Ramnagar, 31- Bokare Layout, near Dr Anande, Chandrapur, Maharashtra 442401, India
Review №1

It was hilarious and adventurous experience.Your way of welcoming was respectful and cooperative.Your guide and driver,their readiness to show every area was the best.We enjoyed jungle safari very much.We saw peacocks,pig,monkeys,neelgay,eagle,butterfly,spider,dead buffalo etc.Thank you very much to you all.

Review №2

We have planned our Tadoba tour at last moment and we call to Vivekanand Tadoba Tourism office for booking.Mr Bhushan told he will check and call back. Within 5 min he told yes it is available but we have to book fast.He has followed up too many times for our IDs as it was delayed from our side.Finally I collected and we booked 2 Gipsy as we were total 12 tourist plus 2 kids.There was one mistake after booking, Mr Bhushan has admitted and he assured he will correct it and on the check point it will not make any issue.As we reached there at 6 am, guard was asking about the mistake. So we called Mr Bhushan and he explained to guard then he allows us for touring.As we are native of Chandrapur and residing at Dubai, but we never explore beauty and treasure of Tadoba, as it was mostly heard from my UAE friends. So on 17 th Aug that days has come were we planned and Vivekannand Tourism has arranged for us.Its a real fun to explore beauty of Tadoba with Open gypsy with your whole family. Being at residing in UAE tourism is high but all its Man made except Sea,Sand and hill. But at Tadoba we come to know what is nature what is natural Tourism.Mr Bhushan has kept the name of his company i.e. Vivekanand Naturo Tourism and its truly meaning.Thanks to Team Tadoba....u have made all the efforts for our safety and enjoyment.

Review №3

Quality of food is great and quality of room and services is great.spical thanks to Bhushan kodmalwar for giving us such a wonderful experience and thanks to serai camp team

Review №4

When anyone is on tour the places one should visit really matter, and vknaturotourism will take you the places that no one in chandrapur can take you at best prices, best hospitality and best knowledge about places with its importance.

Review №5

I was thrilled after seeing the BIG CATS -4 at a time and the leopard on the way back from the safari... I was very lucky to see them in my first visit... I could get the feel of jungle everyone I went in...

Review №6

Mr. Bhushan managed all the bookings efficiently, even when we informed him of our requirement on a very short notice. The hotel and food was nice, and the taxi service was also convenient.

Review №7

Great guidance. Great recommendations. All animals covered in one safari🐯🌳🌴🌲

Review №8

We had an amazing experience with team Vivekananda Naturo Tourism. Their guidance & cooperation from our TADOBA tour enquiry till successful implementation of tour is praiseful.

Review №9

Bhushan is truly prompt, supportive and professional. He provided great accommodation in the heart of the Tadoba forest. Started with small introductory speech which included information about Tadoba, Chnadrapur, Anandwan, Hemalkasa etc. He really has deep knowledge about his work.Highly satisfied with the service.Recommended!!

Review №10

We Travel to tadoba at zari gate.And enjoy the gipsy safari. We saw 10 gaur15 peacock, 2 sopt deer, 2 sambar so many bats, 1 nealgay, Rabit and 1 tiger and so many other enimal in deep forest that was amazing experienced. We enjoy lots. Our guide is realy amazing they provide us valuable information about forest and animals.

Review №11

Owesome hospitality great food 🥘 satisfactory safari and stay 😊👌🏻👍🏻 Provided by:Bhushan kodmalwar,vivekanada naturo tourisam 👍🏻

Review №12

The experience with Vivekananda Naturo Tourism was pretty good. Mr. Bhushan got me a safari booked through Mamla gate at tadoba at a very short notice and in a very seemless way. The safari was amazing and we are looking forward to travel more with them.

Review №13

Wonderful experience of night safari at Moharli and morning safari at Keslaghat, surprisingly spotted Tigers at both the places. Thanks Mr. Bhushan Kodmalwar & Vivekanand Naturo Tourism for arranging such a successful jungle safari and excellent stay at Camp Serai Tiger on a very short notice. Thank you very much.

