Bazar Ward, Chandrapur, Maharashtra 442402, India
Review β„–1

Very nice station well maintained cleanliness is very good loved it.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Review β„–2

Due to covid-19 pandemic people with confirmed tickets are allowed to enter in the station. Very clean and hygiene railway station, time to time platform cleaning, dustbins placed at every interval surrounding is clean including railway tracks very well maintained station with awesome art work, even they conserved trees with art work instead of cutting thats great

Review β„–3

Coal city chandrapur is a developing city and is connected very well with train network between south a d north/east India

Review β„–4

Good and large Railway Station.. In this areaGod very beautiful are.. Looking very nice.. All the πŸš„ πŸš‰ come and go from this area point 😍

Review β„–5

It was station clean and very good place

Review β„–6

The station is ok but needs regular maintenance and the passengers comfort should be taken care of!! Recently the developments have been commendable, the nearness is increasing and the Super Fast trains that used to not stop at this station are Halting here, which is also necessary as Chandrapur is a important district with people from all over India. And is in one of the most Important railway routes of the country, so connectivity here should be prime.Anyways, the more development work is done the better!! The more safer and comfortable the journey becomes, the better.

Review β„–7

Its a very very big and friendly city all is very fair and available all things from old to new must vist do.r places like mahakali temple, anchaleswar temple and fort by the very old some narly 600 years ago built must visit to see and through ou forest and must go for tour of wild life lovers

Review β„–8

Best place.....

Review β„–9

Good and Clean station,Food stall Available, Escalator Not Avl.

Review β„–10

Small station but it is very clean and managed.

Review β„–11

The district Chandrapur was earlier known as β€˜Chanda’ according to tradition and legend the name of the place was β€˜Lokapura’ which was first changed to β€˜ Indpur’ and subsequently to Chandrapur. During the British colonial period it was called Chanda district, which was again changed to its original name β€˜Chandrapur β€˜ around 1964. Other places of the region in ancient times include wairangad, Kosala, Bhadravati and Markanda. Hindu and Buddhist kings are said to have ruled the area for a long time, Later on Gonds overtook Dana Chiefs who ruled Chandrapur around 9 th century and Gond Kings ruled the area till 1751 after which Maratha period started. Raghuji Bhosale, the last King of the dynasty, died heirless in 1853 and Nagpur province together with Chandrapur was declared annexed to British

Review β„–12

Dominos not available but its a big cdleAvail that also

Review β„–13

Chandrapur railway station is neet & clean, they also maintain social distance.

Review β„–14

It Β is a small railway station servingΒ ChandrapurΒ town, in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra State of India. It is underΒ Nagpur CR railway divisionΒ ofΒ Central Railway ZoneΒ of Indian Railways. It is located onΒ New Delhi–Chennai main lineΒ of Indian Railways.Cleaniness is good.

Review β„–15

Felt Good nice place as seen while moving on train

Review β„–16

Chandrapur railway πŸš‚ station is very neat and clean. This station gives an artistic view to encourage people. Station is covered with animals and wildlife conservation themes. That is commendable. Railway station is under development. New platforms are being constructed.Some features of Chandrapur railway station-1. Wheelchair β™Ώ accessible entrance.2. Wheelchair β™Ώ accessible parking πŸ…ΏοΈ available.4. Disabled ticket counter window.5. Hygienic maintenance.6. Vehicle 🚜 parking πŸ…ΏοΈ available.7. Different types of outlets available.8. Passenger waiting lobby available.9. Ticket windows available for reservations as well as for unreserved tickets.10. Feasibility to exchange platforms.11. Dustbins are available.

Review β„–17

I love chandrapur

Review β„–18

Chandrapur second priority station after ballarshah. Most of the Rajdhani and Duranto doesnt stop here.

Review β„–19

One Of The Cleanest Railway Station I Saw.Maintaining Also Nice . Water Facility Available.

Review β„–20

Its a good railway station in state of maharashtra basic facilities like Drinking water, toilet, waiting area, bench are available .

Review β„–21

Very neat and clean premises. Very discipline d in TATKAL hours...

Review β„–22

Nice place Tadoba tiger safri is about 24 km from hear . Power house hub in Maharashtra, Cole mine filed. In day very hot and little cold in night

Review β„–23

Good and Large Railway Station

Review β„–24

Food items are not available.

Review β„–25

Very informativeEasy to navigateSpaciousCleanVery good ambienceFrequent police pateol

Review β„–26


Review β„–27

Chandrapur Railway Station is beautifully decorated with wall paintings of Forest Animals like Tiger , steps of foot over bridge looks attractive with tiles of tiger. Very neat and clean Station. Tadoba Tiger Reserve is nearest attraction.

