ACT Fibernet
Arundelpet, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh 522002, India
Review №1

Somany Reviews are Shocked But Actuval Thing is Completly Different Best in service in this city, office also located exactly middle of the city very convinient, office staff exicutives are very humble & wounderful persons good in work also Quick in responce 100% very helpful solve the issue on the spot,they give knowledge about act app how to use and bill payments complaints etc., technicians are approching and installation also setup the lines connection in time communication & co-ordination with the team thing is really appriciated by technicians they dont expect money from customers they doing duty also best internet service in this city,drinking water facility waiting room &washroom also under ground parking facility & lift service,security avilable there,need to decrease plans cost there is a chance to improve permanent customers, its very helpful and benefit to customers. Also introduce & give the assured offers to every customer.

Review №2

Super fast internet connection and service is good

Review №3

The worst worst worst people I dont know what they work, for every week there will be issue worst technicians worst service in guntur. Im not sure about other places

Review №4

Not so greatly recommended to any of the internet or broadband users.Internets sometimes drops suddenly and it will take so long to get back online.They are really strict at payments, we have to pay first and then use the internet. Else they will disconnect the services.Services is not so quick as they market they simple show case that they resolved the issue.I request users to go for 5G speed than 4G.

Review №5

These guys wont respond... simply say its raining.. better to go for BSNL or Jio Fibre..

Review №6

Worst experience with ACT fibernet at guntur. They have a really lazy and terrible team. Didnt experience such a service at hyd or blr.On the other side ACT is the only better broadband available here.

Review №7

Poor service, Response time is too long. Dont recommend ACT guntur.... Always they have technical issues and shortage of service people.We subscribed 50 mbps while using we get 20-25 mbps maximum. Choosing ACT in guntur means wasting your money. This is my experience

Review №8

Worest in service pls dont take this. Daily 30min to 1 hour internet not working

Review №9

Bad Service. The wifi goes down atleast once every week and takes up a lot of time to come up. This is a frequent issue with rainy season.Also, most of the times, the support either doesnt respond or the response time is too low.

Review №10

Worst service. Monthly atleast 1 or 2 times there is an internet wire breakdown issues/connectivity issues. Which takes 1 or 2 days to resolve. If we are taking connection for Work from home purpose, we need to take 2 leaves in a month due to internet issues.

Review №11

Im requested new connection on 25th may and thay asking payment after payment thay are not responding after 8days thay cancel my order without my permission what is this Worst service in guntur.still im not receiving my order dont waste time and money go to other one.

Review №12

Woorsstttt.... Connection.. We have taken 3 months data.. Pack.. It lasted hardly for one month.. Irresponsible personss.... We have tried to contact many times... No one are giving even a damn... Do not prefer this worst network

Review №13

Quality internet service provider

Review №14

Best in broadband services ever and ever...Act Fibernet

Review №15

Responsible issues lately and every time getting worst speed dont go with this broadband I am using this network form last 1 and half year I am giving this feedback is the service that much going down day by day

Review №16

Every week getting disconnected, worst service, no response from act , dont take act service

Review №17

Have been using this for almost 3 years now. Connection and speed were good until recently. But facing connectivity issues from last 4 weeks. Raised complaint multiple times. No one responds. Pathetic service. Planning to switch to a responsible provider. any suggestions anyone?

Review №18

Like The Way Their Employees Treat To Customers..

Review №19

Best broadband in guntur

Review №20

Has good plans but the service recently has been not good ...You can refer to this if you dont have availability for Airtel or jio fibre

Review №21

Your guys in guntur disconnected our service with plea that there is no place to fix your equipment.

Review №22

The worst Broadband Internet Service Provider. These people hide behind automated customer service calls and give out ticktes for registering complaints. Once a ticket is generated, they take a lot of time or sometimes never show up and resolve the issue. ACT was once the best service provider but its not in 2020. The staff is unresponsive and rude. If you dont want to risk you careers, dont opt for ACT.

Review №23

Vey very bad response and internet also and executives

Review №24

Most irresponsible service from act guntur. Better to choose govt Bsnl than these . These people dont respond to service calls and dont attend for days together . They have taken customers for granted .

Review №25

CANCEL YOUR CONNECTION WITH ACT TODAY. Act Fibernet Guntur is by far, the worst Broadband Internet Service Provider. These people hide behind automated customer service calls and give out ticktes for registering complaints. Once a ticket is generated, they take a lot of time or sometimes never show up and resolve the issue. ACT was once the best service provider but its not in 2020. The staff is unresponsive and rude. If you dont want to risk you careers, dont opt for ACT.

