Hotel For Dogs
12 A, Sunrise Avenue, SH 49, Akkarai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600119, India
Review №1

These three star for the staff. They are very attentive to the pets and they do everything to make sure that our pets have good time.The only draw back I felt there is smell. The entire place smells a lot. So it will difficult for pet owners to stay inside the shop.Otherwise if you are a person who dont want to go there and wants your pet to enjoy and meet another pets.. Surely you can try this place. As I mentioned the staff will take care of everything our pet needs

Review №2

I did call them in the morning (Saturday), asked them if the pool is available for my pet - the one who spoke to me said ‘yes’ and I asked for the charges, he said 700 bucks. We got ready and reached the place with our pet and I was informed that they only open the swimming pool on Sundays & the charges is just 300 bucks. I asked why there was misinformation and the one in the location kept repeating the same statements. The 1st experience here was a very bad one, the place is also not neatly maintained. Need to be sensitive to customer queries and improve the approach to dealing with customer grievances.We then went to the ‘TOP DOG’ resort and we had a 360-degree opposite experience. They made us have a memorable day, the place was so clean and the staff were so courteous.

Review №3

Been keeping my Furry one here since 2015. I still have to find something to complain about. Its been a great place to board her for the last 6 years... And she spent many a months there.

Review №4

It was good. Dog was well taken care of. However she developed cough and mucus which generally happens after keeping in Kennel.

Review №5

Best place for dogs. A lively person, Anuj is handling the place.

Review №6

Kept my 8 years old lab here. Was bitten by another dog and there is a puncture hole on his back. The worst part is they dint even bother to tell me this. I saw this after a few days while bathing him. They keep all dogs together in a big yard.. very very bad exp. And un ethical also. If any accident happened..they should have told me. My pet could have got Rabies also...and this could have affected us as well....

Review №7

Awesome Place for the dog Lovers, you can see different types of dogs spices. you will love this place and the staffs are good they have trained all the dogs in a manner so that you can walk near any dog without any fear.

Review №8

A wide range of dogs can be seen here. Huskies, mastiff, dash-on etc. The visiting hours of this place is 6:30-8:30 in the morning, 4:30 to 6:30 in the evening. Awesome place for dog lovers✌✌✌

Review №9

I cant take the photos correctly as a man (I think he is the manager) didnt want me to take the photos of their dogsThe workers(most of them are North Indians) love the dogs and take care of those dogs as their own...● seperate space for small dogs like maltese,pomerian,beagle,dashund and ●also for big dogs like greatDane,rottweiler,goldenretriever,husky●I saw Many dogs there that i wanted(longed) to see before especially Husky and Great Dane

Review №10

The workers not too good Just ok and. Every night they puton water tank motor on and forgot to off morning five they turn off ,if the niborus call them they said swimming pool water on but anyway just like that people are

Review №11

My dogs had good fun time there in our absence. Would definitely recommend.

Review №12

Terrible experience with my dog... He was locked up in a kennel the entire week while we were away n when we received him he was chocking n coughing. After treating him we found out that he got kennel cough from hotel for dogs due to unsanitary conditions prevailing there. Extremely overrated! Try Top dog instead.

Review №13

Good care of dogs taken.

Review №14

Good for dog lovers ,but you can visit only in morning and evening times(no entry fee)

Review №15

Good place. Anuj is great with dogs

Review №16

Good place to relx and spend quality time in mornings

Review №17

Amazing place. A little change of rules now. Not open in the weekends. No photos allowed. Open from 4pm to 6pm in the weekdays.

Review №18

Best place for dogs. My dog enjoys boarding here.

Review №19

Good place for Dogs as per my view might differ who might know them in details about there plan and services related to dogs.I would suggest discuss and check before planning for a betterment.Because love for dogs is in me from childhood hood ,I would love to suggest all dog loversIf anytime you says them ,they are in need of help like injured and many more .Kindly help them with an minimal treatment or handover to some nice dog care house.#real friend #loyal#no marketing#no publicity#guide for an better tomorrow 👍

Review №20

Excellent place. We left our four year old Rottweiler there for eight days for the first time. Well taken care and looked after by the staff. One of our very close friend recommended us to Hotel for Dogs. Mr Anuj, who is in charge is too good to handle all kinds of dogs. He is very friendly and loving with the dogs. Very friendly with the dog and the customer too.We were fully satisfied with Hotel for Dogs.

