewhere.Now for the a regular store they are without peer. I have recently found these guys after searching for a place that actually cares, unlike other places (ALL local big name stores shall remain unmentioned), and will now not go anywhere else. These guys are the best. They treat you more like a family then a customer and are always willing to spend the time to talk to you and let you browse. They have the best selection of any place that I have gone and they always try to bring what they can as often as they can. No regrets going here.

Review №43

Purchased a limited edition Browning from P & D Enterprises as it was the only place I could find that had one. Right from the start I was impressed with their customer service. They have a large inventory of firearms that are well described on their website - however, understandably, they dont have photos of each gun. When I came across the rifle I was looking for, I emailed their general address requesting a photo and a few details. I received a reply the next morning with photo and full list of specs.Several weeks later I decided to purchase the rifle and emailed all required information. Within a couple hours I had received confirmation from Malinda that my order was being processed and given the choice of adding shipping insurance. She later confirmed when it was shipped with an ETA. I have just received the gun and am beyond pleased. I have made countless purchases online and can honestly say that their customer service ranks among the best. I wouldnt hesitate to purchase from them again.

Review №44

Went in looking for a deer rifle, Ian was super helpful.

Review №45

I have been dealing with P and D for well over 20 years. I have dealt with Dianne, Phil, Chris and multiple sales people over the years and have always been treated with nothing but professionalism, friendliness, excellent knowledge and warmth over this time. It is a pleasure to have such an asset in our community. What is even greater is the service that is provided that you cannot find in the big box stores. Many thumbs up to this wonderful place.

Review №46

Went there after a bad experience elsewhere, and found the best quality cleaning accessories, rifle cases, and supplies around with a great selection! Yes, the prices are a bit high, on dinky things like a trigger lock they might be 2x elsewhere, but they also sell cheaper alternatives NOT found elsewhere. Prices on ammo might be 20% higher for some stuff but prices on rifle boxes and shooting mats are about the same. The girls at the front counter are charming and pretty AND KNOWLEDGEABLE. They have a huge staff for the size of the location, many of whom are near expert and ALL of whom are friendly and funny.Also there is taffy on the counter. I know this because I ate almost the whole bowl while I happily spent more than $300 on supplies I may or may not have needed but definitely wanted.The people at P&D put a little more heart into their store, with clever selections of refurbished guns rebuilt with neat stocks for a fair price as well as new guns and used items.Not everything is cheapest at P&D but you can choose to buy nice things or cheap things... there are fair prices and some expensive prices, but nothing exorbitant.I like it there. Theyre playful and cool and have all sorts of great toys. And candy.

Review №47

Bought 2 courses for firearms licenses I couldnt make it since its saturday only I ended up not being able to make it. Lost the ability to attend and the cost of 2 firearms courses. Sucks. And no one batted an eye when I asked for an time I should if done a course somewhere else

Review №48

Easy transaction over the phone and very accommodating pick up as i am from out of town, great job all!!

Review №49

Best place for ammo and second hand deals

Review №50

Quality service, very knowledgeable.

Review №51

Decent place with ok prices. Phone service was good, internet service is slow, definitely recommend calling them instead. I have bought several firearms here, would like to see them donate to the ccfr before I purchase here again though.

Review №52

These guys are extremely knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and make it seem like theyre there to help you rather than just sell you something. I bought a rifle here at the best price I could find. Support local when you can.

Review №53

Good price and a lot of nice gadgets in reloading and choosing!!!