Review №26

Not supportive and staff dont respond to customer queries. Resolution takes too long time.

Review №27

Very good

Review №28

No proper response. Not giving respect to customers

Review №29

Good response to the customers

Review №30

Worst management in ACT. No one responds to their duties

Review №31

It takes week and all for them to give new connectionThough they send u mail after payment stating that they will give u new connection with in 48 hrs.... after the payment they will neglect u like hell....and takes week or 10 days of time to give u new connection...BUT STILL the only good Thing is that Good speed and quality worth Network

Review №32

Delay in providing connection. Delay in resolving issue. Minimum response time is 24 hrs, Not recommended for Working professionals who have dependency with Internet, it may disconnect anytime.

Review №33

I always have worst experience while dealing with people in GUNTUR branch. They are not helpful and would carelessly direct me to make a complaint rather than solving it while on the call. Whenever someone comes without notice to install additional lines to other homes, they leave the connection terminated and would never care about it and was always frustrating.

Review №34

The net is getting speed but when we got any problem of not able to use internet, the service is very bad in guntur. I have raised the complaint before 3 days but still the problem is not solved and there are not answering the calls also. In Hyderabad, the service is excellent but in guntur it is worst service I have never seen.In my opinion, the speed is good but the service is big worst. According to them, they should resolve all the problems within 24 hours. But up-to today it has been 3 days they are very irresponsible.

Review №35

Worst technician respond nor lift the phone in Guntur area and even ACT is not taking care.. Airtel is really better in responding atleast. They respect customers.

Review №36

Worst service worst workers at guntur arundelpet branch not only the watchman even manager dont have work ethics 🤷.. branch location is too bad And worst we need to get in 3 floors for 10 times for there waste service because they dont solve our issue at 1st time only... HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED!!

Review №37

Worst network with high publicity . Not up to the mark . On & Off networkpoor customer care services.Incase network lost by any external issues it may get fix after 2 days what kind of service it is?Network speed is also moderate .Better dont go for it in case you works is based on internet

Review №38

Pathetic service I never expected this from act fiber. Customer service also worst experience to me last 36 hours onwards I am trying to resolve my issue,its not happening . customer service persons also worst they keeping hold a call 15mintues and they told me Madam I cant here your voice. Again and again I am calling the customer service. Local act fiber office number not available in there website. Dont go for it waste of money and time.

Review №39

The way they treat the customers is if you need opt internet call us else leave it. I think that the management dont know all these I guess. Plz take care of yoor low management skills and work. That is the reason why act is failedSincere suggestion: never opt for act fibernet as they are behaving as rowdies and gundaas while talking with customer

Review №40

Had a Gud experience

Review №41

One of the worst network, service is very bad and disguisting, dont go to this cheap network.

Review №42

Worst fibernet in guntur. Not recommended

Review №43

The call team wont respond we need to visit the office to get a new connection

Review №44

Very very very worst service. The people who are working in Act guntur office, they dont have professional experience and they dont know how to solve the problem. The people who are working in this office they are very cunning, they will follow only one formula simply sitting and monthly getting. All of the readers I want to suggest you one thing of the technician will not come with in time just cut off all the wires (ACT ) which is near to you. Hello ACT team if you dont know how to manage your team just shutdown your office and search another business or else just remove all the staff in Guntur office and do the new recruitment ( who are certified in technical). I tried to seach negative rating but unable find. I wish to give the rating -00000000

Review №45

Worst service provider ever, internet disconnects every alternative day

Review №46

Worst customer care. Got new invoice with higher price. When complained about invoice ACT just disconnected internet without resolving issue. They won’t even receive the phone calls and won’t even call back on missed calls.

Review №47

Never seen such a worst service. Interest is down for 6 days and still the local team is sleeping, not received a single call from the local team. Dont ever go for ACT, worst service... I could have given a monus star if available,not even worth for a single star rating. Never seen a worst service from a service provider in my life. From last 6days I was in touch with the customer service but not even a single call or visit from the local team, moreover local contact number of office not available. Worst service .never think of this service...very disappointed..

Review №48

Worst service.Unfortunately jio wasnt in our area or else i would have gone to it.May be go for airtel their service was far better than act.

Review №49

Internet is good. But u need to wait to connect to the customer care.