Review №21

Safe place to leave your dog when you go out out of town.

Review №22

Im a hardcore pet lover and I never leave my dogs at any random place whatsoever. I take utmost care choosing the best boarding for my fur babies and hands down, this is THE BEST boarding Ive come across in Chennai and its a second home for my doggies. They absolutely love it here and they take utmost care in taking care of all the fur babies over there. The staff there are really kind and they never mishandle the doggies and treat them with love n care right from feeding the dogs at correct time, giving them a bath every week, grooming them at regular intervals, playing with them during evenings etc. They have a swimming session for all the doggies every Sunday and its so much fun to watch them swim. The place is so tidy and neat and its well air conditioned too. They have membership too for doggies n they have day care boarding facility. Its the best place for socialising your dog. I very often leave my dogs here and they never failed to make me happy. Ive always had a very pleasant experience here and I would definitely recommend any pet lover to leave your doggies here, trust me this place would be their second home. Absolutely love this place 5 stars is just not enough! ❤️

Review №23

Our Doberman loves it here ... They have very attentive staff who love dogs. They are clean. They have a large area where they let the dogs run free and also a dog swimming pool for a summer cool off. Their sleeping quarters are segregated and completely air conditioned.Any special instructions for your pet about their food or medications are meticulously taken care of.Been using their service for the last four years and wouldnt switch to any other.You have to make an advanced booking for leaving your pet. Once they confirm they will make sure you have your space. Their take in and check out process also is very professional. You have to fill in a form for check-in with instructions for food and medication. They check your pet for ticks before taking him in and then during checkout also they give a anti tic bath and then send your pet home.I would surely recommend them. Also if your just looking to socialize your pet its one of the best place ...they have particular times when they allow that.They have over night boarding and also day care options available at economical rates

Review №24

Had the occasion to leave both my pets - an Irish Setter and an Indian Paraiah here for 10 days on recommendation of friends who are extremely caring towards animals. Lovely place. Anuj and his team really looked after them exceptionally well. Truly an excellant service... Wish Anuj and his team all the best!

Review №25

Soo many breeds can be seen..Good experience..Could only watch them from fenced gate since there were aggressive breeds like german shepered and st.bernads on that day and going inside felt like a risk.There were soo many golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers😍

Review №26

Very good for 🐕🐶

Review №27

Dispose the hotel. Very disturbing

Review №28

So to own a dog when your parents are not animal friendly can be exhausting, especially when you have a difficult to handle Indie boy. This is why I cant thank hotel for dogs enough for existing. From being very spacious to being very chilled out (in terms of staff and the owner) is why probably my Marvin even with his anxiety issues has made it back home safe, twice.The first time when I put him there I was very anxious but then when I went to visit he was running around with no leash! I came to Chennai an year back n this option of hotel for dogs is the main reason for me to stay back here as of now.

Review №29

Its a good place for large dogs. Staff are friendly and take good care of the dog. Theres air conditioning 24*7. The dogs are let out to play for an hour or two each in the morning and evenings, giving them enough time to mingle with the other dogs and play around

Review №30

Nice place

Review №31

Its a happy place for dogs

Review №32

We recommend this place as they have always taken good care of our lab (Pluto)whenever we left him there. Friendly and kind staff and good atmosphere for the pets ,they will enjoy here !!

Review №33

Definitely a home for your pooch away from home, but without you or your couch and bed. Juno liked it so much. Left Juno first time in the hostel for two days, she made a lot of friends and was so happy. The caretakers take very good care of the pets and make sure they have a good time there.

Review №34

Great place

Review №35

Fantastic place for our doggos!

Review №36

Its a good place. Took my pet Lab when i had to go out of station. They take care of the pets very well. But most pets who are too attached to the human tend to not eat and get weak. This is the pets problem and not these people

Review №37

The place was decent. They sent daily photos and videos. However my dog had an injury by banging with the indoor gate which could have been prevented going forward

Review №38

My Roger loves the spa only here...

Review №39

Lovely place for people those who love dogs... They take care of our dog very well and maintain them disciplined.. people can visit and play with other dogs during visiting hours which is the best part of the hotel... Heavenly place for dog lovers...

Review №40

We were worried leaving our 6 month old puppy in boarding for a month. But hotel for dogs was the best choice. We were sent videos every two days and he was well taken care of. We have found a second home for him.

