Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall
7, Shenstone Park, # 13, 1, Harrington Rd, Chetpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600031, India
Review №1

The hall is good and spacious parking of two wheeler and four wheeler.But there is lot of confusion regarding seats as Even goes right and odd goes left. The seats inside the hall too are not numbered numerically. The balcony seats too dont give you a great view down below.

Review №2

One of the best auditoriums in Chennai for music and live performance. Centrally located with ample car parking. The place is spec and span. Well maintained and the air conditioning is just great.The sound system and the sitting arrangement is just fabulous.If you are an event organiser, this place should be your first choice. And I am not very sure, this place can easily accommodate 700 people. And I feel it might be a bit expensive. Still it is worth for event organizers.Keep doing keep growing

Review №3

One of the finest halls for big conferences and huge festivals.The main hall Mutha concert hall has a huge seating capacity. If my guess is right, it should be around 1000. There are 2 other halls with in the same premises.As a school is also with in the premises, its easy to get volunteers for the event.Except the open air auditorium, the other two halls are air conditioned with great audio system in place.The seats are also ergonomic.I would love to go again to this hall

Review №4

This is my first time to the place in all these years.. Have had many around me saying its a nice place & when I was there heard few saying this is an Amazing place for shows!! Hmmm.. Realized it when I got there for my daughters Ballet Show.. no doubt why people keep going there..The hall is huge, seatings are well placed, spaced & comfortable with a theatre ambience.. The stage set for plays is huge with amazing lighting options.. In fact lighting was fabulous & brilliant. Projections for backdrop was perfect. No wonder good places come with good price.. but definitely worth every penny.. How do I know? Coz Im one of the parents who along with parents of every participants paid for the hall..!! Now said & done the only aim was to sit, relax & enjoy the show which we did.. Also we had taken balcony tickets for my relatives with a fear if itd be clear from top?! To my amazement my relatives said it was more clear from the top at the balcony & they thoroughly enjoyed the show. I couldnt have been happier.One more icing on the cake is they have a perfect parking space which is the biggest concern for most people.. They have a huge ground inside the school which addresses parking issues. Security is there every 50 - 100 metres to ensure moving traffic inside the premises..

Review №5

A complete mess of a place in itself. They ask you to go in different directions depending on the seats you pick. Even goes right and odd goes left. But then you all arrive at the same place at the end. The seats inside the hall too are not numbered numerically and causes a ton of confusion. The balcony seats too dont give you a great view down below.

Review №6

Awesome is an AC hall with lower and upper areas for the audience to see the stage very clearly. The pushback seats and the arrangement of the seats was extremely good. I never knew that inside this very old monumental area of school, there is such good modern facility.

Review №7

One of the Best concert halls in Chennai. Wonderful acoustics. Ample parking and stall space available around the building. Theaterical seating with good cushions and push back, one of the best maintained hall in Chennai.

Review №8

The place is really cool and green. I had been here for an event. Its quite spacious and also peaceful.

Review №9

The place is lit basically. The concert hall is equipped with almost all amenities. The environment is at another sphere. This place caters top entertainers and at last loved it..

Review №10

This is an elegant auditorium suitable for major events. Its well appointed and adequately maintained.

Review №11

Well maintained and a huge auditorium, comfortable seats but not too many places to eat out nearby.

Review №12

Located in the heart of the Chennai city this is a delightful place to be. Properly air-conditioned auditorium, comfortable reclining seats and exceptionally good Audi facilities make any event memorable that you attend here.

Review №13

A well-lit and comfortable hall with a good air conditioning and sound systems.

Review №14

A recent The Hindu LFL program was awesome. It happened at this place. The auditorium is very good and big. Very authentic and great place to be. Very spacious and clean. British look and architecture. In the middle of the city, serene and lush green trees. There is a nice coffee day to hangout at this place and its really nice to sit and have coffee either inside or outside the place.