Review №54

Good selection of high end rifles but very poor selection of custom accessories considering their business is just guns. Pricing is usually way high with the exception of one scope I bought. Will be giving my business to Alberta Tactical Rifle from now on where its a one stop shop for all your precision rifle needs. Oh and and they refuse to help if you have issues with a night force scope. Definitely a hobbyist store not a serious shop

Review №55

Possibly the best selection in western Canada, but they rarely have the best prices. This wouldnt bother me if they price matched, but they wont. They always say they have the best customer service and that service offsets the higher prices. With the exception of the owner (Dianne) the staff is polite, but not always that knowledgeable. There are really only 3-4 people in this store I would trust implicitly. Again, beware of Dianne! I saw her shred a customer to pieces (in front of 4 other customers) because the first customers husband lost his job and they asked to get out of a layaway. Not cool! I do not fault P&Ds layaway policy, but a little sympathy would have been nice. It certainly wouldnt have cost her anything to be polite.I have bought a hand gun and 3 rifles at P&D, as well as thousands of rounds of ammo. Because of their selection I will shop there again. I will also shop elsewhere when possible.

Review №56

***** Update ***** Still not too jazzed about not getting a gun for months BUT turns out the manufacturer and distributor (neither of which are P&D) were both working in bad faith to deliver guns to their customers all the while continuing to accept deposits. A lot of retail stores and direct buyers got burned. Review has been updated to reflect this was not P&Ds error. ****Put a deposit on a gun for a pre-order 15 months ago. I check in every 2-3 months to see whats up and get the same line every time, when it comes in well call you. The best part is, this gun has become available online on almost every Canadian firearms site multiple times in this timeframe.

Review №57

Not really sure what I did wrong, I came in without attitude looking to sell or consign a couple handguns and had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with some rather rude, older woman. Sincerely not a pleasurable experience, I explained that I wasn’t even sure what to expect for these guns, I merely came in looking to have a conversation with someone and was told several times that since they are used I cannot expect to even come close to what I want, even though I never mentioned what I was looking for since I honestly don’t know.Really wish I could have talked to one of these friendly people with customer service that others mentioned. I guess they must get people coming in here all the time looking to sell guns for more than they are worth and as such have developed this attitude, or I just caught this woman at the wrong time of the month. I apologized for coming in and wasting the woman’s precious time, and told her I will promptly get out of her store.I don’t know what used firearms sell for, I had no expectations of selling them for a higher than market value I tried explaining that and tried explaining that I wasn’t desperate for money. I think I’d recommend taking your used guns elsewhere, or selling them privately. Obviously used guns are not worth anything and that’s fine, but I do know that it’s definitely not worth dealing ole grumpy pants.

Review №58

Very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff! Every time I go in here, I’m greeted and asked if I need help. They will not hesitate to show you anything you are interested in. Good prices on most items! Highly recommend them!

Review №59

One of the best shopping experiences I have had has been with P&D. Friendly and knowledgeable staff are always quick to help. I have spent a few thousand dollars here and wont hesitate to spend more in the future. All in all a very comfortable and pleasurable shopping experience.

Review №60

Stopped in to look around and ended up buying a few things. Service was awesome and the selection instore is amazing.

Review №61

Short version suggestions:- Update archaic website lacking optics / ammo / reloading- Update archaic employee that buys firearms.Friendly sales staff, Good Selection in store.Website is updated weekly with selection of firearms, however absolutely NO optics or ammo listings online.Stars lost specifically for the way the used gun buying is handled, other reviewers also mentions having these experiences with one of the shop owners, Dianne.She genuinely made it feel like I was trying to pull something over on her, like she was doing me a favour just for making a very low ball offer.She also seems to have a thing against air pistols and claims that airguns bring in the wrong crowd, I took that to mean young people without loads of money to spend. Ironically this goes directly against the stated philosophy of Encourage newcomers that is posted on their website.While said part owner is busy questioning her customers intelligence, its ironic that she cant see her own impact on the business even when it is posted to her multiple times.

Review №62

Awesome place and people! Very friendly and great selection!

Review №63

Their staff actually treats rookies with dignity at the gun counter (unheard of!). Good prices and tons of reloading stuff on the shelves. Ive bought lots of guns and reloading stuff from these guys and never had a problem.

Review №64

I went to P & D for a Ruger American. There was one older salesperson walking the isles that I couldnt tell if he was trying to be funny or offend me. I then went to a sales person named Jess who set me up and was very helpful. I was so impressed with her help, I went to her when i came back to pick out an AR15. She was professional, yet was great to talk to about the products with a passion for the sport (Which rubbed off on me). I look for her now for any purchases. Thanks Jess!

