BSNL Customer Service Centre
32/1247 B, Civil Line Rd, Kesaveeyam, Sonia Nagar, Palarivattom, Ernakulam, Kerala 682025, India
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Quite helpful. Has separate counters for various services. Pretty nice set up.

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Worst as always.These are all the services to be privatised asap for the level of services they are providing only since they have the Govt Job. The customer should carry the ID proof photostat copy eventhough they charging Rs.50 for a sim change. They have the printers available in each desk but still wont do any help. Was keeping a BSNL Sim only for the emergency coverage since my job requires lot of travel. But enough of it and hitime to switch like many other customers who did it much before me.

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At times the contact for service centres itself has issues and wont pick up,honestly super dissapointed with their service

Review №4

Although the customer care is not fast and updated,its much more enough for a PSU like BSNL. Good parking and polite behaviour of Staff. I really liked it.

Review №5

My son gone to change the sim of my wife with her photo and Id proof (voters Id). Sim is not suitable for the new phone. The staff were insisting that his mother must visit to change the sim. She is 69 yr old and having health problems. In this age of world what kind of service the bsnl is providing. Other operators are more than willing to provide a connection by visiting residence. Here for change of sim a lot of difficulties. Now I am convinced why people are going for other providers. Thinking of taking a sim of other service providers.

Review №6

My experience is goodIts really helpful..!

Review №7

Mixed experiences at this place. Majority staff are incompetent, arrogant and unhelpful. An exceptional few try to be helpful.

Review №8

The above mentioned number doesnt exist..So please stop fooling us. Its an request

Review №9

Now a days BSNL is providing good service

Review №10

The customer Service of staff in BSNL, Palarivattom is Highly impressed. When i visted the office on 24 june 2021, The Customer service staff was treated as well as good & They have done my work as easier and done faster.Thank You BSNL staff Customer service center in palarivattom.

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Review №12

Place u can buy all kinds of BSNL products and services

Review №13

Sinking ship but they are doing their best to keep it moving.....

Review №14

Very poor lethargic attitude. No businesses ethics

Review №15

They are still working in 1980s. museum of telephone exchange. Such a disappointment.

Review №16

Nice ppl, served me fast ( to my surprise).

Review №17

BSNl customer care at Palarivattom Exchange is a place to contact for all BSNL customers, for their grievances and can contact this customer care center for any issue regarding landline and mobile...its situated at the main road between Palarivattom junction to Bypass junction have a lot of parking space is available there..and the response of officials are good and great...

Review №18

Good customer service team, very helpful and supportive.

Review №19

Very patient and so helpful

Review №20

Good . No more words

Review №21

Good service and easy to locate

Review №22

The people at office are good and friendly.But the process for resolving an issue is very time consuming.For eg: To disconnect land line we had to visit the office in person during this pandemic time which was very risky. There is no alternative to such things.

Review №23

Due to outdoor staff crunch, services are not upto mark.

Review №24

Very informative and friendly staff.Highly recommended

Review №25

Rude and aggressive staff and time consuming procedures.

Review №26

Today we visited the bsnl customer care center at palarivattom, Cochin. The customer care executive was very supportive and patient.To be frank, I got surprised by the attitude of customer care executive and other staffs at BSNL office, palarivattom.(But, the sim was not working initially, However the staff called and arranged for a new sim !!!😃😃)Overall experience is good

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Helpful employees. They care for their customers. Strictly adhering to Covid protocol. They have only a skeleton staff; still they manage.

Review №28

The front gate is never open, making the impression that it’s closed!!

Review №29

Literally odd number of staffs to address the grievance of customers.I went to this office for getting fifth connection but I was told better approach your local cable operator as the connectivity of my bsnl broad band was very poor hence I was left with no other option than surrender my landline connection which I did recently. I have a soft corner for them hence reluctant to discard thier service for a long time. Now I know its time to move on

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Good service and well behaved staff

Review №31

Fairly good for what you can expect a typical BSNL office...