Review №15

This is the place we can enjoy with your family fully air conditioner best seating arrangement with high quality sound system very well maintenance near the entrance Coffee Day shop is available 😍😍😍

Review №16

The place is very impressive and full of positive energy. I suggest this place to all those who want to organise a wonderful event with lots of infrastructure facilities. I went there to attend the Karan Johar show. All the arrangements were well planned and executed. I would like to thank of members who helped in organising that. In future I would also like to come here again and again.

Review №17

Really professional looking. Nice ambience.

Review №18

Great concert hall. Good ambience and seating arrangements. Good sound and it is a great hall that it.

Review №19

Nice venue with good parking facility. Well maintained. Has some nice cafeteria facilities too. Only trouble is when leaving from concert, there is traffic jams as the exit gate is small and so is the road leading to it.

Review №20

Went to Slate (the mini hall) this time for an evening of immersive theatre. Good facilitates all around. But the best thing about the area is the great pavements along the Harrington road stretch

Review №21

Good place for conducting programs , full Ac with fixable seats ...

Review №22

Amazing place...good atmosphere.nice concert i have seen.

Review №23

It has 2 floors for audience view , built In good aquatic , best for concerts and stage shows , Was clean and has the capacity of 1200 audience ... space for parking is available too , shows can go till evening 9 pm .. spacious backstage for video production team ..

Review №24

One of the finest and the best concert hall in chennai city.Seating and air conditioning is really good. Interiors of the Hall is well maintained.

Review №25

Been there for Zakir Khan show, and as usual Bhai was awesome.

Review №26

Nice and beautiful hall, good maintenance.

Review №27

Spacious and other facilities are also good.parking could be a problem as it is situated on a busy route.

Review №28

Very Good hall and also the facilities like parking and clean washrooms....🌳🌲🌴🍀👍 Lots of greenery around.

Review №29

Happened to be there during Lit fest and must say, it has one of the best auditoriums in Chennai.Nice outdoor and indoor halls.

Review №30

One of the best auditoriums in Chennai. Very professionally managed venue with cutting edge technology AV equipments and excellent acoustics.

Review №31

Great ambience. Very very comfortable seating.

Review №32

Amazing HallHave supported Bhajan Samrat Season 2 Juniors group in 2016 and played harmonium hereHad a wonderful Experience

Review №33

Nice Ambience, good seating arrangement, great hospitality. Only problem was it was initially a bit difficult to locate

Review №34

Lovely facade, very comfortable seating

Review №35

Very Good Auditorium with proper acoustics and seating arrangement.

Review №36

Excellent venue had a great time

Review №37

Neat and Good attended Convocation here

Review №38

One of the best auditoriums in Chennai with comfortable seats, high-end audio systems. The hall is well-maintained and managed by professionals. The audio system makes this hall a class apart from the rest. The dias is visible clearly even from the last row and corner seats. The exterior and entrance to the hall are spacious. Very quiet place in the midst of bustling city. Has lush greenery all over the place. Has ample car-parking facility. Rest-rooms are well-maintained.

Review №39

Huge concert /conventional hall. Attendee TEDx event . Hall has all facilities.

Review №40

Hall for Concert And Programs Spacious too 😎

Review №41

Good Audi!

Review №42

Awesome hall

Review №43

Lovely place

Review №44

Such an awesome place with good ambience

Review №45

Its very nice memorable moments

Review №46

Nice stadium. Very good maintenance, suitable place for rich programs. Capacity is around 1000 seats.

Review №47

Great place for concerts and fests

Review №48

One of the best auditorium to enjoy the love for music art and appreciate artists

Review №49

One of the largest auditoriums in Chennai, located at Harrington road, it is a few feet away from the MCC school. The auditorium is part of the vast expanse of the space occupied by lady andal school. Lit for Life, a literature festival of The Hindu group of publications, takes place every year in this auditorium.

Review №50

Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert HallThe Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall was commissioned in Feb 2008 for the preservation & propagation of Indian & all other forms of art & culture. The complex consists of an 1192 two level air-conditioned theatre with a 1920 sq.ft. stage, an art school, a gallery / lounge in the basement and a coffee shop. Equipped with some of the most advance audio & lighting equipment, this complex will be a one-stop shop which can cater to anything from a solo performance, a street play, to a philharmonic orchestra.