Review №65

Tried to purchased a firearm from P & D Enterprises on a Thursday. Gave them all the info including PAL# and Visa#. Got a call later that day to say that it was already packed on a truck for a show and would be back in the shop on the following Monday and Id get a shipping price. I call on Tuesday as I havent heard from them to find out they sold the firearm at the show and didnt tell me. They offered to get me another one BUT I already know the prices have gone thru the roof on this one and that the new price would be at least $200 more for this revolver. Not the greatest customer service for online sales.

Review №66

Always a great experience to just come in and look about when in the city. Super Friendly crew and knowledgeable

Review №67

It is so amazing that this shop is cheating on people who have taken their property to trade in, and are being treated like garbage. P&D is becoming very unreliable place to do any business.My suggestion to those with bad experience: Call the Best Business Bureau, as soon as you realize you are being treated like garbage. I am one of the victims too and have heard so many negative things about P&D. I have one more product that they have placed it on order, and if I do not receive it in 2 weeks time, I will be complaining to Best Business Bureau.

Review №68

P&D is where you go for great prices, customer service and a great experience. Ive made a 4 purchases from them now and will defiantly again. My friends and I are always happy buying from P&D. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! :)

Review №69

Service was very good. But strange way dealing with use handgun. You cannot disassemble to check the barrel, slide and inside the gun. It is like buying a use car and not able to test drive, open the hood to check the engine and rest of the car.

Review №70

Excellent customer service everybody is friendly. they went out of their way to get my transfer done same day because I live out of town. I will never shop any other place

Review №71

I was in the market for a tikka or sako & wanted a burris eliminator 3 for a scope. I stopped at p&d before any other store and got a sales rep who thought it was better to lecture me on how horrible the burris eliminator would be and that the store there would recommend a shooter spend time at the range then buy that scope. People should learn to shoot he says not use fancy gadgets that dont work.I laughed. He laughed but he was dead serious. When I asked for alternatives to the burris he said there was none. How about the sig sauer bdx system?When it came to the guns I was handed one or two guns and that was it. No questions were asked on what Im shooting. How far. How often. Whats my purpose for the gun. When it came to alternatives on a scope he passed me $300 scopes to look at. I had to press him to see higher quality alternatives in a similar price range to the eliminator.If thats the type of service Ill get by supporting local then I may as well buy online. Needless to say if you want to be lectured by a sales guy on what not to buy who provides no input on the products then p&d is the place to shop.Obviously another shop earned my families business this christmas. I dont know too many shops who want to see a $5000 sale walk out the door.

Review №72

Awesome place for all your hunting and sport shooting supplies.

Review №73

I drive all the way to Edmonton from red deer when its time to buy a new gun. these guys are by far worth the drive. I have dealt with them many times and each trip has left me happy. you can judge a retailer on there service after your purchase, and with p&d it is exceptional. I had a set of scope rings break which damaged the scope in the process. Leopold would not warranty them so these guys went above and beyond to ensure I was satisfied and resolved the problem, and they have permanently earned my business. I highly recommend these guys. knowledgeable and fun to buy from! A+

Review №74

Bought a PM II Schmidt and Bender scope, which they then installed for free. Lapped rings and fit up perfectly, 7 years later no issues. Always great service.

Review №75

Smart people who love what they do. They were happy to show me a variety of guns without making me feel obligated to buy. Very friendly and professional and a wealth of knowledge.

Review №76

Help me out with mix up.Great service

Review №77

I love this place. Great service everytime. Had an older gun that someone drilled the base holes off center. Took it all around the city looking for bases but none would adjust far enough for how much the holes where off. Took it to P&D and Dennis worked his magic and got it done.

Review №78

Great selection in this store. Had knowledgeable staff help with purchases. Definitely recommend this place for your hunting and accessory needs.