Review №41

I always board my dog here when I travel out of town. The caretakers are gentle with the dogs and the dogs there are friendly with each other. Peace of mind guaranteed!

Review №42

Not worth even a star. The guy who did the hair cut and grooming for my pet dog was very rude. I think he is the manager of this place! He used a very harsh tone and hurt my dog by beating him during the grooming process! When I questioned him about it, he never accepted his fault and kept arguing with me! I thought it was completely worthless taking to him, so just threw the money n got outta that place! My baby was really really scared and it took him more than a week to get out of that fear. He was not the usual at home. He didn’t want to play with anybody! He just ran and hid himself. He was so damn scared because of the ruthless behaviour of these people. I would never recommend any pet lover to use their services. Plz find a good place for your pet where they’ll enjoy the grooming! Definitelynot this place! Your pet deserves better!

Review №43

My dog fell ill after I left him for boarding.

Review №44

VERY BAD PLACE...The staff got confused between my dog and another dog... They were very careless and just simply playing with their phone all day...I watched my dog being bitten by some other labrador while these people were busy with some other work on their phone... My dog was traumatized and scared.... Literally my dog hates this place cuz he was bullied by other dogs.... If u dont want ur dog to turn up mad, please dont send them here... They dont even love the doggies....We gave 1 1/2 kg of dog food and some biscuits... Those north indian workers wouldve eaten those Marie biscuits. The guys didnt even pay us back the balance amount and didnt clean him up when we took him. My 4 month old baby was brutally bullied by other big dogs and got injured in his legs and stomach. Milo came back home with abnormal behaviour, rashes and weird wounds.When we contacted the manager Anuj, he refused to accept that the dogs werent treated well and used a harsh tone.The owner, Adheeshwar contacted us and said they would do something but its been 24 hours and still they havent given a reply...DONT MAKE A BUSINESS OUT OF TAKING CARE OF DOGS... IF U WANT UR PUP DEAD THEN U CAN SEND HIM HERE.💔

Review №45

Very personal service. Competent doctors

Review №46

Safe place for dogs

Review №47

No proper food given.My dog was very slim after 10 days of stay.

Review №48

Its really great place to leave your dog for a few days. They have all the facilities required and they take really good care. It includes food also.

Review №49

A great halfway home for dogs awaiting a quick turnaround adoption.

Review №50

Huge open space for the dogs to stroll. Good staff. They serve cooked foods for the dogs. You can also provide the food you are used to feed your dogs with.

Review №51

1.Need air ventilation2. Need well Kennel cleaning .3. the kennal cough aspect that has been infected.4. the With the proper grooming careMore money charged per day

Review №52

The place looked good on the outside. But,it didnt seem like the shelter was maintained well.

Review №53

The best experience for dogs. I throughly enjoyed my time and my dog had the time of her life at Pawsome. Pawsome is Awesome.!! 😁

Review №54

My pup was totally at home .. dont think he missed us and dint want to come back home. They gave me video uodates even though I left him there onyl for two days. They also give him a bath before he comes home and best part totally tick free( which I heard was a a problem at some places) . Had a good experience..anuj was very patient with my constant messaging.

Review №55

Had a look at this place recently. There are some good points and some bad points. Need to check this place more closely to find out if it will work for my dogs.

Review №56

Hanging out with totally random doggos, is the best feeling ever.

Review №57

Gud place to leave your pets when you are away.. they are professional and have enough resources to take good care..

Review №58

My dog thoroughly enjoyed it

Review №59

Loved the way they look after the dogs! The most friendly place for them puppies that dont wanna be caged always with a limited space to roam around. Id spend my whole life here spending with them 😍

Review №60

Best place to leave your dogs if you are going in a short trip. They will take care of your dogs. Also they have swimming pool for dogs.

Review №61

They have always taken good care of my doberman, whenever we left him there.