Review №51

Such a big and a nice hall with good seating features

Review №52

I attended #Iwasnotreadyda stand up show here and was amazed by the sound system and the seating capacity in the hall. It is located inside the Lady Andal school in Harrington road and easy to spot. The hall can accommodate up to 1200 people and it is fully air-conditioned. They also have balcony facility. Parking facility is good for both two wheeler and four wheeler. But not a covered parking.

Review №53

Great place to enjoy shows. Well managed and neatly maintained. Parking space is amply available.

Review №54

Its a big auditorium and the acoustics are good. Always ensure to check your seating chart before entering the auditorium as the odd numbers are on the left and the even on the right. This is the only hassle when people do not attend the programme on time. I am not sure if there is any provisions for the physically challenged in terms of entry and cloakroom. Enjoyed the experience.

Review №55

Easily the best equipped auditorium in the city. Equipped with high tech equipment, professionally managed, adequate parking its a great place to conduct your events.

Review №56

Superb Spacious Seating very good

Review №57

Quiet surroundings with ample car parking leading to a top class Auditorium with plush seats and really cold ac

Review №58

Located at this center of the city, the auditorium is huge. I have been visiting every year for the Hindu Lit for Life. Most of the major sessions are conducted in this hall. A large crowd can sit, the size is huge with comfortable seats and enough space. Also, sufficient parking available for both cars and bikes.

Review №59

Went for Karthik Iyer show. Awesome music and the ambience of hall compliment the high quality music. Seating is convenient for all age groups and you will love all kinds of live music here.

Review №60

Very nice auditorium. I had gone for the stand-up show of Abhishek upmanyuuuuuuu and it was really great.

Review №61

The best auditorium in the city for performances. All seats have an unobstructed and clear view of the stage. Great acoustics.

Review №62

This concert hall is seated. Good building. They have a cafe coffee day at the back. Dont take balcony seats, not preferred. You wont be able to hear the concert properly, sound becomes poor there. If you planning to jump to front after getting a back row tickets, not gonna happen. They separate the sections effectively.

Review №63

A good serene place. Ac can be better and finding your seat is difficult as there is no seat number mentioned. Lighting is good and sound system is good.

Review №64

One of the decent concert halls in the city. We went there for the Hindu literary fest. The main hall is the major attraction. Sound system and seating are best of its kind. There are couple of smaller halls as well which could serve diffrent functions. There was no reason to visit the restrooms. So no comments about its facilities or cleanliness. The best thing about this place is its visibility on Google maps. Havent been there for any other function other than the literary fest. So we are not sure whether itll be geographically the same way as we found it.

Review №65

One of the best concert halls in Chennai. Great acoustics and comfortable chairs for the audience. Spacious car parking available in the playground nearby. Located in Harrington road, Chetpet.

Review №66

Great place to enjoy live performances. Good sound arrangements and overall security arrangements.

Review №67

This is one of biggest auditoriums in Chennai. A great place for concerts. Situated on the main road and easily located.

Review №68

Hosts the Chennai Hindu Literature festival every year. Has great comfortable seats and great acoustics for a auditorium. Its a world class place with great facilities. Its one of the few places worthy of hosting Chennais cultural scene. Definitely a great place to go in weekends to have a great time.

Review №69

Beautiful & spacious A.C hall,well illuminated,all reclining cushioned seats,good audio system & sufficient parking space in the open ground.

Review №70

The concert is air conditioned and well maintained.. the seats are comfortable to watch movies.. hope snack items were not allowed inside.. I went for an event Rhapsody, a concert to rise fund for cancer patients organized by thenmozhi memorial trust. The hall has a separate parking for bikes and cars. Clean restrooms were also available.

Review №71

Loved the SA Aravind show! Great place and good seats for those long hour shows.

Review №72

Finding it was a little hard. But the visit was totally worth it! Located it such a beautiful place surrounded by so many trees!