Review №14

Worst worst worst experience...I still wonder why people go there and they themselve recommend other people how can they...they should be punished for years for wasting people money and time....I have visited this place recently on 10th Jan 2020 with family staff was very good they were very humble to us...but the issue is hype of tadoba tourism which they had made plzzz I willl recommend dont go there.... nothing is there to enjoy such as.. except lots of red sand dust and dry bushes.....unless you are photographer

Review №15

Due to Mr Bhushan Kodmelwar our Tadoba Safari on 5th & 6th December was possible. He tried to provide best of the best service to our group and made follow up at every stage.At the 11th hour we tell our Tadoba Safari plan with fix dates and within 15 minutes Mr Bhushan Kodmelwar made booking of Tadoba Safari within our budget. Mr Bhushan Kodmelwar gave Tour package which include beutiful Resort stay of 1 day and night, best Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, two times tea/coffee and Safari tickets with guide having binocularResort services, staff in resort from room boy to manager are very good. Food quality, cleanliness are very good. We all really enjoyed this tour and we are very lucky to saw one Tiger 🐅 and guide Mr S.M.Meshram told us name of tiger is Bajrang. It is also noted that after providing best of the best in our budget plan Mr Bhushan Kodmelwar take follow up from starting to completion of journey which we like.Mr Bhushan Kodmelwar we all are very much thankful to you from bottom of heart ❤️💓 for arranging such beautiful one day and night tour at 11th hours.Dr Dipak Tayade, Amravati (Maharashtra State)

Review №16

It was a nice experience for me and my family spending time and being part of viveknanda naturo tourism.Thanks to bhushan kodmalwar and his team , for their cooperation towards the i visited tadoba Mamala buffer zone and the safari was a memorable experience saw many animals like sloth beer indian gour and many more....

Review №17

We enjoyed the Sunday 6th Dec after very long time in my favourite ZARI Core zone. It has dense forest of TADOBA with Kolsa lake. It is pure tiger habitate. Experiencing the ZARI zone is very amazing as it has less human interference. Tiger sighting makes our day, because after long time i seen him. Will visit again this Zone.

Review №18

It was woderfull journy of Zari Kolsa Core Gate. We spoted a tigres named Kuhani with her cub.Over all It was amezing tour.

Review №19

Waste of money....Poor management by Bhushan Kodmelwar.....No Tiger 🐯 Spoted....

Review №20

Good Experience for Zari Gate Safari provided by Vivekananda Naturo Tourism

Review №21

Mamla gate, especially the buffer area has very few variety of mammals. Avoid Mamla gate if you wish animal sightings.

Review №22

He help me for making passport from starting of process to end thankyou so much for ur help reading passport making.

Review №23

I went with my friends there and had the best experience though we went only for a day there. Everything was well arranged and superbly maintained.I definitely plan to make some more future endeavors with VIVEKANANDA NATURO TOURISM. Thought we were a bit low on budget, we really really enjoyed it and was worth every dime we spent.

Review №24

We had good experience of traveling safely in this difficult period of COVID19.Vivekananda Naturo Tourism made our journey safe by providing properly sanitised vehicle and E - Travel pass.

Review №25

Time managements is well as compare to other one, all the places are shown properly in time. Lunch was very good and appreciable by all. At least after 10 years we all with student have experienced the well propered tour which was guided by you properly. The most valuable moment was the the meeting with Dr. Prakash Amte and Dr. Mandakini Amte and photo taken with them is more precious for all.

Review №26

It was great experience..the whole journey was wonderful...

Review №27

MONSOON Tadoba Jungle Safari in July month were incredible..Tourists cant explore such enchanting forest greenery in winter or summer season. KESALAGHAT buffer zone of TATR is unique with diverse wildlife, hilly landscapes & waterpaths. Tiger sized leopards & sloth bears frequently sighted here. This safari zone recommended & serviced us by VIVEKANANDA NATURO TOURISM.. our special thanks to them!