Review №62

Thanks so much for taking care of our cheenu

Review №63

They take good care of your pets ,you can board your furries at this second home and be rest assured that they are in good hands

Review №64

Beware of fake positive reviews. After looking at the negative reviews we were very hesitant to leave our dog for 4 nights at the Hotel for Dogs. Unfortunately, we were left with few options and thought that maybe our dog would prefer to be left with other dogs to play with instead of at home with a hired caretaker. We 100% regret this decision.Firstly, when we dropped off our dog we were explicitly told by the manager that her play time outside would be 4 hours in total, 6am-8am and 4pm-6pm. The rest of the time your dog is locked up in a cage inside an airconditioned building. This is questionable, to begin with. Inside the building its like a dog pound and very stressful as there are many dogs barking, stressing and wanting to be outside. After realizing that the dogs don’t get a lot of outside time you understand how important the outside play time is for the health of these dogs.When I dropped off our dog at 6:45 am I was surprised that no dogs were outside yet. Only the dog of one of the workers was outside playing. The workers couldn’t tell me why the dogs werent outside. I asked again if I could pay for extra outside time for my dog but that was not allowed. No reason was given.During her stay, I did not receive any WhatsApp messages or videos although I did leave two contact numbers clearly on the registration form. I even messaged the manager about how big a deal it was for us to leave our dog and that we would appreciate updates on her stay.When I went to pick her up, I arrived around 6:45 am and guess what? All the big dogs were still locked up inside, including our dog. Only the small dogs were outside in the small play yard. When our dog was let out of her cage she immediately ran to me and then straight to the bathroom. She’d been in the cage for over 12 hours. Unacceptable. When I asked why our dog was still inside and not playing at the promised time of 6-8am the workers were not able to give me any answers. One worker who could speak some English immediately lost his ability to talk. It is clear that they don’t have the same level of care for your animal as you expect or as they promise. Our trust was broken. How can we be sure our dog even got let out at all?When we spoke with the manager about our dog not getting the promised and paid for 4 hours outside a day he was making excuses for why his workers didn’t have the big dogs outside. He said that his workers slept too late on both occasions. This is ridiculous. The manager is not there to watch and manage what is actually happening at his business. He offered to let our dog come back and play in the afternoon as a means to fix the situation. When we declined, he offered to refund one day of the stay. From these comments, it was clear to us that the owner and his workers don’t understand or don’t care about the needs of the animals.We will never leave our dog at this place and you should seriously consider whether you would want to leave your loved one in a place that doesn’t follow through on what they promise. This is more of a shoddy business that doesn’t pride itself on caring for animals. Next time we need to leave Chennai overnight, we will hire our housekeeper or another trusted worker to stay the night and look after our dog.

Review №65

We boarded our beagle puppy for a month. She is really enjoying here, really nice to see her playing happily there, Good service. Thank you so much Lakshmi aunty for taking care of our baby.

Review №66

Omg!!!!!!Its really a awesome place, feels like I was in a heaven😄really the persons who cares for lovely pets over there are well trained nd friendly 😍its amazing how they are maintaining this much pets without any problems😎 really a great great place for pet lovers😍😍😍hats off to you guys!!!

Review №67

Great place for your dogs if you are leaving the city and cant take your pets with you.

Review №68

Probably the best Dog shelter in the city . Good facility . Very clean and well maintained . Kept my pet there for 10 days and it went well . Annual memberships available for frequent drops .. Friendly staff 👍

Review №69

My boys enjoyed. They came back swanky clean and well groomed

Review №70

Neutral. Guys are good with pets. Not sure how the pets are treated after we left.

Review №71

Left our dog pluto for 1 week ,he came back to us neat and clean .thank you guys

Review №72

Loved the dogs there. Staffs are awesome and they are training the dogs superbly. If you have a dog, this place will be is must go for you with your dog.

Review №73

Good spacious place to give your dogs. Bit expensive. They 900/- for a day for adult dog.

Review №74

I have kept my dog who is a mongreal there so many times. The kennel is clean and they looked after my pet very well. Lot of ground for the pets to run around.

Review №75

Great place to keep your four legged friends. Calm place near to beach, clean environment and friendly staffs, all what you wanted for your baby.

Review №76

Very nice place to visit. They open all dogs in the morning and evening for 1 hour. You can go at that time. There are almost all varieties of dog. No entry charge.

Review №77

Clean an neat. Dogs have outdoor activity and swimming pool. Courteous staff. Run by an animal lover.