Review №79

Every time I come here I have a great experience. The staff are professional, knowledgeable, and very friendly. The selection of firearms, ammunition, and accessories cant be beat and their prices are very competitive.

Review №80

Lota of variety and very informative sales people

Review №81

Down to earth sales people.Not condescending towards newbies.Great experience everytime.Keep up the good work.

Review №82

I went there for the first time and was amazed how much stuff they had ! The store was super busy . I had been looking for a 1911 ruger for some time and I seen one there and was happy because the price was a good one!! I asked the lady if I could see it and she helped me right away with all my questions as it was my first time buying a restricted . She also got the answers right away that she didnt know for me. The other staff I talked to as well were very helpful . I like that because Im young and most other places dont take me serious and take forever to help me. Like any store some of there prices could be lower but they also have good prices depends what you want! I will be doing most my shopping there from now on !!! Oh and talk to Jess shes the lady that helped me , very friendly!

Review №83

Just bought a leupold scope. Walked in with a firm understanding with what I wanted. With this, the staff were very knowledgable about all scopes and gave informative insight. This led to a great purchase and great experience.

Review №84

Just pulled up at 5:20. Looks like they are closed. Be nice if businesses followed their posted hours.

Review №85

Great firearm and gun accessories store. Friendly staff and great prices

Review №86

I greatly enjoy going to this store! The staff are always very helpful, and very knowledgable. There is a P.A.L course available thru them as well. Very large selection of firearms and ammunition available in almost any caliber you could be looking for. Been enjoying this gold mine for many years now.

Review №87

Went in for the tiny small ball bearing for the safety on my Mossberg 590. Asked how much it would be. He told me not much. I asked if i could get the part and then i could install it myself. I was told he would have to look in the back. I had to leave and come back about an hour later. When I got the bill I just about fell off my chair. $52. I guess it was partially my fault for not getting a solid $ value.

Review №88

The staff is great but their turn around on buying guns from people is terrible as other reviews have specified. Do yourself a favor & dont sell your guns here.

Review №89

Omg. Awesome candy store for adults.

Review №90

Went to cabelas and after waiting 15 minutes to get some help, they never had what i wanted. So they referred me to P&D, i drove down and immediately got help from a very nice aussie guy. He showed me the gun i was interested in and answered all my questions and even gave me tips about that specific rifle. Overall i was extremely impressed with the help and professionalism of the staff, they raised the bar.

Review №91

Purchased a few firearms and other stuff from here. Great selection but brutal staff. Not a welcoming place. Youll be avoided and when you ask a question the answer is always short and condescending, everyone is too busy to deal with the customer in the store. Avoid the long black haired woman as she will kill your excitement for firearms shopping instantly with her bitter attitude and lack of knowledge of the product she sells in her store. The only reason to go here is the selection.

Review №92

Always a great experience. Staff is fantastic. They are personable and knowledgeable. I recommend them above any of the other sites in the Edmonton area.

Review №93

Rude and unaccommodating.

Review №94

Good staff and super helpful. Takes some time to cash out on pre-ordered items, but overall always a good experience.

Review №95

Great mom and pop gun store. Very good selection and good prices.

Review №96

Amazing Gun Store! Its Packed huge inventory friendly staff. Great experience!

Review №97

Fair prices staff is helpful and a big variety of products, guns /ammo wish I heard about this store sooner.

Review №98

Went in there to trade 2 of my guns they offered 350$ for both, while at cabelas they offered me 1350$ for ONE of them. Amazing difference between them and Cabelas, Never trade your guns at this place.

Review №99

This place gets a 4 Star for Gun and Rifle selection but their accessories get a solid 2. For this reason I was nice and gave them a 3. The staff is super friendly from my experience and very knowledgeable if you get the right person to help you. The cashier pers do seem limited to their knowledge. But it appears they know alot of the rules and regulations to off balance it.To all the people here, keep up the good job.

Review №100

Great shop! Very helpful, lots of stock and pretty decent prices! Waaaaaaay better than Cabelas...these people actually know what they are talking about!!!!

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