Review №50

I See lot of negative comments mostly written during the pandemic . I have been using this service since 2 years and no complaints with their service .And why do people have to wait in calls when they can raise a complaint in their mobile app .I see the turn around time is 24 hours . Come on guys it is not a instant maggi for some one to show up at your home as soon as you call ‘vips’ACT is doing really well and they are keeping up to what they have promised

Review №51

One of the worst service Provider in Guntur...customer service is Disgusting and speed is Worst..better to Switch to Jio Fiber Net

Review №52

Wrost service

Review №53

Its been more than a month since I requested for reconnection the response from the team ACT was worst. I highly recommend not to opt ACT as your ISP as they dont respond at all,I could have given zero stars if possible.Most important thing you should consider is the customer care service is at its peaks in the worst

Review №54

I hate it because they talk nicely but the work was worst

Review №55

Speed is good when it comes. But most of the time the connectivity is off. Customer service is the worst.....i was on a call with an agent after waitng for a longtime to speak to him. He says he is looking for my detials and then he hung up. I called again and was in wait line. The call hung up again. Disgusting customer service. BSNL is slow than this but no connectivity issues 95% of the time.

Review №56

Better experience and great performance

Review №57

It is good in hyderabad but if you are going to take a new connection in guntur please try any other network the guntur customer service was totally down they just dont respond until they get a message from their head office (hyderabad).

Review №58

Speed will be fine ....but once it disconnected ...then only god my case due to some issue my password was not accepting by wifi just to change my password iam calling them from 2 days ...still waiting for their help...i am wfh as their is no internet iam forcibly kept personal leave and the way the executive spoken today mrg as if they are giving me free Wi-Fi....btw still waiting them to help me out to change my password ...just a password

Review №59

They dont respond to your requests, neither it be for an issue or a new connectionThe employees are very very neglectantStay away if you dont to get Temper issues

Review №60

Not considering the customers urgency and needs. No action taken even after 48 hours of complaint that too on working days. Very worst experience.

Review №61

For new connection, they will respond in just 2-3 hours. Later, when you face internet issues, you will have to wait at least 15 mins to speak to support staff. When finally you get to speak to them, they will repeat the same sentence which they knew by-heart - Your issue will be resolved in 24 hours. You call them after 24 hours, they will repeat the exact same words - makes you wonder if time stood still.You get irritated & send an email to Nodal officer. You will get a reply with exact same words, quite surprisingly. Realizing the helplessness state you are in - you will topup on Jio & continue to live your work life.

Review №62

Bad customer care

Review №63

Best internet service

Review №64

Have been using their services from many years, since they launched in Guntur. I have been facing connectivity issues from the past 3months, multiple teams came and did various checks, the problems still persist.

Review №65

Its been 25 days since I paid pre monthly tariff for a connection till now and NO connection made so far.i have been keep sending follow up mails but NO ONE CARES TO RESPOND.except an automated mail you dont get any mails .may be they dont know how to type a mail or they just dont give a reply.1.No professional work2.Irresponsible3.they just dont care their customers bcos they might hv already paid money.just WakeUp ACT.😈

Review №66

Worst customer service and not professional. I opted for 6 months and after so many calls and remainders for installation and time waste of 1 week, they did not do the installation and giving very lame excuses. Without doing installation they closed ticket stating that installation is done, which is very unprofessional. After fed up with their excuses I asked for refund and they said they will take minimum of 45 days to refund the money.Customer care service is worst among all internet service providers that I used.I suggest dont opt for ACT, choose other service providers.

Review №67

Worst service and no speed no response waste of money no use to give complaint please dont take act

Review №68

Worst broadband and worst customer care do not Opt for ACT broadband.Service is worst i have compliance 3 days back, no response. customer care is set for 30 member waiting list. pathetic service. Do not take this broadband.

Review №69

I tried to take a connection from Act. And payment was done with out installing anything in our home. Somehow we want to cancel the connection and requested the same. And its been more than a month and i didnt get refund. if i call to customer care they will open a request and it will get closed with in two days irrespective of the issue solved or not. They simply open a request and send messages to mobile saying so and so request had been opened. They will not ask the user if the issue is resolved or not and simply closes the request.And the amount is not in hundreds to ignore. And with this experience i would give rating as negative numbers, but unfortunately there is no such option. therefore i had to give a 1 star rating. Hope i get my refund in next 5 days.