Review №32

Poor service. Not professional at all.

Review №33

This is my third time visit at this office. Each time I had come here I had felt very satisfied with the service especially at the Customer service area. Be it paying bills, enrolling AADHAR, a Sim card swap anything it was done easily and help was always at the door. You may find very old staff but with the experience they have your queries will be attended smoothly. I thank all the staffs at this branch for providing a wonderful customer service.

Review №34

Good service and helpful staff

Review №35

Things will get resolved, but you might have to visit multiple times to do so. Coordination, training and ease of workability to staff might do the trick

Review №36

Happy with their service ..Bit to improve in customer service

Review №37

Very polite and helpful staff.My appreciation and thanks .

Review №38

The service is just average. Dont know why BSNL is not taking care of their infrastructure.

Review №39

Went for sim adhaar linking and for micro sim. Staff were very helpful. Above jobs were done in short time.

Review №40

The service here is terrible. No respect for customers, especially elder citizen. I have experienced and witnessed this behaviour before. It has not changed much. Pandemic or not, BSNL has very bad service.

Review №41

Good services

Review №42

Huge building and premises , clean , I have no complaints with experience

Review №43

Google should add negative rating to the system. BSNL customer care is still maintaining their state of the art attitude of being irresponsible, stupid and lazy. Thanks to the labour union and world best staff strength. Everyone is actively doing the cremation of the once navarathna company.

Review №44

Service was excellent

Review №45

Staff not supportive.

Review №46

BSNL seems to have changed since the days of old. People are there to sincerely serve you and go to great lengths to ensure that you leave satisfied. Very polite personnel indeed for a Government of India undertaking. I am happy to have their service unlike before.. keep it up..!

Review №47

Horrible service 🙏

Review №48

Better not to go to this place asking for a new broadband connection... You will not get one... Even if you get one connection, there would be no one to service your connection issues

Review №49

Pathetic Service from Staff. In this pandemic situation they made us wait for more than one hour for getting disconnection of landline. Bsnl lost customers maily due to poor Service from the part of major staffs.

Review №50

Nice to get BSNL things done

Review №51

Extremely rude employees. They make us wait outside a window for a very long time and hardly any of them take the interest to help the customers. None of the queries are answered properly and we are met with rude answers. Waste of time.

Review №52

Ys its a pretty decent place while u pay the bills no delay

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Review №54

I was very amazed at the way service was provided at this BSNL outlet. The staffs were really helpful. They were all ready to help and support . I would give 6 stars . 👍😁

Review №55

Very bad experience , action will be taken if we register complaints ...very bad service... Now I understand why people choose other private sim companies... Due to this irresponsible people who works in BSNL

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Review №57

Had to wait so much time to get the work done.

Review №58

Very good customer service, efficient and sincere employees.

Review №59

Nice staffs. Their systems are terrible

Review №60

Very good experience visiting this BSNL office. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Various sections for different types of services marked and staff is more than willing to help you. Not so crowded. Staff did take their time to explain various offers by BSNL. Saw some negative reviews in this forum. The above is my experience at the office and I was happy with the service here.

Review №61

I requested in writing on 28.05.2020 to disconnect Broadband connection from my landline number 2342913, still not done. Unable to go there again immediately, I wish somebody from the Palarivattom Excahnge sees this and take action .

Review №62

Good relationship

Review №63

Customer service is better now

Review №64

The front desk CSC staffs must realise that they are for helping customers. About 90% of CSC front desk employees are customer friendly but there are still a class of people who dont know what kind of task they are involved in.

Review №65

Very poor service. Does Not pick up the phone. If we go there personally, they will guide you from desk to desk and wouldnt get the job done. Now their complaint is that they dont have enough manpower, letting us wonder, what they did when they had the manpower.

Review №66

The worst service center. Please dont go

Review №67

Experience was different than expected. Services was awesome

Review №68

Found it difficult to find the right counters. Staff behaved well.

