BSNL Telephone Exchange
314, Grand Southern Trunk Rd, Mahalakshmi Colony, Chromepet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600047, India
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The Worst Experience ever in my Life. Dont even Think about buying BSNL Products. The Worst Products and the Worst Customer Service Experience ever in my Entire life.

Review №2

This is the place only Telephone exchange. Other BSNL transactions are done only at Customer care centre at BSNL exchange Office at Chromepet next GH Chromepet.

Review №3

Visited BSNL service center for MNP, just few(2 people) before me.Due to server issue it took almost 2 hours to done MNP. Staff is running everywhere to complete the process, Staff behaviour was good and she apologize for long wait.

Review №4

I went there for postpaid simcard. Staffs are very kind and friendly. Explaining everything politely to senior citizens.

Review №5

We all know about BSNL. But still, I wanted to give a try by upgrading my old prepay sim to 4g. The employees still behave the same as how they use to do before 10 years. This is the 2nd reason why people are not preferring BSNL.

Review №6

This is only exchange. Other services we have to contact Chromepet Customer Service Center near GH in GST road.

Review №7

Average Im expected 4g u giving 3g some area are poor network net connection is tooooooooo slow

Review №8

Very very bad experience... response level is very poor

Review №9

Very worst service. No punctuality. No staff even after 10.30am

Review №10

For refund plz find the attached image, for this they will ask u to come multiple times

Review №11

It is government telephone customer care center in Chrompet,the officials are friendly,but the response to complaints are very poor.

Review №12

Staff are ill equipped..Even ECS forms are not there.

Review №13

Always waiting out side for 10min work, waiting time 2hours, they close main gate in lunch hours, we thought office not working, very bad.

Review №14

Very poor service in my experience.I was used BSNL Landline connection. Even the pandemic situation, we couldnt contact the customer care. No contact number in telephone exchange also.They delivering bills continuously without using the connection.Every month, I am getting message like if dont pay the bill, landline account will be disconnected.In Private network, they considered this pandemic situation and canceled the outstanding amount.If this kind of service continues, no one wants BSNL network.If you want to take new connection, consider my experience with BSNL before it.

Review №15

Nice customer service

Review №16

The approach road from GST is in bad shape and prone to skidding for two wellers.

Review №17

Good service, politeness, quick service and the recharge amount also very reasonable price than other operator

Review №18

Service is good, old age staffs are doing well to their capacity.

Review №19

Good customer care services

Review №20

Very sultry just outside the office where we have to wait in queue. Poor system. Slow service. Rude behavior by the staff even to older citizens. I went there to surrender my landline because of poor service.

Review №21

Many saying there are not giving good service but really the bsnl employees responding good and wherever i went for bsnl office but the respond me correctly and i got cleared all my issue.

Review №22

Very poor service. No network. Asking customers to wait for long with no proper response!

Review №23

Bsnl staffs are ver less only one person available for bill payment, sim card and all the other things

Review №24

Great customer service. Ensure that you are prepared to wait in queue in the COVID situation as only 5 people are allowed inside at a time.

Review №25

Worst queue system ever i saw.. Need lot of patience to stand for 1¹/² hour for the worst service over the counter.

Review №26

Went there with complaints and got resolved

Review №27

Takes long time, strengthen the staff and quick service

Review №28

Good response

Review №29

Excellent service with very limited staff

Review №30

Very good service by staff.

Review №31

It is nice The employees are kind enough but right materials are not available to service

Review №32

. Must equip themselves to fight with their competitors. Should be fast to serve

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Review №34

Worst Government Office. The seats were dirty and smells bad. Have to wait for a long time. The employee who took my case is a old man who need magnifying glass to verify my form and SIM details. He is getting irate for no reasons. When I told him that I was waiting for more then 2 hours, he simply left from his seat saying that it was his lunch break (approx 4:00 PM). I gave my form to a different counter and they told me that I have to wait until he return as it is related to his department.

Review №35

May be public sector but helpful staff.