Review №28

It was good experience. 6 tigers spotted at buffer zone mamla gate.

Review №29

Good Service and They are Very Co-operative.

Review №30

Good co-operation throughout the trip.

Review №31

Its great experience in Safari.

Review №32

Very well planed.hotel location is good.staff was very was tasty.but need more verities in foodspecially in non veg.keep it up😊night safari was awesome.we will definitely plan another jungle safari.Thank you for giving us memorable experience.🤗😊

Review №33

Best experience with the tour of tadoba safari All the staffs and services was very good Tadoba the tiger reserve wonderful 🤚🏽👍👍

Review №34

Very good hospitality.. well trained staff. Overall excellent stay. Pls keep doing good things.

Review №35

It was amazing safari 😃🤩🤩

Review №36

Best experience with the tour of tadoba safari. We were lucky to see tiger on site. All the staffs and services are up to the mark. Must visit place in India. Tadoba the tiger reserve

Review №37

Me and my family was going on 26th jan, my jungle safari is tooo awasome my family is very excited for watching a tiger and we see the tiger at #Devala buffer zone, the jungle tour is very good,a good experience with all the wild animal and his information, i am very thankful to u sir for giving that beautiful experience... #Ticket booking & guided by Mr. Bhushan kodmalwar sir😊 *Thank you*

Review №38

Very nice experience. Saw 2 full grow tigers for 1 hr. Very good hospitality.

Review №39

On 28th of December we had tour of Hemalkasa village in Gadchiroli District which was overall gudied by Mr. Bhushan Kodmalwar. He was very willing and eager to share all of his knowledge which he had studied and observed from past years of his journey. The tour we planned was of single day in which we covered the well known places like Khamancheru, Nagepalli, Allapali Van Vaibhav, Hemalkasa and the beautiful triveni sangam of Bhamragarh. Mr. Bhushan was the backbone of our tour as he Guided us with lots of things and experience and letting us know the place of movies like Dr. Prakash Amte. The tour was full of fun and we enjoyed the journey from the begining to the end.

Review №40

Had discussions at length about wildlife, forests & other aspects of jungles. Found Mr Bhushan Kolmadwar of Vivekanand Naturo Tourism, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and talkative professional Naturalist. Our stay at Camp Serai Tiger was 3 hours straight drive from Nagpur; value for money. Food was tasty. Had morning safari with breakfast tiffins kept ready for us. Sighted tiger-W from a close distance & could follow the majestic stroll for a good length of time. Even watched her quenching the thirst as well as taking plunge inside the water body for a swim. Everybody was enthralled & was gleaming with joy😁. My guests continued their additional stay for core jungle safari the next morning...!

Review №41

Great experience we enjoyed lot in Jungle safari everything arrangements done before reach to counter well Guide provided overall excellent hospitality. Thanks

Review №42

Our experience was so good. Mr Bhushan Kodmalwar is such a nice person. He managed all our requirements and helped in every way. Thank you!

Review №43

It was a wonderful experience as we planned everything on mobile without any hesitation..really very helpful

Review №44

The best and comfortable trip for lazy people like me to plan for trip sitting from home I have seeen 3 tigers 🤗. It was wonderful experience enjoy a lot

Review №45

Good punctuality. Cordial staffEnthusiastic guide to show us around

Review №46

They are providing good facilities and room service... But the quality and the taste of the food must be improved

Review №47

My experience was totally fantastic..... They have helped alot.. ..And we have enjoyed our safari... 👌

Review №48

My experience was totally fantastic ....... And we have enjoyed our safari .....👍👍🙏

Review №49

Really A very good experience... nice services provided 2 us... satisfied

Review №50

Value for money. Well arranged, good food, good rooms.