Review β„–28

Because of urjanagar colony is one of the most clean places. Nd other facilities available.

Review β„–29

Good Small city. .. famous for coal mines and Tadoba Tiger Reserve.

Review β„–30

Cleanness is OK but RO water vending machine is issue here. There must be more train stoppage here.

Review β„–31

ChandrapuraΒ is aΒ census townΒ inΒ Chandrapura (community development block)Β in Bermo subdivision ofΒ Bokaro districtΒ in theΒ IndianΒ stateΒ ofΒ Jharkhand. It is situated on the northern banks of the riverΒ Damodar. The town is well known for theΒ Chandrapura Thermal Power Station, a thermal-coal based power generation unit ofΒ Damodar Valley CorporationΒ .Chandrapur Railway Station under Central Railway in Maharashtra. The Station is very small only 3 platforms.

Review β„–32

Small railway junction of Indian railways, I got few photos snaps here, it seems that station is near by tiger reserve forest, station is full of tiger picture, paintings etc...Station got station like facilities, good and neat.

Review β„–33

Too much pollution

Review β„–34

Small and beautiful city coal and mine reserved forest area 200 km from Nagpur

Review β„–35

Not all trains have stoppage here, if you have to board premium train, you have to go to Ballarshah (BPQ). Station is maintained nice, for passengers they also provided Wifi.

Review β„–36

Excellent railway station, clean, helpful, quick services

Review β„–37

Im living in chandrapur from my childhood. If you are interested in jungle safari n wanna see wild animals then you must come to chandrapur. Tadoba national park is pride of chandrapur. Here you will get to see coal mines, paper mill, jungle, historical buildings n temple, lake and many more things.

Review β„–38

Allowing only Confirmed passengers due to covid safety measures. Some people who are checking the body temperature at the entrance, forcefully made us to purchase gloves cost pair β‚Ή60. Which was not mandatory at the Biggest stations & Junctions like Secunderabad.

Review β„–39

This is one of the biggest railway station on this route. It is very clean and is maintained by the Indian Railways!

Review β„–40

Very beautiful station

Review β„–41

Neat and clean station. Good wildlife painting

Review β„–42

Its seems like awesome....

Review β„–43

City around wall guarded well

Review β„–44

Clean station...but you cannot get food except escallator..

Review β„–45

Like This Review And Appreciate To Share My ExperienceThis Railway Station Have 3 PlatformsπŸš‰πŸš‰πŸš‰On The Steps Of Footover BridgeArchitecture Of Tiger And Animals Like Peacock... πŸ―πŸ…No Stop For Ac Super Fast Express TrainsNeatness Is Good πŸ’–πŸ’–Well Get Cool Water To Drink πŸ’¦πŸ’¦And Both Side Of Railway Station We Easily Get Auto Rickshaw... πŸš–This Railway Station Is Very Near To Bus Stop...If you Missed Train πŸš†then You Can Go Bus Stop on foot..

Review β„–46

This is the best city. if we see in cleaning as compared to another citys. And the one of the thing its known as the city of black gold.

Review β„–47


Review β„–48

Cool and way on updating πŸ˜€

Review β„–49

Its ok

Review β„–50

Its a good station and neatly maintained. Most of the mail and super fast trains are stopped here.

Review β„–51

Nice station

Review β„–52


Review β„–53

Basic facilities are available

Review β„–54

Station is Clean, Less Rush, Water Facility available, Good Toilets etc

Review β„–55


Review β„–56

Good and clean station

Review β„–57

New look..

Review β„–58

Good and cleaned railway station of Maharashtra. Food quality is good. You can easily get good food at low prices just outside of is small railway station only few trains stop here.very good parking lot of structure. Situated in the city.

Review β„–59

Nice place

Review β„–60

Small but beautiful station.There is many beautiful art work on all the station walls and great creativity of forest animal.As chandrapur is a city of tigers therefore the station is designed as a mark of tigers.There is no satisfied service of washroom and toilet.Overall station is average.

Review β„–61

It is a small station but it is very neat and clean and the centre of attraction of this station is the wall painting with tiles. Love my city chandraCha

Review β„–62

One of the cleanest station in Vidarbha!Food facilities are not too good u should Carry ur own food !!

Review β„–63

Oh My God its a somewhat ZigZag Station for new Ones definitely, It total a city and autowala on platform no.1 and its not easy to cross as easily as from platform no.2.Amenities are Good but its takes time , Autowala demands more money, I thought no transport from bus service from station.