Review №36

Social distance and covid 19 protocols are excellently followed

Review №37

Not properly arranged queue system. Not receptive

Review №38

Poor infrastructure. Govt. Should think this to making profitable but they are incapable even having all facilities and possibilities to improve it.

Review №39

Worst customer service

Review №40

Worst service

Review №41

Now they consolidated customer care and it is ok. Furniture and other think need improvement. The location is near Government Hospital, Chromepet adjusent Fire Service Office, T.B. Hospital Signal.

Review №42

Good support friendly staffs

Review №43

They behave cheap.. was there to get a new prepaid connection.. they sent me to a distributor guy.. and he was like enna ezhavukku da en uyira edukkra.. asked him to show me the list of available numbers to choose from.. he said thats not possible.. etc etc.. onnum solldradhukkilla..

Review №44

Poor customer service

Review №45

Office bill payments

Review №46

Not giving proper reason for surrendering the landline

Review №47

Shortage of staff, but available lady staff are working hard. Unfortunate situation .

Review №48


Review №49

FAULT is not at all being rectified.Signal problems are at Mudichur Road Tower in Tambaram West. REQUEST SOLVE THE PROBLEM IMMEDIATELY.

Review №50

Nice place to be a good time for you can use the form of a new

Review №51

Very worst and very very lazy staffs. After visiting the place I came to know why bsnl runs in loss. The staffs takes more than 15 minutes to give new sim to customers. I got frustated with the service I got. I asked my dad to change the service from Bsnl to jio or AirtelBsnl untill you have this kind of old and very lazy employees, you can never compete with other networks. The best think modi can do is to shutdown bsnl and save peoples money.The staffs are not even ready to answer queries. Then why they are appointed as customer facing staffs. Change their locations. They are behaving really rude. There is no point in blaming bsnl employees.I have to blame only the bsnl customers who are still accepting this kind of service and using it. Very very very worst experience. Shame on you bsnl and the kind of lazy staffs you have.

Review №52

Helpful staff. They told us in details what all things we need to do if we need to take new connection.

Review №53

Staff are interaction are good. They are understaffed somehow managing the show.

Review №54

No different from a regular Government office. we pay money to get ourselves humiliated. Most companies, corporate have a motto of Customer is God - oh dear Government offices - we dont want to be treated as God, atleast treat us as humans!

Review №55

Visited Customer to surrender my landline. Very helpful staff.

Review №56

Poorly furnished. Room cooling is good. Very less number of Employees are there

Review №57


Review №58

You might be put off when u enter this place seeing a bunch of 50 to 60 year Olds running it like any other Govt. Office. But in my 2 visits in the last 1 year, people here are quiet efficient & very patient (in answering all your doubts) & theres hardly any waiting time to get any of your BSNL related work done. Awesome bunch of uncles & aunts running this place.

Review №59

Very poor customer service. You peoole go and check the private offices like vodafone, airtel etc.. you people are getting too much salary and not working. You are worthless. This only lead to the bsnls poor performance...

Review №60

Very helpful service, could be much better with a simple token system.

Review №61

I was deeply disappointed after looking the office. Earlier we wont find place to stand.whereas today there were no employees.Only two people I saw in the office- Due to No salary for the employees, Pushing out for compulsory voluntary Retirement. All private Telecom companies has grown up.But BSNL today is in very bad shape. Govt has to take steps to save the Big BSNL. Deeply Disappointed

Review №62

Excellent service! Not sufficient place for customers!

Review №63

Ha ha ha. Almost bill payment, recharge landline, new/replacement sim and most other services provided here. Poorly maintained room, but good air-conditioning. Almost all are Senior staffs. Sloooooooooooooow response. But still they respond and try their best to sort out customer issues. If one needs to show a typical government office, they can take their Children too.

Review №64

Good service. Got 4g sim in 1 minutes after address verification

Review №65

A BSNL Customer Care Centresituated on G S T Road nearChromet MIT bridge.

Review №66

Typical BSNL office. As usual to link to aadhar or Upgrade your SIm card to 4G, need to wait for more than half an hour. But the staffs were co-operative, friendly and more kind. Please have bit patience, they will help you out.