Review №69

Service there is horrible

Review №70

Was actually helpful. Gave me all the details I asked for. Keep it up 👍

Review №71

Most of the staff were not there. Customer service experience was worst.

Review №72

Very poor customer service

Review №73

Here in BSNL Customer Care Office, Palarivattom deals with the needs of the customers. It provides various services like issue of new SIM Cards, replacement of damaged SIM Cards, collection monthly bills of land phones and mobile phones,solving the grievances of customers, etcVery understandable and customer friendly staffs. Happy with the services always.

Review №74

Poor customer service. I went yesterday to buy a duplicate sim card. The staff were totally non cooperating. Unwanted formalities. Got irritated and bought a private companys prepaid connection.This is why BSNL is losing their customers. Only because of staffs attitude. And crying for not getting their salaries. A national waste in all means.

Review №75

The service in this place has earlier been just so-so. Even with a voluntary retirement scheme in the offing the staff seem to be managing the show under terrific pressure.

Review №76

Employees are trying to help customers but not able to fullfill due to lack of infrastructure

Review №77

Good service but ill motivated employees due to retrenchment and VRS

Review №78

Good service, i got my duplicate sim card within 15 mins. BSNL customer care, i never expected such a faster service.

Review №79

Staffs where helpfull

Review №80

Good customer service, i dont remember the name of the person, but he did such a good service to me

Review №81

Good service! Fast service!

Review №82

They dont have enough number of staffs for outside telephone complaint handling. They took exactly 1 month for my telephone line repairing.

Review №83

Above average behaviour and services by staffs. Office structure was good. Must have time to spend for something you want to.

Review №84

Though the staff are polite and helpful the service delivery is very poor incompetent. After closure of Broadband service my deposit has not been returned and is still pending from June 2019.

Review №85

Good service fadt movement in works... Verymich happy with there service

Review №86

Staffs attitude has changed a lotNice, they are on the way now .super

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Review №88

Covid protocol well maintained

Review №89

Mobile section provides good customer service but the same cannot be said about the landline section

Review №90

Worst office I have ever visited in my life, one thing is sure BSNL employees only made it bankrupt, anyway I have discontinued my land line once and forever, so much money I wasted just for booking my LPG gas, most of the days their phones are dead

Review №91

You will know you had had more patience than you were thinking and would make a direct flight to heaven with an aura around your occiput, if the service desk here couldnt piss you off! They are truly unbelievable, incredibly arrogant and brilliant enough to make you never wonder how BSNL is loosing its I-know-how-it-is-to-feel-pity customers over time.

Review №92

Pretty good turnaround times​. However, have faced times when a micro SIM card was not available for days together - inefficiencies plaguing a government run institution. The staff are pretty helpful, and are willing to take time in addressing queries. Two wheeler parking is available for customers.

Review №93

The best service ever.

Review №94

One of the worst service point... Better it need to shut down.

Review №95

Deserted office after VRS. Shortage of staff. Service affected.

Review №96

Good customer friendly staff. Good service. BSNL is improving their customer relationship. Parking available and free.

Review №97

Nice experience

Review №98

Its only a customer care centre

Review №99

Very good location. Easily accessible from main road. Reasonable car parking space also

Review №100

Indifferent behaviour of staff in Switch room section - abruptly cuts call , and argumentative type. So fed up with the whole system as even the basic features of landline phone announced by BSNL such as `hunting facility are not provided to some lines.

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  • Address:32/1247 B, Civil Line Rd, Kesaveeyam, Sonia Nagar, Palarivattom, Ernakulam, Kerala 682025, India
  • Site:
  • Phone:+91 484 234 5383
  • Telecommunications service provider
  • Telephone exchange
Working hours
  • Monday:9:30AM–5PM
  • Tuesday:9:30AM–5PM
  • Wednesday:9:30AM–5PM
  • Thursday:9:30AM–5PM
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:9:30AM–5PM
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