Review №70

Very good

Review №71

Very very worst service providers in Guntur. Dont know how to talk to customers. Dont know how to resolve issues quickly. They will come to old customers and cut their connection and ask us to raise a complaint back and dont resolve the issue. Such a fraud company. They are doing this because of increase in users. Dont contact them if u. Want good internet.

Review №72

Worst Customer service I have Ever seen.. It takes hours to connect the call. Even though its ringing, They wont pick up the call. Even the customer care people they wont respond to our questions. They will simply say, our agent will call you back..If there is an option for negative rating, I will go with that.

Review №73

Worst service ever i have seen. They are not refunding my money from many months and also worst wifi service ever.

Review №74

Very bad service.Customer care doesnt pick up callsTakes 48 hours for internet issues to resolve

Review №75

Outstanding service

Review №76

Very worst service and no respons after paying money...not responsive..waste..choose other networks

Review №77


Review №78

ACT guntur is worst.I badly recommend not to take act connection.ACT guntur team was allotted my port to another new customer without any intimation and they are failed to give reconnection...I face lot of problems with this plz dont preffer ACT connection....

Review №79

To get a new connection have to wait for almost a month at guntur. If we say that not interested to take this network, the answer is OK your wish. Very unprofessional service.

Review №80

Very worst and bad service I suggest you to not to take this broadband I have made shifting request the technicians came after 10 days and there is no box near your area and we will be not able to provide internet for your new adress and when I called for new connection for the same address they are ready to give connection so I have decided to disconnect the fraud net

Review №81

Worst network...very.. BadTheir serivice is too bad... Pls... Dnt take this connection.Even they dnt respond to our problem..Worst.. Worst wosrt.. Worst...

Review №82

Worst service!!I have an issue with the internet and tried calling customer care to fix it. No proper response and issue is not solved since 2 days.

Review №83

I upgraded my plan to gold. But it never crossed 50 mbps. When I call them to complain they never answer phone nor answer to messages. Also we just asked them can we upgrade the plan and they upgraded it without our consent. There are many other services which are in guntut at lower prices. But dont take ACT. Worst Service ever.

Review №84

Good place

Review №85

Worst service in guntur AclCT Fibernet

Review №86

Worst service. They never attend customers calls and surprisingly they dont have a customer care center.

Review №87

Worst ever service here in guntur by ACT. Even some small local internets here are far very good than this ACT.

Review №88

Worst experience with customer support. A Sudheer Kumar Reddy is very harsh during the conversation and not even willing to listen what Im saying. He is being sarcastic during the call. Felt very bad for calling customer care.

Review №89

Never opt for this connection in Guntur. They have the worst technicians. After activating the connection also they will not provide installation for many days and the money will be wasted for those days.The same happened with the disconnection as well after informing about the disconnection they generated the bill for next 2 months. Never ever ever opt for ACT in guntur

Review №90

Worst internet service in Guntur..In one month we lost internet 5 times, and every time we will have a downtime of 12 hours.. Pathetic and irresponsible customer service....

Review №91

Sales man are very rude. Once they took money for connection, they wont even answer calls. Promised extra 100 gb every month during connection but now denying. Vey pathethic service. act fiber in hyderbad is good but in guntur very pathetic

Review №92

Cannot give less than zero, Otherwise I could have given 0, No service at all, I called 50 times in a week for the network issue none of them cared nor picked up the phone at least to listen the issue, Hope they will seize operations in Guntur.

Review №93

From 1 month we are not getting internet they are not even responding. And they are closing the tickets as there wish so plese dont trust them

Review №94

Ive been following up for a reconnection request for 14 days straight! Nothing works - calls and mails. Pathetic response!

Review №95


Review №96

Very rude customer service. They tampered the internet at my house when trying to fix the issue with the adjacent house. No response from the customer support despite the fact that its their mistake.The ridiculous part about customer service is that the resolution takes 24 hours in general. I have requested an escalation because Im in urgent need of an internet connection. The resolution time is 24 hours even after escalation 🙏 I dont know what escalation means for ACT.I have even asked the customer support agent whether the issue is going to be fixed today/tomorrow so that I can have alternate plan in case it doesnt get fixed. The response is same 24 hours 🤦‍♂️. Ridiculous support.

Review №97

Very worst service never seen . service persons are not good enough with manners and sense ,

Review №98

Thay are just not lifting our calls and are ignoring

Review №99

Horrible service we r calling since two days n they are giving very arrogant answersWho is the owner of this in GunturDon’t take customers for granted

Review №100

Good network but bad service experience once after we pay money for connection they wont even accept our calls

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