Review №51

It was a nice experience the guide was very helpful😇 . enjoyed alot 😊❤💙

Review №52

Very nice service we all are be very happy and the man also be very nice...great guide Thank you...

Review №53

The experience about the tadoba forest tour is great, spending the great day in the forest, and the service of there is very nice.

Review №54

I had a great safari was good n I would like visit tadoba again .....thank u

Review №55

It was simply gr8... everything was well ...loved the food and ur arrangements

Review №56

VIVEKANAND NATURO TOURISM serving at great level to their guests & tourism service companies, Director Mr Bhushan Kodmalwar is a knowledgeus professional, his communication, guidance & cooperation is very well. Tourists getting complete satisfaction for what they spent their time & money, its from my practical experience there.

Review №57

Very Nice, Kind & cooperative. Really enjoyed Tour.

Review №58

We are very thankful to VIVEKANAND NATURO TOURISM team & special thanks to Director Mr Bhushan Kodmalwar for providing us this memorable & wonderful Wildlife Tour to TADOBA NATIONAL PARK. We have seen tigress Lara, tigress Madhuri with her cubs such a great live nature scene first in our life. Proper Guidance were given by VIVEKANAND NATURO TOURISM, good accommodation & everything well arranged. We will always recommend others about this tourism company.

Review №59

Experience was awesome and enjoyed a lot.. And a special thanks to the tour organiser Mr. Bhushan for his great work..

Review №60

The experience was very good and the trip organiser Mr .Bhushan was timely available on phone whenever needed mostly at late night also.The expected politeness and calmness in the conversation was also there.All the promised site seeing and extra information was given to us...

Review №61

Nice service and in depth knowledge of right resorts and excursion zones.

Review №62

Excellent safaris, arrangment was very good, every one plz visit next time.

Review №63

Excellent services and very good plans and execution.. very well satisfied with trips..

Review №64

It was very nice experience.I got easily booking of Tadoba Tiger Reserve center by Vivekanand Naturo Tourism.Thanks to Mr.Bhushan Kodmalwar.

Review №65

Me and friend visited to nagzira and it was faboluous experience. We are stay for 2 days. experience was awesome and hotel staff is so good. Thank you bhushan sir for arranging our trip please visit and last one thing food was so good veg and non veg both.

Review №66

It was a very wonderful experience in Tadoba Tiger reserve Forest. You can get easily booking of Tadoba Wildlife with Vivekanand Naturo Tourism in well advance and no hectic.Tadoba is simply great wildlife zone. We feel very happy. Thanks a lott to Vivekanand Naturo Tourism.

Review №67

Well service,food,n ambience was good.Value for money.

Review №68

It was awesome experience ..we will visit the place again and again.

Review №69

It is very great experience to explore the wild life and the hosting and food was awesome best suggestion given by Vivekanand naturo tourism.(Mr.Bhushan kodmalwar)

Review №70

My experience was really to see everything wished for

Review №71

Great experience. Enjoyed a lot

Review №72

Had a great experience with the faculty. ....We always recommend to others. ...

Review №73

Nice trip arranged ... Vehicle and Driver was good ..

Review №74

Nice arrangements, good co-operation,niceTrip, enjoyed nature .

Review №75

Properly serviced by VIVEKANAND NATURO TOURISM, we will always recommend others

Review №76

Excellent, I want to go again and again...

Review №77

Supportive staff

Review №78

Fully satisfied with Best Experience

Review №79

Excellent arrangement and experience.

Review №80

Timely Service

Review №81

Experience well not fully satisfied

Review №82

Very nice service ...

Review №83

Great Service

Review №84


Review №85

Experience was awesome

Review №86

Everything is perfect...

Review №87

Nice place and hotel

Review №88

Historical places

Review №89


Review №90

Excellent service...

Review №91

Good service

Review №92

Good work

Review №93

The combination of excellent service and guidance ...

Review №94

Absolutely good experience. Good quality.

Review №95

Very beautiful recollection safari

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