YFC - Your Fitness Club
Azad Garden, 3 rd Floor, Raghuvanshi Complex, Chandrapur, Maharashtra 442401, India
YFC - Your Fitness Club
Review №1

Gym is spacious well equipped & have best trainers. One should not miss such opportunity, if we have such awesome gym in our city for workout. We can avail all luxurious facilities under one roof.

Review №2

Well equiped gym.. Good trainers.. As per my experience... U need to ask the trainers to guide you.. they wont be coming after you every now n then.. obviously because you are not alone they need to focus on.. The staff is very friendly.. overall very good experience .

Review №3

Fantastic place for workout for ladies, gents & for both .Equipments are sophisticated & still in very good condition.For cardiac, Tread mills ,stationary cycles, elliptical are in sufficient quantity. Trainers are very good , courteous, attentive.

Review №4

Gym with no good trainers.Trainers dont cooperate at all, they even dont know how to use modern equipments.While enquiring for admission, they will lure you saying, we provide steam bath twice a week but steamer is out of order since 2 months.Trainers help you only for 6 days in beginning while you are New and when your membership is going to expire.Please dont go for discount they offers during membership and dont pay without taking demo or just take 1 month membership.If you pay before taking demo, you will probably going to waste your money for useless service this gym.Because of the worst services by this gym, is taring the name of YFC.No other YFC branches are as worst as this gym is. Because of this gym, YFC already got lot of strain in its brand.Please improve services along with trainers or it will harm yfc brand.

Review №5

Gym with good equipments but having no good trainer. All trainers dont have knowledge of gym. Without good trainer, this gym is no longer useful to beginners.This GYM is located at 3rd floor of Raghuvanshi Complex, but lift in that building is at wrecked condition 5 days a week, you have to use stairs for climbing 3 floors.

Review №6

One of the worst gym.AC is just for show ..they start it 2 or three days weekly.other worst thing is trainers..they r very unprofessional and knows nothing about fitness. Dont go ...the worst place

Review №7

Gym with defective streamer which is out of service since 2 months.Trainers are useless, they dont coperate at all.Please take demo before enrolling or you may face huge loss for worse services.Equipments remain out of order most of the time.Please improve the helpfulness of trainers, if want to maintain dignity.

Review №8

Trainers are non-coperative. They will just help you at the beginning 3-4 days and during renewal period.I have joined gym a month ago, since then I never got chance of Stream Bath, Streamer always remain out of order.Take demo before enrolling for a long period or you have to face wastage of money.During admission enquiry, representative will lure you stating they have good trainer from Mumbai, etc but they are useless. No trainers are willing to help you there.

Review №9

At beginning their marketing agents will lure you stating, they have better equipments, good trainer, stream bath, etc.But believe me, most of their equipments remain out of order all the time, trainers are non-coperative, out of all trainer only one named Ravi is cooperative and helpful, other dont even going to care what u r doing, etc. Most of the trainer dont even know the name of equipments. They have kept few lady trainers to lure customer attraction, but they are just for attraction.While admission, they will say they provide stream baths, but, streamer is out of order since 1month and they dont tried repairing it.Just take admission for 1 month or demo, then go for other months, if u r satisfied.Dont go for 6month or 1year package directly, take demo before.Better go with Arora having equivalent features.

Review №10

Excellent Gym , Certified Trainers, too good for chandrapur city.,

Review №11

One Of The Best Gym In Chandrapur.....

Review №12

Best and posh gym in chandrapur city

Review №13

Best in chandrapur

Review №14

Awesome equipments and trainers..

Review №15

Gym Always Good.

Review №16

Good gym nice

Review №17

Gym is good but very costly

Review №18

Superb gym

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3.5 Rating
  • Address:Azad Garden, 3 rd Floor, Raghuvanshi Complex, Chandrapur, Maharashtra 442401, India
  • Phone:+91 80072 88888
  • Fitness center
  • Gymnasium Cz
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–11PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–11PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–11PM
  • Thursday:6AM–11PM
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:6AM–11PM
  • Sunday:6AM–11PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:No
  • Good for kids:Yes
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