Review №73

Good Ambiance and perfect view and acoustics for every audience in the hall with great and clean washroom facility. Very well maintained and in a very good surrounding!

Review №74

The concert hall is huge.It has been maintained really well. Can easily accommodate 800 people. It is located in Lady Andal School, could not initially locate it in Chennai as the local auto drivers or cab drivers were not familiar with it however, Ola to the rescue.

Review №75

A lively and lovely concert in an imposing auditorium. Acoustics excellent .TM Krishna kept the audience enthralled with his effortless play of ragas and music. A highlight of the evening was the Childrens Choirs performance.

Review №76

Air-conditioning was great. Sound was good. Very comfortable reclining seats.

Review №77

Superb. One of the best Auditoriums in the City. Lovely ambience. Clean roads. Magnificent stage. And most of all, many extravagant events are held here. Do come and attend once.

Review №78

Brilliant acoustics and an amazing concert hall. Has very comfortable seats and the visibility from all the rows is good. I had a nice time there!

Review №79

Great aesthetics.. sat on the balcony seats but sound and visuals were still good

Review №80

Best Hall in chennai for concert. Spacious place for car parking is available. Food items are strictly not allowed inside the hall. Has more than 1000 seating space , with ground floor and balcony. Whenever any concert is over, traffic would be high, so plan accordingly , when you want leave out immediately after the concert avoid car.

Review №81

Superb place

Review №82

A well designed auditorium in the heart of the city. Neatly maintained. Excellent acoustics for both the events Ive witnessed here (a stand-up comedy show and a music concert). Large playground serves as parking area.

Review №83

Fantastic place to host a large event.. Very calm and serene. The concert hall is one of the best with acoustic richness.

Review №84

A nice Acoustically treated and designed Space. You can enjoy the sound of any band, artist or singers performing there. The Air conditioning, maintenance and lighting is still good with no issues.

Review №85

Well maintained auditorium in our city. Excellent stage view with top class audio systems. Highly recommended for music lovers 🎶 🎶

Review №86

One of the best places for a concert. Comfortable seating and great atmosphere.

Review №87

Maybe I cant really comment on it because I was sitting at the back. But then again the sounds and all were pretty good even way back there

Review №88

Nice hall. Good lighting and sound.Nice atmosphere

Review №89

Best view for audience. well maintained. enough car park.

Review №90

Vast hall with sitting capacity of 1200 odd and decent view even from the last and corner seats. Seat numbering is confusing and there were no numbers on the seats, so it took some time for people to settle down.

Review №91

Nice theatre. Always go there for The Hindu fest plays. Sound system first class. Restrooms can do with better upkeep.

Review №92

Good ambience, but felt restrooms were less for such a big hall.

Review №93

Posh area. Beautiful Hall, with good crowd management. Went to SA Aravinds Iwasnotreadyda show. Amazing experience.

Review №94

Great and grand one... Great ambience... Pleasure to be there... Loved it

Review №95

Last I came here for IISM function..Really good ambience..Well maintained..The staffs are really helpful..One drawback the lighting is not sufficient in entrance..

Review №96

Spacious and well seated Audi. Capability is more than 500 persons with a huge stage.

Review №97

Good food. Specially their onion rava dosa.

Review №98

The hall is really good.. The seating is very nice.. but only problem I faced was that there was a strong smell in the hall.. better to carry o handkerchief.

Review №99

Central location, superb acoustics and sound system, large capacity and humungous podium makes it an excellent venue for music & dance, seminars, presentations etc. Visited it for the first time, a few weeks back, on the occassion of Rangapravesam of my close relatives daughter. I was literally bowled over. It can rival Music Academy on any day.

Review №100

One of the cities best auditoriums for events, the seat arrangement is perfect with the required elevation provided at different levels the sound proofing is splendid and one can easily hear the true sounds without any noise.

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  • Address:7, Shenstone Park, # 13, 1, Harrington Rd, Chetpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600031, India
  • Site:
  • Phone:+91 44 4356 1198
  • Event venue
  • Concert hall
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
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