Review β„–64

Very nice

Review β„–65

Chandrapur railway station is an important railway station in the state of Maharashtra India. Important trains have stops in this station and all the passenger trains halt at this station. It has got only basic amenities and not upto the standard set by indian railway.

Review β„–66

Chandrapur railway stationΒ (station code:Β CD) is a railway station servingΒ ChandrapurΒ city in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra state of India. It is underΒ Nagpur CR railway divisionΒ ofΒ Central Railway ZoneΒ of Indian Railways. It is located onΒ New Delhi–Chennai main lineΒ of Indian Railways.Chandrapur railway stationIndian Railway StationChandrapur railway stationLocationChandrapur district,Β MaharashtraIndiaCoordinates19.96Β°N 79.30Β°EElevation189 metres (620Β ft)Owned byIndian RailwaysOperated byCentral RailwayLine(s)Delhi-Chennai linePlatforms3Tracks6ConnectionsAuto standConstructionStructure typeStandard (on ground station)ParkingYesBicycle facilitiesNoOther informationStatusFunctioningStation codeCDElectrifiedYes

Review β„–67

All basic amenities are available. There is VIP room, retiring room, waiting room, booking office and dustbins too all over the platform. Overall the platform is clean and well maintained.

Review β„–68

Chandrapur is a city and a municipal corporation in Chandrapur district, Maharashtra state, India. It is the district headquarters of Chandrapur district. Chandrapur is a fort city founded by Khandkya Ballal Sah, a Gond king of the 13th century The city is situated at the confluence of the Irai and Zarpat rivers.

Review β„–69

Good and affordable

Review β„–70

Neat and clean. Small station. Paintings of wild animals, tiger, deer, etc., on the steps of foot ovΓ©rbridge and reserved waiting room.

Review β„–71

Nice beautiful well maintained railway station.

Review β„–72

Best station in maharastra state

Review β„–73

Good very Good

Review β„–74

Hehehe... Its a good place

Review β„–75

Nice facilities.. loved it. place is also interesting.

Review β„–76

This is a historic city which was earlier ruled by Gond Raja and the old city is located within the fort walls which were built to protect the city. Now industrialisation has taken over and the city is infamous for air pollution. The city is dotted with numerous coal mines and is also called Black Gold City. The fort walls have four doors out of which Jatpura gate is the most prominent and frequently encountered as it offers entry to the main city market. Also, the fort walls have several khidkis spread evenly among the fort walls.The city hosts an annual jatra/yatra in the famous Mahakali Temple. Also, a famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located near Mahakali temple at the Anchaleshwar Gate.

Review β„–77

Good cleanliness well setting arrangement , good WiFi one of the posh and clean railway station of Indian railways

Review β„–78

I can,t say about it... because i was in the train ...only i can see the raiway station of chandrapur

Review β„–79

This place comes under Maharashtra, visit this station on my train to delhi, station is neat clean but the food stalls were few and no stock in the shops , water facility needs to be improved, its a small station , our train halted here for some 5 mins,

Review β„–80


Review β„–81

Station has improved. Nice place to visit Tadoba Andhari Tiger reserve Forest

Review β„–82

Nice and hot city

Review β„–83

Well maintainance of cleanliness. Displays should updated in ticket counter room and waiting hall.Ticketig staff should be polite with rating for ticketing staff

Review β„–84

Usually available for all route, Train must be available direct to badnera station.Nice clean station with all amenities.

Review β„–85

One of the best railway station in central India

Review β„–86

Quiet and serene place

Review β„–87

City of coal

Review β„–88

Nice & beautiful station in india

Review β„–89

I live in Chandrapur and love my city β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯οΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ”₯πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Review β„–90

It now good improved--station but approch roads-of back side is not in good condition.

Review β„–91

An important station in central railways. Good connectivity from Delhi and Hyderabad trains.

Review β„–92

Its a industrial areaPeople are normally goodPollution level is high

Review β„–93

Rajdhani, duranto and some other trains dont have stop at this station. But cleanliness is well maintained.

Review β„–94

Oosam Cleaning At Station.. Best Station

Review β„–95

Warest station distric chandrapurMostly handicapped and medical patient

Review β„–96

Greenary.. Superb

Review β„–97


Review β„–98

I just loved it

Review β„–99

It s the Rail station with lot of cleanness and amusement and also have range of eating stuff at reasonable prices

Review β„–100

Hmm station πŸš‰ is good, available all necessary thing like drinking 🍻 staff and food 🍲 etc.

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:Bazar Ward, Chandrapur, Maharashtra 442402, India
  • Train station
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
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