Review №78

HOTEL FOR DOGS is FAMOUS for KENNEL COUGH AND TICK FEVER.If Pets are more playable or aggressive or tough to handle Hotel for dogs is a HELL for DOGS. They controlling those type of dogs by HARSH PUNISHMENTS AND BEATINGS while accepting your dogs they will greet like anything but Sharvan maheshwaran and servants of Hotel for dogs are not that types of persons you think.Ofcourse FEES IS OBVIOUSLY HIGH comparetive for what they actually providing for ur pets(OVERRATED). ACTUALLY Sharven have no idea on what is maintenance of pets if pet owners have direct talk with that sharven you will know that(he manages through-the words used for maintenance in society)very basics sharven knows about maintenance of pets,but having good skills in Brain washing the clients(SPEAKING ABILITY IS ULTIMATE).AND ANOTHER THING Sometime your pets will end up in INJURIES(reason will be pet is not controllabe but ACTUAL REASON IS YOUR PET WILL ENDS UP IN BEATINGS BY SERVANTS).THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU LEAVE YOUR PETS IN HOTEL FOR DOGS..ennaku therinji evalo iruku and innum irukalaam.For Safety of ur pet is concerned THANK YOU:)

Review №79

The best kennel for our boys. Anuj and his team rocks.

Review №80


Review №81

Heaven for dog lovers... loved the experience ... Id ask you to check on the petting time and go there then . So youll be able to pet the cute little things..

Review №82

They take very good care of our dogs . The shelter is air-conditioned, customised food can be provided and pricing is reasonable. For Indies the price is less compared to other kennels.

Review №83

They take good care of the dogs, they have a swimming pool, feed them well and let them play with other dogs. They also entertain public visits to play with dogs.

Review №84

One has to be very careful. Whenever you leave your dog there, the dog will get tick fever.

Review №85

Good place to enjoy with dogs if u r a lover of the same

Review №86

A good place for dogs to stay for a short period. On the long term, my dog got kennel cough and took 2 months to recover.

Review №87

Good facilities for boarding of pets. Decent and reliable staff who u can trust with your furry friends.

Review №88

Visting Time : 4pm to 6pmBest place to spend can go interact and play with them.

Review №89

You have to stand in a place and just look at the dogs, its cordoned off with a mesh fencing. The staff are not very friendly. The dogs where friendly but the staff kept asking us not to pet them.

Review №90

Not good boarding kennels.not care of loveable pets.not grooming and maintenance.servants boarding varum dogs adikiraargal.(Beet).

Review №91

Okay not bad

Review №92

Good place to get activity for dogs but your not for stay...

Review №93

This place takes care of dogs when the owners are not in station and also provides services for dogs.

Review №94

Best kennel in Chennai to leave ur canines while enjoying the vacation .

Review №95

Best place for our furry friends

Review №96

I would not even rate them one star. My dog was maimed and nearly killed in here. They socialised my rescued Labrador against express instructions. He came back with a torn ear and injuries all around his eye. They had not even informed my emergency contacts. I used to ask for pictures and videos every day and only when I asked about his absence did they tell me he had got injured two days earlier. I requested my vet to go and check on him, but it was too late to suture the torn ear. He came back having lost 6 kgs in 3 weeks. I dont know what they did with all the packets of dog food I left him. When I called the manager Selva he had the gall to tell me he had socialised him to get him used to dogs and that he has become more mature after the incident. I spoke to Shravan Krishnan, who refused to apologise and said their philosophy was socialising dogs, never mind that I had expressly asked them not to and my dog had been abused and isolated since he was a puppy before he came to me. Shravan said my dog was to blame for not knowing how to behave around others, that his employees had saved more damage by intervening (and they dont even have a water hose to break up dog fights). I said there were injuries on his face and neck and around his eye (a week after the incident, when I returned) and he denied it. When I sent him photographs, he said Maybe hes injured, but he did not lose an eye. This is their attitude. Also, they allowed children to play with my dogs - against instructions. They even sent me a video of a child pulling my dogs tail. All my babies had lost weight and were ultra defensive, miserable and began to fight with each other (which they had never done before) and I had to call in a dog behaviourist. Theyre awful. No safety precautions, no respect for the pet parents instructions, and very little care given to the dogs. I have chat logs which prove all of the above.

Review №97

A pleasant heaven for your loveable dogs

Review №98

Good PLC.. they take care of dogs so nice

Review №99

Beware! Your dog will love staying here... And might not want to come back home with you!! :)

Review №100

Fantastic place for dogs .....we can see all types of dogs like german sheperd ,labrador,great dane,pitbull,pug,rottweiller,golden rettriver labradorand german sheperd love this place....

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  • Kennel
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