Review №67

Easy to locate. Not bad

Review №68

Will get good response

Review №69

Many reviews posted here are with respect to the customer care service centre, which is co-located, but has an unique marker in the Google Map. This is a technical building housing telephone equipment and not related to customer care!

Review №70

Some executives are good, but not all. But service is typical government service. Still they dont know what is customer service, you dont get answers in one place.

Review №71

Not sharing the information what we neef

Review №72

BSNL office, Chromepet.👍 Keep it up Good service to the customer by Madam Sumathi, I suppose that is the name of the employee.

Review №73

Worst place. The seats were torn and dirty. The employees were rude and not helpful at all.

Review №74


Review №75

Very very worst service. staff are not upto take they do activities very slow. for one person they took almost 30 to 45 mins so i was wasting my time 3hrs to get my turn. and they want aadhar original only no Xerox allowed they rejected 4 application on same day which includes mine for new sim card purchase. all private networks are agile they get aadhar number verify online with thumb impressions and give new sims with in 15min. they dont get photos and Xerox. so BSNL be agile soon

Review №76

Employees are need to be well worked to know about the plans of sim and related issues.

Review №77

Good customer service 👍

Review №78

Chrompet office - BSNL main branch South

Review №79

Always crowded and nothing like que system in place still. Typical govt handling of customer care

Review №80

Good place for bsnl customers. Quite helpful staff, but large crowds all the time making service a bit longer wait.

Review №81

Such a dull office. But problems and questions are responded and solved properly. Separate sections for different queries. All Workers are 40+ or 50+ of age. I contacted this centre for landline connection, modem connection and for SIM card swap. New SIM cards are given and SIM card for lost ones are done in an hour.

Review №82

Good service

Review №83

Quiet ambient place,

Review №84

No helpdesk, staffs were rude and they think that only they are working sincerely and as a customer we are wasting their time. Going by this standard BSNL could easily be scrapped in coming years.

Review №85

You can the typical gov office. Work will be like slow cycle race.... worst pl dont ever sit in customer sofa you may get sick( very smelly). Place not maintained

Review №86

For any transfer or sim card or broad band.. reach them here. People are very supportive

Review №87

Pathetic. Poor response from customer care / supervising officers. Those are who spoil the name of BSNL.

Review №88

Poor customer service and not willing to convenience customer.This is my rule i will not change latest requirement.

Review №89

Really fast customer service, in the morden 4G era BSNL 3G is rocking, My wife consume over 4GB daily with 444 pack.

Review №90

Customer is the king the business revolves around him but my experience in this place is request is still pending from their end I have BSNL SIM card after changing portability from aircel my fifteen years old number is still not activated Im being told by the manager there Jamuna Rani madam its in process dont know when I will get the solution... the condition prevails for more than 15 working days I was also told to go to aircel Spencer plaza office which is closed long time before by madam Jamuna Rani B.E , MBA...

Review №91

Good service provided if we are walk-in with relevant supporting documents.

Review №92

Five Star

Review №93

When everyone issues 4G sim, they issue 3G. Able to solve issues, helps customers. But should strive hard to be on par with competitors.

Review №94

Ok fine.

Review №95

I went to their for purchase of Sim and updation of adhar BSNL Customer Care response quickly

Review №96

Get bsnl 4g sim...

Review №97

An average customer service with less knowledge staffs. Its little advanced government office.dont expect too much here

Review №98

Best service provider customer friendly

Review №99

Yet to change the way they work. They have to learn a lot from the private players

Review №100

Pleasant surprise, walked in for a postpaid connection on a second saturday afternoon, with a lot of doubt in mind about the response, but really surprised to see few smiling staff with great attitude. No questions asked, no forms to be filled, just my aadhar number and finger impression, in 15 mins, got the sim card, thats really wonderful. And sim was not activated till Monday morning, walked in again, despite a long q in front of counters, the person in charge came out and inquired, made few calls to the respective department, in next 30 mins, activated

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  • Address:314, Grand Southern Trunk Rd, Mahalakshmi Colony, Chromepet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600047, India
  • Site:
  • Telephone exchange
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